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Home to the strangest sights in the Imagiverse, the Edge is the most dangerous span of space known to all. Many have ventured into the Edge and never returned, but John Skelecoot is attempting his own foray into the unknown, along with the Chosen Few and a couple of others. What will they find? And will they return to tell the tale?
With the Fallen God Cardes defeated, our heroes draw the attention of a new, or old, enemy. With the Darkness invading Grand Gaia, they must continue their journey across the new world, fending off the eldritch forces of Chaos
An Edge-dweller from the Land of Nod. A group of misfit heroes. A portal to the previously uncharted world of Grand Gaia.
The Chosen Few and Outsider Owru become the first of the Imagiverse to visit the strange new world, oppressed by Fallen Gods and demons, and are about to take part in a centuries-old war between mortal and immortal.
The beginning of a new age, heralded by the unexpected arrival of two women from a previously unknown world, has begun. This is the introductory story of the Imagiverse, and how it learned of Grand Gaia.
((This is the first Arc of the Imagiverse, that became something similar to the Colour of Magic.))