The SchoolLacrymosa DeWhitefang

Commonly known as Lacey, she is the daughter of a highly born vampire lord but chooses to befriend humans and werewolves.

a character in “The Hunted”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Lacrymosa DeWhitefang
Species: Vampire
Age: 1600 (Appears 16)
Apearence: Quite tall and very slender. White skin and long white hair with bright red eyes. She often wears a hood to keep her face hidden from others.
Temperment: Cold and collected, doesn't show her emotions easily but can go into states of hysteria when her powers are activated.
Gender: Female
Crush: None at the moment
Pets: A small vampire bat called Bartimaeus (or Bart for short)
Bio: The only child of Lord Draconias DeWhitefang, one of the most powerful vampires of the age, she was born well-off with everything any child could want, everyone wanted to be friends with her and she has had no end of admirers. But her mother was a wraith, a creature of pure death, and she has inherited her gift of feeling death. Because of this, every time she drinks blood she feels and sees the death of the person it belonged to. Now she refuses to drink blood, trying to avoid her fellow vampires. It's through this that she became more friendly with humans and werewolves, they did not reek so much of death. She still finds that not everyone trusts her but she prefers living on the edge of their trust than living amongst the killers of her race. Her father hated this and barely speaks to her now.

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Lacrymosa DeWhitefang's Story