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An Edge-dweller from the Land of Nod. A group of misfit heroes. A portal to the previously uncharted world of Grand Gaia.
The Chosen Few and Outsider Owru become the first of the Imagiverse to visit the strange new world, oppressed by Fallen Gods and demons, and are about to take part in a centuries-old war between mortal and immortal.

442 pieces and 16 characters involved, written by 5 different authors.

4 places involved

As written by: MartinVole, Adam Skelecoot, Specmarine, Some random Roleplayer, Fauna

So begins...

Grand Gaia Chapter 1: The Beginning

The ImagiverseSetting: The Imagiverse

High above the Imagiverse Centre a disruption ripples softly across the sky, subtle enough enough at first to not raise an eyebrow. Proceeding this is a darkening the area and a series of blue marks forming a circular symbol in the air then lighting up, a symbol like a small blue sun with a black hole for its center. From the center of this sun emerges a head, a head wearing a strange blue mask, tiny holes where eyes would be, a faint ghostly yellow glow leaking from them, in the center an exposed third eye stares out. Two horns stemming up from the mask spread out and converge at a center point, a single glowing blue "fire" held adrift between them, and laying down and curling, wiggling softly were two black antennae-like protrusions that pulse softly from within with a cold blue glow. Overall a head barely recognizable as something one would call "human".

What follows next is the formation of what appeared to be a cloak of midnight blue and then a long lithe black fleshed body from that, almost vaguely effeminate, with two toes on each long foot, three fingers on each long hand, each hand attached to four arms. This body was translucent, slick, hairless, undefined in detail and a pattern of glowing blue markings upon it. Much like the antennae, a soft cold blue glow emanates from within, around where a heart would be. A tail hangs down with three blue eye-like protrusions and a broad and flat tipped tail. Occasionally these eyes, eerily enough, seem to actually move.

The being floats there, quietly observing as the disruption closes behind her. Her eyes narrow and she wraps herself in her strange membranous midnight cloak. This strange being has come to be known as Zilthai, the shadow of Owru, hailing from an unknown point outside known reality.

"Look, sisters, at these beings as they meander about, content in their assured existence, blissful in their comforts, careless by their whimsy," her voice echoes spitefully from within her. "And look at us, we who were cast out as rejects, like flakes of dead skin, denied of purpose, starved for reason, regarded as worthless refuse! Are we no less than they, are we not in fact greater?"

With this she descends down like a swirling blue and black comet as her cloak flaps, then stops abruptly on the street with not even a sound as if her impact carried absolutely no weight. Under her, however, the ground briefly dips in then wobbles back like jello, the space disrupted lightly before the effect dissipates. Ignoring the onlookers she shifts focus to the various travel points. She waves one hand across the portals, as if to hope for the choice to present itself to her.

"No point now to fight it, we are just a puppet of fate, after all, doomed to never know if we even truly exist. Ours is only to be directed to the next destination."
The Imagiverse had plenty in store when it came to surprises, and Max wasn't out on that.
The portal to Robloxia had the recurring theme of cubes, the portal a rectangle consisting on blocks of different textures, from metal grids to smooth metal. The quicksilver within the rectangle frame of the portal rippled, out stepping from it, a Robloxian.
The heavyweight cuboid man wore a simple black shirt, with an angular R on it. One short sleeve was ripped, producing a metal arm, running on a simple matter of joints. Two ecclipical beads were in place of his eyes, his teeth when he smiled a sparkling white.
"Well, well well!" cries the cuboid man. "I've never seen the likes of you before! John would kill me if I tried to fight something I only met, so I ask you a simple question: Friend or Foe?"
A sound comes to Zilthai, an exclamation in her general direction as it seemed to be. Her multifaceted vision caught focus upon the source of this disturbance without her having to turn. It was a cuboid being, another absurdity that no longer surprises her, one who would rather choose a more aggressive response to her presence but holds back under loyalty to a higher order, one under the name of John. The being then posed a perplexing ultimatum and calling it simple. She taps together the fingers of both sets of hands in contemplation as she finally turns towards him.

"Friend or foe," she repeats, her voice smooth and clear, but strange, like it were being projected, but more organic than digital, and there was a level of power in it, and unease it could cause. "Friend is a comforting concept, is it not? The acquaintance with others whom acknowledge and value your very existence is a very attractive concept, I admit. But I do wonder on what extent it is real? Is it not in the end a means to attain what one desires, that being one's own sense of importance? How perplexing, but if forces that be guide me as such then I have no choice but to comply. And foe, an being of which opposes you, that you may have enmity for and must overcome or destroy. I cannot make that assessment as I do not even know your beliefs and morals to weigh such as a viable answer."

She pauses, realizing the introspective will likely be lost upon this being. The tapping of her fingers ceases and cranes her neck.

"I am Zilthai of Nod, one of four, and it appears fate has guided me here. And at this moment, unless you choose otherwise with your believed free will, there is no point in hostility, she says coldly, dismissive of Max's individuality but also lacks compassion for even herself. "However, at least one among my other three shares in your carnal sentiments, you could consider that one friend."

She looks about once more with all her eyes, awaiting an event yet uncertain what that was. She held a hand to her chest, she could feel the others inside struggling for control, attempting to pull her back within Nod so they may assume control.

"For now I await the shift to move me to my next destination, or one of the other three to take my place."
Max decided to take the long and, to his rather squat vocabulary, confusing monologue as a "friend". The alien being looked like one of those types of extra-terrestrial beings who consider themselves above mortal morals, although said morals also apply to the higher entities like the gods, and the Creators, who aren't as benevolent as they sound. Although the mention of "one of four" intrigued Max, who could put two and two together to guess this was also a being of a schizophrenic persuasion. It kind of reminded him of John, who was a few fuses short of a circuit breaker, in his opinion, and everyone elses, including John's own brother, Adam, who was, to be frank, the dim one out of the Chosen Ones.
Funny the thing mentions Fate, because Max is getting the feeling the same entity is trying to make things interesting for the strongman Robloxian.
"Well, Zi-leh-thigh," said Max, trying with apparent difficulty to get out the alien syllibles, "It's nice to meet you. I am Max the Robloxian, one of the Chosen Ones, basically a group of misfit heroes who were picked to protect the Imagiverse from any demonic threat. As it seems you're the negotiable type, I will say you don't fall into the demon type, whatever you are."
He would take a wary step towards Zilithai, hoping he wouldn't provoke the entity more than is necessary, and spread his arms, as to indicate their surroundings.
"Welcome to the Imagiverse!" said Max with a voice that would have filled a cavern with it's enormity. "Realm of the Imagined and home to worlds that can only exist in a universe that's pumpin' with Imagination!"
"From the Land of Nod to the realms of imagination," Zilthai responds, yet it seems not directed at anyone in particular. "Fitting for an undesired sentiment."

Her eyes gaze off, emanating their yellow haze, unblinking, the lack of pupils and facial expressions making it no easier to read her. Inside she pondered the concept of misfits fighting evil. Misfit in particular was a word she hooked onto. That is what Owru was, an outsider that no one even acknowledged to exist, a fate far worse than being hated. The concept barely crossed her mind that others may share this fate.

"Perhaps I am in fact fated to meet these Chosen Ones."
"Well, if that's what you want to do," said Max, "Than I can get the others to come here." His expression could be compared to a lucky fisherman who wanted to share his latest catch with his fellow fishermen. He would raise his robot arm, it's palm facing up, and press some hidden mechanism. A panel that covered the entire palm would spin, revealing another set of buttons on the other side. He would press several of them in order, and then raise the palm to his ear, or where it could have been. A series of slightly prolonged beeps would emanate from the hand before Max would speak again.
"Yeah, I would like to send an audio message to the Chosen Ones.... alright, I'll hold..." A few seconds pass before he talks again, this time slightly louder.
"Hey, guys, guess what I came across in the Centre. Some alien thing from Nod. Don't ask me what that is, for all I know, you could ask John, he seems to know everything. Just come over, alright? Thanks."
He would press the palm again, the panel spinning again to it's original orientation before he would turn back to Zilithai, smiling.
"Sorry about that. Just sent a message to the Chosen Ones, so hopefully they will get here in a few minutes. While we're waiting, tell me more about this "Nod" place."
Zilthai points to a circle right below her neck, the mark while seemingly at first as a tattoo is in fact some kind of strange hole that displays a series of brief glimpses into another world. From within, what could be seen, was some form of surreal dreamscape of floating landmasses, a cracked moon leaking out a waterfall, ruins and structures from various eras including a gothic style clock tower half submerged in a lake, running backwards and forwards without any clear reason. Most outstanding was a giant white tree that extends into the depths and into the heavens. Below the landmasses was layers of orbiting landmasses and a deeper and darker region obscured by a thick dark cloudy haze, flashes of blue light hint at turbulent storms.

"It is a world of thoughts both subconscious and conscious, recreated fragments of different worlds and times. Time... for that matter there holds no meaning, not as most beings interpret it, she begins to explain with a lack of hesitation. As she does, something moves in the way of the current image in Nod's gate blocking the view, and soon after a green eye peeks through, like a sneak spying through a keyhole. I come from the deepest regions, of things considered too unpleasant or inconvenient, nightmares you would call them I believe. In Nod too, the other three reside currently, but as I said only one can-

All of a sudden a flash of light emerges from the gate cutting her off abruptly, followed by a massive slimy violet three-fingered hand clenched into a fist bursting from the tiny gate filling the air with shards of light as if some ethereal glass was shattered. Another figure begins to emerge from the gate, and as it does so, Zilthai begins to collapse in upon herself, and dissipate rapidly into a dark haze sucked into the cracks of the gate.

"Laadan," was the only thing Zilthai could utter before the other figure completely replaces her falling on the floor before Max, a larger and more feral looking creature, similar but not the same as Zilthai, with a body dripping and near transparent like it were made of slime.

In ways the new creature was more ornate, colorful even, with tufts and a larger more fanciful cloak/wings and forked antennae wiggling in the air. The first set of claws were larger than the other set, the larger ones being used to shove the being onto her feet. The creature's height, while not titanic, would still easily tower over any human. The creature's face is somewhat obscured by a draconian mask. After a brief glance about, the creature cracks forth in maniacal laughter.

"Laadan is stronger than Sill-eye and strongest there is," the creature bellows, a tone and speech both erratic and gravelly compared to the more clear speaking Zilthai. Laadan looks down at Max and snorts, crossing arms looking proudly. "You! Box Man Max, from scale of one to five, how do you rate Laadan's entrance?!"
Max remembered one of John's lessons on the Imagiverse, which always passed through Max's head, as the alien describes Nod. The skeleton had described that, the further you go towards the edge, where Creator's End lies, the deeper you enter the subconsiousness of the Imagiverse. By the looks of things, this Nod is pretty damn near to the Edge. No wonder this thing's split between itself.
It did surprise Max when a hand had jumped out of the circular window and... whatever else happened. The Robloxian decided it would be best not to try and think about what happened in the last few seconds. All he knew now was that a new personality had revealed itself, something that Max, with his experience with the common demons, would relate to the element of Insanity.
His mouth would open and close a few times before he would respond. "I'd say a 4. It's rare that what we call "Edge-dwellers" would come here. Normally they wouldn't bother with us, possibly because they don't think we exist. The Chosen Ones are really gonna like this." The last sentence would have the tone that indicated that the fisherman had just realised his catch could sing too.
As the two charged their conversation with each other, a portal opened up within the Imagiverse Center and a figure stepped out of it. As he stepped outside he would examine the area especially the people walking around. There were unicorns and ponies, strange cuboid people, walking skeletons and even animals with legs. To the figure they all looked very weak, he had received word that there was an entire world out here, some say two sisters found this world by complete accident and the nations were planning to open portals to this world. However he managed to open this up with a bit of help and was the first being from Grand Gia to willingly enter this world.

He had hoped to encounter some strong people, but all he could see right now were random civilians. Maybe some encouragement will send someone with power to his location? With that in mind easing a massive axe with just one hand he would attempt to begin destroying the roads and damaging any buildings in sight. Of course the sight of him attacking out of nowhere would surely panic the residents. This would certainly draw the attention of someone.
"A FOUR!? THAT. IS. Mm... fair, Laadan's landing was not the best," she says with a sudden calming of her tone. Despite being an Id, she was not entirely about rage, but rather passion. Her expression, as much as it could be called, changes to a childlike stupor, a finger to her mouth making it clear she wasn't actually paying attention. "Hedge-eh-what..? Laadan laughs at these... hedgelords! Don't... exist? Cogent agro bum, 'I eat therefor I do!' Or something like that."

Despite being an absolutely inane misquote, she looks no less proud of it with head held up high. This moment was soon interrupted by a loud noise, panic and destruction. Her antennae raises up straight into the air and snaps her neck around 180 degrees. What she saw was some guy wrecking the streets with an axe. Without word, without deep inspection of the situation, impulse takes her feet and she lunges straight into the hazard zone, and fittingly slamming into a building as she does spraying debris and strange purple slime everywhere before scrambling back to her feet.

"YOU," she shrieks, tongue running out like a panting beast. "Laadan was going to eat those!"
Although temporarily confused, he would notice the young tyke with the axe causing havoc in the Centre. He would watch Laadan leap into the fray, whilst he would flex his muscles, grinning. Now this is gonna be good.
He would walk towards the chaos, centred around the man. A Skelecoot tinkerer was quite perplexed and then very re-dead. Several clockwork companions suffered severe damage and therefore, the Innovatium cores imploded, creating the sound of an explosion in reverse, turning the already weird civilians into even weirder things.
"Hey!" Max would yell at the axed maniac. "You lookin' for a fight, because you've sure as the Underworld got one!" As he says this, lights begin to span his robot arm, preparing for a pummeling.
The second Kira heard and spotted the two would be heroes, he stopped his mindless destruction and turned to face them. "Quick response time, you two seem like you would put up a good fight. Heard some sisters found this place but never bothered to do much here, so I decided to see how strong the people of this world was. But you already know I am not here for idle chatting...let's see who is stronger!" He called out as he pointed his sword and axe at them.

He initiated the attack first, lifting the mighty axe into the air he slammed it into the ground causing a massive shockwave to tear through the ground aimed for Laadan. He also raised his sword which was now glowing and after stabbing the sword in the ground another shockwave was sent in Max's direction. He was exited to fight these new people.
Max didn't mess around. As soon as his mind quickly established the line of exploding earth darting towards him, he would fling himself to the side, letting the shockwave dart past and hit the fountain of the Centre, spraying chunks of marble across the floor. The Hand statue, known as Albert, would shudder a bit, look down at the damage, turn his finger gaze towards the fight and then return to his original position, deciding not to intrude in important business.
As soon as he dodges the shockwave, Max would sprint towards Kira, winding his robot arm backwards, before he would attempt a hook aimed at Kira's head, using his momentum in the process.

Meanwhile, from the other side of the street, a sea-green duck peered from behind a corner. He was dressed in a red shirt displaying a cream pie in motion, yellow shorts and blue sneakers. The overall attire would make him rather visible, but, then again, he wasn't prepared for a fight.
Jack The Ducky Boy took in the scene. There was Max charging at some guy with an axe, there was the weirdest creature Jack has ever seen, and the entire street was in total chaos. He gripped a strap from his backpack. Looks like he'll have to stun whoever's causing trouble with whatever he's got.
Laadan reacts quickly by lashing out her tongue, wrapping it around a street pole and, like an elastic band, snapping her back against a building where she stick to it like a gecko. The strange thing is that despite her size, there is barely any sound of impact, so oddly light on her feet. She stands up, fully horizontal to the street below her and then draws her neck back, pulling the post up from the sidewalk and... consuming it. Laadan in turn seems to become ever so slightly larger overall, like the mass of the object was added to her in some strange way.

"Laadan is more than strong," she boasts as she springs off the building, colorful wing cloak flaring up brightly in the air reacting to the violence, body dripping violet ooze on the ground before changing direction abruptly coming down straight at Kira with both her large fists aimed at him. "Laadan is strongest!"
As Max charged Kira, he did not dodge. Not because he did not want to dodge, but because he was not quick enough to avoid many attacks. The hook collided with Kira as his head was thrown in the direction of Max's punch, however all that really did was leave a mark on his face. He may have lacked speed but made up for it with resistance and power. "If you plan on fighting close then combo your attack like this!" Kira called out as he dropped both of his weapons and retaliated with an uppercut aimed for his gut...or at least the area where his gut would be because he was a strange cuboid person. If he landed the blow he would follow this up with a haymaker to his chest, then a knee which would send him into the air and finish it up by round-house kicking him into Laadan. He would then quickly retrieve his weapons while Max was in flight.

Of course if Max found a way to avoid colliding into Laadan or avoiding his initial strike he would not be able to avoid Laadan and be forced to defend himself from what appeared to be an agile opponent.
Max, due to his strength making up for his lack of speed, would be subject to one helluva combo. He would be flung in the direction of Laadan, but, because of his mass, he would just roll across the floor below the alien. Despite the beating, he is only moderately bruised. When he lifts himself up, glaring at Kira, his nose would be bleeding, his right eye slightly bruised and squinting.
"That all you got?" Max would grunt, clenching his robot arm, which begins to glow. When the world stopped spinning, he would notice a punty sea-green duck sneaking carefully across the street, a seltzer bottle in his hands, pointed at Kira. Max would not attempt to draw attention to Jack, letting him attempt to do whatever the hell he's doing.
Jack would look at Max, almost frozen solid in fear, and then turn his gaze and witness the alien, which refers to itself as Laadan, dart from the side of Jumbo's Artillery towards the enemy.
Despite defying the conventions of weight, Laadan has some kind of force when smashing down atop Kira, cackling wildly like a child with a new toy. The force also splatters the ground with more slime that is not slick or sticky, but negates friction, objects thrown about slide out of control against the goo.

"Okay, you entertain Laadan for a while, blade man," she cackles, her eyes widening. "Try not to break too quickly!"
Kira would pull up his arms and take the blow from Laadan head on. He chuckled a little when the strange creature spoke and saw Max getting up still ready to fight. "Looks like this world has some tough fighters, but you are going to have to try harder than this! Vaasa Strahl!" Kira called out as both of his arms were infused with both dark and light energy.

He would then throw both of his fists at Laadan to hit her, if the move did connect the move would unleash a beam of energy from his arms sending her flying. Of course if she did dodge the beam would still be sent flying colliding into any building unfortunate to be in its path.
As the two figures rolled together into a ball of violence, Jack would walk up to Max, the seltzer bottle still in his hands.
"Max?" Jack would say.
"What the hell ith going on?" It would be time to explain that Jack's manner of speech is rather hindered by his beak.
"Ya see," Max would say, putting his tree trunk arm around Jack's shoulders. "That alien thing there's from a place called Nod, which I think is near the Edge. To be honest, I didn't catch whatever that thing was saying about it, but I think it'll breathe some life into John's skull. The alien, from what I picked up, is a schizo. When I met it, it was called," he would pause, wrapping his mind around that weird string of syllibles again, "Zi-lee-thigh, but right now, it's name is Laadan, I think."
Jack would slowly nod, looking at the alien. It was definitely different to what he had encountered before. True, he never sees Edge-dwellers often, and was glad for it. You'd never know if a seemingly harmless creature was in fact a minion of the Maelstrom, God of Chaos. The thing he was seeing now certainly wasn't harmless, but it didn't look like a Stromling either. Quite often, it would have to have fountains of black tar-like substance in place of it's eyes, and it had to look like the work of a rather questionable taxidermist. None of which seem to apply to this gooey near-transparent thing that was currently assaulting this bladed vagabond.
"And who'th the lunatic?" Jack would say.
Max would turn to Jack. "No idea."
"Oh, that is pret-," Laadan begins to say before being blown back, spraying slime about. She is hurled through the air, slamming against the corner of a building then bouncing against the walls of an alley before falling into a dumpster and the lid closes atop her. After a brief silence the dumpster begins to rumble and a dark violet streak shoots through the top of it, and Laadan lands on top shaking off a banana peel from her head, eyes aglow like a wild beast, dark and light residue remains flowing upwards like smoke. "No, no, no! Laadan does not eat garbage, this is... is... filthy!"

In her rage she extends out her winglike cloak. glowing brightly and she gets down on all six like an animal, maw open and growling. She takes off, charging fully vertical against the wall before launching at Kira again, this time swinging at him with her long tail. "Blade man! You ruin Laadan, now Laadan ruin you!"
Kira looked at the slime being thrown around. As Laadan was thrown back and landed right in a dumpster he took a moment to check out the slime. It was not sticky, but it was not slick either. It was like ice only not ice.

Whatever it was it would make him slip out of control, and that was not something he should fight on. But before he could get to clearing all this slime, Laadan emerged from the dumpster with light and dark residue surrounding her. And she seemed to go into a raging state. As she went to hit Kira with her long tail, he raised his axe to defend himself.

As the blow impacted him he was send skidding backwards but worse of all onto that slime. Instead of skidding for a few feet maybe a yard he was sent skidding yards away from her and crashed into a building. He quickly recovered from the attack and cracked his neck a bit. "Now this is a challenge! Dispair!" Kira called out as he raised both his axe and sword into the air before bringing it down and shattering the ground beneath him as a wave of energy like a massive tidal wave was sent forward seeking to destroy all in its path.
"Well," whispered Jack to the Robloxian. "Thith thure ith imprethive. At leatht we're not in it."
"Oh, I don't know about that," replied Max. "Pretty soon, we might have to intervene. Someone could get hurt."
The Chosen Few are not, by definition, heroic. They do not charge into someone else's fight, even if it's for the safety of the local area, if they don't feel like it. They've seen so much action and horror they've become rather desensitized. This is mostly because whoever, or whatever, they fought, they defeated by a landslide. Many years of experience had toughened the group into a band of capable, if less than enthusiastic, defenders of the Imagiverse. Of course, they never heard of Grand Gaia, except Adam Skelecoot, who had the pleasure to meet a pair of musician warriors, who were the first in their world to stumble across the greater-scaled realm of Fantasy.
Having seen the confrontation in Armourer's Place, which was at the risk of having a fireworks display occur if any of the stock were disturbed, Adam Skelecoot, the skeletal quarter of the Chosen Ones, decided he would take Equestrian Avenue and turn at Skull Lane to meet up with the rest. He stepped beside Jack, crossing his yellowy-white arms.
"That the alien?" He'd say in his default South-English accent, pointing at the pissed alien thing.
"Yep," said Max conversationally. "Quite a toughy, by the looks of things."
"Did you ask it the "Friend and Foe" thing?"
"Yep, and it is negotiable." He would pause for a moment. "Well, the one that I talked to, anyway."
The skeleton would turn to Max, his expression that of mild puzzlement.
"It'th got multiple perthonalitieth," explained Jack.
They would continue to watch the fight.
"Despair," Laadan mutters, her antennae/tentacles wiggling in frustration, twisting her large right arm, with the lack of bones her arm just winds up in a spiral. "Laadan knows despair, despair and fear, knows it too much! It made a void inside, then Laadan ate it all up and got sick, and then only rage remained!"

With this Laadan does not dodge the attack, but instead charges directly at it, absorbing the debris that is flung against her, slowly gaining size then swinging her loaded right arm forward with it spinning wildly, splitting the air itself with one loud thunderous crack. She planned to plow straight through without any self regard.
Kira watched as the creature charged through his attack, the wave on energy did impact the creature however unlike its surroundings which was being blown away or obliterated entirely it could walk through with some injuries. Seeing as how the creature was still standing, Kira sneered in irritation. He was supposed to be the stronger being here! Not that creature!

Kira raised both his weapons and got ready to ramp up. "I will not lose here! If I have to demolish this entire town to destroy you so be it! Dämonische Licht!" He yelled out as his body was consumed by light and dark energy. It was clear that he was not just a regular man. Two horns grew from the sides of his head, one light and one dark. It was clear that he was associated with demons.

"Time to get serious here! I will crush you! Xeno Verto!" He called out as he charged forward, his weapons glowing with raw power. The wave he had sent earlier has dissipated along with many buildings in its wake.
Laadan's ethereal tongue hangs out, panting, one of the horns of her boney plate mask cracks off dissipating into nothingness, hairline fractures spreading downwards to the eyehole. The strength of the attack coming her way was formidable, she couldn't just punch through it. But something else flooded her mind, took priority over everything else: she was not returning to Nod, not to the place she was before, she had gone too far to crawl out of the depths, out of the emptiness that was her prison. Freedom tasted too good.

"Laadan is not going back," she roars, a sudden shift upon the spacial fabric displaces a small chunk of the city around her, including buildings. It was not like it was destroyed, exactly, the structures remained intact without crumbling, and a phantom-like imprint remained of the objects that once existed there, it was like what was consumed now was a wobbling three dimensional photo negative. The immediate surge pushed Laadan further, growing again, looking more monstrous than before, the boney mask more toothy and savage, her claws more pronounced, she looked like some bizarre alien dragon. The runes on her body glowed with a ghostly blue light, her eyes fuming with green smoke, that whimsical and playful Laadan has been replaced with something more primal: the desire to be. She slams down her smaller claws into the ground, then swings her larger ones together like a clap to clash against Kira's attack. "Laadan will not be forgotten, not again!"
It became apparent to the Chosen Few, as horns grew on Kira's skull, that the interloper was not a normal mortal. They were more familiar with demons associated with one side of the coin, i.e, Chaos. They never heard of entities embodying both sides at once.
The arena had become more active around the brawl. Several buildings destroyed, a crowd of bizarre bystanders had surrounded the fight. Before they arrived, they were aware of explosions in Armourer's Place, noises that could only be placed on the result of a few weapons, gunpowder and nuclear, being disturbed. The crowd tried to edge away from the areas of fallout and still get a good viewing point at the same time. A few of the shopkeepers, covered in soot and radiation, made up a small percentage of the audience, yelling at whoever costed them an arm and a leg, and more appendages on that note.
Of course, they were just outside the area where the fabric of Fantasy was currently being put through the wringer.
The fabric of Fantasy is rather loose, as is apparent in worlds like the mobile Discworld, and the mana-infused Equestria. Dimensional distortions occur on a regularly basis. In some places, fungus vivere, or mushroom men, are often spotted bapping each other to the death, fighting over chunks of necrotic debris, sourcing from the Necrostar in the Vice Quadrant.
To sum it up, the Chosen Few are, currently, considering ending the fight before demons from the Dungeon Dimensions begin to crawl, or whatever mode of movement they use, into the Imagiverse Centre. Adam Skelecoot tried to prevent himself from seeing formless horrors in his peripheral vision.
Preparing to prevent the Centre becoming a hub for demonic portalling, Adam unsheathed his magic sword, labelled Hope in ancient runes, from the back of his ribcage. Max set his robot arm to Cannon mode, which involved the arm expanding at the upper arm area, a circular hole opening up at his palms. Jack, well, rummaged into his backpack for something useful against dual demons.
"I will not lose! I am and will be the strongest being!" Kira yelled as he clashed with Laadan. However when he saw that two more people had arrived he knew he was outnumbered, however he still had his ultimate attack. But if he used such a thing this town would indeed suffer for it, but of course there was the threat of excess energy tearing a portal and allowing a demon to enter from it.

He decided it was best to fall back home, there was a high chance that one of them could avoid his attack. And there was a greater chance that people from Grand Gaia would arrive to assist in subduing him. At least he can leave with the thought of three people needing to stop him. "Adversus!" He called out as he leapt back from the clash and using his sword cut the ground in front of him causing it to split and create a massive gap. This was not now the move is usually used however he needed to pull back. No point is losing here, it would all be for nothing.

With that Kira would rush to the portal he had entered from.
Laadan seized up in mid attack, her ablaze eyes wide in disbelief, now just big round circles of green light. She was speechless. It was so abrupt that she had nothing to say or any idea on how to react... on top of it all, she was cartoonishly frozen in place. With Kira's departure it would be moments until she finally stood straight again, towering over most of the residents that had gathered, her antennae falling limp and dangling at the sides of her head.

"Laadan... w-won," she says, puzzled, lacking the confidence she once held, rage drained in an instant, tilting her head to the side like a confused lost puppy. She lowers her head, folding both sets of arms in thought then raising back up and straightening up, eyes beaming once more. "Yeah... YEAH! Run away, axe man! Laadan is strongest there is, strongest there will be! LAADAN ... ..."

With this she finally looks around at the destruction that their fight has wrought upon the centre, curling her cloak around her body and sinking her head down. Unlike Zilthai who has more nihilistic when it came to emotions, as an Id Laadan was an unfiltered giant ball of it, and right now she felt bad. She even began to literally shrink down in size losing a portion of mass she gained, some of the things she consumed returned to their original state starting with the street light she ate at the beginning of the fight.

"Is sorry."
The Chosen Few, though slightly disappointed, took a sigh of relief and sheathed, shut down, and packed their weaponry. In a sense, they had defended the Centre from total annihilation, simply by being there. And it would seem reality, or fantasy rather, had taken it's usual, if still warped, shape. From the crowd came a few cheers, whether it was directed at the Chosen Ones or Laadan was rather unclear. Adam would glance around at the crowd, then begin to grin and raise a closed fist, an expression associated with a boxer who just realized he had, in theory, won because his opponent was knocked out by a falling searchlight, before Max would elbow him, the bump amplified by his superhuman muscles.
The misfits' eyes would explore and, possibly for the first time, notice the collateral damage caused. Several buildings lie in ruins, several unnamed critters, persumably the victims of the imploding Innovatium, were hopping around, and there were some irate shopkeepers that needed some answering. In the middle of the cracked arena, the alien had now, quite literally, shrunk under the deflating feeling of Guilt.
From within one side of the street, a figure would budge through the crowd, muttering things like "''scuse me" and "pardon me" as he approached the scene.
He didn't follow the usual three-dimensional rule of a living entity. For some unknown reason, the paper stick figure was able to travel from A to B without folding over or, more accurately, blowing away in the wind. His white mohawk hair rose like a frozen tide, his entire being outlined in black, as if he was a doodle that was pulled straight out of the page, or more accurately, cut out. The stick figure was wearing nothing but a pair of orange shorts, his stick torso bare. His face was crudely drawn on the circle of his head, his eyes two shakey lines. The overall appearance looked like something a pre-schooler would draw.
He went by the name of Fancy Pants, the youngest member of the Chosen Ones, and considered the heart of the group.
"Excuse me, did I miss- oh," said Fancy Pants.
The band of heroes turned.
"'Ey, Fancy," said Adam, waving. "You missed a bloody good fight."
"Sorry," said the stick figure, who was the type of person who punctuated almost every sentence with an apology. "I should have come earlier, but it was my sister's birthday."
The Chosen Few sneered in a vacant, "typical" way. Fancy Pants was very enthusiastic when joining the group. At a younger age, he trained solely to become, at least, as great as the Chosen Ones, fighting crazed penguins and the like. Of course, he learnt a valuable lesson on the fact that, in person, your heroes aren't as great as they cracked up to be.
"Fancy," said Max, pointing an arm at the shrunken alien. "This is Laadan. In a way, he, or it, did all the "defendin' against an intruder" for us. He's the alien I was talking about."
Fancy would glance at the thing. Well, you see something new every day, and the sight he was witnessing was definitely new in his book. He wasn't sure to address Laadan, partly because he didn't know how to address the eldritch, but mainly because it looked like it wasn't in the mood.
"Please do not refer to Laadan as it," she says in response to Max, wrapped tightly in the strange cloak wings, now pulsing a soft blue reflecting the current mood. She had been called an it, treated as a beast and chained up deep down by Chuza, the superego. It was not without reason, she was once a chaotic mass of impulses once. It was only later that she became something more, an individual with her own conscience. "Laadan may not be any Rebecca Lappet but Laadan is a she."

