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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Mia wretched, covering her mouth with her hands as she passed yet another dead body, sprawled out on the pavement. She should have been getting used to it, but each time her stomach twisted at the sight. It seemed that many had struggled on with the deadly disease and had later died out on the streets, which had resulted in many bodies being littered on the roads. Cars were smoking where they had crashed into walls or buildings. Animals roamed the streets, looking for owners, crying out for food that they would never get. She even saw one dog sat dutifully by his dead owners side, head resting on his back. The sight brought fresh tears to her eyes, even though she didn't expect it to. One thing that she hadn't seen so far was any human life. No-one had passed her on her walk towards the centre of town, not a soul, and she had been walking for a few hours already. It seemed it was hopeless. Every person she saw was dead. She had long since discovered that the electricity was gone, along with everything else. At that moment she couldn't fathom a world without any electricity or power, but somehow she knew that they would have to get along with it, there was nothing they could do. Shrugging her pack higher up on her back, a sigh escaped her lips as she avoided looking at another dead body. This was becoming very repetitive...

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she tied her hair in a rough high ponytail, so that it was out of her eyes. Just as her hands fell to her sides, she heard a sound behind her. Stopping, she prepared herself for any eventuality that might befall her. She was about to turn when two people shuffled by, an older man and a young girl, who appeared to be blindfolded. Shock ripped through her body, so much so that she was unable to speak. Her body was frozen with surprise, as she simply watched them walk by. Although the girl was blindfolded, she murmured some sort of greeting. So there was life. There were people around. This was evidence that they were still there! She had seen some life. She reached out a hand to touch the younger girl, just to make sure they were real, but they had moved off. She wanted to call out to them, to make them stop, but she understood they too must have had their own places to be and let them go on their way. But this was proof that she wasn't alone and that there were still people out there who were alive and travelling towards the city. A smile flickered on her lips for the first time since she had fallen ill with the disease, but it was quick to fade. She still had to reach the city centre and it was quite a bit further away that she had expected.

Looking determined, she made her feet move, setting out for the distant skyscrapers that she could see. She knew that in the city there was more likely to be people alive, for it was vast and there was a higher concentration of people. However, this meant more dead people littering the streets. She already knew there were complications with this, as it meant they would have to bury the bodies that rested there. Following the pair she had seen earlier, she couldn't help but walk the same steps they had. She wasn't thinking about where she was going, but more about what she was going to do when she got there. Absent-mindedly, her fingers played with the ring resting on her finger. It felt so odd sat there, as it warmed to her body temperature. She tried not to think about it, clearing her throat and looking up. To her utter surprise she found herself outside a beautifully large mansion, with wrought iron gates at the front. Even more shocking was the fact that there was yet another person at the gates, obviously trying to get into the mansion. Frowning, she hesitated a little way away, jumping when another man came from another way. Mia stared at the other two, an eyebrow raised. Was it luck that they had come across one another? Or was someone smiling down on them? She decided that it was most definitely luck that they happened across the same path and even though no smile sat on her lips, she was happy that she had found more people. And as that feeling faded, all she wanted to do was run away...

People meant questions and questions meant pained answers, something even she didn't want to face at that moment in time. Was it time for Mia to be brave or was it time for her to run away from them?