The Dining Hall.Jack Dunston

He's alright. Really.

a character in “The Hospice”, as played by Cypher

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Jack appears to be in his late teens to early twenties. He is 5'10" tall and weighs in at around 160 lbs. He has fair skin and brown hair that is kept cut short, and cold blue eyes that seem to peer deep into the soul of the one he is observing. He generally dresses in neutral-colored, long-sleeved shirts, blue jeans and a pair of Airwalk sneakers. His arms are unmarked, as is his the rest of his body, and one has to wonder why he was admitted in the first place.


Again, it seems like Jack doesn't belong in the Hospice. Outwardly he's kind, generous, funny and even-headed. He loves to make people feel better about themselves and isn't afraid to resort to self-deprecating humor to drag a laugh out of someone.

Inwardly he is faced with constant turmoil. He fights with clinical depression on a daily basis, and if someone looks hard enough, they'll see his smile is mostly forced, and his eyes look sad. He denies the depression at every corner, but sometimes it sneaks up on him, even in public.


He was admitted with the clothes on his back, around $2.50 in change, a ticket stub from The Wolfman and a wallet with ID, credit cards, driver's liscence and a Borders Rewards Card in it.


He's faced a series of depressing events in his life in quick succession, and doesn't like to talk about them. He lives life day-to-day and doesn't mention his past unless he has to.

So begins...

Jack Dunston's Story