She had completely butchered that reference somehow...

She turns slightly, looking back to the open portal that Kira escaped into. "Axe man could return to finish this... at least... Laadan would."
"Sorry, she," said Max, rolling his eyes.
"Rebecca Lappet?" said Adam. If he had eyebrows, they would scrunch up. "Never heard of her. Is she a fashion model?"
"No idea," said Fancy Pants.
"Funny thing," Jack said. "We don't watch teleffithion a lot, do we?"
"You know us," said Max. "Busy busy."
The Chosen Few would follow Laadan's gaze towards the open portal. A part of each of them wanted to go through it. But, where will it lead? Do they really want to fight that guy again? He looked pretty tough, and they never fought a dual demon before.
"Weeelll," said Adam, uncertainly. He had a nagging suspicion he was going to go where no other figment had gone before. Maybe it led to Grand Gaia, where he heard there were beings stronger than he had ever encountered. At the time, he wanted a challenge.
Now, though...
"Whaddya think, guys?" he would say, looking around at his compadres, who were getting the same feeling, and weren't as enthusiastic.
"Why not?" said Fancy Pants, shrugging. "It would be one helluvan adventure."
The Robloxian would grunt. "Maybe I could get some real action," he said.
"Yeah, why not?" said Jack. It would seem the Chosen Few had come to a decision, albeit a hesitant one.
"Laadan would have gone anyways, but... Laadan appreciates that it will not be a lone journey," she says in a low tone, nearly a soft growl before leaping over the gap and standing before the gate. She looks back then at the gap, then at the street light she ate at the beginning of the fight and proceeds to lash out her tongue, grabbing it and creating a makeshift bridge over the chasm Kira created. It was actually not normal for her to give this much thought or consideration. Then again, guilt was not something she felt normally either.

With one more glance at the damages she heads into the gate.

Grand GaiaSetting: Grand Gaia

Laadan soon lands softly on the other side of the portal on all six, immediately sniffing at the ground like an animal. Her antennae and tail swishing about as she lifts her head to look about the forest. She slowly rises, mouth going agape, she had not seen such woods before, in fact she had not seen a lot until just recently. Everything was new, she had almost forgotten why she was here in the first place. The breeze, the smells, the sounds... freedom felt amazing. Unable to contain it any longer she lets out a gleeful yelp.

"Laadan is pleased," she cries out, her voice echoing through the forest causing a few birds to flee. Even without a human-like face, her emotional state could easily be defined as giddy. "Maybe Laadan shouldn't be too angry at axe man... oh! Axe man, where did he go!?"

The ImagiverseSetting: The Imagiverse

Behind Laadan, there is a slight cacaphony of thumping and cursing, which is revealed to be the Chosen Few falling over each other. They haven't mastered portal travel yet, even with their experience with everything else. It was always the collected momentum of travelling thousands of light years across the Imagiverse that always catches them off-guard.
The pile, from the bottom upwards consisting of Fancy Pants, Jack the Ducky Boy, Adam Skelecoot and, unfortunately for the formers, Max the Robloxian, stood up.
Adam scanned the forest with the look of mild disappointment. It would have been nice to teleport in a city, or anywhere near civilisation. Instead, they have been stranded in the middle of nowhere, in a world they've never been in before. As far as the eyehole can see, there was just trees, fauna and more trees.
The Chosen Few, as a whole, shared the singular feeling of one that, when expecting a holiday country to be an exciting experience, had found out that, in fact, it was too bloody hot and the food was crap.
"Right," said Max, who wasn't going to stand around all day. "Which way?"
Fancy would shrug. "I dunno. Just go one way and, if we read the edge, we go around the forest until we find somewhere to stay. If there isn't a town or something already there, course," he would add.
"Sounds good," said Adam.

Grand GaiaSetting: Grand Gaia

'I thought I heard something out here while training!" A voiced called out as a man rushed into view of the group that had just appeared from the portal. The man had short red hair, plate armor, fire like wings and a massive sword. "You all don't seem to be around here, but I will say this right now! Friend or foe!" The man called out yet again as he shouldered his blade, ready to fight if they were hostile.
Laadan was distracted, her green eyes wide, observing a few insects climbing a tree, much of what she heard from the others was incoherent. She didn't share the sentiments of disappointment or boredom, though, to be fair, she was not the hardest to amuse. Then a voice boomed above the rest, causing her tendril-like head appendages to lift up straight. Then she heard a word, the word.

"Friiiieeeeennnnd," she says in a very strange crackly manner, standing up slowly. "Did you say... friend?"

Immediately she zips up to the new arrival, claws pressed to her cheeks, one of her smaller claws twirling one of her antennae, and eyes glistening... then again, they tend to always glisten. It was a rather different look for the dark creature. Unable to formulate a full response in her excitement a single utterance escapes her maw, "Yes."

The ImagiverseSetting: The Imagiverse

The Chosen Few would look the new figure up and down. The warrior seemed to run by the theme of the primordial flame, much to the displeasure of Fancy Pants. The sword was a nice touch.
There would be a collective mumble that run by the theme of "friend, yeah, definitely friend".
"Ur, 'scuse me, but, ur," said Adam, taking a cautious step forward. "Could you direct us to the nearest town?"
Behind him, there was the sound of metal slapping flesh from an exasperated Max.
"Uh yeah," said Jack, ignoring Max, "we theem to be lotht."

Grand GaiaSetting: Grand Gaia

Vargas lokked at the strange creature as she zips right up to him upon the mentioning of friend. She replied with a yes, and the group behind her also replied with a yes. Along with a question of where the nearest town was. "Well that's good to hear, welcome to Grand Gaia then! My name is Vargas, also known as one of the six heroes. If its a town you want to find then its going to be a bit of a trip, we are currently on the continent known as Agni. The land is pretty difficult to navigate for new people. I can help guide you, however be warned that there is a God near this continent. And there are also a bunch of monsters and some demons running amok in these woods. The second I see that God, I am going to deal with it!" The man now known as Vargas crossed his arms and nodded in affirmation to the group. He then turned to the east and began to walk. This way was where the town was.
Laadan follows closely and alertly, rubbing her chin ponderously, squinting her eyes. She is not stupid, not by a long shot, but by habit she wasn't big on using deep thinking either, impulse being more her cup of tea. hearing him refer to monsters and demons makes her wonder something. Actually a lot of questions start to fill her head.

"So you think Laadan is not a monster or demon, will others feel the same," she questions bobbing about impatiently. "A light and dark axe and sword man came through here obsessed with being the strongest as well, you know him? Oh! You plan to fight a god? Maybe Laadan is one? Laadan isn't exactly sure."

The ImagiverseSetting: The Imagiverse

The group would follow behind Laadan. The sound of monsters and demons sparked their collective interest. Nevertheless, they need to settle down somewhere before they go any further.
"Is this the Grand Gaia you were talking about?" Fancy whispered to the red-bandana'd skeleton, who was vacantly examining the forest.
"Oh yeh," said Adam. "John wanted to visit it, to, you know, research it and that. Shame he didn't come, but, then again, we were cleaning up some bodies by Skele Manor."
"Come again?"
"Oh yeah, we got attacked by bounty hunters when those two girls - you remember me telling you? The warrior-musician wossname, hybrid sisters? - those two girls left for Grand Gaia."
Fancy Pants would turn his gaze forward, nodding. The main worlds of the Imagiverse had known each other for so long, nearly hundreds of years, that they got to diplomacy and so on. The idea that there was another world they never even heard about...
But then again, the Imagiverse was growing all the time. He vaguely remembered Jonathan telling him about Ideas, the blueprints of everything in the Imagiverse, that grow until they ripen into whole worlds. That was how places like Toontown and Anti-Earth came around.
Grand Gaia must be a very recent world, if they never knew it existed.
"Say," said Adam, bursting his thought bubble. "There's a God here? What sort of god is it?"

Grand GaiaSetting: Grand Gaia

"If you were a monster or a demon you would have already attacked me on sight. As for this God situation I only know two friendly ones, if you are one then we just have to see if you are hostile but for now yes I want to fight one, it's my duty after all...and for the light and dark axe and sword man, I do believe you are talking about Kira. Yeah I know him, he challenged me once, mopped the floor with him though. I did not see him around here however." Vargas replied to Laadan.

As he continued Adam asked him what God was around these parts. "From what I hear, it's the Beast God Alfa Dilith, one of the strongest of the four fallen Gods strength wise. We may have problems with the Gods but people sure like to not work together. At this point the people going after the Gods are myself included, the five other heroes, some rumour of someone with the Goddess's help, and a bunch of other people. It's hard work to stop them since we cant actually eliminate them since we are all scattered keeping different areas safe. Speaking of safe areas, watch out we should be crossing into a lightning canyon, plenty of monsters here that live in the storm. They are not that dangerous, at least for people with some experience with fighting."
Laadan listens, being dismissed as being a monster or demon because she didn't attack. What an odd reason, yet she didn't know why. Regardless, she was given a choice in the matter, and the option of friend over foe was far more... desirable. Then the talk of gods, if she was one or not she did not care, she just wanted to know what she was, what her place was in this existence... if there was any.

"Laadan fears no god or demon," she responds confidently. "Laadan has seen what lurks inside others, endured the void, that is scary to Laadan. Love it here, though!"

The ImagiverseSetting: The Imagiverse

At the news of the nearby god being one of the strongest, Adam would grin, revealing that his front teeth were gone, giving him a buck-toothed look. "Sweeet."
Gods were a common part of the Imagiverse. They embody, or control, certain aspects of their daily lives, like the sun rising and setting, death, life, the weather, the list goes on. They are so common, in fact, especially in the Discworld, that it had come to a point when believing in them seemed a waste of effort. It is obvious they exist, and denying their existence brings a sticky end to atheists, so gods are not so much as worshipped as acknowledged. Believing them is much like believing in the milkman.
In Grand Gaia, however, they appear to be different. Whilst the other gods in the Imagiverse aren't too bothered with mortals, gods here are savage, bloodthirsty, power-hungry beings, who seemed to have warred against the mortals for maybe centuries. The idea that a god would dislike mortals wasn't new to the Chosen Ones, as apparent in Evil Hand, the God of Fear, and Caedor, the Blood God, but the thought of a group of gods terrorising an entire world was, to put it lightly, a bit intimidating.
"Wait a minute," said Fancy, who was considering this currently. "I get that you lot are several steps below the gods in the sense of power, but, hope I don't sound stupid saying this, why do these gods want to kill you?"

Grand GaiaSetting: Grand Gaia

As Vargas led the group through the lightning canyon, he chuckled a bit as Laadan said she fears no Gods or demons. "Many of the people here don't fear them, of course not being afraid and having the power to fight them are two different things. Of course this place is what we call home, so we all certainly love it here as well." Then as Fancy asked about why the Gods wanted to kill them in the first place. "Who knows, some say the Gods went corrupt and wanted to kill us all. Others say they just disliked humans like ants. And some even say they feared our growing potential and tried to wipe us out. In the end it was something that could have not been prevented, however people could have been more prepared for it...oh well, history is history." Vargas answered as lighting began to sound along with black clouds surrounding them overhead.
Laadan narrows her eyes and folds her arms, all of them, then scratches the side of her boney mask. She then looks down, the gateway in her chest flickering briefly, forcing her to cover it. Added to that problem, she was growing irritated hearing about these troubling gods. Petty beings they seemed to be, it made whatever could be called her blood to boil.

"Laadan thinks they are just bullies, pushing those weaker to feel better about themselves," she blurts out in a sudden outburst. "Laadan would smash their stupid faces!"

With that she grabs a nearby stone, draws a face on it with her goo then proceeds to crush it with her large hands.

"Just like that!"
The Chosen Ones would watch the alien abuse an unwitting stone. Well, the Grand Gaian Gods sound like a good challenge. Can't have them destroying their own world and that.
"Well, when we meet this God, we know which side of the coin it's on," said Max.
The sword slotted in the back of Adam's ribcage would start to glow and vibrate, as if responding to Max's acceptance of challenge. After years of use, the group became increasingly aware of the strange aura around the sword. With the large amounts of magic that it was infused with, Hope had seemed to gain a sort of vague personality, obscurely aggressive towards any being that isn't it's owner that attempt to wield it for themselves. Many a night had Adam been woken up by a flash of light, finding a stunned body next to the inexplicitly smug magic sword. The skeleton himself had grown to be wary whilst holding it, from fear of it assaulting a nearby bystander without his consent.
Adam would grip the sword by its handle as a mother would restrain an excited child. "Yeh, it would be fun," he would say offhandedly.
Vargas would actually begin to laugh hearing the group. "Well then, looks like you all will be just fine in this world! Good to see a bunch of people eager to fight an actual God, of course there is no guarantee we will encounter them. Of course if we did we might able to actually take him down, there are six of us and usually six strong warriors are all it takes to face a God on equal footing!"

As the group passed by the lighting canyon without any trouble, they would notice a large city just up ahead. "Welcome to the Agni Empire, or what's left of it at least. Not much people live here these days, but it used to be the capital of Agni of course. Not really a capital, it's much more of a big town than anything else." Vargas spoke as he pointed at the city that looked to be mostly dilapidated with only a few buildings that look maintained.
Laadan freezes up and stares at the state of disrepair of the city and her eyes widen. It almost looked like the end times had come and gone, and even for a somewhat child-like mind as hers could process that this was not how a city should look. How many people were left that left this in such poor maintenance?

"Did they do this," she asks, still covering the gateway in her chest. "The meanie demons and gods, Laadan means."
It was rather vexing to find that the hospitality they were expecting in a town was only partially there, as well as, well, the town itself. Then again, it was likely the gods, and slash or possibly the local demons, played a part in it's desolation. Nevertheless, the band had trained to live under harsh conditions, often in the comforts of their own homes.
"Right," said Max, rubbing his hands. "Which way's the pub?"
"Nah, I don't think there's a pub that's open, if you know what I mean," said Adam Skelecoot.
"Well, that would make it easier to get booze, wouldn't it?"
Adam would grunt in response to Max's logic. "Well, there might still be a pub open here anyways, that's just a must-have in any settlement."
Max would roll his eyes.
"You guessed correctly, during the war of the Gods when we the six heroes were mortally wounded. Not much people could withstand the Gods onslaught. There were other brave souls that held out so others could escape, but once we were out many people panicked. But yeah, there aren't that many humans around anymore. Really only a handful of villages and the few capitals and their surrounding lands. Maybe ten percent of humanity is left? No one has exact numbers. Oh as for the bar it's probably one of the few buildings that's kept maintained, a drink can cure the sorrow of anyone. But enough about our dark past, welcome to the city I was born in!" Vargas spoke as he led the group inside the city.

Just as he said, the city felt very empty. A handful of people wandered the streets looking at the group as they passed. Although they mostly looked at Vargas in awe seeing a hero walking around. Many buildings were seemingly abbandoned with no one to live inside them. Although Vargas knew that there weren't that many people gone from this town. There should be maybe an extra 50 or so people around, that was until he noticed a brand new poster on the wall 'Musical performance today! Come to the bar!' All in bold letters. "So there are people who still make the time to perform for others, interesting. Well since one of you wanted a drink let's head to the bar."
Laadan gains an odd feeling as she looks around, something of a self awareness kind of thing. She looked like a monster, she knew it, she had a frightening face, tentacle-like antennae, claws, and dripped violet goo. She was nothing like anyone else here as far as she could tell. She knew all this, and it felt... strange. Why no one had thrown anything at her yet with all the trouble these people have had with gods, demens, and monsters was well beyond her. That she was trusted to step into their last bastion... as rundown as it were... was something she never expected. She felt somewhat selfish to bemoan her own grief when there were people living like... this, with such uncertainty if there would even be a tomorrow. She grips her chest tightly with her large arms and wraps her cloak-like wings around herself, allowing only her smaller set of arms to be visible.

"Laadan likes music," she says perking up a little bit. There was some childlike enthusiasm to it, she had never been to any festivities, let alone a musical one. "Laadan is hungry as well."
The Chosen Ones would lighten up at the sound of entertainment. Although they didn't hold the philosophy on music's ability to convey emotions and messages, they did share the knowledge that music can unwind the spirit. Jonathan even got them into the art of playing music, essentially creating a band in their spare time, with John as the frontman, of course. It would be interesting to find out what type of music the denizens of Grand Gaia listen too. A drink would also be nice.
Adam, Max, Jack and Fancy, a set of names that don't necessarily roll off the tongue, would follow Vargas to the fallen town's home for the depressed, the curious and, of course, the alcoholic.
As Vargas led them to the bar, the group would hear faint but audible rock and roll music. There were the sounds of a guitar and drums playing. Eventually they would stand in front of a bar, there were still a few holes in it however it looked maintained at the very least. The sounds of music was now nearly fully heard by the group and soon Vargas opened the door and stepped in.

As the group entered the bar on on a simple wooden stage, two familiar sisters were busy playing their hearts out on stage. Elyzia was on guitar and her sister Valfiel was in the drums. It seemed like this concert was going on for a while, you could tell they were getting tired. This must have been their last song, shame they did not enter sooner. However the energetic sounds of the music seemed to have made everyone in here happy by the look of their dancing, drunken dancing, or simple cheering.

As Valfiel gripped the mic next to her drum kit letting her sister do a guitar solo, she was prepared to sing when she saw the group that had entreeed, primarily Vargas one of the legendary six heroes. "Woah! Woah! Time out for a second! Oh my goodness it's Vargas!" She called out in excitement, Elyzia quickly stopped playing when Valfiel was more busy on a hero than singing the last verse of the song.

The entire crowd turned around, and already happy and drunk they cheered for Vargas. Being famous did have some drawbacks, but all Vargas could do was simply smile proudly and waved at everyone.
A woman's chuckle is heard from behind where Laadan was, now replaced with a strange yet fair pale white woman, more humanoid this time in appearance. On one side of her face was a horned black mask, but on the other, where an ear should be, was the familiar antennae. A halo hovered from the back of her head made of a somewhat solid blue light, and over her face was a cross-like symbol. She was still covered with her robe-like wings, more resembling somewhat large fairy-like wings. Her eyes themselves were human-like in orientation but glowing blue, the third eye remaining closed. She smiles widely. A switch had occurred ever so subtly when they weren't looking. Her body seemed also somewhat translucent but more solid.

"I mean no disrespect, sir Vargas, but seeing as you are like a beacon of hope to these people is well, endearing," Chuza says with another chuckle, pressing her hands to her cheeks. Her voice was soft, only slightly strange compared to the others. "It clearly means a lot to them to have one..."

She gasps, forgetting her manners for a moment, and how awkward this may be. She holds out a black and white hand with four fingers, split down the middle between the hands and down the arm.

"I'm Chuza, a pleasure to meet you all... you've met my sister Laadan. I hope she was not too crass. And since you seem to be a very righteous person, sir Vargas, I'm sure we'll get along splendidly!"
As soon as the quartet and the others enter the pub, a wall of sound threatened to knock them off their feet. A large audience were watching two figures perform what those in Discworld referred to as Music With Rocks In. It was like any other concert the Chosen Few had been too, except without broken teeth and stoned dealers and even more bouldered hippies.
The group were aware that somehow Adam recognised the duo on the stage, because he began to wave his arm at the performers and yelling, "Ey! It's me! Adam! From Skele Manor!" They tried not to look embarassed.
Then there was a sound behind them, one that climbed up their nervous system and straight into their libido, triggering alarms in their heads. It was a chuckle, and, where Laadan used to be, there was now a more humanoid figure. Compared to her more exotic counterpart, the woman was tame in appearance, though she still had few signs that signalled her abnormality, like, for example, the antennae in place of one ear. She still had the effect that dwarfed pheromones.
Of course, Adam hasn't noticed her until Fancy nudged him with an elbow. "Adam," he whispered, his eyes still on the woman, "Laadan's changed."
"What?" the skeleton responded, his attention towards the sisters redirected at Fancy, and then at the woman behind him. Although he wasn't the sexual type of person - his vacant mind simply didn't hold with it - he whistled at the sight before him. The woman introduced herself as Chuza to the Grand Gaian hero. Max would step in front of his colleagues, who were still getting over the shock, and smoothed his nonexistant hair.
"And my name is Max. Max the Robloxian," he would speak smoothly. The sight of him attempting to flirt with the woman was enough to knock the others out of shock, who smoothed themselves out, trying in vain to make themselves more presentable, and smiled foolishly.
Vargas turned around when Jen heard the strange new voice, in place of Laadan a more humanoid figure. She still had some alien features on her but other than that, Vargas thought it was like multiple souls living in a single body. A very rare sight indeed, but something he did see before. "Pleased to meet you as well Chuza! And I am not the one to derserve all the praise, the other heroes derserve just as much. No clue where each of them is but I can guess they are back at their own homelands." He replied before facing the Skeletons and Robloxian as they began to sound more manly. In an attempt to make a good impression with Chuza. In any case he laughed a bit beforehand he turned to face the more energetic of the two sisters Litteraly run right up to him. He knew those two, one of the most widely known bands in Grand Gaia.

"I am so happy to meet you Vargas! Oh wow! Adam! And more people from that Imagiverse place! This is so cool! I wish we could perform more however we are pretty tired...and I botched the last song by panicking when I saw Vargas..." Valfiel excitedly spoke just as her sister appeared. "Hello Vargas, and hello Adam and associates. Welcome to Grand Gaia. It's nice that you all decided to visit." She spoke peering from her sisters back.
Chuza places a hand over her mouth, realizing she was not only among one heroic figure, but five. She casts a glance at each of them, as strangely different as they were in many different ways, then chuckles to herself as they try to play it smooth. She may not have been long in this plane of existence, but she understood the motions all too well. Laadan would have reveled in this, she thought.

"The pleasure is all mine," she responds enthusiastically, clasping her hands together and putting her hingers up to her lips. "I have always wanted to be a hero, to be among heroes. Course, I've yet to do anything noteworthy, so you see, I admire those that have and maybe will find something through them. I admit I'm a bit overwhelmed, really!"

As the two sisters talk so familiarly about not only Vargas, but also of Adam, her eyes get starry for a moment.

"Aww~, it is like you have a little fanclub too," she coos, pointing at the fairy sisters. "Ah, but you two have something special other than such exquisite musical talents, would you happen to be heroes as well?"
"Weeeelll," said Adam, scratching the back of his spinal neck awkwardly. "I wouldn't think of us as very heroic. We just do what we do, y'know, fighting wossnames of vice, that sorta thing."
"Urr, I would clathhify that ath heroic," Jack said. "I mean, it'th not chartered accountanthy."
"C'mon, Adam," said Fancy cheerfully as he nudged him with his thin elbow. "Why wouldn't you call it heroic when you fight gods and demons? I mean, like Jack said, not everybody gets to do that!"
"Yeh, but there's a lot of heroes out there, so it isn't new."
"Well, that doesn't matter! Just because there's hundreds of people doing the same thing, doesn't mean it's not heroism."
The skeleton grunted and shrugged.
When the fairy sisters talk momentarily about Adam, Fancy would look at the bashful skeleton. "You met these girls before, Adam?"
"Oh yeah!" said Adam as-a-matter-of-factly. "Who'd you think I was talking about earlier?"
Light dawned on the group, who looked at the sisters with newly found astonishment.
"Oh, so you're the warrior-musicians?" said the smirking Robloxian, crossing his arms. "So you met John as well? I've known him for a while, since I knew Adam, and I'm confident to say that I've never met a more deranged corpse in my life. In my opinion, his little ghost town needs someone like him."
"Yeah, he's a bit out of it," said Adam admittingly. "But, to be frank, he's a great guy. Reads a lot, mind you, and he knows a lot more about the Imagiverse than I, than we, do."
"Well, we could be classified as heroes. Although we just feel like we are just doing our part. We do fight many demons and monsters but have yet to face an actuall God. Vargas and the over five are the real heroes, they willingly led all of humanity together to fight, refusing to surrender as the held the God armies back and even slaying the Gods themself, even after their fall many others spurred on by their heroic acts ensured everyone got out safely...of curse they paid the ultimate by price....We are just more braver people that's all." Valfiel replied.

Elyzia looked at Chuza when she mentioned fan club. "We are just aquantences, we met in their world after some unlucky or lucky event in our world. Adam and John helped us return home. As for the heroes part, I feel as though we have yet to become actuall heroes, however in our eyes and for the people we save we are heroes. But of course if you are all here at a bar, everyone here can enjoy two rounds on us. A small token of our appreciation." And with Elyzia's proclamation the entire bar cheered.
Chuza watched the skeleton's reaction to being called a hero and placed a hand on her chin. It seemed to her that perhaps somewhere along the lines it became just a set of motions to him, perhaps lost its meaning somewhere down the road. Of course, this was only based on her observations through Laadan, and her only recent first hand experience.

"Perhaps it just feels at this point like there are no stakes, or what you do carries any weight over that of others," she says somewhat quietly when addressing Adam. "Maybe life itself has lost some of its flare, not that it can be blamed given that... well, ahem... but still, look at this world, everyone has suffered so much, reduced perhaps to just small groups like this scattered throughout, and yet here they are cheering and partying like everything is going to be okay in the end. Ehm... I'm probably sounding like some corny Christmas special here... maybe you just need something with more meaning to it."

She then turned to the fairy sisters, hearing about triumph and loss. Inside she felt some shame, that Laadan had proven more heroic than herself, acting on a whim without any notable self gain. For a long time she had considered her sister to be just an Id and nothing more, a beast gluttonous and destructive, but it became clear she had something Chuza lacked: unbridled passion. For the first time she feels that perhaps she was wrong all along.

"I suppose if Laadan were here right now she'd say something along the lines of 'Laadan loves parties' and 'if no-good gods come here Laadan smash them personally, hah! As such if any dare try ruining the moment I'll join in showing them the door."

She then raised her right fist into the air and gave a wide smile.

The ImagiverseSetting: The Imagiverse

Listening to Chuza's observation on his position on heroing, Adam thought about how jaded he had become during his time in the Imagiverse. It was just that he had seen things that people would go mad witnessing, malformed abominations that roamed the outer cortex of the Imagiverse, decayed visions of untold suffering and madness, the threat of having everything he knew be reduced to mere threads flapping across the frayed fabric of his reality. It's not that he had gone mad from these revelations - it is practically impossible, his mind is so vacant as to be a vacuum, sucking in any anomalous hysteria and destroying it entirely - it was just that he had gotten rather empty in the process, this being evident, to those who had known him the longest, in his characteristic vacant stare which seems to be directed somewhere thousands of miles away.
"Well, that, and that I've really got nothing to lose," said Adam.
The Chosen Few would receive a pint each of beverage, thanks to the generosity of the sisters. Max, having a liver bigger than his stomach, would down his pint in one go. "So, Vargas," the Robloxian would say, examining his empty pint. "You stood up against some Gods, did ya? By the sounds of them, that must have been demanding, to say the least. I've yet to compare these Gods of yours to the ones we have to deal with. One god, Evil Hand his name is, is the boss of a sort of demon mafia in the Imagiverse. He's, in a way, the godfather of Chaos, taking charge of all the evil in the Imagiverse. Bit of a ponce, though."
"Oh, Evil Hand?" said Fancy. "Yeah, he's-he's an oldie in terms of villains, in fact, he used to be alright, but he found that box, didn't he? The one that held a whole mass of Chaos that would become the Darkness. He opened it, it consumed the central sun of the Imagiverse - after that, they had to make seperate suns for the worlds - and it corrupted him, making him it's leader."
There would be a collective affirmative mutter from the group.

Grand GaiaSetting: Grand Gaia

As Max asked Vargas how taxing it was to fight a god, he took a nice cold beverage and took a sip from it. "It's is pretty taxing indeed, when you fight against gods capable of hurling anything from reality destroying magic to even causing stars to fall on you its difficult to fight against. Of course not all Gods have that ability so it honestly depends...but if I have to sum it up I would have to say if I made any tiny mistakes I would have lost an arm or died. Its difficult...but when you are more busy trying to live you hardly have any time to assess the enemies strength fully." He spoke as he took another sip.

"If a God does show up! We will all beat 'em up!" Valfiel also smiled as she raised both her fists in the air and went with a small cup of wine.
Chuza hears the skeleton's response and casts a downcast look. It was clear, teetering on the edge of the emptiness, not too dissimilar to the events that lead to her own fragmentation when a portion of Owru was lost to the emptiness. It is not that hard to do when you are born into it, when time has no meaning, that life and death are empty concepts with little consequence, and time itself is nonexistent. Chuza was the side that decided that there had to be some kind of order to it all, some grander meaning to it all than simply... nothing...

While she was pondering on something to say she was handed a glass by one of the locals. She seats herself in thin air and holds it up looking it over rather curiously with her shiny blue eyes. She knew it was alcohol, but not what that actually... meant. Within mere moments, and several glasses, she had still not figured it out, but reality sure seemed to have become warped. How peculiar. And she didn't remember the pink marmosets hanging from the ceiling! But then she thinks again about what Adam had said, then looks over at everyone.

