DisneyverseLorraine Quinn Smith

Daughter of John Smith & Pocahontas

a character in “The Happy Ending Isn't Over Yet”, as played by Lavender

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Thoughtful and calculating, Lorraine can be somewhat quiet. She takes in her surroundings, and is often found staring off into space, daydreaming. She loves to laugh but isn't usually one to crack jokes. Her sense of humor is sarcasm; she'll usually giggle at things that are absolutely not funny to anyone else, and mostly at the most awkward times. She is driven and passionate when it comes to what she loves to do, but tends to beat herself up over little things. You may describe her as free-spirited, taking after her mother.
Hobbies: Climbing trees, taking photographs, painting abstract art, dancing, and singing while she's alone.
Likes: Herbal tea, running, the smell of fresh cut grass, being outside, drawing, her phonograph, and her bicycle.
Dislikes: Grape jelly, inconsiderate people, being extremely girlie--there's a difference in girlie and feminine. Cold anything, obnoxious top 40s music, when people are on their cell phones constantly, and the sound of scratching.
Extra: She plays the piano, but isn't by any means a prodigy. She is determined to teach herself.

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