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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Madeline was so relieved to find someone else, even if it was such a small child, it was only now that realised how terrified she had been terrified that she was the only one left. But this girl looked so frail lying in her arms, and so ill, that Madeline was sure she couldn’t be over the disease. And, if she wasn’t then how could she possibly survive? Madeline never usually liked children, the tended to be irritating and usually dirty. But this little girl was so small and so frail, that Madeline had a compelling urge to take care of her, to do everything in her power to save her. The child was clearly delirious, and she was so cold. First Madeline knew she must get her warm, and then give her something to drink. But further than that Madeline had no clue how to take care of a child. She knew she had to find someone else to look after Scarlett properly, but somehow Madeline knew she would never be able to let her go. She smiled- if only her mother could see her now.

‘My mum, please help my mum, please angel Madeline help her. I want my mum.’ Scarlett cried clinging tightly to this strange and beautiful woman. Her mother had always warned her about strangers but Scarlett felt so safe now, maybe safer than ever before...

Do you live close? Can you show me where you live, and I’ll try and help you?’

'Just down this road’ Scarlett lifted her head and pointed one of her tiny fingers.

Running whilst carrying Scarlett was a lot easier than Madeline had expected and in no time at all she was at the tiny girl’s house. Deep down Madeline knew this woman must be dead, but she had to try for the little girl. Entering the house Scarlett pointed to the room where her mother was. Madeline lay Scarlett down on a nearby chair, for if her suspicions were correct she did not want her to see her dead mother again. Madeline listened, for it seemed since the disease she could hear the faint sounds of heartbeats, as that was how she first noticed little Scarlett. Now she could still only hear Scarlett’s weak and fluttering beat, there was not a second one coming from anyway else inside the house. Of that she was sure, but she felt she must enter the room so that Scarlett could see that she really did tried.

The room clearly belonged to Scarlett for it was the perfect little girl’s room. There were heaps of teddies and toys. There were flower stickers all over the walls, providing the perfect paradise for a girl. On the bed to the corner, she could see the head of a fairly pretty woman. Kind looking Madeline guessed, but without touching Madeline knew she was dead. She was covered in heaps of blankets, Madeline felt sure that Scarlett must have done this in an attempt to save her, and the thought almost brought tears to Madeline’s once more, but she had a reason to be strong now. She stood a moment, fighting the sick feeling that would surely overcome her.

Trying to be rational Madeline grabbed a pile of cloths; Scarlett could not go outside in her condition again without warm clothing for it would surely kill her. Madeline couldn’t bear the thought of losing her only companion. She stuffed a few outfits in her bag, and picked one particular outfit out to dress her in now. She also picked up a blanket which had not been on the bed, for she knew she had to get Scarlett warm. It was time to deliver the news, she took a final glance at the dead woman making a silent promise that she would take care of Scarlett.