"Nothink to fight f... y'know, this place sh... is so strange, and ah... I've been thinkin' bout birthdays," she speaks her words in a somewhat slurred manner, but coordinates her thoughts better than most after how much she just downed. "What a peculiar thing, to shell-ebrate that a person exists! There's no such thing where I waz born, in fact there is nothing. Where I was born there was only the shilence er... silence, an intangible void. Nothing has any discernible meaning, to even say it was chaos, it was simply... nothing. I don't even know how when, or even why I was born, yet I remember Owru's... that is me if I were whole... mind breaking... an ocean of images... mirror fragments.. and then... Nod. And now from a place with nothing, void of meaning, to here, where everything has meaning, that even in such dark times people still find something to celebrate. And I have..."

She cuts off mid thought, looking downcast again into her empty glass. She was unable to sort her feelings, she wasn't even sure if she was actually feeling anything and was instead only reflecting the motions. The black mask gives off a faint ghostly light as she digs into her own soul for answers. She was not sure why she was even saying all this, it was like she was under the influence of something.

"I'ave in the most literal sense... nothing, nothing to return to, nothing to my name, nothing but... literally dreams... and I'm not even sure if I'll ever actually fit into anything... or if anythang I do will hold any weight... but... a toast to just existin'!"

With this she raises the glass into the air then... flops over backwards into a heap.

"Ah'm h'okay."
The group of misfits would listen to the lady's intoxicated rambling with a few smirks. Although they couldn't piece together what she was talking about, words like "void" and "mirror fragments" fleeted across their minds. It was evident that whatever this, this thing was, it-she-whatever belonged to somewhere within the edge of the Imagiverse, where emotions and incoherent dreams were more strong, the cortex if you know the brain well. In fact, the Imagiverse is like a brain put back-to-front, with the conscious neo-cortex section of the Imagiverse located in the middle, where the known worlds reside, and the emotional, illogical cortex around the edge.
This, any psycho-astrophysicist knew very well. But the Chosen Ones, who were enjoying themselves as the woman fell backwards on the floor, had no truck with it.
Another enigma, evident when Adam Skelecoot took a jolly swill of his ale, was how skeletons could drink without the necessary equipment, i.e organs. Anima-kinesiologists around the Imagiverse have determined that the said drink, when "consumed" by the corpse, transfers to the spiritual realm, where the undead's soul has all the equipment to actually consume and, and this is the Skelecoots didn't know until too late, get drunk.
So the observers in the pub would see the swig of ale pass down the bottom of the skull, reach the top of the ribcage and vanish, as if going through an invisible pipe. It didn't bother his now-slightly-pissed comrades, who were too busy laughing at the immobilised woman.
Vargas paid close attention to Chuza's speech. He was not drunk...yet, but he was still able to perceive the things around him. He would never know what it was like to be in a void, with silence all around. Chuza then started a toast to just existing. Vargas partook in the toast along with everyone in the room with a roar of approval.

Valfiel was busy drinking a nice ale like the guys while Elyzia was sitting next to her sister with a cup of low alcohol wine. Vargas himself was slowly getting drunk with a nice drink laughing heartily as his face began to become flushed. After a long days work it was nice to rest with a cold cup of ale.

All was lively and the stage had new performers, filling the bar with music. Soon a new figure entered the building, and her very presence seemed to ooze something...threatening about her. Wearing a long dress, long white hair. She seemed confident in the presence of this many people. She soon took a seat, and remained quiet. Vargas quickly noticed her and seemed to remember her...however his drunken state would not allow him to think clearly.
Chuza laid there, between a state of consciousness, staring up blankly upon a swirling ceiling, all the while flooded with thoughts in her stillness. She, that is, the collective Owru, was never a being to just... stop thinking. If she was not awake and actively checking the world around her, she was dreaming and in turn influencing her Land of Nod. Right now much of her thoughts were muddied, but also unfiltered.

"In a sea of shards, neither shadow nor light, cast from the all consuming," she mutters reaching up towards the air. "Losing self before there was a self to lose, a rage filling until there was nothing to hate, crying until there were no more tears to shed... filled with nothing until nothing remained... Zilthai... why do you cover your eyes?"

As she babbled, she somewhat took a groggy notice of the figure that recently came in, the sense of which distorting her vision slightly more than the liquor did. Suddenly sitting up she watches the person from the corner of her eye curiously.

"A warped mirror with edges cracked," she mutters to herself, trying to rationalize a feeling she got from this individual then holds her head and chuckles lightly. "Ah, haha, what spacial anomaly be this that makes me such a clutz? I feel so funny, I am so sorry, I am not normally like this."
As they listened to the alien-woman's drunken ramblings, the Chosen Few would notice a new figure entering the pub, her being emanating a hound-like menace that seemed to fill the entire building. She was beautiful, though, in her long dress and flowing white hair. She seemed like someone important, although it may not be wise to draw her attention yet.
"Hey, Vargas," Fancy said, nudging the armoured hero, nodding towards the newcomer. "You recognise her?"
The rest of the group were pinning their attention towards the incapacitated woman, drinking their ale, attempting in vain to decipher what the hell she was saying. Where-ever this "Nod" was, it was enough to split a being into many personalities like a mirror. That, for some reason, seemed more frightening than the demons they've encountered rolled in one.
"I swear I think I know her...Hey, guys still sober?"Vargas replied as he turned to face the two sisters. Unfortanantly for him it seems they were drunk and tipsy respectively. He could feel this aura of danger, and he needed to get sober quickly.

Vargas thought for a moment, he did not have anything on him at this moment that would instantly cure his drunken state. However one of the knights from outside the city barged inside the bar. "Everyone! The God Maxwell is in the city! Run for your---Ah! She is already here!" The man pointed at the woman who had just entered the bar. He immediately ran the opposite direction and ran for his life.

Almost as if everyone had a dose of adrenaline, the patrons all scattered as Vargas quickly sobered up as he drew his sword. Valfiel and Elyzia also drew their scythes doing a less impressive job at sobering up. "Even in this state, you all huddle together using simple beverages to ease your pain despite a looming threat. Sometimes we can never understand you mortals." The woman now known as Maxwell stood up from her seat as she commented on what was going on.

Vargas quickly signaled for the others. "That is the fallen God! Get yourself undrunk quickly! She is no simple God, some say she created Grand Gaia! Her power is immense!"
As a sudden ruckus broke out in the bar Chuza was smacked back into the current reality, while unaffected reflexes catches a chair sent falling towards her face by a panicked patron, the strange part being that it was not with her hands, but from her focus upon it. She carefully sat the chair back in place and floated up onto her feet, still holding her head. Then she looked to the source of all these people's fears and squinted her eyes.

"What is so hard to understand," she responds, still somewhat groggy but now standing upright. "It is because of their state that they huddle together, a seeking of affirmation and a reminder that they are not alone, that all is not lost. If you are the creator as they say, I would have thought you of any would be capable to understand."

She finally opens her third eye observing the entirety of the space around her, every flow of energy and fluctuations of the veil. She waits calmly, not ready to assault someone on a whim regardless the reactions of the people who just stormed out, it was a courtesy, a benefit of the doubt.
The sudden realization did the equivalent of several pints of black coffee and a good night's sleep. The Chosen Ones drew their reinvigorated attention towards the Creator of Grand Gaia. Of course there had to be a Creator to create Grand Gaia, only a being of their stature can truly bring a world to existence. But never, in their lives' knowledge of gods, have the Chosen Few heard of a Creator named Maxwell. The awakened heroes unsheathed their weaponry, with one exception pulling out a cream pie.
"Funny thing," Adam said, mainly to the group. "The Creators we know are all glowy and stuff. They don't look exactly... mortal."
"Maybe because that's not her final form," muttered Max, crackling his knuckles, his robotic arm producing a few small clangs.
"Guys," Fancy said, a tad more terrified than his comrades. "When he mentioned a god, he didn't say it was a Creator. This is too much for us, admit it! I'd rather eat my hair!"
"Shut up and get ready for a poundin', then," snapped Max.
Maxwell looked at the group in front of her, they all looked prepared to fight with the sole exception of one. The one that did not look eager to fight gave an explanation as to why mortals would gather together under such circumstances. "Interesting explanation...gathering together to seek comfort with others." She spoke nodding to herself.

"That God may be a creator but all Gods can still die! There's seven of us! All with a good amount of power! Even with her power we will destroy that God!" Witha warcry Vargas charged first sword by his side eager to strike. Maxwell conjured a spear and blocked his strike with the resonating power sending chairs and tables flying. "Either you all are brave or foolish enough to challenge a might just do, if I can't gather the six then you seven will have to do..." Maxwell muttered as she used her power of creation to bend the space around them. The bar began to transform and change as they were all pulled into a void resembling space with stars twinkling around them they they were brought into a new space.

They appeared inside a castle, flags decorating the walls and long hallways jutting all around. Unleashing a blast of power, Maxwell sent Vargas skidding back to the group. "Come then mortals, if you do not defeat me I will destroy everyone and everything that remains in the lands of Agni. If you wish to stop me then use all you have to have a chance at defeating me." She then pointed at the group as she raised her spear and then threw it at them to signal the fight.
What was a moment of silence was suddenly broken as Vargas charged and attacked the one named Maxwell. Chuza just stared at them in their conflict, her eyes wide as they thrash about and then observed the collapse of reality before them. She understood everything that was going on, but not the why, why a creator would destroy something, or why a portion of herself desired it as well. There she stood, trying to understand the reason behind all this, as reality reconstructed itself as an expansive and hollow castle was formed around them.

"Why," she mutters, as Vargas was repelled, putting a hand out and catching him, a power within her just willing him to sudden yet gentle stop then steps in front, with the intent to beg for reason, but before she did, Maxwell had given an ultimatum and tossed her spear towards them, to which she responds to immediately by snapping her arms down evenly, split between the seam between the white and black, her cloak now erect, translucent and glowing with a ghostly blue light as it sways, resembling some blend between fairy and angel wings. She sways her, now four in number, arms in almost a dance as she twirls softly motioning towards the spear letting loose some subtle force in an effort to divert its course.
"What is the point of this, what is there to gain? Your actions... they confuse me, Creator Maxwell!"

With a sigh she completes her active form, her halo lights, orbited by rings of foreign lettering, and holds her white hands to her chest, a somber expression overtaking her face.

"I hate this... in all the fragments of possibility, yours is not the visage of the Hollowed... however... I will not allow you to take what little these people possess."
The Chosen Few watched in horrified fascination as the very fabric of reality bent around them, at one point the bar, then in the middle of deep space, and then within an anonymous castle. Gaining confidence from the Gaian hero's battlecry, their stances become more confident, preparing to either block or dodge whatever the Creator throws at them, or directly assaulting her. Vargas had a point: even if they never knew any being that could kill a Creator, other than a being like the Maelstrom, they would damn well find out for themselves. It was certain, this was the ultimate test of their spunk; they would either win and prove they could withstand anything, or die and.... actually, they don't know what would happen if they die, possibly come back to life or something, but they're willing to find out.
If Chuza is successful in diverting the spear's trajectory - if it was still coming for them, they would duck under it - the group would charge towards Maxwell, Max coming from the left, Fancy coming from the right and Adam Skelecoot, his sword glowing almost blindingly now, in the centre. Jack, still holding the pie, now considering the actual usefulness of said pie, would run into a position between Adam and Fancy's path and lob the pie at Maxwell's face, attempting the time-honoured Toon tradition of stunning his enemy. It wasn't as aggressive as he would have wanted, but then again, Toons weren't made for combat, so his main mode of action was attempting to disorientate his opponent, giving his comrades a chance of landing a strike on said opponent.
As for the others, Adam would attempt a leftward slash around the Creator's abdominal region, Max would attempt a right hook at her head, and Fancy would stab at her side with his giant pencil. Despite its appearance, the pencil is in fact as much as a weapon as a spear, it's carbon tip sharp enough to not just leave a mark on you, but also lacerate the mark as well. It would be pretty useless, and very brief for Fancy, if the pencil wasn't utilised for combat, otherwise it was just a pencil for ogres.
Vargas charged straight at the middle along with Adam, using his power his own energy began to empower everyone giving them a boost in power. Elyzia and Valfiel both split up with their scythes at the ready charging at the Gods flanks, Elyzia at the left and Valfiel at the right. For the spear that was sent, it would fly off course impacting the wall of the castle, imbedding itself into the wall.

Taking stock of the Enemy, Maxwell was hit in the face by a pie. Of course she saw the pie coming but was not interested in wasting time avoiding something that people eat. Of course she began to slowly wipe the pie from her face giving the group enough time to close the distance "Take this! Flare Ride!" Vargas yelled as he soared into the air then brought his sword down at her. Adam went for his leftward slash, Fancy stabbed her with his pencil. Elyzia and Valfiel went right behind her and swung their scythes in a wide arc.

The attacks all hit, Maxwell was hit by the surprisingly strong assault. Each attack made their mark, and with everyones combined assault they managed to injure the God but none did pierce her surprising sturdy form. However being surrounded she warped from her position a few yards away from the group, her dress with many marks and even some blood was dripping from her. However the cuts were not deep enough to cause any significant damage. The spear that she had thrown earlier appeared in her hands once again, however this time she pointed it in the air as the ceiling peeled away and was replaced by the void of space. "Crude but effective...You have power, however let us see if you can withstand my attacks." With that said, suddenly stars appeared in the vast void...but they were coming closer to them...
She stares at the battle unfolding, her jaw agape for a moment, uncertain as to what to say or do. They had began to fight with all they had, throwing everything at her at their disposal, even a... pie. And yet she stood there, mulling over why it all even has to be this way, and if anything she did from here would be of benefit to all. It is fear, that is what it is... fear that either way she acts, she causes irrevocable harm, that if she helps them she takes part in destroying a form of life, possibly dooming them to oblivion, and if not then she risks them a similar fate. She lowers and holds her head in shame of her indecisiveness. Then from inside a voice rings out.

"You are just a coward, so afraid of any wrong that you can't even do something right! I thought you said you were going to show her the door... well, look at you now! If you just do nothing... L...Laadan will never forgive you."

She snaps her head up and with elegant motion suddenly strikes together her black hands in a thunderous clap in front of her chest, then swings out her white arms, the impact sending out ripples in space outwards from her feet, like a drop in a pool of water. She raises her white arms as spacial fabric, amorphous like fluid spirals around her body, molding into a ball of warped space into her black hands then flings upwards like pizza dough, it forming into a barrier over the group of heroes from the coming onslaught of stars.

"Creator Maxwell, I am Chuza, a fragment of the Outsider, Owru! If I am a god or something else it matters not, I am not going to allow you to destroy what little the people of Grand Gaia have left, and I am not going to let you destroy the closest thing I have to friends, either!"
The overall damage done to the Creator was... dissappointing. Despite her appearance, Maxwell seems to be surprisingly endurant, the assault being reduced to small but bleeding cuts. As she deducted the overall attack, the ceiling of the castle began to sag, being replaced by the usual black void, which was filling up with stars. Funny, they seem to be growing...
the Chosen Few panicked briefly, sticking their weaponry up in hopes of blocking the celestial arrows speeding towards them. They then watched as an undefinable ball of space, like a heat-haze in a desert, was flung upwards and formed into a transparent umbrella, blocking the arriving stars.
With the impending doom averted, the Chosen Ones returned their attention to Maxwell. The Robloxian's mechanical arm began to flux, the metal plates expanding, revealing lines of blue light. A hole opened up in its palm, revealing a light, faint at first, then grew into the brightness of a hallway lightbulb. Max held the upper arm with his other hand, preparing to lift up the arm. What made his cyber arm a strong weapon was it's other mode, transforming it into a laser cannon, using it's mini-reactor to generate enough electricity to condense said power into a strong, plasmic beam, proven to melt through several layers of titanium. One would wonder, as pack as the arm was, how Max was able to even lift the damn thing. The simple answer was due to his superhuman strength that made him the muscles of the ragtag group.
Indicating his group to stand to the side, he would lift his arm like a cannon, the palm now glowing like the sun. The glow started to hum, and then a thick beam of incandescant plasma sped towards the Creator with the strength of, well, a large beam of plasma.
Maxwell watched as a massive barrier was formed above and as the stars impacted the barrier they exploded in different colours from red to blue. She then heard the strange figure introduce herself as Chuza, and she would not let her destroy what little the people of Grand Gaia has and the people here that were friends in a sense.

Was it friendship? Or sympathy for the mortals of the world? Regardless everyone has their own reasons to fight, even against all odds. Their bravery was admirable, in a foolish sort of way. Their power seemed to hold against her powers but she needed to know one thing, did they posses the strength to beat a God?

Her thoughts were interrupted as she smelled plasma forming in the air, she looked at the source and saw a cube like person with his arm cannon aimed right at her. She raised her spear in defence as the beam of plasma fired. The beam struck her speak however once she finished gauging she looked as her hand and noticed it had been burned a bit for the plasma residue. "Is this all you have to offer? Especially you Hero of Agni. I hate to inform you that the other five heroes from the war have already long since left this plane of existence during your absence. Perhaps this is all you posses? Maybe you truly were weaker than that father of yours. And to think you wanted to one day surpass him." Maxwell then pointed at the group still unamused.

Vargas looked liked he was fuming with rage, after hearing what that God he was pissed off and angry. "What did you say!? Oh that is it! I am going to end your existance to avenge them then!" Vargas shouted as he began to focus an immense amount of power, a shocking amount of power that saw Maxwell step back a bit, with a small smile on her face.

Of course she was not going to stand idly by and do nothing, she raised her hand forward and unleashed a constant wave of energy which would constantly sap their life force.
Chuza stood there watching this play unfold before her, watching as Maxwell played upon the emotions of Vargas. Whether it was true or not, she did not know, but it was clear she had some plan in inciting his fury. Perhaps it was a ploy to let his emotions make him sloppy, how fiendish if that was the case, but not strategically unsound at the same time. No, she thinks chastising herself, it is still wrong.

Soon she started to feel strange, as if something were being taken from her. She did not possess a life force like any normal creature, but she is composed entirely of some form of it. The spell thus has a far more visual impact as strands of her very being begin to shed off from her, like she were slowly unraveling. She held out her hands, sifting the threads through her fingers, vision blurring as it took her a moment to grasp it. With a gasp she tugs at her ghostly threads and begins to wrap it into a soft blue ball of wispy light, tendrils of thread flowing off from it growing more unstable the longer it went on.

"Stop this, Creator Maxwell, this path will bring nothing good for any of us," she pleads, hugging tightly onto the yarn ball formed of her life threads. She was once again given no other choice than to act, she crouched down, the space below her warping downwards creating a bowl within space itself before letting the built up pressure launching herself at such velocity that her body now resembling a living comet along with the tail. As she grows close, she suddenly stops, a halo-like ring ripples through space from her creating a strange hollow ringing sound in the air, and she thrusts the wisp ball at Maxwell causing it to implode, violently causing a chain reaction that crashes the warped space outward against her creating a loud otherworldly groan as the dimensional fabric was placed under strain.

Chuza would not excape unfazed by this desperate act either, the gateway in her chest cracking at the edges as the threads were violently ripped from her, an ominous light now bleeding from the fissures causing her to wince. She felt for the first time a true physical sensation of pain, but instead of fear, she only smiles.

"Strange, I always imagined I would be hollow inside..."
The Chosen Few couldn't formulate a perfect plan of attack against the Creator. It would be useless to go on the defense, because that would easily be made redundant by the God's attacks. Their full-on assault just scratched Maxwell, not doing as much damage as they hoped. However, as they say, if it bleeds, we can kill it.
Just as the group began to prepare another wave of attacks, something hit them. An ongoing wave of energy had just crashed into them, slowly but physically draining them of energy. The heroes looked at each other. Adam Skelecoot's eyeholes were occupied by two white lights which where flickering violently. It was specifically fatal for a corpse when their life force, or their soul, is sucked out of them. Any longer and Adam would just become another pile of bones.
Wrinkles were forming on the other heroes, Fancy beginning to crinkle like a used tissue. Mortals have a limited supply of anima which slowly drains from them as they grow older. Having that life force drain from them even faster by an anomalous entity speeds up the aging process by five-fold.
Their lives slowly fading away from them, they would watch pathetically as Chuza began to visually unravel like an old sock. Whatever this Owru was, it seemed to be made entirely of some form of life unlike the normal mortal anima. The woman would tug at the threads before they would float away, forming them into a yarn ball of undefinable life which she throws at the rogue Creator. Hopefully the attack would be strong enough to disrupt the spell and prevent the Chosen Ones from dying.
Vargas look pained as his life force was starting to drain from his body, however he was too angry and determined to let this affect him. Elyzia and Valfiel used their scythes as supports as they were far less used to facing a Gods power. It was clear that they would last last long with this continued assault.

Maxwell stopped her attack however as she defended against the wisp ball. She watched as the dimensional frabric warped and knew something like that could possibly harm her. Raissing her spear he formed a magical barrier which defended against the brunt of the assault but still managed to harm her a bit.

However a soon as the ball of wisp cleared Vargas charged forward now bristling with energy. "Everyone charge at once! Ready your strongest attacks! Because this God is going down!" He yelled filling everyone with some supplementary energy to replace the energy they had just lost.

Elyzia and Valfiel both took a deep breath and together they focused their energy together to prepare their strongest attack and followed right behind Vargas.

"Impressive...very impressive...I expected nothing less of a hero of the God wars. But do the rest of you have what it takes? Come then mortals, show me your strength." Maxwell pointed at them as he focused all her owner into her defence. Like Vargas said, certain Gods were not suited for certain things, Maxwell was not a physical combatant and was in a disadvantage. However her spells did indeed pack a punch. But with no new plan of attack she wanted to see what they can do. This was why she brought them here after all.
As she began to reweave the fissures left in her form, Chuza chuckled dryly to herself, she had harmed herself far more than she did to Maxwell, but was also shocked that she could even feel anything, let alone pain. It became clear she was not a warrior at heart, even now unable to find the conviction to truly bring harm to another. At least she had given them some reprieve from their torment, that matters more. Yet, around her, they are giving the heroes of this world give their all against one declared as a god, albeit fallen.


Chuza raises her head as it dawns upon her, the meaning of that title.

"I can not imagine what is worse, to become an outcast to your own world, or to lose everything you held dear," she says to Maxwell, attempting at last to try understanding what motivations she may have. With a sigh, she places her white hands on her cracked chest, now bleeding a bluish ethereal smoke. "Until recently we could not even imagine pain, so um... thank you. is it strange to thank someone for that? Still, I will give my all for those mortals on Grand Gaia."

With this she holds out her black arms, her winglike flaps pulsing with a blue light, the aetheric energies within her bleeding off from her chest like tendrils of light. This time she was not aiming at Maxwell, her target was everyone else there, transfusing her own energy to replenish what was taken and more. This act only exasperated her wound, however.

"Or rather I should say, I will give them my all."
Yes, the spell had been broken. The Chosen Ones could feel their life force stabilizing, their strength returning to them and boosted from Vargas' battlecry. As one entity, they would rise like the vengance of man, brandishing their weapons. Max's robotic arm begins to bulge again, but this time it was increasing the strength of his punch. Adam's sword would begin to glow again, literally pulsating with the essence of Order that coursed within its steel blade. Fancy would reach into Jack's backpack and pull out a comically large sharpener, bigger than the backpack itself, and briefly sharpen his pencil before putting it back in. What they lacked in combat equipment, Toons made up for their knowledge of the infinite dimension of hammerspace. Whilst Fancy Pants was attending to his weapon, Jack would get out a bamboo cane which had a boater perched on its handle. He decided to put it on for tradition's sake.
Then they began to feel another sensation, this time not draining their energy, but replenishing it and boosting it. If their eyes would glow, they would, but the only visual effect of this was the recent wrinkles buffing out, the Chosen Ones looking more young than they had been. With this newly found vigour, the Chosen Few would sprint again at the God. This time, Adam attempted a rightward slash at Maxwell's right knee, Max would aim a metallic uppercut at her chin, Fancy would stab at her left elbow and Jack would run behind the God, leap up and slam his bamboo cane down on her cranium,
As Vargas charged at the God, his body was soon engulfed in flames as he took to the skies along with Elyzia and Valfiel. They too were now surrounded by dark energy since they had an affinity for darkness. "Ultimate move! Ignis! WEISER!" Vargas yelled as he brought his sword down.

"Finishing move! Deathdealing Strike!" Valfiel called out as she also Brought her scythe down which was now surrounded by an ominous glow.

"For everyone at home...Final move, Heartstopper..." Elyzia spoke calmly as she followed right behind her sister as her scythe also glowed.

The first three strikes slammed with so much power, along with Vargas's and Chuza's energy it was clear the God was not going to hold against the attack with her barrier and it soon shattered into small particles which invited a surprised expression on Maxwell's face. As soon as the others arrived she was too busy reeling from the magical backlash she had just received. The strike to her knee from Adam caused her to fall down on her good knee as the cut was now visible and looked bad, the uppercut from Max sent her reeling backwards, a strike from Fancy rendered her arm useless just like her knee, and finally Jack hit her from behind on the head causing her to black out momentarily before falling to the ground in a heap.

"Very...Impressive...but that is enough..." Maxwell spoke in pained gasps and warped out before Vargas struck the killing blow. She soon appeared standing but appeared dangerously wounded. "Allow me to speak...before you all go in for the kill..." She spoke holding her bleeding elbow.
Chuza relents with her spell and lands before Maxwell, her arms once again fusing. She holds out one to signal a cease of action and turns to stare Maxwell in the eyes. The cracks at the edges of the gateway in her chest continues to bleed forth light smoke, though less now that she was no longer using any power.

"This was some kind of test," she says, half questioningly, half knowingly. She had already assumed this whole encounter felt of something strange, but she could only see a series of events, rather than the direct intentions behind them. "You... you take your life for granted."

With this she sighs, holding a hand to her wounded chest realizing such words could be said for her as well. "No, I do not want to kill you, never once did" she says, looking downcast. "Creator Maxwell, if you truly are the creator of Grand Gaia, then I even can say I am jealous... there must have been great love behind it once... I wish I could share in that. Yes, you may speak."
Now, that was more like it. The Creator was mortally wounded, immobilised from the attack on her arm and leg, and weak. Just one more assault and she would be finished.
However, before the killing blow was delivered, Maxwell dematerialised and rematerialised elsewhere and called for a truce. The enthusiasm draining from the Chosen Ones, they considered the consequences of a Creator dying. The forces of Chaos were always trying to remove the Creators from control of their worlds. If they died, would their world die with them? It was possible that the worlds are kept alive by the Creators' vision, their Idea of their world keeping it from vanishing. If this was the case, then they almost doomed Grand Gaia themselves.
Adam shook his head. "Maxwell, we had known for years that Creators in general have a certain love for the worlds they create. It may be apathic love, but love all the same. We never knew them actively trying to destroy their creations. Why would you want to destroy something you possibly put so much effort into envisioning?"
As Vargas was prepared to deal a finishing blow, the others seemed to allow her to speak. He was irritated at this notion however they wanted to hear what she had to say. Maxwell nodded thankfully before speaking."I would like to get one thing straight first..." Maxwell started as she channeled her energy and her wounds began to heal. "I do love this world, however I am not the only one responsible for its destruction. I may be a fallen God, however it is the other three that wish to bring upon destruction of this world, they have more hatred to humans then I. I wish to see them gone so I can help rebuild but the time being I must appear to be on their side." She explained before dusting her dress.

"However there is something important I must add, we are in a part Grand Gaia. However this 'plane' we are in holds seperate realities. In one reality I am slain along with the other four, and all of the six heroes were slain. That part when they were dead was a half lie and half truth. You see four of them are gone. Lance, the demon pike consumed him. Magress, his curse of revenge led to his death. Atro, sacrificed himself for the youth. Eze, proved that only he was strong enough to beat him. In another time we would all be dead, however you and the heroine of water is still alive. I am offering you all a proposition, you seek to save all of Grand Gaia from the Gods, of course not all of us are evil. If you eliminate the other three fallen Gods, then I shall tell you one final task. But for now, I will answer your questions." Maxwell spoke as the room began to change and suddenly she was sitting on a chair.
Chuza sighs with relief as the hostile atmosphere gradually abates. She then listens to what Maxwell has to say and rubs her chin, pondering on what to say to it. She spoke of possibilities, a concept not at all unfamiliar to a clairvoyant like herself who had also seen a possible future.

"I must say, the idea of destroying others, be they god or mortal, is a subject I cannot take lightly," she admits, once again attempting to mend the cracks in her chest. "But if what you say is true, then something must be done else this course of events may come to pass. Of course I want to save Grand Gaia, even if I am an outsider... but... what part do I play in all this?"
It's possible that the intergalactic paladins were brought into the war between the mortals and gods by Fate. The Discworld even has a god for the phenomena of narrative inevitability, who ironically can be bargained with. If this was the case, then maybe this is why they never heard of Grand Gaia before; it wasn't until now that the world needed the assistance of another, which then brought the new world into view. The Imagiverse Defenders considered the opportunity for a new adventure in a new world and silently thanked Fate for it, which they seldom do.
Hearing the gruesome fates of four of the Gaian Heroes, they took a note to be careful in this new world. The Creator proved to be a formidable foe, but they doubted, much to their knowledge of the triangle of power, that Maxwell was the worst of them. It was likely that she held off to test their strength, because she could have easily wiped them from existence. It was like she was weighing them up to see if they were sufficent enough for whatever task she would offer them.
As the Creator sat down on a chair that materialized behind her, the skeleton would exchange glances with his comrades, as if making a silent agreement, before stepping forward to address the Creator of Grand Gaia. "Alright, we'll accept your task. It's bin a while since we had a real challenge. Could you maybe tell us where these other Fallen Gods are?"
Maxwell slowly nodded to herself as the others seemed to agree with her plan, however not surprisingly Vargas and the two sisters Valfiel and Elyzia were not as eager to accept the plan. "And you expect me just to just go along with it like we are now friends? Tell me why I should even consider helping you and not turning around." Vargas crossed his arms and forced the words out. Assisting a God? Sure some may have been an ally but it could have been telling a lie. Who knows was this God had in mind.

Elyzia and Valfiel were pondering wether to assist Maxwell or not, if what she was saying is true then they would be saving the world to protect. However trusting a God was not an easy decision. They looked at each other just they trust her?

