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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Setting: Exodar, Earth2010-08-10 20:10:17, as written by echored
High sun. Heat. Eris never enjoyed the heat, used to the cold weather around her cabin back in the States. She knew she had to erase any memory of the states though, if she was going to be able to move on. So she made dumb decisions in her past, doesn’t everyone? Before she knew it, her cigarette was out already. Time for the second, Eris thought, as she drew another out of her pack of Marlboros. Chain smoking seemed to be her only answer to this empty time mirage she was caught in. Besides the random scattered bodies that decorated the ground, Eris was alone. It gave her time to think. She gazed at the dead carcass of a man across the street from the gas station. Her red eyes traced the line his clump of a body made on the heated pavement. His face sizzled, and Eris could see maggots up his nose. Her fist tensed slightly, but she was trying to stay numb. She couldn’t let it get to her. It was hard to not think about death though when that was all that surrounded her. Her gaze of indifference was turning into a glare, eyes slanted almost in anger at his lifeless body. The average person would feel a sick, deep sadness upon seeing a dead body, the loss of so many lives laying everywhere, stinking up the normal scent of air. Eris on the other hand wasn’t sad or afraid of the body’s on the ground, she had seen her fair share already, though of course never this much. She was mad it smelled, mad it taunted her.

“You are a sick God,” she said harmlessly in a smile, looking up towards the heavens in her blood shot gaze. The clouds moved slowly above, with a few birds dotting the blue. The sky was peaceful, calm, the way she wanted to be. So instead of getting angry at the dead man across the street, she laid on her back, looking up at the sky while she continued to smoke her second cigarette. The sound of an oncoming motor broke her meditation, Eris snapping back up to her sitting position to see what was off in the distance. It was some type of bike, being driven by a man and woman holding on behind him. By the sound of the hollow swoosh the engine was making, she knew they were coming to get gas and refill their tank. Eris stood up and lent against her golf cart, a stronger stance taking hold as she gazed at them nearing. When they pulled up, Eris eyed them from head to toe, then turned back around to stare forward at the man across the street again.

The voice of the woman that had come on the bike spoke. Eris figured a conversation was in the works considering the circumstances. Eris cocked her head to the side, raising an eyebrow at her while listening. “Sure,” Eris smiled, though it looked like one that was forced, fake. She passed her the box of Marlboros, then the purple lighter. Eris noted that the girl was holding a baseball bat. If that was all she had on her, Eris didn’t need to worry too much. The duo seemed genuine enough, harmless. She liked that, because right now, she was too.

“Where are you from?” Eris asked, realizing that this was very important to know. If they were from the U.S. and kept up with current crime news (which not many did) then they could potentially recognize her from that damned Most Wanted show. Her hair was a different color now, and her eyes were red, instead of brown, but there was still a possible chance that she could be recognized. This thought led her to another though, which was who gave a damn any more? This disease the killed so many completely trumps any crime Eris ever committed. So even if they knew who she was, she was probably safe. Who was to judge who, in this new world of no law? Yeah, that made Eris feel a little better about herself. Maybe she doesn’t even have to hide the facts of her past, if anyone asked. Then again, it could potentially scare people. That last thought lingered on her mind, realizing that she would rather not worry others of her burdens. Or was this a clean slate?

The woman in front of her was being polite, carefree. She was clueless who she was standing next to. The same woman that strapped a live man down to a table for wolves to slowly eat him away. Eris liked that, the way she could put on an act, become a new person. A new life. She would be friends with this duo, maybe even tag along to where they were headed. There would be no evil bone in her body as far as they know.

“My name is Eris Becker, by the way,” she then said, introducing herself with that sly, killer smile she was so good at flashing.