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Child of the Moon

a character in “The hunt for Gungnir”, as played by LovelyLisey

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Age: As old as the moon.

Appearance: Luna is tall and lanky, yet somehow she appears very childlike in her actions and demeanor. She has long blond hair that curls at the ends, and large blue eyes. She tries to wear clothes that blend into her current environment, often with unintentionally hilarious results, because Luna is not particularly good at understanding the customs of her surroundings. She will definitely wear polka dots and stripes at the same time. She likes flowery hats. She is perhaps most comfortable in long, white, Athena-style robes.

Personality Aspects:
"I never take cream when I can take sugar."
"Europa is such a bitch."
"God really broke the mold when he made me."
"I can't help it if I dazzle people."
"My mom really oppresses me. She won't let me kill people."

History: Luna’s history is a little unclear, as the only source of her history is Luna. And she is a little unclear. According to Luna, the Earth moon adopted her when she was just an infant. Luna maintains that the Earth moon raised her. She considers some of the moons on other planets to be her siblings – and accordingly her rivals. In particular, Luna has been known to cite Europa as a “selfish, cold-hearted bitch.”

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Moon Goddess Luna's Story