Maxwell sighed before speaking. "If not for me then do it for everyone else. I can tell you the heroine of water is in danger, head to Palyma. That is where Cardes lies sealed away and about to get free soon. First I will send you all to St.Lamia where there should be a gate leading there. Of course you don't have to go Vargas, Hero of fire. However if you want to help your last friend I suggest you also tag along for this one thing. Your father should also already be on the move himself. As for you sisters...I know it is difficult to trust me however I have no ill intentions. I can't say any more as I do not have any words to gain your trust." She spoke before turning from the outsiders.

"As I have stated Cardes is in Palyma currently sealed. Zevhalhua lies in the Agni Region in her tower. And Alfa Dilith lies in Vriksha. However you must destroy Cardes to weaken the seal on the other two to actually be able to engage them. Once you made up your minds speak to me. See if you can convince the three. You will need all the help you can get." Maxwell then turned her chair around.
Chuza rubs her cheeks as her thoughts become quickly burdened and her eyes visibly turning a darker shade of blue, what right does a god of nothingness have to deny existence to another?

Laadan will fight, stupid gods waged war on them, not other way around!

They did indeed infringe the rights of others first, she admits.

Um, I-I, a soft and timid voice echoes from the depths of Chuza's mind. I don't like it... I really don't... but... I agree with Laadan, these people deserve to live how they want to live without... y'know... b-but, I want to have a turn soon i-if... that is okay.

"You can take it any time, this is your body," Chuza responds with some confusion. She was surprised to hear from the main ego.

What right does anyone have to their existence? Every one has stolen it from another at some point, all are untrustworthy... I could make this easier.

I hardly need your kind of help, she retorts internally before light returns to her eyes.

"3/4 of Owru agrees to the terms, she says confidently to Maxwell before looking back to the others then walks up to Vargas with her head down. For a moment she thinks on what to say, nervously rubbing her arms before meeting eyes. "I understand, you are dedicated to fighting these fallen gods, you were likely born into this conflict between your kind and theirs but... if what she says is true, then it isn't it of great importance to you to act on it? What harm is it to be sure at the least? And besides," with a brief pause Chuza edges in closer and lowers her voice to a whisper. "I've noticed Maxwell has a curiosity about mortals, but I think in truth she's trying to find herself. In our battle, I realized that aside from power she is not really all that different from a human... perhaps instead, with influence, she can be saved."
So, the task set before them is to find these persumably trapped heroes in these regions of Grand Gaia and save them, save for one that have to destroy to save the other two. Ah well, kill two birds with one stone. It would be useful to get some help from the other Gaian heroes to fight the Fallen Gods; as the Creator said, they're going to need all the help they can get.
"Alright," said Adam Skelecoot, sheathing his glowing sword. "If it helps to kill these Gods of yours, we'll pick up these heroes. How's that, guys?" This would be directed to his colleagues, who would respond with a murmur of "Sure, why not". The skeleton would then turn to Vargas and the sisters. "I get that it might be weird to be ordered around by a Fallen God, but if she's true to her word - which I hope she is, I don't want this to get complicated - then we should take her word for it. She seems genuine, it's possible she isn't fighting the other gods directly cause they might be strong enough to kill her, so that might be why she's not actively working against them." The other Ones would glare at Adam, as if he might have just said something incredibly stupid. The skeleton would see their expressions and look down, slightly flustered.
Fancy would take his place in the conversation. "Adam's right, it's obvious Maxwell needs us to fight the Fallen Gods, it is her world that's on the line, and yours too, Vargas. We'll need your help, the three of you, if we're gonna fight these things."
Vargas ems to cross his arms still not certain about this situation. However the two young ladies minds were soon made up. "I say...we trust her. She has nothing to gain if we killed the other fallen gods. Even if she had ill intent she would not do much if it came down to fighting us. They do not possess power to steal a dead Gods power. So she is telling the truth." Elyzia spoke up for the two.

Vargas soon tapped his foot on the ground. It was what? 7 to one? With a sigh he unfolded his arms. "As much as it pains all make a valid point...I will assist and eliminate the other Fallen Gods." He sighed in defeat. Valfiel was happy to hear, not just because Vargas said yes, but because they would be traveling with a hero! That was amazing!

Maxwell listened to their conversation in silence, however one sentence in particular. From Chuza. She can be saved. A small smile formed on her face, that was...rather unusual for anyone to say. However it seems that everyone had made up their mind. Her chair soon turned around and then she spoke. "As much as I would like to send you directly to their domains, all the islands are impossible to each by any new means except by already made portals or ships. However I will have to drop you all at my domain, Mistral. It will be a long journey, no doubt filled with danger from Demons, or the gods disciples. Good luck then, and...thank you all for doing this." Maxwell spoke, clear that her rather proper attitude was now melting away.

Soon a portal opened up in the room, signaling the start of their long journey. With one step they would all enter a land of adventure, danger and no doubt treasure. New allies, new enemies would await them...With that, Vargas took a deep breath before charging into the portal now eager to get a move on.
Chuza smiles, relieved that Vargas and the sisters have agreed to give Maxwell the benefit of the doubt. Hearing the break in her tone reinforced her decision only more. With all said and done she headed towards the portal. She knew that her time was waning. As she gets ready to leave beyond the gate there is a brief pause to wave back before entering. As she does so, she feels her grip in the plane reaching its end as another begins to take over, one by her own volition she allows.

Here goes nothing...

MistralSetting: Mistral

Out from the other end of the gateway emerges a pale white alien figure, this aspect of Owru is somewhat less humanoid, lacking a mouth, possesses two long emotive antennae, three large bright blue soulful eyes, has four arms each with three-fingered hands including thumbs, two thick legs sporting long two-toed feet, a smooth long tail, and a glimmering translucent cape-like attachment to her back. Despite her malleable alien appearance, she possessed little ambiguity in her morphology as to gender... though certainly not as pronounced as the more monstrous Laadan. This was Owru, the Ego, the prime mind.

Upon exiting the portal, aloft in the air she extended her right foot gracefully... or would have been graceful had she not miscalculated her exit velocity, tripped on a rock, and crashing cartoonishly into the ground, bouncing three times, once on her face and twice on her rear. She sits there for a moment in the grass, physically unmarred, yet embarrassment welling up inside flushing her face into a soft shade of red. Then with wide glimmering eyes as she stares out over the starlit planes then looking up at the starry skies itself arching back further and further before plopping over onto her back.

"O-oh," her voice squeaks as she reaches out with her hand only to feel a breeze that blows her antennae. She squints her eyes as a girlish giggle escapes... wherever a mouth should be. "So cool!"
Herobrine wakes up to the sudden change of energy, he sensed someone who wasn't from this world, he got up and started to walk around, after an hour of searching he heard a voice and he followed it, he got closer and closer he didn't see anything until he looked down, he saw someone who looked very strange, " hello" he said in a demonic tone, he hoped he didn't scare them, " my name is Herobrine what's your name?" He asked hoping to not scare the person.

Grand GaiaSetting: Grand Gaia

Here they go, off to a new world, not an equestrian magic land, not a practical joke funhouse, not even a Victorian ghost town. They were going to a world of demons and malevolent Gods, where the greatest battle between mortal and immortal took place. They will have to steel themselves against whatever threat lied beyond that portal into Grand Gaia; this was a new challenge for them, at last, something different.
In one mind, the Chosen Ones stepped through the gateway into Grand Gaia, as the first outsiders to step into this new world.

MistralSetting: Mistral

The portal began to shift again, like a pebble crashing into the pond of space-time. The first to exit the portal after Owru was a tall, long-limbed skeleton, it's only clothes being an odd-green loincloth and a red bandana. It's eyeholes were big and circular, as if it were staring into a faraway place. It's skull was unlike the usual skull with the lower jaw, as it seemed to have a face, albeit a dry but stretchy one. On it's back was a magnificent, glowing sword with strange runes etched into it's blade. It would look down at the alien that had exited the portal before him and mutter, "Blimey, are you alright?"
The second newcomer was oddly cuboid, seemingly male, and rather bulky, as if his arms were made out of tree trunks. The left arm, however, was metal and jointed, painted silver and blue. He wore a simple black shirt with an angular "R" on it and a cap worn backwards. His eyes were two black beads with white irises, as if the colour scheme of his eyes were put on backwards.
The third was... a duck. He was about the same height as the cuboid figure, but significantly less built. He wore a red shirt displaying a custard pie in motion, brown shorts and unneccesarily flashy trainers. The duck himself was sea-green with an orange beak. On his back was a yellow backpack, seemingly filled with whatever a walking duck would bring with him.
The fourth and probably final figure to leave the portal was much less detailed than the other three, but was more significant in the fact that, quite simply, he was a crude stick figure. He gave the impression that he was both two and three-dimensional, as if he was cut out of a giant piece of paper. He was slightly shorter than the others, with a circular head, two lines for eyes and a both-sideways-and-forward mohawk. There was nothing much in terms of anatomy, as he was simply a bunch of drawn lines and a circle, but the only thing he wore was a pair of orange trunks. On his back, as if glued on, was a comically large pencil.
The four strange newcomers would all regard the fallen being and then look up at the figure in front of them. It was male, looking around his teens, but something was off about him that they couldn't put their finger on.
The stick figure would be the first to talk. "Uh, sorry about this, but do you know where we are?" His way of speaking had a friendly undertone to it, rather off of the group's hero-like aura.
" you are in Mistral, I don't know much about anything here as well, there is someone else nearby maybe you can ask her" he says as he started to walk away.
Behind the toon like figures came two young women, both armed with scythes. The second they saw the downed figure they crouched down to assist her up. The last to arrive behind the group but the first to rush in was a man with red hair and armor. As he stepped out he noticed the downed figure right away. She changed again, this was...her third swap? That meant she was a different personality entirely. However his attention soon tuned to the young man...who spoke in a demonic tone. His hand hovered above his sword however a second sight which he was unprepared for came into view.

"This is Mistral, now who are...Vargas?" A woman came. Into view. Awoken by the strange feeling she got as if beings had just appeared. She looked young, long flowing light blue hair and a blue dress with a plate on the chest. And soon as Vargas relived who this woman was, he laughed heartily and ran forward giving her a friendly hug...and a rather loud pat on the back. "Selena! You really are still alive!" He cheered as Selena taking the time to gather herself after the rather powerful slap to her back. "You...are alive as well...Hello Vargas." Selena replied and Vargas released her from the hug. The two knew each other obviously.
" wait what's going on, do I need to kill someone, please explain!!!!!!" Herobrine says with utter confusion of what's going on, he then realized that Selena found her friend. " ok well ima go now" Herobrine tries to escape from the situation.
With great flexibility and grace, Owru kicks up her feet, rolls onto her back and props herself up onto her four hands then flips herself back onto her feet without disturbing the field around her. She was about to answer the new individual, when the others began to enter. She glances about, blinking at the growing crowd about her to sink back bashfully. She wasn't sure yet if it had been noticed that Chuza and her had swapped places. She barely gets words out, fidgeting with her hand, almost too bashful to raise attention to herself and her face getting redder with each passing moment, knocking her knees together. With it welling up inside she finally raises her upper right arm, her antennae shooting up straight, and shuts her eyes tightly.

"Hi, I-I'm Owru," she yells in a high pitch voice. Realizing she raised her voice she gasps as her eyes grow wide, slapping her hands over where a mouth would be, her antennae curling up like buns on each side of her head as she shrinks back, though less literal this time. Her face red, eye contact more towards the ground she speaks again, now twiddling the fingers of her second set of hands and her tail coiling around her ankles. "I, uh, um, I can also go by Ru, or Ow... no... that is a pain sound... u-um... Ru is still fine though. I-is my current form acceptable? I mean not t-to offend."

This personality was possibly even more emotive than Laadan, but soft spoken and has a more gentle nature like Chuza. Also somewhat spastic, fidgeting about nervously as she struggles to introduce herself. She then pauses and stares at the new stranger.

"W-why are you y- ehhhh?! Why would you have to k-kill someone!?"
"You don't want to know what's inside of me, and that's all you'll need to know" Herobrine says with a demonic grin, his skin starts to turn pitch black, which means the demon inside of him has awoken "I suggest you all stay away from me" he quietly laughs in a demonic way, a sudden wave of demonic energy fills the air, his eyes turn bloodshot red, claws start to form on his fingers, then he begins to grow a tail, he slowly becomes more demon like.
Without warning there was a swift motion, a soft ringing sound echoes in the air like a gentle chorus of ethereal chimes. Suddenly standing before Herobrine was Owru, her cape-like wings flowing softly against the wild demonic energy. She leans in, her three deep blue eyes now stare intensively at him mere inches away from his face, Within them is a lack of any fear, but instead curiosity. It was not just bravery, there was no prejudice, no hostility, not even an ounce of concern for her own safety. What was there, however, could be most closely defined as child-like wonder, and a strong sense of tranquility radiates from her, visible as some ghostly distortion like a heat haze as it harmlessly distorts the flow of the more violent energy.

"We all have things inside of us we don't like others to see, but I believe it is who, rather than the what that defines us," so says Outsider Owru. She tilts her head to the side and squints her eyes, a sparkle within them, her tendril-like antennae raising up and curling over. Even without a mouth there is no mistake... she is smiling.
Herobrine tilts his head and one of his ears twitches " what are you" he asks and acts cute, he gets onto all four of his limbs and circles around Owru, he then sits and scratches his ear with his back leg, "and why do I feel so calm around you?" He asks, he stares up at Owru, without a doubt, she is much larger than him, "and why do I have the erge to sit upon your shoulder" he asks Owru, and starts to laugh.
"Herobrine?" the skeleton said, tilting his head. "Ain't that, like, a big bad in Minecraftia? I heard he was one of the generals in the Maelstrom's army a thousand years ago."
"No, this isn't him," the cuboid figure said. "Herobrine's a Minecraftian, a lot more square. This guy looks a lot younger than how I imagine Herobrine being. And more.... human." He spoke the last statement hesitantly. Something was definitely wrong this this guy.
"He might be a descendant," the stick figure said. "You know, Herobrine maybe got laid, I mean, he's humanoid enough, if he kept his, y'know, evil-ness down enough."
"I doubt it," said the duck. "I don't thee Herobrine as the family type. He'd probably eat hith children." His speech was rather hindered by his beak.
"Well, it's a chance, you'd never know," said the skeleton, shrugging. His body proportions made this gesture very effective.
By this time, the other three had stepped through the portal. Another figure made herself apparent, with a blue dress and flowing light blue hair. It seemed as if she knew Vargas before, because he ran up and gave her a hug. The Chosen Ones were not sure if she was another hero or just someone the fire warrior knew, but was nice to see two friends reunite.
Then a lot of things happened. The present Herobrine said something - now that's what was wrong with him, there was an odd sound as he spoke, as if he was talking alongside some demon - about having to kill someone before turning black. That was when the paladins realized the issue with the man and unsheathed their weapons, the skeleton getting out his glowing sword, the cuboid man getting into a fighting stance, the stick figure wielding his huge pencil, and the duck reaching into his backpack and getting out a bamboo cane. If this Herobrine was a descendant of the Maelstrom's Minecraftian general, than obviously his nature was passed along the family tree. They wondered what exactly happened through the generations to spawn this black-skinned abomination in a adolescent body.
The demon than began to circle around Owru, this personality seeming more timid than the others, seemingly calm around the alien. Maybe it was the sheer eldritch nature of the being that made the demon feel at home. Whatever, the Chosen Ones kept their guard near the demon boy.
Herobrine laughs "omg you guys think I'm related to that Herobrine! No way in hell im related to him, Herobrine is just my name and the form I am in right now is just the form of the demon that was sealed inside of me." He slowly stops laughing "and i think the reason why I'm calmer than before is because the ethereal energy reminds me of...... my......mother" he says the last few words with great sadness, and then a rush of anger ran through him, as the anger increased the more unstable his demonic energy became.
"Sorry for getting sidetracked there, I am Selena. Vargas might have said something about the six heroes, I am or was part of the six heroes. And that person there...He is from this world, or at the very least knows about it. Outsiders do not know about the Great War let alone the civil war that happened in my homeland. I am not sure who he is exactly however he causes trouble so do indeed keep your guard up." Selena spoke as she faced Vargas. Of course she was now ignoring one young woman jumping up and down seeing yet another hero.

"Vargas, what exactly are you doing here with well...all these people? They all seem new to the world. And how did you arrive here by portal?" Selena asked. Now this is where Vargas sighed. "This is going to be...difficult to say...However we are going to eliminate the fallen gods for...a fallen God..." Vargas nervously spoke, and it was clear that Selena did not like one bit of it, besides the killing the Gods part.

Part of her wanted to walk away deeming her friend a lost cause, part of her wanted to stay to hear his reasoning. He would have never done this without a really good reason. She looked at the others to see if they would share their thoughts on the matter.
" something tells me that I'm going to be chained up" he says with frustration."I was trying to be nice but noooo, because a demon is inside of me no one trusts me, Jesus." Herobrine growls as he speaks. "even if I'm more comfortable in this form do you all prefer my normal form?" He asks. "how come whenever I'm having fun everyone has to ruin it" he says to himself.
Upon being asked what she was, Owru was immediately set into thought on how to answer such a question, one she did not really understand herself that well. She had no point of reference, no species to really associate herself to, she was...

"I am... an Outsider, which as fancy as it might sound, it means I literally have no family, world, or species, even other Outsiders are nothing like me," she responds, becoming somewhat melancholy briefly before perking back up. "However, I could try looking like others! Like um..."

She glances about the surroundings to spot any subject to assume the form of. Despite it being dark she could see the expanse of the field before her clearly, and in the distance she spots her subject and begins to undergo a rapid change in form as her malleable body effortlessly shifts, her hands and feet into claws, antennae curling into the shape of pointed ears, the shape of her head and body, tail becoming thicker, and even her symbols shifting to resemble markings like stripes on her tail, markings on her hands and feet. For a change, her mouth actually had a mouth, small as it were, with a jagged quality to vaguely resemble teeth, and the texture of her smooth body to resemble the texture of fur. She resembled a raccoon, at least the general idea of one as it was clearly still Owru. Regardless of its imperfections she giggles, proud of her handiwork and tightly hugs her tail.

"Creatures in this world are so cute," she squeaks, rubbing her cheek against aforementioned tail. Upon hearing Herobrine stating that she reminds him of his mother her eyes widen and she drops her tail, reverting back to her normal form. "O-oh, what was your mother like? Was she human? To be... honest... I'm flattered to be compared to one's mother. I hope that does not sound strange, or selfish, just that I envy that kind of... familiarity, as I've said, I never had a family. I wonder if the lack of anything to attach to is what leads a number of Outsiders to become so heartless. B-but a mother... h-heh..."

She tilts her head down as she blushes slightly, but then looks out as she hears Vargas talking, awkwardly stating how he was acting on behalf of a Fallen God which she felt only lead to Selena's suspicions, who is an apparent close comrade of his. She pauses to think on what to say in response to this, in an effort to disarm the situation.

"The Fallen God he speaks of is Maxwell," she responds earnestly as she turns to Selena. "I believe she does not wants to see this world destroyed as much as any of you do... and besides... don't you think the one who created such beautiful fields deserves some benefit of the doubt? I-I don't know, she just seemed more like a person to me who has felt some really bad things... it just seems to me like she wants to be... appreciated. Despite her immortal body, she's more human than maybe even she realizes. T-trust me, I've... h-heh... s-studied to try being more human myself."

With this she turns attention back to Herobrine, then to Adam and the others now at ready then back at Herobrine taking offense, then back at them and so forth. In an effort to disarm the situation she holds out all four of her arms and speaks out.

"S-so... um, I am open to form requests."
"First of all, you remind me of my mother because she had a large amount of ethereal energy inside of her and she was very kind and always happy. second of all, I have the upper hand here because there isn't any light so if someone tries to attack me it won't have any effect. And last of all, I don't like fighting innocent people, I only fight evil."

He disappears into the darkness "I see you but you can't see me" his voice echoed around everyone, he then reappeared but this time much larger in size to intimidate everyone.

He laughs " I wouldn't harm anyone without a proper reason, but if they want to fight I'll give them a fight" he smiles
So it was just a coincidence that he was called Herobrine. The Chosen Few relaxed slightly with this thought dispersed, but they were still wary around him; anyone who had a nearly uncontrollable demonic side to them is enough of a reason to be a bit antsy. Odd how he picked up their thoughts on his reaction to Owru though. Maybe it was a demon trait.
When Vargas sums up their task to fight the Fallen Gods, ironically tasked by another Fallen God, the Chosen Ones would shrug as if to say "Well yeah, pretty weird, but that's the gist of it." The stick figure would say, "Yeah, I know it's a bit ironic, but we were told to kill these Gods of your's by Maxwell, who we picked up as your world's Creator. I mean, it makes sense, it would be a bit controversial to want to have your own world destroyed. But yeah, we're dealing with your Fallen Gods. In our line of work, it might be a bit weird, but it does involve dealing with chaos. We're like... policemen," he would add slowly, looking towards his comrades hesitantly before looking back. "Yeah, policemen. Dealing with trouble within the Imagiverse, which you are a part of, lucky you!"
"Oh yeah," he would continue, sheathing his pencil. "We didn't introduce ourselves. The skeleton's name is Adam Skelecoot," he would gesture to the skeleton, who would give an awkward wave, made slightly more awkward with his puppet-like movement. "The cube guy's Max the Robloxian," - the "Cube Guy" would wave - "the duck's name is Jack "The Ducky Boy" Quackers," - the duck would make a devil horns sign with his gloved hand, grinning - "and I'm Fancy Pants. We're the Chosen Ones, like the intergalactic defenders or whatever of the Imagiverse, which is the universe we live in. It's like the realm of fantasy, I think."
The now-introduced group would watch as Owru demonstrated her ability to shape-shift into any being by transforming into a... what was supposed to be a racoon, but bigger and still slightly alien. When Herobrine said that Owru's ethereal energy reminded him of his mother, they were visably surprised.
"Oh!" said Adam Skelecoot, sheathing his sword down the back of his ribcage. "I guess that makes sense."
He didn't go any further until Herobrine vanished into the night's darkness. He was right; they couldn't see him until he reappeared much bigger. The Chosen Ones would back away slightly. Well, it was a good thing he isn't evil.
Selena simply sighed, so Maxwell tasked them all to kill the other fallen gods. She guess that Vargas had decided to go along with it because the others decided to go with it. However..."I guess times do change, one day we nearly faced extermination by the Gods and now you work with complete strangers to help one kill the other must have lost it." Selena spoke, her eyes narrowed at all of them.

Here she was, looking at her friend from the war along with some sort of shapeshifter, a skeleton, a duck boy, a cube looking man, and a man who has lines for his arms, legs and body. And they were saying something about being policemen. Vargas simply scratched the back of his head. "Look...I know this all sounds incredibly stupid on paper...which it is. But an opportunity to kill the other Gods unapposed by one of them is nice, even if I don't trust Maxwell at the very least if it does come down to a betrayal we can handle that. We can finally rid the God threat from the lands Selena! We need your assistance!" He spoke enthusiastically in the end.

Selena shook her head. "I will not work for a God...after all we have been through that is the last thing on my mind. You can certainly handle it with your group, I do not wish to go back to battle once more." She crossed her arms and Vargas continued to press the issue.

"Look Selena, I know what the heck you been through. However if we rid the last of the God threat don't you think the world will be that much safer? I mean, no more Gods. We can then finally focus on the demon threat. Wouldn't that be a much safer world? Everything we faught for was for everyone to love a normal life, not end up dead on some battlefield. Please Selena! Consider it!" Vargas pleaded.

Selena simply sighed, his reasoning was...sound...however there was one thing she knew he would say. He always said this. "You know full well what you have to do. So get it out of the way first." She had a small smile of her face. "You know me full well, I challenge you to a fight!"
Watching Herobrine's display, to her amusement Owru points up at him with squinted eyes. "Oh? You can change size too?"

Her antennae twitch as her attention was drawn elsewhere, her head twisting an almost complete 160 to look over at Selena and Vargas. Turning to them she tries to interject only for the other to speak so instead just listens, shifting her gaze from left to right as each of them says their piece. The way it ends, however, was the one that hit her by surprise. They intend to decide this by a fight? Something tells her that it is best not to intervene.

"Stranger," she mutters softly to herself, thinking how it means essentially the same as Outsider.
When Herobrine hears about Vargas going to kill the rest of the demons, it worries him "why would you kill the gods and the demons? I have a demon inside of me, that means that you will have to kill me to get the demon out of me!" He questions Vargas.

When Owru aks Herobrine about him changing size he awsners, "oh.... when I release more demonic energy I begin to transform into my full demon form, so if I were to release all of my demonic energy I would very quickly transform into my demon's full form." He awsners Owru's question. "And also I have yet to unlock my full power." He added. "Oh and I can change the texture of the black material that's on me, for example I can make my tail have fur" he says with utmost joy. His tail grows larger and changes it's texture to have fur, he them covers himself with his tail. "it's so soft" he rubs his tail when speaking.
The group would look back and forth between Vargas and Selena as they argued. It was reasonable that one would not simply work with their life-long enemy when said enemy offers to let them kill their other enemies. It was suspicious behaviour; for all they knew, Maxwell was possibly planning something behind their backs. They were also self-conscious that they, a ragtag bunch of ridiculous-looking idiots, were assisting a regular warrior in dealing with his problems. Not that their appearance hindered them; they had long ago accepted that they were weird, and that it took many to create the Imagiverse, where equestrian animals used magic and the dead could return to the land of the living and sell merchandise.
It took them by surprise, however, when the two decided to fight one another. From what they said, something must have happened between them that was never resolved until now. Well, they weren't gonna stop them. The Chosen Ones sat themselves down, making themselves comfortable whilst they watch the fight.
"Jack," Adam would say. "Got any snacks in that backpack? Besides those pies," he added. The duck would reach into his backpack and get out a few striped paper bags, handing them between his comrades.
"Aw, sweet," the Robloxian said, taking out a transparent yellow cube. "Lemon Cubes."
"Humbugs!" Adam said, looking into his bag.
"Gummy worms!" said Fancy. The group would dig into their bags and continue to watch the fight. "Oh, don't mind us," Fancy would add. "You do what you gotta do. Don't let us stop you!"
"I accept your challenge. I can already guess the stakes. If I lose, I go with this party and help out...however if I win I will be on my way. Sounds about right?" Selena spoke as she turned around to get a fair distance away from the other. "You are correct, been meaning to train with you one day. But a good fight is still good." Vargas replied as he also walked away a fair distance away.

As they got a bit of yards away, the two faced each other. Everyone could feel their power now radiating, it was a duel but a duel with perhaps their full strength. From Selena the air around her chilled, from Vargas you see the heat waves radiating off of him. The two grabbed their swords at the time time.

"Roar! Dandelga!"
"Lets go...Lexida!"

The two shouted in unison as the two unseathes their weapons and in a blink of an eye closed the distance on each other and had their swords clash with each other. Vargas took to the offence first, using his more powerful strength he shoved Selena's sword to the side and engaged with an uppercut strike using his sword before going in for wide, but slow horizontal strikes with his sword. Selena who was quite agile dodged to the sides and ducked each attack Vargas threw at her before spinning on her heel and went in for a spinning strike as Vargas was about to deliver another attack.

Vargas quickly reacted by also spinning around using his momentum in his would be attack for a defensive strike which caused both swords to collide with a clash of steel before bouncing away. "This beats training and cutting down trees any day!" Vargas heartily laughed while Selena sighed but she has a small smile on her face. "Always training I see...You never did change much."
"It... it isn't a matter if what they are as much as what they do," Owru answers Herobrine, looking down at and crossing her bottom set of arms and scratches her cheek with her upper right hand. The thought of killing anything in the first place still was hard to swallow, even though she had decided to follow this through to its end. "They actively pose a threat... threaten people's lives, what little they have left. I t-think if it were different, then there wouldn't be a conflict to start with. A-aside from that... one of the fallen at l-least looks hopeful, so not all are necessarily bad. And b-besides, my Id, Laadan, looks pretty crazy and she wasn't attacked, so don't think you have anything to be afraid of, h-heh."

She once again watches the fight between Selena and Vargas, though she was technically watching everything with those three eyes of hers. They were opposites in nearly every way, even their elements were, one fire and the other ice, but they were not enemies. Despite the intensity of their blows, they were doing so without anger, perhaps in one's faith of the ability to counter the other. It was in a way, perfect. Maybe I think too much. Her attention is drawn back to Herobrine who explains the source of his growth and ability to adjust his texture.

"I can change texture too, size too, and shape as you saw, is rather easy... though all of it is really imperfect, I can't change weight as I'm k-kinda... light all the time, and I always have three eyes, and overall I just end up looking like... me in a different form," she says before giggling a bit before placing her hands behind her back, looking down at her feet. "I'm fine with being strange, I just hope I'm not intimidating."
"No one is perfect, for example my flaw is that all of my strength came from my demon, so if I didn't have that demon in me I wouldn't be anything. Also I have the tendency to become a bit crazy because of the strong amount of demonic energy in me, and the fact that my whole family was slaughtered right in front of me" he sighs and sits down, he watches the fight between Selena and Vargas.
The Chosen Few would watch the skirmish with interest, both stuffy and freezing cold from the emanating forces between the two warriors, whilst they listened to Owru explaining to Herobrine the difference between him and the Gaian demons. She also explained her shape-shifting abilities and their restrictions, mainly how her weight is always minimal. They have never seen anything like the Outsider; even Jonathan never mentioned anything about a schizophrenic, shape-shifting entity from near the edge of the Imagiverse. When they get back, Adam was going to tell his brother all about this new find.
The skeleton hesitated on his humbug. Jonathan didn't know about this; If Adam knew about the journey, he would have brought him with him. But, then again, he wasn't sure that bringing the Governor of Skeleville would have been a wise idea. Sure, John was normally nice to new people, but he was the sort who would disassemble a new entity to find the tick. Maybe it would be a better idea to leave it till he gets back.
He would wince when Herobrine mentioned the death of his family. Worrying memories of a dark figure loomed within his eye sockets; a man who was no longer a man, dripping black-purple slime, and a grin which still sent a chill down his vertebrae. The teeth were a white-pink, and looked weirdly crystalline...
Adam shook his head. He had gotten over the memory years ago, but he couldn't shake off the pain in his abdomen, as if a tentacle shot through his body, and the strange familiarity of the murderer. He wasn't sure what happened to the rest of his family, but he could guess what had happened to them.
Pushing the memory aside, he finally put the humbug in his bone-skin mouth, chewing the hard candy before swallowing. It was an education watching a skeleton eat; when Adam swallowed, the crushed candy went down just above the ribcage and vanished, as if it went through an expertly-hidden pipe.
As the fight continued on, you could feel the power clashing between the two. They were now turning it up. "Now that the warm ups are done! Time to give it our all!"[/colour] Vargas called out as his swird was surrounded by fire. He charged forward and Selena immediately reacted. [color=teal]"Just ensure you don't hit the others...Divine hail." She replied as the air around her began to freeze into ice shard which was then shot forward. Vargas raised his sword using it like a shield and continued to charge forward. Ice shards peppered his body but he continued to slog through until he closed the gap. "Flare Ride!" He then slammed his blade in the ground before getting right up to her and swinging his blade upwards sending rock, along with a geyser of fire with it.

