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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Kit listened to the woman named Amunet talk, and a small smile crossed her face. She'd known other people were alive, but to hear a strong, friendly voice like that was reassuring. Plus, she liked the woman's name. She'd read about Amunet in the same book she'd found Bastet's name in. Perhaps it was a little silly of her, but somehow, the association of the two brought her some odd comfort.

In the slight span of silence before Amunet released the button but after she had finished speaking, Kit's enhanced hearing picked up on a slight rustling noise, too far away to be the woman's own clothing. Are there others out there? She wondered internally.

Kit considered her decision for a moment. Here she was, in a large mansion only occupied by two people. There were several guest rooms, and plenty of supplies. Should they run out, well, she was certain her father's money was still good for something, and the gardens in the back could support them for a time anyway. She didn't know if she could trust Amunet or any of the other people that might be out there, but maybe... maybe her new abilities could help her out. Surely she would know if someone had malicious intent, right? And Norman could see, even if kit herself could not.

No, there was no choice at all. Kit's parents had taught her that treating others well was of paramount importance, and it was that lesson more than any other that kit had taken to heart. She knew that her parents would have taken these people in, without hesitation. And that was what kit would do, too.

"Okay. You're welcome to stay. Umm... if you see anyone else around, you should tell them to come in, too." Smiling a little to herself, Kit punched the button that would allow Amunet access to the gate, and thus a clear path to the front door.