DisneyverseChristopher Johnson

Son of Aurora & Phillip

a character in “The Happy Ending Isn't Over Yet”, as played by Lavender

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A born gentlemen, with a caring disposition and a quiet persona. He isn't necessarily shy, he just doesn't like drawing too much attention to himself. He is usually wearing a handsomely crooked smile, tinged with his oh-so-sarcastic sense of humor. He isn't really possessive, or rather, hasn't found anything worth being possessive over. He despises drama, and will do whatever he can to keep away from it.
Hobbies: Playing the violin, jogging, keeping things organized.
Likes: Coffee, vintage clothing, girls with healthy confidence, his iPod, Mexican food.
Dislikes: Tomboys, although he likes a girl who can get down and dirty. His hair, the smell of wet dog, the sound of nails on a chalkboard, the color green.
Extra: He secretly sings, but nobody but his sister really know. He's good at hiding the talent.

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