Selena quick on her feet quickly raised her sword and jumped back, but not without a lone rock flying right by her face scratching her. As she skid backwards, the momentum carried Vargas into the air which gave Selena an opportunity to strike back. Clouds formed above Vargas as Selena channeled her magic. "Blizzard Pain..."

A hail of ice shard peppered Vargas, each one eithe rimpacting his armor a or giving him a rather minor cut. He laughed heartily as Selena seemed to also be giving it her all as well. Soon flames surrounded his whole body causing the ice shard to melt on impact. He once again charged forward however Selena seemed to have predicted this even though Vargas was pretty straight forward. "Cocytus Zero..." Suddenly the air all around him became solid, and a massive ball surrounded him before surrounding him and crushing him.

For a moment, all was still. Selena seemed to breathing heavier than usual although from a distance she seemed fine. Compared to Vargas she was not training. However suddenly the ice shattered and out came the fiery hero a little worse for wear but still going at max throttle. "Flare Ride..." Vargas started as a wide eyed Selena who was catching her breath tried to get a move on, however she stumbled a bit which was all Vargas needed to close the distance.

He crashed into the ground which shattered, he then dropped his sword and slammed his fist into Selena. "Plus! Sorry about this really!" He then soared along with Selena into the air, the impact sounding rather painful. As the two came back down to earth, Vargas still stood while Selena had a more harder time getting up. A pang of guilt washed over him and rushed by her side. "Did I overdo it? Seriously sorry." He then helped her up.

The winner was of course Vargas. "I'm fine...Just not used to exhausting my magic...compared to you continuing to train..." Selena spoke in periodic breaths. Back then training was what she always did, but after the war she never trained at all.
Owru stands observing still, close enough to the brawl that the impact between the two heroes blows her antennae left and right, her eyes squinting as ice and fire blows by her. It was the same fearlessness when it came to Herobrine, curiosity in its place. Though it looked like she was only staring, she was actually seeing the fight in a multifaceted way, from the physical to the metaphysical. She focuses so hard that she is like in a trance.

This trance inevitably breaks, however, when the conclusion of the fight is met, Vargas's flames proving to be greater than Selena's ice. Perhaps it was skill that ultimately decided the outcome, or more so Vargas's honed strength and endurance, as Selena had so pointed out. Either way, she sighs, some relief to see a light-hearted fight after the one that came before.

"You did w-well, b-both of you," she says finally, squinting her eyes and curling her antennae up almost in the shape of a heart. "U-um... but I hope you haven't hurt y-yourselves out too much."

With a brief pause, she looks at her hands then holds up her arms with a giggle.

"Though, even if you did knock yourselves out, I guess I could carry two," she muses with a laugh.
"Well I guess that's that ima go-" he passes out on the ground, this is due to the fact that he was in demon form for so long, it drained all of his energy. When he passed out he slowly reverted back to human form.
Realising the fight had finished, the Chosen Ones grabbed their paper bags and stuffed them back into Jack's backpack. The fire warrior Vargas was triumphant, having almost broken every bone in the ice hero's body. They would stand back up, dusting themselves off before walking towards the fighters.
"Well, that was impressive," said Max. "Now that you've gotten that outta the way, we could get to finding the other heroes. I get the feeling we will need to find them all to fight these Gods of yours, so we will certainly need your help, Selena."
The group would look back briefly when they hear a thud behind them, which revealed to be Herobrine passing out as the last of his energy depleted. They were slightly relieved when he began to meta-morphosize back into human form.
"So yeah," said Fancy, looking back at the two warriors. "Are there any heroes nearby?"
Selena breathed a bit heavily, however she took a minute to surround herself in a light blue glow. The light healed her body before speaking. "I am not sure if the others are alive...I had though I was the last one alive...Vargas, do you happen to know if they are alive?" She looked at Vargas. "Not sure, Maxwell said the other four had met an untimely demise however...From what...she...said, It would be safe to assume that the other may possibly be alive. We would have to head to many far off lands so unfortanantly they are not nearby. However if word spreads out they might come to case scenario that is..." Vargas replied as he helped dust Selena off.

"In the worst case we would have to find them our selfs."
Owru still had her arms held up as Herobrine collapsed to the ground, one of her antennae dropping to the side leaving her remaining to be a question mark. Blinking for a moment she looks down at him, reverting back to his human form, alive but completely out cold. With a short hop over she crouches down to get a closer look.

"H-huh, I was only joking, well up you go," she says whimsically before showing no hesitation to reach down and with no effort carefully takes him over her shoulder holding him with her upper left arm and stands back up in one unbroken motion and stands with the same lightness on her feet. She was quite a bit stronger than the seemingly frail physique showed, but was strangely very soft at the same time. She then turns to Selena and Vargas once more. "Is there any way I could be of h-help?"
As Herobrine was lifted onto Owru's shoulder he began to morph into a small creature which resembled his demon form. This was due to the state that he was in, you could say that it was some sort of a defense mechanism.
The group would look around and take in their surroundings. It was obviously night, there was no other time of day when the moon was up instead of the sun. They were in a plains, standing next to a path which lead to a cave, glowing red from the inside. Well, that's a start at least.
"Well," said Max. "There's no point standing around like idiots, so our best bet is through those caves. At least it will get us going."
At this point, a cowardly hero would comment "I'm not too sure, it looks dangerous. It might have bats the size of your arm", but, this being the Chosen Few, they would nod and mumble collective approval of the idea.
"I'm fine...A little bit of healing magic will get me up soon. As for our destination it's not through the caves." She then pointed in the opposite direction, past massive mountains at right at a tower. It appeared to be miles upon miles away. Days even to even to trek that far. "That tower holds the portal to the next continent. Unless someone has a portable means of transportation it will take a few days at best to make it. There is also the danger of monsters, the demons...or even the remnants of the God army and their disciples...If you all are still determined. This journey could take us months or even years to make. The land is bountiful so we can stock up in forests and plains. Just...stay safe everyone." She finished her explanation.

Vargas seemed eager to make this journey despite his past reluctance. "Whatever gets in our way, we are going to destroy them all! Today is finally the day that we take the fight to them once again!" He began to psych himself and others around him. Valfiel cheered along while Elyzia nodded. A day when everyone can live peacefully, it was everyone's wish through these times.

Of course with the conversation of food, a certain fire hero's gut rumbled. "Speaking of food...I don't think I packed any...And I missed all three important meals of the day!" He laughed while Valfiel seemed to whistle as she also did not pack anything for the trip. Eliza shook her head, she had nothing either.

"I am staring to think you and Eze were the same people. Always training and fighting first, afterwards forgetting about your food...Start a fire Vargas, it's still night and everyone needs their energy." Witha quick nod, Vargas ran off and after a minute returned with a bundle of sticks and with a snap of his finger, ignited his hand and burned the sticks making a good sized campfire. Selena herself began to stick some needles through some slabs of meat and planted then near the fire. It was a wonder how they survived, she honestly though that hunger would have killed them better than any God.
Owru with the transformed Herobrine in tow watches with slight confusion as the set of heroes mildly contend on which direction they shall proceed in, looking in each direction then tilted her head to the side looking more like a confounded puppy with her antennae flopping to the side like ears. Selena seemed to know the best option though, and yet stated it will be fraught with perils, while Vargas naturally scoffs at the general direction of danger! Squinting her eyes she chokes back a chuckle, as soon after his burst of enthusiasm his stomach rumbles.

"U-um, actually, I-," she squeaks before getting distracted by the preparation of fire and food. It was interesting, she never truly ate before, through Laadan she more-so displaced instances of reality rather than actually eating it as sustenance. She ran on something, of course, but even she does not know exactly what. "I c-could be transport, so to speak. I-it would not be a burden to me, I can assume a form more capable and I can move... well... fast. I'm very light on my feet... h-heh."

She says, kneeling down to watch the fire closer, the light of the flame going straight through her translucent body. her eyes widen and antennae standing up then looks over at Herobrine. Then points at him with her three other hands.

"Oh! U-um, thanks but I think he needs to eat far more than I do," she says to Selena in response to food. Her antennae then lower, her gaze diverting to the side. "I'm... uh... d-different, anyways, he-heh."
Herobrine's ears twitch when he hears the mention of food, his eyes slowly begin to open. "Hey..... what happened? And why do I smell meat" he questions as he slowly got up and yawned.
"Years?" There was a collective groan from the defenders. They didn't come here to spend years getting from one continent to another. There might be an intergalactic war going on in the Imagiverse and they wouldn't be able to stop it. They haven't got years to solve the Grand Gaia problem. They would relax a bit when Owru volunteers to transport them to the mountains, though their annoyance was replaced with doubt. They never rode an alien before. Hell, they never rode a horse before; ever since they went to Equestria, they could never look at a wild equestrian the same way again.
The Chosen Ones would sit down next to the fire, swallowing the saliva building up in their mouths as they laid their eyes on the spitting meat. They couldn't remember the last time they ate, minus the preservatives during the spar, and they couldn't wait to bite into some animal flesh.
"Y'know, it'th a shame John didn't come," said Jack, noticing the skeleton wince. "He would have loved to check thith place out. He's alwayth looking for more platheth to go."
"Funny you should say," said Adam. "He was thinking of building a portal to Grand Gaia. Though, that was a few hours ago, I think." Time, the Chosen Few thought, was something that happened to other people. "It would probably take him days to get the thing started. You might like him, he thinks himself the brains of the group, although he isn't really a Chosen One."
"Well...Its not everyday you find someone who can shift their form into a means of transportation...However, this can severely cut down the time needed in our journey. Perhaps a few months now at best. There is still the issue of encountering the remnants of the God Army but other than that this seems well for now." Selena sighed with relief at the notion of their travel time being cut down. In their world a means of transportation was so rare that not even many of the capitals have much or anything to move around. Only using portals mostly for research and moving on foot.

Upon the mentioning of jack, Valfiel chimed in. "I think John would enjoy working with the head researcher of Randall. Noel...although it's safe to say they both may have a few bolts loose in their head... He really is a smart person, just forgets things have conseqences...or things happen to go wrong." She chuckled a bit, although more out of nervousness. "In any case, people can benifit from his research. We can find new means of energy or to improve our skills in combat. He also researches the history of the world, and even has a device to show an alternate history of certain parts of history. Although, it's more of a calculated conclusion then what actually would happen. In any case, you could learn so much from him." Elyzia added as she and her sister joined by the fire.

As the meat finished cooking she handed one for everyone Which a bit extra to spare presumably for Vargas to devour with his intense training which required a bit of energy to maintain. "You know, for someone who uses ice and water, you are pretty good at cooking Sel." Vargas spoke as he began to chew into his meat. "Well if you would learn not to burn all our food every time we ask you to then I would have not have had to learn how to cook. Remember the time when you burned our remaining meat stocks and when we went out looking we had to slay a dragon just to eat it?" Selena glared daggers at Vargas who simply scratched his head and smiled. "You have to admit, that was good training. The fire warrior laughed while the ice warrior simply ate her piece of food, trying to ignore the fact that fighting a dragon was 'training' in his mind along with the nickname he called her by. If she did not know better he burned their food on purpose to hunt something. But it honesty, he was not that clever enough to burn their food so they could stumble on that dragon. If anything he would have Probaly ate the food and hunt the dragon himself.
"I suppose when you start from nothing, you can be anything," she says as she sits down next to the fire. The logic was, mildly put, strange, and she didn't really seem to understand herself much either, at least when it came to why she is this way. "C-changing size and shape are easy, looking convincing is not, h-heh-heh."

As she sat there she continued to watch the fire as they talked. She was trying to understand everything and chuckle along, but she again realizes just how apart she was from everything else around her, that even the physics of this world did not recognize her. Though, strangely, she did not feel as sad as usual, as now she had some use to others in her anomalous state of being and that made her happy.

"You should eat and rest," she says to Herobrine, trying to smile again. "I hear sleeping on an empty stomach is unpleasant."

Vargas and Selena got along in their own way, along with the fairy sisters that admired them each of the oddball heroes had each other almost like a band of offbeat war buddies. But all she had was aspects of herself that somehow attained some independent will. Again, she wasn't sure why.

"S-so, um, what would you do if you were the only one of your kind?"
"Umm that's not going to fill me up, I haven't eaten in four months." Herobrine's stomach starts to growl.

As Herobrine talks he senses a large amount of demonic energy wich isn't his own, "not to startle you but I sense a large demon nearby." Herobrine says with fear in him.

"Oooh I'm gonna take that demon's power so that I can destroy anything" Herobrine says to himself quietly and with a demonic tone as he eats his meat.
"Yeah, John's nuts, there's no denying that," said Adam, with the certainty only a loving brother could have. "For as long as I've known him, he had a certain quirk to his personality. Not to mention that business with Alice..." He would lower his gaze, as he was strapped onto the front of a car racing down Memory Lane.
"Oh yeah, his wife," said Fancy. "She was a forest nymph he met. I think he was still in his bachlorhood when he met her, so he got that out of his system. Shame about that Darkling killing her, though. He was never the same after that. I think it got so bad he had to be taken to an institution." he would give a short brittle laugh.
"Yeah, after he set a town on fire," Max would say, smirking. "Even now, he admits it was a bit too far. But he said it was then that he started to "embrace" his craziness. He's still psychotic, but he keeps it in check most of the time."
"Yeah, complete nutter," Jack would contribute to the conversation. "But really good at machineth."
The quartet would talk about this rather ghastly memory with a sort of wistful undertone. It was certain they had faced worse things then their friend, and in one case their brother, going over the madness horizon and accelerating, as they didn't seem that much traumatised by the event.
"Can't remember how long he was in the loony bin for," said the skeleton with a slight smile. "Possibly for a year, maybe three years. Skeleville didn't go nuts when he was absent, which was weird. I guess it kinda runs itself."
The Chosen Ones would come out of their memory daze when Herobrine mentions a demon nearby. Just in case, they grabbed hold of their weapons. Max would grab a meat chunk and take a huge bite out of it. The robloxian had an attitude to food that focused less on the enjoyment of food and more on filling his stomach. His lower jaw pounded on the meat before swallowing, then he stuffed the rest of the chunk into his mouth.
With the mentioning of a demon, Selena and the two sisters tensed up a bit as they too took a hold of their weapons. However Vargas simply laughed. "Well, looks like we got a welcoming committee. Anyways, we will deal with it when it arrives, but if I were the last of my kind...I guess I will fight for what I believe in until I bite the dirt." The fire warrior shrugged as he hungrily devoured his meat, devoid of any sort of manners.

Selena Glared at Herobrine first almost guessing what he had planned for the demon, then she glared at Vargas who was displaying manners not even close to a proper knight. She slowly ate her food before speaking. "If I were the last of my kind...I would love to explore the open seas. And Vargas at least show some manners, there are ladies around and as knight that is really...not a nice sight to watch." As Selena spoke, Vargas simply nodded and ate less quickly. Not an improvment but it was better.

Valfiel and Elyzia simply pondered the question. "I could never imagine a life without my sister by my side. We are inseparable! And we work well together." "I can say the same, we are one together, but if I was alone...I am not sure." The sisters to empathis this(Mostly Valfiel who wanted to show this) held their hands together.

"Anyways, onto another topic. If you have not eaten for four months then try this." Selena opened up a pouch and pulled out a container. "Its a sort of 'nutritious' drink...I say this loosely because it is made from roots and herbs. It tastes bitter and leaves a sour aftertaste, but it will fill you up if you can drink it. I keep this on me in case we run out of options for food, and I rather not have to cook for a long while to try and fill you up. I have plenty to spare, so drink up." She shook the container, holding it out for Herobrine to drink. His decision to either accept or refuse it.
Herobrine politely takes the container, opens it and smells it. "This smells like Holy Water, I can't drink Holy water it will kill me..." he angerly closes the container and hands it back to Selena.

"Anyways, I don't need to eat much, I could just absorb the demon's demonic energy and I'll be fine, it's like my food source... but I still need to eat physical food... just not as much as normal people..." he then noticed that he forgot to answer Owru's question.

"Oh sorry, I got distracted. To be honest for all I know I can be the only person who has a demon inside of them so technically I'm the only one of my kind... and I wouldn't want anyone to go through the pain I'm in..." he said slowly having a sadder tone after each word he spoke.
"I-I see," she says quietly in response to their answers. She looks to Herobrine, then narrows her eyes looking down sadly. "I'm sorry... b-but I'm sure at least you were brought into this world through some sentiment like love... not all have that."

She's disrupted from her thoughts with the mention of incoming threats and snaps up to her feet. Aside from the boy, she did not know what demons were like, not exactly anyways. Based on the reactions from everyone else, though, they were likely not coming to have a nice chat. She gazes off in the direction to where they seem to be coming from, trying to make out anything at all.

"What are normal demons like... normally?"
"The demons we face don't always follow the same plan," said Max, standing up with his colleagues. "But they're normally vice incarnates, as John calls them. You would be amazed how many vices make up the demon population in the Imagiverse. I don't know about the demons here though."
The Chosen Few would scan their surroundings, looking for a sign, any sign, of danger. This was partially fueled by a hunger for action, but above that is a universal need to not be disemboweled. Shadows skittered between the trees, although they were probably just the normal wildlife.
"What if the demon'th invithible?" said Jack.
"Shut. Up."
"Don't worry, guys," said Fancy. "If Herobrine can sense it, it won't be hard to find it."
"Most demons here are massive with the power to back it up. Most of the time they are but mindless creatures who attack anyone on sight or try and lumber to anything with power. Other more dangerious demons are the ones with intelegence. To talk, to think, to plan. They are rarely seen and most times they stay in Ishigria, the demon world. They can't exactly sneak around well, and they are not one to keep hidden as most just up and roar when they get close. But in any case most people would run the opposite direction, we can eliminate one quite easily. So there is not much reason to fear." Selena spoke. Quite frankly she hated the Gods, demons were like minor nusinces but since their numbers keep growing they are turning out to be a threat.

Vargas finished eating with a satisfied smile on his face. "That reminds me, Hey Valfiel. You said you had a 'bundle of joy'. just gonna leave her behind?" Vargas asked and in response Elyzia's face turned a bit red. However her sister responded. "Don't worry, we are heading to Bauria anyways. We can take her along for the ride."

The two heroes looked at her with raised eyes. "Don't worry, she is a gifted fighter. Besides we can't leave her by herself alone. And to fix this situation...she is not our 'bundle of joy' she is a gifted young woman who grew up with us."
"The demon won't get here until a few more minutes." Herobrine says with a bit of joy.

"I hope the demon has a ton of demonic energy inside of it" Herobrine laughs demonically.
Listening to the different definitions to demons from the heroes of Imagiverse, and the heroes of Grand Gaia, her antennae slowly curl around resembling the horns of a sheep.

"Vices," she mutters, narrowing her eyes, folding her upper arms, and placing her lower ones on her hips. "They don't sound like that big of a problem either way... I guess."

Her eyes widen and she flips her neck back, looking over at Herobrine with her head upside down. He was laughing more than a hyena at stand up. Wait, what kind of simile is that? Either way she is perplexed by his behavior.

"Hey, what's so funny?"
"All right, calm down," said Jack, giving Herobrine a Look. "Whilst we're waiting, anyone know a good card game?" As he says this, he reaches into his backpack and gets out a pack of cards. He would take out the cards and begin to shuffle them.
"How about Cripple Mr Onion?" said Adam, as the group sat down and were given their five cards. If they were going to wait for the fight to come to them, they were going to at least hone their card skills.
"Thinking about it, this place seems a lot more normal than the other worlds," said Adam, looking at his cards.
"Well durr, the other worlds barely have any humans living in them," muttered Max.
"At least this place gives us a proper challenge," said Fancy. "The Darkness is alright, but what one really needs is increasing difficulty to keep it interesting."
"Hey, the Darknethh liketh improving itthelf," said Jack. "It'th very modern."
"Yeah, it's looking like a cross between an advanced alien hive and an evil wizard's lair right now," said Max.
"Yeh, but it's still the same, innit?" said Adam. Dammit, got a Bagel. "Fold. The Darkness changes it's looks to suit the times alright, but is it gettin' more resilient to Order?"
"No," chorused the group.
"Exactly, so it's not really increasingly difficult, is it?"
The four Grand Gaians, Vargas decided to take the opportunity to train for a bit, Selena decided to just relax, and Valfiel and Elyzia watched the card game. "Don't worry about the difficulty, this is just the beginning! The weaker demons come here, along with the basic monsters. However past this point, we are gonna have to battle fallen spirits who continue to walk the land, stronger and tougher monsters, demons that have survived many battles and are thus strong enough to give us some trouble, and eventually attacks by the God army. Be warned that many of them can fly, and are skilled in magic and battle. But it's not really fair to bring out all the dangers at the start of a journey!" Vargas laughed.

Selena looked over at him. "Most people rather have an easy journey than one filled with many dangers. However, learning to survive danger makes further roads more bearable at least." She sighed before turning to Owru. "You are correct, the massive demons do not pose a threat as long as they do not gain power. However thanks to their size if they continue to survive battles they grow stronger and their size means they can hold much more power. Mistral the demons hardly pose a threat and the monsters here are rather harmless or just getting in the way. Like...that little guy there." Selena smiled as she spotted a small blob hopping around, and it was glowing in the darkness. She quickly got up and picked up the rather cute looking slime and returned back to camp.

Vargas laughed as he spotted Selena. "Still got a soft spot for those slimes? I remember the first time you saw one and that was the greatest thing I saw! You were so--- Vargas was about to speak however Selena, who's eye seemed to twitch as he was about to bring up that moment decided to do something quickly. "Cocytus Zero!" And with that, ice trapped the fire hero once again. She shook a deep sigh before speaking. "A-Anyways, slimes here are wonderful little creatures. This light slime can light up the darkness well, and other slimes can help out like a water slime which is like an infinite source of water or a fire slime which can keep you all toasty like a campfire." She spoke about the slimes before patting the slime in her arms.
Eventually Herobrine stoped laughing. A large cloud of demonic energy began to seround Herobrine. "Hmm I guess the demon died on its way here." Said Herobrine. The large cloud of demonic energy slowly began to be absorbed by Herobrine's body.
"Where I c-come from is more primordial, not really a world but an expansive... nothing... yet something," she begins to say in response to the Chosen Ones, before beginning to rub her head, her mood getting slightly gloomy. "T-things that live there are nothing like anything here, living wills and sentiments rather than flesh and blood beings, from infinite to infinitesimal... I guess compared to most things I'm a... u-uhm... bunny."

She giggles slightly at her analogy, tugging on her antennae and wrapping them under her chin.

"With the exception of fluff, I guess I got the aesthetics covered! Honestly, I don't miss that place one bit, no humor, you are either absolutely alone or nearly getting engulfed by another Outsider's... will. You seem to like a challenge but... well, whatever you do, never breach the 'veil'. A-"

Her eyes widen and snaps her head around as Vargas is put on ice. She rushes over and pokes at the frozen hero, antennae crookedly standing up. She then glances over at Selena, who describes slimes as quite versatile creatures. She blinks her eyes, her antennae wiggling. Like her, the creatures seem to have a not-completely-solid, translucent body. In fact, Laadan, which was just a part of her was very much an advanced kind of slime being. She literally seems to blink over to Selena, hovering over her, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.

"Oh! They kinda sound like me," she squeaks, her tail twirling, before her face reddens and she rubs the back of her head. "Y-y'know, malleable, versatile, different forms... not a source of water."

Then finally Herobrine mentions that the demon died on the way here and all Owru could think as a response to that was.

"U-um... you know... demons don't sound like the type to just... trip over and die, or die to animals so um... t-that isn't a good sign."
The Chosen Few would listen to Vargas' explaination on the demons in Grand Gaia. Apparently, compared to fallen spirits and the "God Army", demons are what Darklings are to their superiors. They had to admit, even though they openly admit that they deserve a challenge, deep inside, they just want to get through the day in one piece. At least they've got something to build up their experience with. They would briefly turn their gaze away from their game towards a glowing blob. Although, they wouldn't even bother with that.
It came to a bit of a surprise when Vargas brought up a memory he didn't finish because he was too busy being frozen solid by Selena. The intitial shock dissipated quickly and the paladins started laughing. They would try and stiffle their merriment when Selena, still slightly flustered, explained the different types of slimes and their uses. The fire slimes sounded like the fire elementals that Skelecoots sometimes use to fuel their steam engines. John would love this place, thought Adam.
The Chosen Ones would groan slightly when they hear that the approaching danger had apparently died on it's way.
"Stupid demon, trying to take away our freedom of enjoyment," muttered Max.
"Well, either the demon died, or that cloud near Herobrine was just some form of excrement," said Fancy. "Fold. If it's the latter, the demon in question must be more powerful than we thought," he would add, attempting to cheer up his compadres.
"I hope so. I think Hope's getting a little frisky," said Adam. The group would look at the sword slotted in his ribcage. It was starting to vibrate. The skeleton would grip the handle, trying to keep the blade still. The sword, which was apparently named Hope, seemed to possess a form of vague personality. It was obvious that the weapon was magical, so said energy must have given the sword sentinence. The glow from the sword was starting to brighten a little.
The ice trapping Vargas soon broke as he finally hacked his way free, a goofy smile on his face. "Eheheh...Sorry Sel. It was too good to pass up." He spoke as he noticed the sudden change it atmosphere. His expression turned a bit more serious.

"Demon died on the way here...Either one of the six heroes decided to visit this place..." Selena started. "Or...The God Army recognised our presence...and they so happened to run into the demon..." Elyzia finished her sentence for her.

"You guys wanted a challenge right!? Well guess our adventure is starting off on a higher difficulty. Never expected them to already notice us already. Then again...we are walking targets for them." Vargas chuckled as he unleashed Dandelga. Selena got up and unsheathed Lexida. She also let go of the slime and let it go back to the wild.

Valfiel responded quickly, she got up and drew her scythe. Elyzia did the same just in time to see what had killed the demon. Up on the cave Selena and Herobrine had came out of. A group of humanoid figures appeared, however they all had wings. And they all wore bright looking armor and had swords. "Angels...They sure are stubborn..."

The lead angel, recognised by her more well decorated armor and great sword stared down at the group below. "Those that did not originate from this world! Bow your heads in surrender! Our mission is to kill those that stand up to the Gods! You will be spared however if you attempt to fight we will kill you as well! We give you one warning!" She then pointed her sword down at the group.

There were nine angels, they did not look like much but there was a reason they were the soldiers of the God Army. This would not be a short night.
As soon as Herobrine saw the angels he transformed his arms into large blades. "you angels shouldn't have killed that demon, because you gave me even more power to destroy you" Herobrine said with a demonic tone as his eyes turned blood shot red. The large cloud of demonic energy was finally absorbed completely by Herobrine and as a result Herobrine grew in size.
Owru looks about, watching everyone, but not exactly listening at this point. She looks down at her hands and then at her body, questioning if she even exists, or at least was visible. Everything seems to be in order, translucent white order, yet she felt out of sorts, somewhat frustrated. Somewhere inside she can feel something tugging at her, something slipping.

Perhaps I'm not speaking loud enough.

Perhaps I am still in that void.

P-perhaps they are just preoccupied with those angels over there.

She points at the angels who have arrived.

Perhaps they are all just figments of my twisted mind.

Her hand lowers and she winces, then buckles over holding her head, cracks of glowing blue appear on her face and chest as a darker color begins to spread across her body. It was not the same as the previous switches, it was more like the spread of a disease. Her previously calm presence became more distorted and confused, bleeding out into the air around her.

P-perhaps I... I a-am... alone...

She stands back up straight, yet her composure has completely changed. The wing-like flap on her back folds around her like a cloak. She slowly turns to look at this so-called god's army, cracks having appeared in her eyes making it look like she has pupils for a change. She has not completely become Zilthai, it is more like she's become corrupted.

"Tell me, if one were to pluck your wings, what would be left to define you as unique," she asks the angels as she begins to slowly move towards them, her tone having become distant. "Gods... angels... men... what does it matter? Where is it going? Worlds confuse me with their pointless struggles for relevance, is it not better to accept that all of it does not matter in the end? Aren't we just inviting ourselves to disappointment and pain, otherwise?"

She stops, feet from the angel in front, her eyes narrowing, antennae laying draped over her shoulders as pulses of blue flow through them.

"They are not going to surrender, nor are you, and thus the dance into oblivion continues... but that is simply your fates," she continues, breaking eye contact and pacing around the group of winged warriors. While showing no immediate hostility, the unrest in the air persists, and grows. She then turns her head to the heroes. "What... do you think?"
So the folks who killed the demon had found them. Nine angels who are likely to be part of the God Army. And they wanted the Chosen Ones to surrender. That said a lot about these winged warriors. In response, the Chosen Few would yet again draw their weapons.
"Ha! Those flashy swords don't frighten me!" taunted Max, drawing himself to full height. "We came here purely to deal with your Gods! I say you surrender before we show you what we're capable of!" Behind him, his comrades were giving him a look that said "Now look what you've done." They would turn their attention towards the squadron above the cave.
"In every world, there's always fanatics," muttered Adam, his sword now glowing excitedly. "Why would they fight for the Fallen Gods?"
"... Because they're fanatics?" said Fancy.
They would turn around to indicate to Owru that they won't let them touch her, but Owru wasn't there. Instead, the being had going through another change, but this one was different; it wasn't so much as a change of personality, but as if some corruption had gone through the Outsider. Max thought he recognised Zilithai within that form, but he wasn't sure. The group would turn back towards the God Army.
"There'th... ten of uth and nine of you," called Jack, pausing briefly to count. "By my math, we outnumber you. Not to mention we've got a demon and an alien being in our numberth.
"Yeah," grinned Max, who was still drunk with pride. "Bring it on, you feathered-" He didn't go any further before Adam put a bony hand over his mouth and hissed, "Shut up, we haven't even touched them yet."
The lead angel narrowed her eyes, along with the others. She heard the otherworlders talk and they dare direct words like that at them? "You dare to speak to us like that!? You are no better than the human rabble. Always clinging to others, always confident, always falling in the bitter end like many fools here. This is why humanity should have been purged long ago...and why they are the many unarmed individuals finding safety in these lands, like lambs to the slaughter." She spoke as they all descended on the ground in front of the entrance swords drawn.

"You wanna what I think new personality of Owru? First...another personality? You have quite a few don't you. Second! I think I find their arrogence quite funny! If you think we have not heard the stories of mistral you are mistaken! Two people, one man who used the power of fire and a warrior of La Veda, a master at his art helped saved everyone to a promised land! Where they did find safety! They cleaved through your ranks and bested the Gods Diciples without a sweat! You really think you can scare us? Or beat us?" Vargas roared as he readied his sword.

Selena only narrowed her eyes. "We may cling to others...We may have confidence...but that is how we bested even the Gods. Our friends...our allies...all fighting together to beat back your tide of thoughts? Well...I don't quite know you with a new personality, however I belive I made my thoughts clear." A small smile formed on her face.

Elyzia and Valfiel both took arms. "Even though many humans lack strength or power!..." Valfiel started as her sister added on to it. "We more than make up for it with determination to get stronger, and our undying will and hope!"

The Angels prepared to strike hearing this rabble speak. "Your race was damned the first moment you decided to challenge us...Everyone charge!" One angel, charged at one person. With the exception of the two sisters, they both faced one angel.

"Charge! Let's crush the Gods dogs! ATTACK!" The fire warrior yelled as he charged the leader of the ground.
"Finally I get to RIP SOMEONE TO SHREDS!" Herobrine said with a demonic tone as he began to attack one of the angels. "Tendril Explosion" tendrils come flying out of Herobrine's body and strangle the angel that was currently fighting him. (but didn't strangle the angel too much so they can move slightly and say their final words) "any last words?" Herobrine asked the angel.
Angel lines donated by Specmarine.

Dodging a swing from one of the angels by swaying to the side, and simply stands behind him, her fluctuate in brightness like a broken bulb. Once vibrant and lively, her movements were more limp now, swaying like a rag doll, her head hanging to the side as she faces her attacker.

"Look at you, so ready to fight, but you are fumbling in the dark, serving some vision of light... your, so called gods," she says dispassionately, an uneasiness in the air around her that even the air trembles.

"Prepare to face divine justice," the angel yells swinging and missing another swing as Owru... or Zilthai... swaying to the other side and tilting her head once again, giving another vacant stare with her cracked eyes. "You will fall before your threat spreads any longer!"

"In that sense, you are also clinging to others... and what did I ever have? There I was, where no light shines, and no shadows to project... alone and afraid," she responds, her voice fluctuating between Zilthai and Owru. "Would you still believe in your justice when your cries are swallowed into the emptiness?"

"I do not fear you vile creature," screams the angel once again. "Nor do I fear the insects that fight by you! You shall all be destroyed not for just the Gods now! But for the good of this world!"

With yet another swing, the angel strikes at the Outsider, but instead of dodging this time she instead grabs firm hold upon his hands spreading out her flap wide, curling around like a massive maw opened wide, ready to swallow both her and the angel whole. She directs the sword dead center to the gateway in her chest which turns a shifting gray, almost like snow on an old television when it has no signal, then it simply... blanks.

"Is that true," she asks ominously, centering her head, narrowing her eyes gazing deeply into the angel's eyes. ""You... do not... fear me? I fear myself, l-letting down others, hurting th-them... I fear b-being forgotten... being returned to n-nothing... "let us see how deep your resolve is when your justice only begets desolation."

With her words, she begins to force the blade into the emptiness of the void, tendrils of black emerging, wrapping around it holding it in place, gripping onto it and the wrists of its wielder. She places her second set of hands on the angel's face, cradling it, only increasing the confusing signals she was already giving. Regardless, she has left herself completely open.

"Can you escape this? Strike me down? Will one of your allies care enough to save you if you cry out? Stop it... Will your gods care enough to deliver you? Will you plead for mercy? Please, stop... They never cared about you, to them you are disposable, serving the old adage that 'in the end your efforts will be rewarded.' Stop! You sorrowful soul... can you feel it? There is no light on the other side, or anything for that matter."
"Chaaaarrrge!" bellowed Max, as the Chosen Few engaged the God Army squadron. Adam Skelecoot, his sword now incandescent, would engage an angel, slashing rightwards at the winged warrior's abdomen. If the attack was successful, the sword would leave a burning mark, as if the sword was boiling from the light it emanated.
Max would leap into the air and proceed to strike down another in the face with his prosthetic arm. The momentum he picks up as he falls down would make the attack, if successful, devastating.
Fancy would do a flying pirouette and swipe another leftwards with his pencil. Despite it's appearance, the pencil is about as sharp as a spear, able to lacerate with each attack.
Jack, equipped with a bamboo cane, the closest he got to a weapon, would attempt to swipe an angel's legs, knocking them down. If this is successful, he would swipe downwards at the angel's head. His tactic was to simply to make sure his opponent doesn't attack back.
The angel fighting Herobrine would find herself trapped by a ambush of tendrils. She growled as she spoke her last words. "Damnation be upon you all!" She growled as she struggled like a beast possessed. Trying to escape.

The angel engaging Max would defend against most of the blow, however a small mark was indeed left upon the angels abdomen. He quickly gathered himself as he raised his sword to the sky, a small light surrounded Adam which did nothing for the moment. However if he did not move from his spot a beam of light from the heavens would strike his location, if successful it would indeed hurt, and sear some of his bones.

The one fighting Max would fly into the air and charge at him, raising his sword he goes in to strike the fist clearly underestimating the situation...the sword was crushed under the devastating blow as it impacted the blade and a punch was delivered to its intended target. The angel flew back and dug into the ground, bloody and wounded.

The angel fighting Fancy also underestimated the sharpness of the pencil, however as she took a grazing hit which caused a surprised grunt. She went on guard as she focused on more quick movements, trying to get close to avoid the sharp tip and slashing at him.

The one fighting Jack would be tripped from the first strike from the bamboo, however he quickly rolled out of the way not intending to stay still and get hit. He quickly got back on his feet and soared to the air before descending down to strike at Jack.

Selena clearly had no trouble dealing with her opponent, with a flurry of blows she far surpassed the angel she was fighting. uick thrusts and finished with a heavy slash breaking through the angels guard and delivering a quite painful slash across her arm. Sword dropped and unarmed.

Vargas as well had little problems, despite the seniority of his opponent and the skill she had she was no match for the hero of the God wars. It was then she relized the mistake she had made, they had challenged two of the humans 'heroes' who could easily stand up to their masters. She growled as she was pushed to her limits quite fast. "Give up now angel! Unlike you we can show mercy, surrender and you will live!" Vargas warned as his next strike disarmed her weapon. "I refuse to a mere human! We will win this day! For lord Cardes!" She pointed at Vargas who sighed. Prideful until the end? Not that he was complaining. He raised his sword once again, fire surrounding his body. He was ready to end this.

Valfiel and Elyzia both engaged their opponent with coordinated teamwork. Despite never facing any soldiers from the God Army it was clear that any mere soldier would have easily fallen to them. However against stronger opponets their strength and skill were not up to par. Which was the reason why many Gods were active participants in the battle along with their disciples. Unable to defend on two front, the angels wounds quickly mounted.

Finally the angel in the clutches of Owru? Struggled against the feeling of utter dread. "I refuse to die like this! You are damned like that demon! We cant fail!" The angel struggled, his allies all either wounded or busy to assist.
"Struggle all you want, you won't escape." Herobrine said with a demonic voice as the tendrils began to cut through the angel's armour. "If you surrender I might spare your life if you value it, but if you don't I'll send you to hell for an eternity of torture!" Herobrine spoke with a demonic voice as he suggested a deal for the angel. Soon after Herobrine gave the angel a deal, a large hole in the ground appeared under the angel, it was clearly a portal to Hell. Even though the portal appeared underneath the angel, the angel didn't fall because Herobrine's tendrils were holding onto the angel. "Tick tock. The clock is ticking, make up your mind quickly or fall into Hell!" Herobrine spoke with a demonic voice while staring straight into the angel's eyes. Even though Herobrine is part demon he still has the kindness to give the angel a chance to live.
As the angel held by Zilthai was dragged in, it became increasingly obvious that none of the other angels could, or even would, bother to liberate him.

"Even if you kill me, there will be more, and you will be purged with the rest of humanity," the angel yells, still boasting.

"Kill you," she inquires, drawing closer, twisting her neck until it is upside down. "I'm not going to kill you, I am going to teach you. Death and destruction is more a thing for you Euclideans, no, the price is something more immaterial but precious all the same."

"Ha, there is nothing you could teach me, demon or whatever abomination you may be," the angel says, unflinching. It was clear these types had been conditioned to live and die for their corrupted god masters without question to the point of a rather simplistic one-dimensional mind. "Send me to a world of darkness? I am light. Send me to hell? More glory to go out fighting demons. There is noth-"

In almost an instant and without a sound, he was suddenly pulled through the gate with only a few feathers left adrift in the air where he once was. There Zilthai stood, twisting her head back, and putting her hands together. In mere moments the gateway flickers again, and the angel is ejected, falling into an inanimate clump onto the grass, his sword falling onto the ground beside him. From the look of him, it was as if all glory had been drained from him, the one shiny armor, the once golden hair, now dulled and grayed, his sword too no longer even reflects any light, let alone a reflection to begin with. With glassy eyes, he was unresponsive, yet breathing.

"You have been baptized into a new absolute, emptiness," she says, looking down over him. "The feeling of everything you were, are, or ever will be unraveled and swallowed, cut off from everything even yourself as your mind quickly no longer recognizes itself. You will now carry it with you, inside, unable to escape it, but survive it. You will remember this moment every time you consider raising your arms and praising your gods... that you can always be returned to nothing."

He simply stares up at her, a mouth open without response, clutching his hands together as if he still held his sword. His mind and spirit were broken. She quietly gets back up and walks away, her color gradually returning to a soft white, and gradually slowing, until falling to her hands and knees as the cracks in her eyes seal back up. She looks at her hands for a moment as the last amount of color returns to her, and plants her face in her palms as Zilthai once again fades from her.

Even as horrible as they were, even though lacking a stomach, performing an act as that has left her feeling... ill.
Adam Skelecoot would notice that the area on which he stood was starting to glow. Dim as he was, he had a hero's sense of danger. Quickly, he would leap sideways to avoid the bolt of lightning that struck from the sky. The residue from the bolt would sting slightly, but would not affect him. He would charge again, swiping again at the angel, diagonal-upwards.
Max, satisfied with the damage he done, would walk towards the stricken angel. Before the angel could get up, he would place a cuboid, heavy foot on the angel's chest. The sheer mass of the Robloxian was like having a steel bar pressed onto the angel's ribs; if he applied more pressure, the ribcage would break. "I was expecting a challenge," said the Robloxian. "But I guess your swords aren't that durable, are they? Even if I let you up, what are you going to do without your sword?" He would momentarily glance at the alien's direction and see her stuff the unlucky angel through the hole in her chest and pull him out. Whatever he saw in there, it was enough to drain him. Nevertheless, he would turn back to his adversary.
The stick man would continue his assault on the angel. What he lacked in durability, he made up for in speed and agility. Fancy would go crazy on the angel, spinning and slashing at her, pushing her backwards. It was always a good sign when your pushing your opponent back.
Jack's downward attack would embed his cane an inch into the grass. As he watched the angel lift up into the air, he would pull the cane out of the ground and jump backwards to avoid the attack. When the angel descended, he would swing his cane like a golf club, aiming at the opponent's head.
"Ok if you want me too. Hmm I'm feeling extra generous today so I'll place a portal in hell for you to find so you can get back here, but I won't be easy to find" Herobrine said with a grin as he dropped the angel. "Bye bye" Herobrine said as he waved a little at the angel. As the angel fell to hell the hole in the ground closed.

"Hey guys I finally got through the forest!" A young woman's voice spoke as a woman appeared out of the forest. The young woman stopped in her tracks and just stared in shock.

Herobrine turns his head and looks at the young woman, Herobrine thought to himself "hmm this angel actually fears us... this will be interesting". "Hello" Herobrine greeted the young woman with a comforting smile.

"Umm... h-hi" the young woman responded.
She could feel it, eyes staring, judging. She felt what she presumed was fear she had created in her inglorious moments where she had lost control, or perhaps it was a projection of the uncertainty she herself was feeling inwardly. She did not blame them, what she did was something potentially worse than killing a being. Part of her tried to gain comfort that she would not have done such to any one of them, that she would not hurt her friends... that it was because the angels were beings so cruel that they deserved it... deserved it? No, that is not right.

"I'm... s-sorry," she mutters sheepishly as she hugs her legs and lays her head down upon her knees. "I... lost sight of myself. I-I derive no pleasure from such acts... I r-really don't. I... I don't want to be... cruel. Maybe I am... j-just... too dangerous."

In her trauma she barely noticed a new arrival, and after a brief pause she glances back at her.
The Grand Gaian's turned to face the newcomer after hearing her voice. Well wasn't this the wrong place at the wrong time for her. She seemed to be an angel but she did not seem eager to charge forward against them all. Vargas crossed his arms as he looked at the angel. "Well you are rather late to the party, but you are probably lucky in that case. Listen, we are gonna just offer mercy right now. Don't fight us and we both leave unsaved, unlike you your we offer mercy...and I rather not have to fight someone that does not want to fight." He narrowed his eyes at her. The fanatical would have charged them without a second though, the smart would have run the other direction immediantly, so where did she stand?

Selena had heard Orwu muttering to herself and watched as she hugged her legs. Takking a small glance at the angel who arrived, she let the others deal with it as she walked over to Orwu and put a hand on her shoulder before taking a seat next to her. "You are only as dangerious as you perceive yourself. If you think you are dangerious to others than you will be dangerious to others. If you believe even with your power you can be safe around others than you will be safe around others. Don't beat yourself up, we all make mistakes, we all lose our's how we deal with it afterwards that shows our will to carry on. Just pick yourself up, and work harder to not be a danger. I won't lie, I have had my moments where I pondered to...give up, and stay down to let my guilt take me. But I carried on for everyone, to work harder to keep myself and others safe. I won't be able to know how it it to be you, but I hope my words help you a bit." She spoke, a small smile on her face as she tried to help an ally.

Elyzia and Valfiel joined Vargas as they stared at the angel newcomer, although they were more wary around her than the others. They never encountered soldiers of the God army and did no the know much about them besides the danger they posed. They wrapped their scythes in cloth, but they glared at her.
"Well uhh, I can't get home because I'm not able to make a portal to the god army's headquarters because I'm a half breed between an angel and a human, so I'm stuck here" the young woman said nervously. She looked at group and stared at Herobrine, she thought to herself, "he looks like a normal human but something doesn't seem right". As Max threatened her she started to tremble in fear "I'm so sorry, I don't have any intention to fight" the young woman said as she covered her face with her hands as she continued to tremble in fear.
Owru thought for a moment, looking down at the ground as Selena spoke to her. Her eyes narrowing, a light bluish glow forming at their edges until she wipes them with all four of her arms then holds out her arm, looking at it, which is like a glowing liquid that drips upwards and quickly evaporates.

"What it is like to be me... i-imagine... if there was more than one you, all connected but yet each were their own person with their own hopes and dreams... I control the me, now, but I can't directly control the others because each is a true individual, and yet you can feel their thoughts at all times," she looks up at the sky and closes her eyes placing a hand on her chest, her antennae flowing back. "You know, I think maybe the me, that is, the main me inside of Nod was just really lonely... and sometimes I wonder if most Outsiders, in their isolation, are cruel because the only thing they ever can acknowledge as true is themselves. Zilthai, the me that took over me, she's kinda like that... but I feel even in her cold words, she's afraid and uncertain of herself."

With that she turns and gives Selena a quick friend hug before standing up to face the new arrival. Awkwardly after a moment she raises one of her hand, elbow down, and waves.

"Um... to be perfectly honest, they attacked first and... um... from contact with this one here," she says timidly, pointing down at the angel who lays huddled, relatively motionless. "They've... they've done terrible things to helpless people who were... doing nothing against them. It isn't like... this was for the fun of it... y'know? They just... didn't want to talk it over..."
"Well, they did attack us first," said Adam. "Think of it as self-defense."
Jack would glace back at the fallen squadron and shake his head. "Not a good idea to join thith lot," he said solemnly. "They would attack anyone who don't like the Fallen Gods, and that can be applied to nearly everyone who ain't them. You're better off as a theamthrethh or something."
Fancy would frown at Jack. "What, the normal kind or the Anhk-Morpork kind?"
"Of courthe I meant the normal kind, what were you thinking I thuggethted?" People would have paid to see Jack pronounce seamstress.
"Well, since you're not hostile, I guess we'll let you off for now," said Max, secretly upset that there's no one else to fight. "Like Jack said, it wasn't a wise idea to join the God Army, especially now. We're on our way to take on these Fallen Gods of yours, so it wouldn't be wise to stand against us."
"Yeah, and find the six heroes of Grand Gaia," said Adam enthusiastically. "Although, I'm not sure what would happen if you joined us. This Army seems like the sort that doesn't play nice with traitors."
He would pick up one of the swords that weren't broken and examine it. He was expecting the blades to be made of some holy metal, if these were the angels he was familiar with. If they break so easily, he wondered why they even bothered making them.
As Orwu hugged Selena, her face turned to a shade of red. "Y-Your welcome, it was nothing though. Just helping a friend in need..." She spoke and as she was released from the hug the faced away from the others as to let her embarrassment fade away.

As the angel seemed to shrink in fear, Vargas sighed and crossed his arms. "Then you are free to get out of here. as long as you don't get in our way then we will have no problems. Just beware that we are going to indeed hunt down the remaining Fallen Gods. And gather the Six Heroes to finnaly rid the world of Gods and Demon."He soon stood by to see what this angel would do. As much as he would like to attack, he was not a monster. And one who was trembling with fear was no threat at all.

Elyzia and Valfiel glared at the angel but ultimately let go of their weapons.
"Well my two options are either get severely punished if I go back to headquarters or I could just join you guys... to be honest I'd like to understand humans more" the young woman said with a small smile, then the young woman looked at Elyzia and Valfiel, those two starred at the young woman and it made her very uncomfortable "can you two stop glaring at me, it's kinda creeping me out" the young woman asked.
"Well, that settles that, then," Owru says with levity, shrugging her shoulders. "Even if you were a spy, it isn't like they do not know about us already."

Saying that, she looks across at everybody around, and the carnage of the battlefield, the spurt of energy again fading. Regardless that they gave them no choice in the matter, it still left her with a heavy heart. Was this what this world has been going through for centuries, this endless conflict? She then looked back at the newcomer.

"Uhm... hello, I am Owru by the way, I am neither angel, nor human, nor demon, just Owru... the Outsider," she says awkwardly, waving again.
"Oh yeah, I'm Adam," the skeleton said, waving. "The stick man's Fancy Pants-" Fancy would wave "- The blocky guy's Max the Robloxian-" Max would nod "- and the talking duck's Jack." Jack would give the half-angel a thumbs up. "We're the Chosen Ones," Adam would continue. "We came from outside of Grand Gaia, from what is known as the Imagiverse, or the Realm of Fantasy. The sisters there," he would indicate Elyzia and Valfiel, "were probably the first of your people to explore outside of your world."
"We were actually brought here because some upstart from your world invaded the Imagiverse Centre," sneered Max. "He left a portal open, and, well, nature took it's course. Nevertheless, it will be fun to face these Fallen Gods of yours; we're practically doing your world a favour."
"Well, if you want to join us, feel free," said Fancy. "We'll try to avoid the God Army as much as we can, but we'll be expecting some resistance from them; I get the feeling they won't be too happy to hear we're planning to destroy their idols."
Vargas sighed, not only were they helping a Fallen God, an angel wanted to join up with them. This was the weirdest, weirdest event in his life. "If you want to join us, that is fine...I guess. You already know who we are, because everyone and the Gods themselves know who we are. I am Vargas of the Six Heroes." He spoke, not giving much resistance to have one of their mortal enemies join up with them.

Selena tuned around once she regained her cool. "Well...We are already helping Creator Maxwell to get rid of the other Fallen Gods...I don't know how it came to this but if we have a chance to fix things, then so be it. Besides, a hybrid angel is unheard of, you might be the first...or at least the first one to be seen that is. And of course, I am Selena of the six heroes." She added.

For the two sisters, as the two vouched for the angel, they stopped glaring at the Angel. "I guess if they vouch for you...then I guess it's fine by us...I am Valfiel, and this is my sister is Elyzia." She pointed at the woman standing next to her who nodded in response.

"Anyways, now that this mess is growing after we clean it up. Shall we get on our way before more demons or angels show up? I mean, the stronger fights await us and wasting energy on the small fries is not good for experience."
"And my name is Herobrine" Herobrine introduced himself. "Oh.... my name's Rosa... I-It's nice to meet you all" the young woman introduced herself.
"How are you treated, being part human," Owru asks curiously. Given how low they seemed to regard humans, the very idea that they'd allow a halfling offspring live is somewhat odd to her. She scratches the side of her face and her eyes wander. "Then again, I'm still confused on how different these angels are from humans, aside from having wings and an aura I can tell little difference to be honest. Then again, the goddess wasn't all too different either... if the other gods are similar then... I don't understand this animosity they have exactly."

She looks over at Vargas, her face turning slightly red realizing that her curiosity was only serving to delay them. Her hands held behind her back as she kicks at the ground ashamedly.

"A-ah, right, some other time then," she squeaks. "If a lift is still required, should it be a large creature then?"
The Robloxian would rub his hands. "Aallright," he would say. "Let's get this bandwagon started. Lead the way, Vargas."
As the group followed the fire warrior, they contemplated on the God Army and their numbers. Of course, that squad was just a welcoming party, to put it bluntly. Whatever remained of this Army must still be massive. They weren't sure on the true nature of these angels - they were familiar with the common messager of the gods - but these beings are more winged fanatics than holy. They may just be like regular humans, but with wings, and decided to worship the Fallen Gods in the ancient times. Of course, they weren't that much of a challenge in small numbers, but they still had swords. Against a bigger number, they could actually be tough.
Max would get out a screwdriver and start adjusting his mechanical arm. It would be wise not to go for the entire Army at once; a few squadrons at a time, they could actually wipe out the Army, if they were lucky. Take out the followers to get to the Gods. This might actually become more interesting then they thought.
"Alright! I will be pointing us in the right direction because Orwu will be getting us to our destination. Here's the plan: We are on Mistral so our end point is to reach the massive tower known as 'The Tower Of The Gods.' Since this land is controlled by Creator Maxwell, chances are she had creations and monsters filled to the brim in that tower to stop people like us from traveling around Grand Gaia. Now Maxwell is no idiot, she won't just remove them for our sakes. She would be telling everything out there that she is planning something. So here's the deal, we fight through the tower, we destroy everything and anything in our way, then we reach the top. Simple as that." Vargas smiled as he crossed his arms.

"Eze would love that plan...figures two minds would think alike. Of course, for the opinion about the Gods and angels. The only difference between a human and a angel is merely in appearance and a bit in power. They have been proven to be decent enough at fighting a regular soldier. However as for the Gods. They come in many different personalities. Cardes, The Malevolant for example has done absolutely nothing good. He fits his name well, he is a harbinger of death. Right now he is sealed away in Palyma. Legend says that four heroes faced against him and against all odds, they managed to imprisson him but rescue their friend who was also sealed with him. The seal has been weakening so it's our job to kill him before he gets his full powers." Selena added.

The two sisters began to pack their items for the journey ahead of them. To work with the heroes of Grand Gaia was an honor.
"I get treated horribly, so It's obvious why I whould rather join this group..." Rosa answered Owru's question with a sad tone and stayed a bit quiet after she answered the question. Herobrine went quiet as well as Rosa...
""I... still do not understand it all, prejudice over f-frivolous details, no matter how much I look, I see no major differences. I suppose in order to have racial prejudice one must have a race to begin with, so I suppose there's a thing to be thankful for." she admits wearily, swirling one of her antennae with her fingers. "But I'm... all for equality."

With this she walks oout into an open space, her arms crossed, her tail swaying. She takes a moment, seemingly taking a moment to breathe, then unfolds all her arms, and then lays out onto the ground onto them. Within moments her limbs and body begins to stretch out greatly, her cape-like flaps connecting to her arms like wings, her tail elongating and obtaining a feathery tip, her antennae rolling back and curving like horns, and her body overall multiplying in size with every second. Before long, she resembled something fro akin to a great dragon, or wyvern, sans its more ferocious qualities, but rather almost divine in her snow white sheen. She had compensated perhaps too well, as she was more than large enough to carry them all.
"Right, ransack the Tower of the Gods, get to the top, go through portal," summarised Adam. "Not too difficult, 'ey, lads?" He would turn to his comrades, who would nod a collective approval. They would watch Owru shape-shift into some form of wyvern, or something of the draconic persuasion. So they are going to ride a white dragon to the Tower. Sweet.
Max would make himself comfortable on the middle-back of Owru, his overall mass being somewhat like a condensed 10 ton weight, Jack would sit on the beginning of the neck, Adam would sit just behind Max and Fancy would straddle the tail. Since the latter weighed as much as a piece of paper, Owru would barely feel any weight on her tail.
The four Grand Gaian's watched as Orwu began to shapeshift into some sort of wyvern. It was not everyday that one could ride on something similar to a draconic creature. "Well...that's certainly new. Thanks Orwu, aplologies in advance in I am too heavy. Unlike everyone else I carry more heavy equipment." Vargas carfuly claimed Orwu and sat by the middle, behind Adam. He was decently heavy, but compared to Max he was light as a feather.

Selena decided to sit by the neck while Valfiel and Elyzia both sat on the tail. " actually our first time flying. Chances are though we will encounter very little resistance though, but perhaps the view will be gorgeous in the sky." Selena added as she carefully held onto Orwu's neck.

The two sisters decided to make this journey a bit more pleasant. Elyzia got her guitar and Valfiel cleared her throat. "If no one minds, we can sing and play some music... Elyzia spoke as she tuned her musical instrument.
Rosa spread her angel wings and jumped onto the middle of Owru's back and sat down. Herobrine sat down alone on Owru's back. "did someone say music!!!" He pulled out an alto saxophone out of thin air and smiled.
With everyone aboard and ready, Owru makes no hesitation to prepare liftoff, and despite the added weight of Max and Vargas, she presses with her feet and hands, her wings blowing out air in a perfect ring, and immediately pushing herself up off the ground with her same gravity defiant weightlessness. To her passengers, this would be amazingly smooth with the except the gust of air against them, first from the liftoff, as her flaps of wings fully fan out, a blue glow bleeding into the translucent membrane, filling them with energy, pulsing from her front to back, looking like the glow of a bioluminescent deep sea creature, then suddenly with little warning... and strangely a very minimal rush against her riders... she takes off at brilliant speed as the trees and grass become little more than blurred lines as they leave them behind, her destination set to the great tower ahead.

"Oh, do feel free to perform," Owru says casually, not at all winded by her flight. "I hope the motion will not be of any burden."
Max would look behind him to see the sisters and, surprisingly, Herobrine pull out their instruments. "I don't think it would be wise to play music while in the air. We might draw the attention of some flying angels or something-" He would be interrupted by a discordant note. He would turn back around and see that Jack had just got out his banjo and was tuning it. The duck would turn to him and say, "You think, Max? A little muthic never hurt anyone."
They were at first taken back by the initial smoothness of the take-off, minus the gust of air, and the lack of air resistance from their otherwise near supersonic speed. As they sped towards the tower, Jack would begin to play an upbeat melody on his banjo. The rest would cling on to wherever they sat on the wyvern for dear life, still confused by the lack of resistance.
"Oh, I am sure the motion wont bother us. It makes good practice! For anyone that uses hand-held instruments. I use drums so...that would be impossible to play so I will sing for us!" Valfiel spoke and she held on.

As the sisters readied their instruments, Vargas eagerly awaited for the music which would be better than the howling wind while Selena looked out in the distance to watch the land from far above. The marshlands, snow capped hills, the was all so beautiful from up here.

Soon the two sisters joined with Jack in an upbeat tune, Elyzia strumming on the strings energeticly while Valfiel added her voice to sing her heart out.

"Oh! Wonderful journey! Wonderful journey! Heres the tale of adventure!
Oh! Sailing through the skies! Sailing through the heavens! On the road to adventure!
Oh! Fighting together! Fighting with heroes! Fighting with cartoons! All on the path of adventure!
Alas! Our journey has begun! A brand new journey this will be! Rejoyce! Rejoyce! For this is a tale of adventure!"

This was more of a bards poet than a song, but it made for some catchy music.
Herobrine was suddenly less eager to play his saxophone "I don't think the saxophone would fit in with this kind of music so I'm just going to put it away" he nervously said as he packed his saxophone in its case.
To them it was like flying, and to be technical, it is flying. To Owru though, she was actually propelling herself along space by will alone, rather than flapping at air. From outside, looking in, however, they would look like warped figures through a heat haze, and behind a trail of distorted space. Inside looking out, however, they are simply moving at a swift pace, relatively undisturbed.

Owru glances back for a moment to listen to them playing, while still watching ahead. It is a boon to having three eyes. She had never considered herself to be musically inclined, or talented even remotely in that regard, but even then... she found herself to liken to melody... it certainly beat the heck out of silence for certain.

She then glances as the world below, the changes of scenery, the varieties of flora and fauna, the structure it held and the colors... oh the colors. The world outside the veil was so much different, more real in ways, more tangible, ordered, less chaotic and unforgiving in its nature. This... peacefulness. Even in a world of strife, this place was far more welcoming than the edge... it was... wonderful.

Everything is wonderful on this side.
The music, somewhat experimental with the combination of banjo and guitar, flowed around the draconic form of Owru. One could take this literally, given the nature of the Imagiverse; Music in itself is not that far away from magic, the two being two letters away from each other. The Chosen Ones found themselves tapping their feet and/or hands on the scaly surface to the beat. If one strained their third eye, they could just make out faint colourful patterns, like sheet music incarnated, weaving around Owru, under the wings, around the tail and brushing past the passengers. Jack, somewhat the Steve Vai of the Imagiverse, actually stood up on the neck, much to his comrades' horror, and strummed on the banjo vigorously, tapping his foot, or equivalent thereof, to the beat.
It was uncertain to the Chosen Few how he did not fall off until the sudden realisation crept up on them that they were feeling no air resistance whatsoever. They also noticed that, while still flying at an alarming speed, Owru was not flapping her wings. As always, Owru remained a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Wherever she came from, likely from near the Edge, the laws of physics were obviously completely different, if not non-existent.
Vargas soon found himself clapping to the beat as the musicians went to work. A first time flying along with music, this was a wondful feeling. However at the speed they were going they were already near the tower. It seemed that word had already reached the tower and already monsters from massive open windows in the tower began to run all across the place getting into position.

"Looks like they are ready for us. Pack up the instruments everyone, we are about to engage the enemy." Selena called out to the others and after finishing their song, the sisters put away their musical instrument. "Yeah! I am so fired up! Next time Herobrine let's hear your music!" Valfiel called out as she got ready.

Vargas sat up and stood with his sword drawn.
Herobrine stood up and said "sure, I'll play some music later." Herobrine's arms began to sprout a hard black material that covered his arms. Rosa looked in shock, she questioned 'what exactly is this guy!?'. Herobrine turned his head towards Rosa. Rosa quickly turned her head away from Herobrine and and kept quiet. Herobrine slowly turned his head and looked at the tower, some parts of his arms began to turn into a shade of red.
"H-how unfortunate, I should have paced myself better," she says in disappointment. She descended down into one of the massive windows touching down upon the floor coming to an abrupt stop. The impact, without shock, instead sends out ripples into the floor, warping it as if she had landed upon a puddle. She then looks about at the welcoming committee and lets out a sigh. Another battle, it seems. Her colors begin to shift towards the more purple persuasion, obtaining a more vibrant color palette like Laadan, yet her demeanor remains mostly unchanged, if not slightly more sarcastic and tone becoming less timid and more bold. "Well, I'd rather not judge based on appearances... but I presume talking this it out is out of the question?"

Elsewhere a figure had also made his way into the tower. More stealthy are his methods, through a rip within time and space, a small jester-like being with a strange puppet-like mask with three eye-holes. Subtle, so much so that... the rift closes prematurely, snagging his ragged cloth before he can fully exit, causing him to tumble into a roll and against the tower wall in a most peculiar position. The clownish creature snaps back upright and flees, cowering into a corner, pin spots of eyes deep within darting about in desynchronized directions. The strange clown finds he has drawn no attention, that the guardians of this place have far more pressing issues to attend to.

"Curiouser and curioser," the being mutters in a warped high pitch voice, opting to sneak behind anything and everything as he follows one of the guardians with a presence so unimpressive that he may as well be a mouse an ever so slight jingle with his every step. He then peers out from behind a doorway, watching a rather unusual band of misfits making their grandiose entrance. "And curiouser still."
"Alright lads, you know the drill," Max would yell as the Chosen Ones jumped off Owru. "Let's get to the top of that tower!" The group of heroes would yell their own battle cries.
"Toons of the world, unite!"
"Let loose the pugs of war!"
"Lay down your weapons and no one'll get hurt!"
Jack would run up the dragon's neck and leap from it's head, the banjo still in his hands. He would slam the base of the banjo on a demon's head, stunning it, and would disorientate it further by kicking it somewhere in the pelvic regions.
Fancy would charge at another monster and slash at it diagonal-down. Adam would attempt to behead another with a sideways slash. Finally, Max would attempt an uppercut on a demon which would catapult it through one of the large windows.
"Burn my soul Dandelga, and let us eliminate our foes!" Vargas roared as he ran up the dragons back and jumped off as well, his form was soon earthed in fire and crashed deep behind the monster and demon formations with a big explosion. He soon began to engage every enemy that even dared to get remotely close to him.

Selena sighed as she watched her ally go into the thick of the enemy. "To answer your questions Rosa, Herobrine is a demon that absorbs fallen demons to gain more power. He is also a jerk that plays tricks on people and makes them relive things they don't want..." She glared at Herobrine through her entire explanation before turning to face the new personality that replaced Orwu. "Great to meet you, however let us clear the tower before we know your name." She nodded as he jumped off the dragon and landed in the massive empty clearing Vargas had made to watch his back.

The two sisters both decided to join with the toons leaving the more dangerious battle to the heroes. Witch their scythes in hand(and musical instruments tucked away) they assisted the toons as the monsters began to swarm.

The monsters and demons soon poured from all direction, some flying ones even swooping through windows. They were hell Henry on defending the tower.
Herobrine jumped off the dragon and landed in the clearing. "I said I was sorry, but those weren't your memories they were mine, I can remove them if you want me to" Herobrine suggested.

Rosa jumped off the dragon and landed many meters away from Herobrine (because she is afraid of him) "I'll just be over here" Rosa stated while beginning to sit down.

"No need to be afraid of me, I only pick on people who can fight back" Herobrine gave Rosa a comforting smile. "Oh and hold onto this for me please" Herobrine took off his hoodie and threw it to Rosa.

"Oh... umm ok" Rosa said quietly as she caught Herobrine's hoodie.

Herobrine charged into Battle attacking every single demon that came into his view.
"Still Owru, I think, just borrowin' strength of will from one my siblings," she responds quickly, her dialect becoming slightly more coarse. She then swings her entire body around swatting multiple monsters and demons with her tail that popped in from the window behind her. "Better that way, she'd be eatin' the tower."

With that she began to bound around the field, somewhat more showy than her normal performance of support. Eyes squinted, she stands up on her legs and folds both her lower arms, goading the guardians of the temple into attacking her, before boxing each of them with her upper arms. Despite her light weight, the strikes carry a powerful force, hurling them through the air.

"I can see why Laadan likes being big, you feel unstoppable," she exclaims, cracking into laughter, cut short as she gets thwacked on the back of the head by a demon. In response the draws back her neck thwacking the demon back. She then holds out her arms and shakes her head. "Well, almost! Ha ha! Ow. Who else wants to play!?"
Swarms of demons were now attempting to surround the toons, with little success. Several defenders were now running around without their heads like chickens, the wounds smoking from the holy zeal of Adam's sword. Demons were limping away from the fight covered in lacerations from the giant pencil that Fancy was now swinging with almost-ballerina grace. Jack was somewhere within the fray, bouncing on several demons' heads and whacking them with his now dismantled banjo. Somewhere else, demons exploded in a circle around Max, whose ground slam sent waves of expended kinetic energy around him.
"Are we gonna stay here and fend of these demons forever or are we heading up?" yelled Adam within the crowd of headless demons.
A guardian was catapulted into a flying demon by Max, knocking them both down. "Make way!" Max said, carving a path to the nearest staircase with force the cave trolls must have used carving the mountains of the primal worlds. "We've got somewhere to go!"
"We are heading up this tower! Now get out of my way monsters!" Vargas began to carve his way to the stairs slashing apart anything that got in his way, Selena right behind him.

The two sisters pushed with the toons. Carefully cutting them down with their scythes.

Hunters of monsters and demons continued to assault them still.
Herobrine quickly noticed that everyone else I heading up the tower, he quickly ran to Rosa and grabbed her arm " we wouldn't want to leave you here to face all of the enemies alone" Herobrine exclaimed as he dragged Rosa with him to the tower. Herobrine quickly caught up with everyone else.
Owru made her way up the stairs, charging through whatever unfriendly got in her way. Just how far were they going to have to go to get to this gate? Wouldn't it have been easier to provide this from the start with minimal drama? Then again, the other gods would likely become suspicious. "At least it won't be dull, I suppose."

As she charges onward, she caught a hint of something from the corner of her mind, an alarm rings from the pit of her being, not noticing the jester-like creature that was hidden in a corner.

"Another outsideUFF," the jester exclaims, puppet-like mouth hinging open as he's trampled underfoot by Owru. "Ow..."

"What," she mutters, looking around to see nothing. "Coulda sworn I heard someone."
The toons would follow the others up the stairs, shaking a few determined demons off their feet. Among the swarm of defenders crowding the stairs, they never noticed the trans-dimensional jester, even when they trampled over it in their effort to head to the top. They did, however, feel something odd when they stepped on a small area of stairs, which felt like congealed air.
"Did you feel something?" said Adam.
"Feel what?" said Fancy.
"... Oh. Thought I stepped on a demon there. What do you think their made of here?"
"Oh, I don't know," snarked Max. "The same stuff the monsters are made of? I mean, they're probably the same thing, just with different names."
"Now you mentioned it," said Jack slowly, as if coming to a worrying conclusion. "I think I did feel thomething down there. Felt kinda thwuithy."
A crowded silence followed as they contemplated this.
"Yeah, that's what I felt," said Adam. "Like if you made clothes out of jelly."
Another silence.
"Do you think there are more than one Outsider out there?" said Fancy. "I mean, Owru can't be the only one-"
"Shut up," said Max.
The two sisters soon ran up the stairs when they stepped on something that was not exactly a floor. Of course there was still a horde of very angry monsters and demons after them so they did not have the time to look around. "Woah!...that was weird. What was that sis? Did they just leave a cushion inside the stairs?" Valfiel asked as she took a very quick look around.

"It was weird, but let's focus more on not getting killed sis..." Elyzia replied as she ran.

Vargas soon caught up with the others and marched up his stairs thundering on the stairs and eventually stomped on something soft. He did not pay it any mind however. And Selena was right behind him stepping on something soft. She did look behind her to see what it was but returned to running up the stairs.
Herobrine followed everyone up the stairs still dragging Rosa by the arm, even though he stepped on something soft he just kept running.
"Ouch," the jester mutters, trampled underfoot, not once, but several times in mere seconds between. "Next time... ceiling."

With that the Jester pops back into shape from his flattened condition, then bounds upwards like a rocket, passing through each floor, the physical state of each being momentarily disrupted, briefly taking on a rippling effect like gelatin. "May as well see the destination, rather than the path, would be far less... pressing. Haha."

"These guys are incorrigible," Owru exclaims, looking back, shaking off an unwelcome passenger on her tail. She then looks over at Vargas. "Ey, tiger, got any idea how many stairs this thing has? I feel like if it is too far, it'll be worse for you guys with... y'know, lungs."
"Gods, this is boring," muttered Adam. "Why can't Maxwell just, you know, install an elevator or something instead of having us climb stairs?"
"I don't think she's the type to make life easier for others," said Fancy. "She must think this is some sort of test."
"What, climbing a hundred stories of stairs?" said Max. "I don't remember that being a test of someone's heroism. You don't hear tales of how Hrun the Barbarian once climbed up a flight of stairs and got a medal for it."
"You'd never know, would you?" said Jack. "They probably leave that detail out of the legendth. Maketh it more interethting."
In their bickering, they were completely unaware of parts of the tower shuddering as if the entire fabric of matter contained within the tower was disrupted.
"We have one more floor to go! We did enter from pretty high up so watch the air...going to get thin when he get to the roof!" Vargas called out as the remaining wave of monsters guarding the roof of the tower began to stampede their way.

One last wave until they made it!
Herobrine slowed down due to the lack of oxygen, but he still kept running. Rosa passed out due to the lack of oxygen.

"I'll be fine but Rosa is slowing me down a bit, who wants to carry her" Herobrine asked. Herobrine noticed the slight disruption in the walls but he egnored it because he thought Owru was creating it.
"Totally jinxed that, didn't I," Owru mutters, looking back at the first to pass out as she slaps a demon silly and throws it behind her in a wide arc. With a sigh, her tail tip broadens out and curls into a bowl shape, creating a makeshift cradle. She then snaps her fingers and points to Herbrine. "Eyyy, I gotcha covered, Slugger! Just drop 'er in, it'll be like sleepin' on air!"

She catches some glimpses of distortions in the floor and walls then snaps a glance at Vargas.

"Ey, Tiger! Tell me, spacial disruption normal here, cuz that ain't me, ight?"
The Chosen Few staggered a bit when they fully took into account the spacial disruptions rippling across the tower. In their confusion, they thought one of the steps suddenly sunk down and then sprang up again, launching Fancy forward a few steps. This is definitely not normal behaviour for a building. Either Maxwell was having a bit of fun, or something had found it's way in.
Besides that, they noticed that the air was getting rather thin. Being experienced adventurers, they settled for breathing less, in an attempt to preserve oxygen supply. One last floor and they'll be out of here. Max elbowed an attacking demon behind him in the abdominal regions, catapulting it into a crowd of it's comrades.
"Tiger?....What's a tiger?...Wait never mind that! Spacial distruption are not uncommon, but they don't usually happen. Most of the time it's usually more portals bringing in reinforcements, or a mass of energy being produced, or something is bad happening." Vargas called out as he focused more on incinerating the enemy than the strange happening. Selena however noticed this while engaging the enemy. Her guard was much higher now, including the two sisters who felt the strange anomaly.
"Wait what's a slugger?? Never mind, here take Rosa" Herobrine handed Rosa over to Owru. Herobrine didn't run faster because he wasn't carrying Rosa, he just didn't want to carry her anymore.
With Rosa in tow she continued her way up the tower, the spacial disruptions had pretty well faded and she has yet to see the culprit. It wasn't that she even sensed the perpetrator aside from a very faint residual.

"Ight, I gotter," she responds to Herobrine. "Y'think there's some boss monster at the top, like in Cells and Centaurs?"
"Cells and Centaurs?" said Adam. "Never heard of that game. I played Moblins and Wyverns but not Cells and Centaurs."
"Oh, there are tons of "Moblins and Wyverns" rip-off games," said Max. "Like that one I found the other day, Cellars and Raptors."
"At any rate," Fancy said slightly loudly. "I'd be surprised if there isn't a big guy at the top of this tower. There's usually a monster about twice the size of the usual goons standing by the portal with a mace or something."
"Don't thay that!" exclaimed Jack. "We don't know what we'll find up there, but don't give them ideath."
"Well we don't have to wait very long! Up these stairs!" Vargas called out as he pointed up the stairs which led to the open sky. The Grand Gaian's all charged up the stairs and that's when they saw the guardian of the tower.

One of the creators machines, a massive mechanical machine. It was a few stories tall, looked quite heavy and bulky. And sparks of lighting arced around it. It was grand, it was massive did not stay for very long. In the distance a figure came crashing down with both sword and axe in hand. With one blow a chunk of the machine was cleaved apart and sent flying off the tower. The source of this was none other than Kira.

"Like I would let that machine deal with you lot...I have some payback for each and every one of you...You damned creature, that wannabe demon, the cartoon looking rejects, the harlet that struck me from behind, the stupid duo of flies...and the burning idiot..." Kira's gaze glared at each one of them. And it was full of murderious intent.

"And I see you brought a soldier from the God army with you. As useless as ever they are...They talk loud but are useless, must make being a half breed twice as useless...Make that entirely useless, she seems to be passed out. Makes killing you all much more easier..." He chuckled darkly. The monsters and demons that were chasing them stopped in their tracks. They seemed afraid to go up on the roof now.
At the sight of Kira Herobrine was filled with blood curdling rage, cracks formed in the skin near his eyes, and his eyes became a shade of red.

A very large and very thick cloud of red appeared, the cloud surrounded everyone. The cloud was made from the hundreds of fallen demons. Streams of the demonic energy began to flow into Herobrine's body. The cloud quickly disappeared as it was absorbed by Herobrine. Herobrine chuckled demonically "You must have a death wish" Herobrine said as he glared at Kira.
Owru skids to a halt as she gives a look up at the massive automaton. She stands up tall and crosses her arms, sizing up her foe before letting out a confident, "ha!"

"He's big f'sho, but don't look so tough," she says, before the massive guardian is sliced through by a new arrival rendering the machine useless. The jester from before, barely noticeable, falls off from his roost atop the guardian, landing on his face some feet away. Owru hardly noticed, instead hearing the boisterous claims of the man before them, how he wants revenge and what not. " Dude... who are you, again? You are in the way. What, really? Geez, so you are that agro nutjob that attacks people all rando? Laadan is still unhappy wit ya, y'know?"

Owru twists her head, looking confused, then concerned, at Herobrine as he grows agitated at the sight of Kira, so much so that it radiates off him, literally.

"Woah, wha... you know him too?"

The jester had hidden himself within a dark suit of armor he conjured up, looking out at the mayhem to ensue.

"Well, well, this little play has it all," he mutters. "Chaos, revenge, passion, plot twists, witty one-liners... not... so witty threats, though."
Upon reaching the spire of the tower, the Chosen Few analysed the guardian. It was a colossal automaton standing dormant by the portal to the next region. They would steel themselves up for the upcoming battle...
Which was for someone else, who merely cut the mechanical giant in half. When the newcomer jumped down, they recognised the upstart who started the journey, by causing havoc in the Imagiverse Centre. He seemed rather vexed about every one of them.
"Who are you calling a reject?" snapped Adam.
"Who are you calling cartoon-lookin'?" snapped Jack, possibly the most cartoon-looking out of all of them.
"So, you want a rematch?" said Max, crossing his arms. "You do know you're outnumbered eleven... ten to one, don't you? You didn't quite beat us when there was just Laadan fighting you; what makes you think you can beat all of us?"
"Dude," said Fancy, making calming motions. "We don't have to do this-"
Max turned to Fancy so quickly it was as if a giant hand twisted him around. "You're pissing me off, Fancy, do you know that?" The stick figure would look momentarily glum before brandishing his pencil. However, behind Kira, the group thought they saw some movement. They were certain there wasn't a suit of armour there before.
"You damned creature...You forgot my name. Then let me remind you because in a few minutes I will etch my name in your skull!" Kira gripped the weapons tighter as his form was surrounded with energy, much more energy than before. Both of his weapons began to glow, one sheathed in and the other in darkness and a pair of wings sprouted from his back to which he rose into the air.

"You are not the only thing that can get stronger Herobrine! I feed off of energy in the Demon World like a sponge. But that sponge has infinite space! I will show you all true power! Then I will show those 'gods' that they should have never messed with me in the first place!" Kira's weapons soon transformed. His axe was almost double it's size and his sword was more clean looking, and more sharper. Added to that swords of light energy swirled around him. "Now this is power! Now who do I attack first...Oh wait, I think I will attack all of you at the same time!" Kira pointed his axe at them as the magic swords around him aimed the sharp end at them and flew directly at them all.

"Oh this is going to be a real battle! I look forward to aa battle against this foe!" Vargas roared as the magical sword was blocked by his sword to which the two began to clash blades with eacthother. Selena defended against her sword just as well. "Someone wake up Rosa and defend her! She is a sitting offense Jack..." She called out.

Elyzia and Valfiel were having a bit of trouble but held on against the incoming swords. "If you can survive this, I wonder which one of you shall strike me first! If there is anyone that is brave enough to face me!" Kira chuckled darkly.
"Not only can I absorb the energy of fallen demons, I can leach the demonic energy straight from you." Herobrine said with a grin as he dodged the incoming attacks. Rosa began to slowly gain consciousness. Herobrine's tendrils drilled out from the ground attempting to attach to Kira and potentially leach his demonic energy and give it to Herobrine.
Owru stands straight, her wings reverting to a cape of sorts, her shape returning to that of her more traditional, yet still bestial owing from the portion of Laadan still being utilized. She then reaches out and jams her hand into her own chest. In tow, she still held Rosa behind her.

"Here you are, complaining, spieling about power and being strong again," drawing out from the portal of her chest she pulls forth a strange warped blade made of her own ethereal energy, warping and twisting bluish energy around a core of black, warping anything seen through it like through a severe heat haze. It isn't so much an actual blade, as it held no true physical edge or hilt, but the shape and general way it was being held gave the impression of one. With a swing she clashes against the magical blades, with a strange hollow ringing sound following after. "The more you talk, the less you seem to even understand what power is, bleating at the heavens, tryna make them notice you for... who knows why. You've grown stronger physically, I'll give you that much, hombre, but the Demon World, really? Is any of this power even really... you? This is all innately mine!"

With another swing she clashes again, this time sending out a fluctuating wave of ghostly blue energy in Kira's direction.

"And for the record, mack, I am not 'creature', I am Owru!"
Each Chosen One reacted to the upcoming swords in their own ways; Adam deflected one with a slash from his own sword, causing it to pin itself to the flagstones, and run towards the flying warrior. Fancy Pants would leap over the sword in a corkscrew, the weapon barely missing his shorts, before landing and charging. Jack would fling himself sideways to the ground, covering his head briefly as if expecting a whole lot of pain; instead, he would glance back at the sword zooming past him, scrambling upright and getting out his seltzer bottle. Max would step to the side, letting the sword pass him a foot before grabbing it by the handle, stopping it almost in place. He would then swing and throw the sword directly back at Kira before running towards him.
As one, the Chosen Few let out their attacks. Adam would swing at Kira's ankles. Jack would fire carbonated water into his face. Fancy would leap up from behind him and slash at his wings, attempting to ground him. Even if that failed, Max would jump with Hulk-like force and slam Kira into the ground.
Vargas after thoroughly shattering the magical blade took to the skies and charged at Kira. Selena fired of shards of ice magic at Kira and the two sisters launched two waves of dark energy at Kira. "All at once? Now this is a decently fair fight." Kira laughed as he raised his sword into the air and with a slash, the force of his slash caused a magical tornado to form right on top of him defending against the assault everyone would throw at him. Anyone caught in the tornado would be pulled in by the force to be spun around like a merry-go-round at sonic speeds before being spat out, the magical projectiles would lose most of their effectiveness to either join with the tornado or impact Kira with low force and regular projectiles simply got carried by the wind.. For the tendrils appearing under him, he swung his axe under him sending a massive wave of energy below him destroying the ground in the process and multiple floors under him.

"I think I know who to kill first! Owru was it? I will carve my name Kira into your skull like I promised!" Kira roared and with a swing of his axe the tornado sailed forward directly at Orwu and the force did not pull him very much as it passed him. Once done with that he raised both his blades into the air just waiting for the others to attack.
Herobrine leapt into the air attempting to punch Kira with a fist charged with demonic energy. Rosa regained consciousness due to the large sound from the destruction of the tower.
With the tornado on a collision course towards her, her antennae being pulled towards it, flailing in the suction, Owru's eyes narrow, looking finally serious.

"And I will drill some sense into yours," Owru roars back, stomping one foot down, then the next, each with a resounding hallow thump, then flipping her blade into the air and drawing all four of her arms out, as a surge of force shoots out from her body, her eyes flaring into a bright blue haze. Watching it get closer, waiting briefly, then with great speed she begins to strike at the air, each swing getting faster and faster until her arms are just a blurry flurry of blows. With each swing a burst sent hurdling towards the twister, not magical energy, but the force, the air itself being shot out from the intensity of each strike, finally finishing by drawing back with all four arms and striking out with all four palms open, then catches her blade with her upper right hand again. "ATATATATATA-ATATATA WATAAAAH!"

"Seriously," the totally not suspicious lone suit of armor murmurs wearily.
The assault was an almost complete failure. Not only is he still airborne, but Kira has now spawned a tornado above him which has Max within it. Despite his mass, the twister was spinning him with almost supersonic speed, the only noise above the roaring of the tornado was "aaa-AAAA-aaaa-AAAA-aaaa....". The others would dodge Kira's axe and run to the edge of the floor as it begun to crumble below them, clinging on to the battlements.
"Damn, I thought we had him," said Adam to Fancy.
"Next time, let's not be too sure on the outcome, Adam," responded Fancy accusingly.
The two would look down and find Jack clinging on to the wall on the previous floor. Above them, they heard the muffled cry of "Godsdamn seltzer water!"
"Can thomeone pathh me a rope or thomething?" called the distant voice.
"Stay right there, Jack, I think Owru's dissipating the tornado," called out Fancy, as Max slammed into a lower wall, which dented from the impact. From the edge of hearing, they heard a muffled groan.
"What's the plan, then?" said Adam.
"I think it's best that we wait for the right moment," decided Fancy, as Owru let hell loose on the levitating warrior.
Vargas got back up and he was flung by the tornado taking the moment to regain his bearings. Selena was alright for the moment however the force of the tower getting hit by such a powerful wave of energy causing the two sisters to cough up dust.

Kira noticed that Owru was destroying the tornado and Herobrine was charging at him. Raising his axe into the air his weapon began to glow with energy. "Good, I'll wipe you out first along with everyone on the tower. Xeno Telios!" Kira roared as a massive wave of energy like a tsunami was sent directly at the whole tower.

Vargas soon took to the skies, his whole body on fire. Infinity Nova! Don't let him destroy the tower or else we are going to have problems getting to the next continent on time!" He roared as he clashed with the wave to support Herobrines assault. Selena also supported against the massive attack. "Last Blizzard." She sent a massive wave of ice that kept on hitting the wave.

The two sisters did not have much of continuous magic to pressure the attack so they had to wait for an opening.
Herobrine grunted angerly as he let out a large wave of energy that will neutralize any demonic energy nearby. "Wait what's going on!?" Rosa questioned.
"An attack carried out by an overly inflated ego... hardly the best thing to wake up to," Owru says, looking back at Rosa while letting her down safely on the remaining ground. Owru then morphs her blade into an orb and holds it out in her upper right palm, she then launches herself towards the tsunami of energy, a distortion ring formed from the sudden burst of speed on takeoff, the disc warping around her making her appear as a distorted comet, and slamming the orb against it in front of her like a shield, the impact sending out a rippling shockwave against it.

Eyes forward, squinting from the pressure. Her focus was not the wave, but rather through it, straight at Kira. The orb wasn't just a thing to use for impact, it had a spiraling force, drilling against Kira's attack, ribbons of energy spiraling around it, and Owru herself, her body shaking as she continues to push forward.

"Ergh! First piece of sense I'm drilling into you," she yells as she keeps on the pressure, her antennae and flaps flailing violently against the clash of forces. "Be it pride or a feeling of inadequacy, or some other equally self-centered motive, should you win, continue this, and fail, you'll drag everyone else down with you, all because you wanted everything to be your way! I don't think you exactly grasp that, but I'm going to be sure I hammer that point in real soon!"
The Chosen Two who were holding on to the battlements buckled against the wave of energy that spread across the tower. Several bricks fell off as Max dug himself out of the dent in the wall below and gripped onto a windowsill. "I hope you've got a better idea, Fancy, because if we don't do something, this whole tower's going down!" the Robloxian yelled.
"Right, right," said Fancy. "Adam, that sword of yours..."
"Can it, you know... discharge its energy in any way?"
"Oh yeah, good idea." Adam would aim his sword straight at Kira, the blade glowing like a sun. When the glow reached its apex, Adam forcefully jabbed the blade, and a beam of light streaked towards the upstart, piercing through the wave of energy like a shark's fin, joining Owru's attack.
Kira growled as the combined might of his foes pushed through aimed right for him. "You think I care for anyone else?! You know nothing you damned---Agh!" The force of everyone combined dissipated most of the wave from hitting the tower and slammed into Kira who let put a grunt and was thrown higher into the air.

He took higher into the heavens and narrowed his eyes. "You think I care about what you say?! In this world only the strong have survived the tides of death! In this world the one who brings death is to be feared! I will destroy this land just to destroy you all, then I am going after that Karna Marta clown!" Kira soon began to channel a massive amount of energy around him as the skies darken. "In this world...The weak should be destroyed just to fuel the strong...And you all will find that true in a minute..." He growled.
Herobrine began to absorb the energy that Kira was channeling. Powerful black material began to form on Herobrine's entire body except for his head. Rosa stood up, and began back away from the Battle. "I-I'll just stay over here" Rosa stuttered. Herobrine's right arm morphed into a large blade, his left arm began to pulse with demonic energy. Herobrine charged at Kira with the intent of slicing Kira to bits.
Owru sighs as she stops adrift in the air, her head down.

"Idiot," she mutters, crossing her lower arms and holding out her upper arms, a pulse like a heartbeat sending a ripple through the fabric of space. "Who are you to speak about the struggles of life and death, one who's set himself apart, removed from the daily struggle of others? Who are you to speak to me of fear and death? Where I was born, to die is to mean being erased, every moment of your very existence stripped from time itself like you never existed, or to be consumed and everything of yours, every cherished moment, stolen by somebody else."

Owru then raises her head, from each side of her hands, two holes open within space causing gentle ripples across space, and through them a soft silvery light emits. She rotates her arms, then places the palms of her hands together in front of her chest, and as she does so, the holes of light cut into the fabric of space itself, carving out a glowing circle,

"Perhaps though, the way this world has treated those even slightly different has played its part in the way you perceive things, I've noted the divide that seems to exist due to... superficial differences. Fear is perhaps the only way you think you can ever be accepted in this reality. Regardless... I call upon the world from behind the looking glass, the sleeping world of Nod, to invoke the spoken word!"

The space within the circle bursts like a bubble, bits of distortion of space float adrift like droplets of water, and light shoots forth from the hole created, a silvery film creates what appears to be a kind of rippling mirror. Behind it is a world composed of a series of disconnected islands afloat around a massive white tree, above a blue moon, cracked open, pours water endlessly upon one of the larger landmasses in a great waterfall, creating a river upon it and a lake in the center, then pouring out below into a dark abyss. It was a world purely of Owru's creation, and yet it was silent, lacking in any sign of people aside from mere reflections through scattered empty and incomplete structures, like ruins of a society that never was. The looking glass begins rotating, straight over Owru, each time it passes through her, she disappears, then reappears as another of her incarnations withe following pass, Laadan, then Chuza, then Zilthai, and likewise the image behind the mirror is that of another world, then finally stopping with a loud ring, adrift now, a form before unseen, something akin to a humanoid young woman wearing an ornate hoodie, her skin pure white, eyes obscured and white bangs hanging down like Owru's antennae. The mirror itself bursts into a multitude of droplets, each reflecting the image within of a different world.

"Myriad Converge: Lucidity," she cries out, her voice a combination of all her selves in union. She opens up her cupped hands, the orb floating outwards, the series of... "reality droplets", as they could be called are sucked towards it and collect together into a mass that shoots out straight at Kira, like a liquid comet, sending out rippling rings out through space as it travels. The force behind it held no violence or rage, it was more like the kind of force from before that softly cancelled against the more violent demonic force, but more abundant now, more refined. She intended to counter, not Kira, but instead the nature of his power itself, his fury to stave off his next attack and perhaps even, she hopes, to open the means to end this.

"What... well, there's a fine joke," the hidden jester mutters to himself, the armor rattling about restlessly. "An attack that is not an attack? How absurd, how... disappointing. Haha! What is this, what's up with that?"
The few who were not busy climbing to the top merely watched with awe as what could be called the "looking glass" opened up to reveal the world of Nod. The place before them held unusual sights - or at least, unusual within the standards of the conscious Imagiverse; a group of floating isles hovering around a great white tree and a cracked blue moon leaking water as a waterfall into a river into a lake. Before they were certain that this was a place within the Edge, but now they were plagued with thoughts that they were unfamiliar with, as if the mere sight was projecting eldritch ideas into their minds. They have heard of Pocket Worlds, alternate versions of existing realms within the Imagiverse, but the world they were seeing now presented them an enigma that, before, they never contemplated; is one figment's mind enough to create worlds? If so, they were staring into the manifestation of the fragmented mind of an Outsider, a being left unfinished within the cold depths of mind-space. No wonder Owru's so schizophrenic.
Their unnerving thoughts were interrupted from a grumbling nearby, sourcing from the inconspicuous suit of armour they noticed beforehand. Fancy tore his gaze towards Adam, who gave him a shrug which said "give it a try". On that note, the stick figure would begin to edge his way towards the possibly possessed suit.
Kira's face contorted in anger as his power was being neutralized by Owru's 'attack'. "I don't need my energy to strike you down then! I'll kill you all with my own hands then!" He yelled as he charged at Herobrine and slammed swords with him. Vargas soon appeared by Kira's side and as he goes for his swing Kira blocks with his axe.

With only two possible arms, Valfiel and Elyzia rush to Selena's side and carry her to the skies so she could assist the others in the assault. With scythes raised they impaled Kira from behind with their scythes, and all Kira did was let out a grunt. Selena also followed up by jumping from the two, and plunging her sword through Kira's chest. "This is...nothing!" He spat out some blood as he kept his weapons against Vargas and Herobrine.
Before Herobrine could be affected by Owru's attack, he quickly punched Kira in the gut with his left arm, which sent a powerful jolt of energy through Kira.
Rosa continued to nervously stare at the Battle.
Owru stares at the battle, adrift and relatively motionless after her display, quickly reminded that, while lacking it herself, really cannot stand the sight of blood, causing her to wince. With this going on, she begins to gradually melt back into her previous form, her hoodie beginning to cover her body.

"I believe that power is not the necessity of destruction, but rather the facilitation of creation... or sumthin like that," she says, trying to avoid any further eye contact with the battle. She had expended a good portion of the strength she had in this state, in ways deeper than mere physical fatigue. Gradually her colors begins to literally melt back to her neutral "normal" Owru state. "I can't reciprocate your aggressive feelings... properly? I mean, living for revenge and dying for revenge, what does it even mean? It is like you've squashed your entire life down into one tiny little ball and that is all it ever was, is, and ever will be. I don't understand. In any case, we are going to end that stupid cycle."

"Well, this here is a fine lesson, brains before brawns, haha," the jester mutters, not noticing the stickman encroaching upon his "totally not suspicious" hiding spot. "What is this one's game? This touchy feely thing... totally some ruse right? Gonna bite off his head, yeah? There is always a punchline!"
Now all four have reached the top of the tower. Whilst Fancy edged closer to the muttering suit of armour, Max tended to his bionic arm, which had now begun to change physically, panels shifting and bulking as a hole opened up in the palm. A large glow first emanated from the hole, before Max pressed a few buttons on his arm, then the glow, still as bright as a searchlight, shrunk to a pinpoint in the middle. "Not gonna go for a full beam, 'cause that might hit the others," he called to his comrades. "So I'm gonna go for a precision beam!"
As he says this, he aims his arm like a sniper rifle, pointing directly at Kira's head. By now, Fancy was about three metres from the suit of armour. As not to disturb whatever was hiding in it, he shuffled behind it, his pencil unsheathed.
Max would "tense" his bionic cannon arm, firing a thin beam of blue plasma, darting towards the direction of Kira's right ear.
As Herobrine punched Kira, his body would be impaled deeper in the two scythes and the sword already stuck in his body causing blood to start dripping at an alarming rate. His hold on his weapons grew weak enough that Vargas slashed the axe from Kira's grip and stabbed him with his sword adding to the pinchusion.

"You...Know...Nothing!...The Gods played me like a puppet...and for that they paid with their blood...but that damned Emperor...Damn him!...I refuse to die! Not until you all die first!..." Kira howled as blood continued to drip and that's when a beam picked off his right ear. He coughed more blood as his life was fading in his eyes. "D-Damn...D-Damn...I should...have...died...Die..." Suddenly he began to laugh like a maniac. "And you will all die!...I will take you all with me!..." His body soon began to glow like he was going to self destruct using his own power to destroy everyone gathered near him!

"Get away from him and hit the ground!" Vargas yelled as he tore his sword away and jumped down the hole in the tower that Kira previously created. The other Grand Gaian's followed shorty afterwards as Kira continued to glow. "This is our world!...Only death and despair marks this world!...a rule plagued by Gods and demons!...And now I end my own existence to burn away yours!...NOW DIE!" He glared at Orwu as he was nearing his critical mass.
Herobrine began to quickly absorb Kira's energy. "If you really want to be the strongest, you shouldn't be giving me all of your power. I didn't choose to become what I am, I was rejected by everyone, I grew up alone, with no friends and no parents. I understand how you feel, of wanting to destroy the person who ruined your life. But now you're going to die and people will remember you as the hard headed wimp who was defeated by us!!" Herobrine yelled at Kira as he opened a portal to hell right behind Kira.

Rosa froze in fear.
The look in Owru's eyes was only pity in return to Kira's spite, she lifted her head and stared straight.

"I'm sorry," is the only thing she could respond with, remorse in this being the only way it could end, and that she could do nothing to prevent it. With that she looks away and grimly breaks for the tower.

"Oh... OH, wuh-oh," the jester exclaims, bursting forth from the armor, sending the slowly dissolving pieces clattering upon the ground a. He falls flat upon the remaining tower floor, the helm of the armor still upon his head.
There was a moment of brief panic as the Chosen Few looked for somewhere to hide behind. The suit of armour Fancy was hiding behind had fallen apart, producing a strange jester-like creature, and was now dissolving. "Ohshitohshitohshitohshit-"
"Hit the deck!" bellowed Max, falling flat on the ground, followed by the others. They edged next to the battlements to prevent the initial launch from knocking them off the tower.
As Herobrine began to absorb his energy Kira's smile grew. "Oh I knew you would do that...You foolish...moron..." Kira spits blood in his face as he laughs. "Oh you are gathering energy...not the kind that makes you stronger...the kind that causes your power to go out of control..." He laughs as a burning sensation was felt inside Herobrine.

" wanna send me to hell?...I have been to hell twice and walked away...A third time sounds fun...too bad...I wont have anything left once I wipe my existence from this world..." Kira laughed and his energy was about to hit the max it can go.

Of course Vargas realized they were missing two people. A certain Herobrine and Rosa. Gritting his teeth he forced himself outside of safety and ran over to Rosa and picked her up. "I don't know how you even became a soldier if you are going to be paralyzed with fear! But I am not letting you die!" Vargas gave a brave smile as he ran back to the hole but by the time he reached it Kira and his energy inside of Herobrine glowed white.

"Inverse! Heaven!" Kira maniacally laughed as he exploded. Herobrine took the full brunt of the force, and Vargas positioned himself to use his body as a shield for Rosa taking the full brunt of it. The whole skies turned colorless as Kira exploded with the force that would severely wound even a god. No sound was heard as well as it everything went mute and deaf. Everyone's vision would also go white stopped as suddenly as it started.

Herobrine would live, but thanks to his bullheaded nature not only did he take an explosion to the face but the inside of his body was out of wack at the moment. His energy and power was currently out of synch meaning he would feel very nauseous and dizzy.

Vargas was fine, his back was damaged a bit but he smiled as he looked down at Rosa. "And they wonder why we could kill gods. That was just a taste of what we heroes had to deal with." Vargas laughed as he was just fine.
Herobrine's energy became unstable and lethal, the demonic black material began to disappear in some areas and the areas that still had demonic material began to grow spikes and become deformed, some of the black demonic material began to form on the left side of his face, his left eye glowed with demonic energy while the other eye returned back to its regular colour, Herobrine's teeth sharpened into fangs, his left and right arm morphed into large claws which pulsed with demonic energy, Herobrine began to grow a tail which also pulsed with demonic energy. The portal to hell closed, Herobrine stood where Kira once was, not in sadness or grieve, Herobrine didn't know what kind of power he was feeling, but he liked it and he wanted more. Herobrine quietly growled.

Rosa remained and deeply blushed as she tried not to look at Vargas.
Owru regaining her senses after the blast, simply stares up where Kira once was. He was so dead set on winning that nothing else mattered, not even his life, and willingly chose to end it upon a last ditch effort to do so. He had chosen the easiest route. And yet it felt like she could have done more, said more, anything. It matters little now, however, he chose his path, as inane as it was. Herobrine was now acting strange and looking strange, she wonders why he didn't take cover with them as it was clear he was going to self destruct. She also wonders how long this will last.

"Is the gate still functional," she asks as she gets up.

Elsewhere the short figure takes off the helmet on his head, which also disintegrates in a green light, like the rest of the manifested armor.

"I'll give the guy this much," the jester begins to say. "He knows how to leave an impression, hah!"
After a while, the blinding light faded from their vision. The first thing heard from either of them was a yelp, sourcing from Fancy knocking the fire off his two-dimensional hair. A breath of relief sourced from the rest. Two opponents who went down laughing. John would have had a lot of fun here. Well, either that or chide them for being silly, like the crooked hypocrite he was.
As soon as the thought evaporated from the collective, the Chosen Few would, one by one, turn their heads towards the jester-like creature, as if first acknowledging it's existence. In some strange way, it was similar to Owru, as it possessed a form that denied that it had ever read the rules of physics. It consisted of a ragged purple robe, with three tentacle-like appendages extruding out of the hood, comparable to a jester's hat. Under that hood was a pale green mask, although they couldn't make out anything beyond it, and felt slightly relieved for that fact.
In their confusion of the short figure, they haven't noticed the change that came over Herobrine.
Vargas looked down at Rosa who was has her head turned looked flushed. Vargas unaware that it was himself who caused it assumed she was embarrassed because of her actions of falling unconscious and staying still in fear. "Don't be so flustered. If you want I can train you into a fine warrrior that won't be scared off easily and be able to fight and withstand the environment!" He laughed to himself as he hopefully had someone to train, Let along a former God army soldier. Now that was irony.

For Selena however, the sight of the now demonic looking Herobrine caused her to narrow her eyes at him. It was clear that his power may have become out of control. Chances are he may be much more different than before. She did not lower her guard however she decided to ignore it only for right now. "The gate...It should still be operational. It was only formed on top of the tower so it should be alright. Getting up to it now that most of the way is gone...Vargas. If you are finished flirting with her come over here." She called out as she looked at Vargas.

Vargas simply shrugged his shoulders. "I was not flirting by the way, I was only offering her training so she can actually fight alongside everyone else. She is more girly than you Sel." He laughed as he placed Rosa on the ground and walked over to Selena who gave him a painful chop to the head. "Just start picking everyone up and toss them into the Portal up above us...And I can be girly if I wished..." Selena turned her eyes away from Vargas but he then noticed Herobrine. He was about to say something but a quick jab in his side silenced him and he picked up Selena and flew to the portal. Actualy...many people could fly...

Elyzia and Valfiel both flew into the skies on their wings but they soon relized that what about the toons? They soon flew over to where the toons had gathered. They seemed to have found something. "Hey guys! The portal still works so big plus!...What did you guys find that caught your interest?" Valfiel called out as she and her sister landed near them.
"I'm not embarrassed.." Rosa said quietly. Herobrine leapt and landed right behind Elyzia and Valfiel, Herobrine quickly and violently grabbed the two and began to absorb their dark energy, as Herobrine absorbed their dark energy he began to make some kind of purring sound.
"Hee-hee! look at this one, he's got a lot of spunk, but at the cost of brains," the jester exclaims facetiously. He then spawns a set of disembodied gloved white hands and begins to juggle the strange luminous orbs that decorated his hood. "I mean, really, devouring your comrades?! How gauche."

"Stop that, you're hurting them," Owru exclaims as she rushes over to Herobrine, trying to free Elyzia and Valfiel by prying his hands loose.

The jester begins to approach Herobrine as well, still juggling. A strange feeling from the being can be felt very subtly, but unlike Owru, this one is far less calming.

"Mal's the name, Mal'kdet... say, this reminds me of a joke... what do you call a demon who slurps his food," he asks, waiting a moment for the punchline delivery. "A goblin! HEEHEEEhahaha!"
By now, Fancy had just joined his comrades and was still staring at the odd being, who introduced itself as Mal'kdet, still not noticing Herobrine, even as he was attempting to devour the sisters. "Looks like Orwu's not the only weird thing here now," muttered Max.
"Yeeah, I've already fought a madman, I don't feel like fighting another," said Adam. "Let's get to that portal." By this time, he finally looked towards the sisters. They immediately got into defensive stances. "I knew we shouldn't have brought him along!" snapped Max. "It was only a matter of time before he started eating us!"
"Guys," gulped Fancy. "You did see Herobrine sucking the energy out of that guy, right?"
"... What sort of energy would that be again?"
The Chosen Few took this into account. Now that they realised, Herobrine was looking more physically unstable, patches of black skin dotted around his being. This only made them more wary.
"Can anyone apart from him drain energy?" said Max, as if questioning everyone in the proximity. He didn't get a response from his comrades.
Before the two could react to the sudden appearance from Herobrine, the two let out a shocked yelp before pain coursed through their bodies. "O-Ow! What are you doing Herobrine!? Quit it!" Valfiel yelled out as both of them seemed to be in pain which pissed her off since her sister must be experiencing the same bit of pain, and Elyzia also seemed angered since her sister must be feeling the same pain.

Selena however, was very pissed off. Her energy was soon making itself known as she began to cause clouds to form above and caused it to snow. "S-Selena? You look very pissed off..." He was actually more scared of her than Herobrine at the moment. She glared daggers at Vargas before speaking. "I am just going to kill him! I knew bringing him along would be a bad idea! But now we have a reason to beat him up!" She actually stood on top of Vargas who quickly looked down. Selena gathered a massive amount of ice energy in her sword Lexida before jumping off of Vargas.

Vargas decided to stand back for now, ice and water never truly mixed and he was not going to be caught in her rage. Selena soon landed rather gracefully despite her rather pissed of features. This was going to get cold...
Herobrine quickly released Valfiel and Elyzia, he then fell to the floor in pain with his hands on his head. The demon inside of him was trying to escape, energy began to escape from Herobrine and form a demon.

The demon was now fully formed, Herobrine was now unconscious. Even though the demon had now escaped, Herobrine kept all of his demonic powers but he lost all of his demonic energy.

"I-I think the demon was controlling Herobrine..." Rosa stuttered
Owru looks down at the sisters.

"Are you two okay," she asks, before glancing over to see Herobrine and the demon, and then Mal who looks completely unfazed by the beast.

"Hah! A demon, if we had a vampire and a few ghouls we would have a regular monster mash up in here," he says, ceasing his juggling as he looks up at the demon. He then shrugs shaking his head. "Though, am I so desperate to scrape the very bottom of the barrel in power?"
"Oh shit."
The demon that was apparently residing in Herobrine was now unleashed. They could not make out any specific details other than it's your generic demon, taller than a regular human, with black fur, sharp canine teeth and horns. Other than that, they did not bother to analyse it. "Oh yeah?" muttered Max in response to Rosa. "I thought he was just having a bad hair day."
The tension between them and Herobrine had finally snapped when Selena started to attack Herobrine. Adam would leap up into the air and slash downwards on the demon's head. Given the nature of the sword, if it hit, it would cause severe burns and cause the cut to slowly eat away at the demon. Max would proceed to punch the demon in the gut with his bionic arm. Fancy would leap past the demon's left side and slash at his arm, hopefully disabling it. Jack would spend his turn rummaging through his backpack, looking for something that could vaguely be used against a demon.
As the sisters were freed from the grasp of Herobrine, Elyzia suddenly lost consciousness as her energy was drained from her body. Being the less energetic of the two, she did not do well with a loss of energy. "Sis!? SIS!?" Valfiel exclaimed as she dragged her sister away from the demon.

Selena probably even more mad began to channel all her magic into her sword. "You are going to pay for this Herobrine...after I crush your demon I am going to slap some sense into you..."

Vargas actually decided to let his ally do the fighting. Because she looked very pissed off now.
Herobrine slowly began to regain conciousness, when he finally did, he get up and walked over to Selena. Herobrine grabbed Selena's sword, absorbed some of the energy inside of it, Herobrine pointed his left arm at the demon, and a black icicle shot from his arm and hit the demon in the eye making if collapse, Herobrine then walked over to the demon. Herobrine stopped right next to the demon and stomped on its skull, crushing it and killing the demon. The demon began to dizolve into demonic energy, Herobrine then began to absorb the energy. Herobrine then began to walk over to Elyzia and Valfiel.

Rosa hid behind Vargas during the battle against the demon.
After witnessing what was a rather anti-climatic resolution to a seemingly dire situation, Mal'kdet shakes furiously and grabs his head.

"W-what... WHAT!? No no no, you... you plebeian! Strike the iron while it is hot, not douse it with water," the jester shrilly roars, shaking his fists furiously, the lights behind his mask flaring. He then points accusingly at Herobrine. "Do you know nothing of theatrical etiquette!?"

Owru blinks as she stares at Mal, unable to really grasp what he is exactly going on about.

"W-what ar-," she begins before Mal'kdet holds an open palm towards her, rubbing the bridge of his nose, if he had one anyways, before snapping his finger and looking up as if he had a divine epiphany. Suddenly the mouth of the creature's masklike face opens wide, as a ripple is sent throughout the entire tower. All the residual energy of the fallen creatures escapes their corpses like a dark red steam, the bodies withering away to dust in the process, and the energy swarms around Mal'Kdet like a series of black eels before slamming into the gateway, supercharging it, causing it to darken and emit a loud resonating whoosh. After a brief silence it then starts to suck in everything around it, starting with minor debris. It slowly increases in magnitude, loose bricks beginning to fly into it. "Ah! What did you do!?"

"Well, since somebody decided to stab the fun piñata too early, how about we skip the boring song and dance and go on to the next act? You have a few seconds until the place implodes," Mal responds, waving his hand, before nonchalantly jumping backwards into the portal and saluting them as he's sucked into it. "You're welcoooooome!"

"Why did yo-," Owru begins to mutter, dumbfounded, before being sucked inside herself rather quickly, not helping that she was completely unprepared for this.
"No, don't absorb it!" yelled Max, as Herobrine resorted to sucking the demon back up. "If you have a chance to get rid of that thing, don't welcome it back in!"
"Dude," said Fancy. "It's dead. If he killed it, that might mean he's his own master instead of that thing."
The Robloxian would glare at Fancy, his momentary rage fuelled by adrenalin subsiding. It would seem the jester named Mal was also rather vexed at the anti-climactic fight. So much so that he did.... something before leaping into the portal. They were unsure as to what he did, apart from now, they've got only a few seconds before the entire tower implodes on itself.
"Okay, let's not mess about," said Adam very quickly. "Max, you throw us into the portal and jump in afterwards."
Max, only briefly stunned at Adam's sudden assertiveness, would proceed to grab each of the Chosen Few and throw them through the portal. "Let's not goof around, guys," he would yell at the others as he leapt with Hulk-like strength through the portal.
Selena was probably going to stab Herobrine with her sword with the glare she gave him when he touched her sword. However in a rather quick encounter Herobrine killed the demon, and began to walk to the two sisters. Still pissed off Selena began to march to him while Valfiel glared death at him. "Come any closer and I will introduce your face with my fist! Ain't got enough energy so you wanna get seconds huh!? Well you can eat my fist if you want!" She yelled at him but then...this happened.

Turning to face the jester as he began to roar at Herobrine. What the heck was that? A demon that snuck on top of the tower? But in a moment the being overloaded the gateway and the entire area was about to implode from what the being said. The toons already managed to get into the portal however there was a few problems. They had one unconscious person, one scardy cat, one who could not fly, and one bull headed guy who would probably try and absorb the energy.

Vargas narrowed his eyes as he only had a few second before letting out a might shout. "Duryaaaaaaaaah!" Without having to say anything because the situation spoke for itself. He picked up Rosa and slung her over his shoulder. Running forward at top speeds, he picked up Selena from behind and slung her over his shoulder. "Vargas!?" She yelped in surprise as she was thrown on his shoulder. Running over to Herobrine and the three sisters he picked up Elyzia first and put Valfiel on his shoulder before grabbing Herobrine by the collar and plopping him on his shoulders as well. "Are you kidding me Vargas!? You can make it to the portal with all of us on you!?" Selna exclaimed however he just laughed. "Nope, I intend to have everyone on my shoulders and make it to the portal!" He spoke before rushing over to the surprised Owru and placed her on his shoulder. "Everyone hold on tight! This is gonna cut is close!" Vargas yelled at the entire place was soon being sucked into the gateway. "Soar! My wings of fire!" He soon raised a fair of red fiery wings and took to the skies and he rushed to the portal.

With the entire area collapsing and the gateway ready to impode the only sound everyone heard was the yells of Vargas as yelling really helped him go faster. "HWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And as the Gateway was ready to implode with one final burst of speed he zoomed right into the portal as the sound of the implosion echoed behind them as they safely made it into the portal.
Before Herobrine was picked up by Vargas he held his hands out which both had large orbs of dark energy, "Here have all of your dark energy back, you can have more if you want-" Herobrine said before he was picked up by Vargas.

Rosa squeaked when Vargas picked her up.

PalmynaSetting: Palmyna

The first to enter, the first to exit, the jester-like Outsider Mal'kdet performs a graceful exit, twirling in the air before touching down. Immediately he scouts out the area, checking the wind, and then points in a direction.

"Ah-ha! Skedaddlin' that-a way," he exclaims, then proceeds to skip along towards a strong dormant source of energy.
The portal, now becoming increasingly unstable as one end has become unavailable, spat out the Chosen Few, who were nevertheless becoming more skilled in portal travel. Now only two fell down, Adam and Jack.
"When I find that stupid jester," cursed Max, "I'm gonna..." The threat hung in the air as he took in the scenery. They seemed to have teleported near some stone ruins, slabs and regular rocks scattered around the browning grass. It was particularly rocky in this area, being surrounded by mountains save for one area which ended in forest. As the Chosen Ones walked to another spot from which mountains did not obstruct the view, they could make out a tall, blue tower on top of a high plateau, crystals sticking out from under it like grass around a daffodil. Over the forest, they made out, firstly, a large blue and purple orb hovering in the air, sparking with unknown energies. That must be the next portal. Or maybe there's one nearby. That would be helpful.
Lastly, they noticed a group of tall buildings, although from where they stood, they could not make out much other than they were grand-looking. Must be a city.
"Well, lads," said Adam. "Where to next?"
"Hey, let's wait for the others first," said Fancy.
"If they made it in time," said Max.
"Oh, they made it," said Jack with unusual certainty. "You mark my wordth."
It took a few seconds, however eventually a massive blob of people on top on a single person came out of the portal with a flop. It was the Grand Gaian's, Orwu, and Herobrine passed through the portal. Every single person was on top of a certain red haired hero. "I just...Made it in time...Ow..." He spoke under the weight of at least six other people.

"That was certainly a rescue..." Selena spoke before hopping off of Vargas and dusted herself off before taking a look at her surroundings.

Elyzia was still unconscious on Vargas and although Valfiel was very worried about her, she was very amazed at Vargas's rescue. "You...were...Amazing! The stories are true, you really are an amazing knight!" She could not help to say before carrying her sister off of his back and gently stirred her awake.

"At least we arrived in one piece..."
Herobrine slowly got up and rubbed his head, he then walked over to Valfiel and Elyzia, Herobrine held out his hands which both contained a concentrated ball of dark energy, "I-I'm sorry for what I've done, I only wish to make it up to you, you can have your dark energy back, and you can take more if you want. J-Just please, forgive me..." Herobrine said to Valfiel.

Rosa was knocked out from hitting her head on the ground, luckily nothing was damaged.
Owru slinks onto her knees and rubs her face, before looking about her surroundings... then at Vargas and lets out a small snicker.

"I-I'm sorry, are you okay, Mr. Hero," she asks, slapping her hands over where a mouth would be as she stands up. She then looks down at her feet and narrows her eyes. "Y-y'know, I wasn't trying to kill him, I thought... I-I guess it doesn't really matter now what I thought, whatever happened to him I guess left him too broken."

She then looks in the direction of the weird Mal and widens her eyes, pointing.

"Hey, you!"

Mal'kdet freezes in the air, mid-skip, and turns his head completely backwards. He then shrieks and takes off through the woods.

"What is up with," Owru mutters, putting her hands on her hips. "H-hey, is that where we are going too? I get some weird vibes from there."
The gang would watch the others leave the portal from their view point. It seems they were untrained for portal travel as well.
"Good to see you made it," said Max, walking over towards the tower of pe- of entities. "So far, we've been attacked by a gang of fanatic angels and a reckless teenager. I wonder what dangers this place holds?"
"I wouldn't try and tempt Fate if I were you, Max," said Fancy. "We don't want a relapse of the last time you said something like that."
"Hey, the asteroid didn't even make a dent on my head!"
"Yeah. It crushed the rest of you, though," said Adam.
The group would turn to the direction of Mal as he retreated to the woods. They had some unfinished business with that thing.
"Okaay," said the skeleton slowly, turning his gaze back towards Vargas. "Where's our next stop, then?"
With Rosa still on top of him, Vargas spoke on the ground. "Don't worry, a man such as him would have claimed the lives of other people. Sure, death does still leave a strange feeling no matter who you kill. People are still people in the end even if they are evil to the core. Of course...some people are just asking for death. Oh yeah, and I am fine! Nothing like saving a whole bunch of people at the same time!" He laughed as he shook off the kinda depressing topic.

As Adam asked them where they were going, Vargas pointed in the direction of the woods. "Well, we are going to have to head to where the fallen God is sealed. We have to be careful though, Cardes does have his own disciple running around with the God Army still under his command. We just have to be careful of any God Army beast. Now those are dangerious but we should be fine." The red haired man nodded.

Of course for Valfiel, she gave Herobrine a glare that not even the most powerful of Gods could not replicate. A glare of death for someone that messed with family. "Back off! One step closer and I will pummel you! She firmly warned as she and her sisters held each other close. "This adventure has been amazing thus far, but I will not risk my life or my sisters as long as that demon is near us! We are heading to Randall on our own accord...But it was nice to meet new friends and meet our heroes despite that demon!" She and her sister bowed before heading off to where's the ice tower was.

Unfortanantly, this was their choice. They did not have to keep going with this group, although Selena gave Herobrine an icy glare. "Nice going..." She spoke before heading off to the forest. Without so much and looking back at Herobrine.
Herobrine fell to ground on his knees, he covered his face and started to cry "The one chance I had to finally make friends, and I blew it! I really am a monster!" Herobrine sobbed as he spoke. Herobrine morphed his hand into a knife and began to slit his throat. Rosa remained unconscious.
Owru stops, a hiccup in her motions, like a stopped video tape. It was unclear, but some disruption of reality had been created, leaves falling, grass blowing, they all stopped around that area. Herobrine would find his body had seized up, caught in some form of stasis. Owru then looks back, a small crack forming in one of her eyes and small trails of black fragments begin to bleed out from it, forming the outlines of Zilthai's mask. With a jerky motion she moves over beside him, kneeling, colors darkening, antennae laying down over her shoulders.

"This action you are performing, what is it supposed to accomplish," she inquires coldly, pointing to the knife. Her voice was again that of Zilthai, Owru's apparent shadow, some repressed side that bleeds out in moments of internal unrest. The feeling now was not the soft comfort she normally elicits, but now, for Herobrine, one of judgement and calculation. "You follow mistakes with mistakes, and will end on a mistake, is that what you intend? You failed to take cover, got greedy for power, you lost control, you hurt others in the process, and because they are, within their rights, upset with you, you feel more sorry for yourself in response, to end everything because you fail at something?"

With a flicker, a fluctuation within space, she is suddenly standing behind Herobrine. She stands with her back turned, staring off into the expanse.

"The others, so forgiving, so blissful, all the while I am left to accumulate everything they deem undesirable, to see everything they refuse to," she says, her tone hinting irritation. She then looks back at Herobrine, zipping back beside him. "Do you know how many in this world have lived to see their friends and family murdered before them, can you imagine the pain they go through, the guilt of surviving where others didn't? This here, what you are doing, they would consider because they will never have a chance to reconcile any issues they may have had, or because they have no one left in their lives, because they had been taken away, forever. Some even had them slip away in their arms. And you, consider it for only the reason of upsetting a few people? Do you think it not petty, when the alternative is to seek improvement and reconciliation? In the end, what does this solve?"

Zilthai extends her right hand, the dark color fully through it, and with her finger, she touches the knife blade. The sharp edge begins to dissolve into particles, an alarming numbing sensation coursing through Herobrine's hand. The sensation was not something that can be easily defined, but was like parts of the self were becoming apart from the whole, bit by bit. It stops when the blade's edge had been dulled.

"To answer, for you and your situation, nothing. For me, the shock of something so needless will force Owru's consciousness to recede leaving me the dominant," she says, brutally honest as always. "And in all honesty, as much fear or resentment I may receive, I despise needless destruction above all others. There are two different paths to consider... you can continue this one and only end these series of mistakes with another, or accept that you made mistakes, reconcile with what you can, and learn that this world is bigger than just you being the singular occupant."

She leans in closer, the cracks in her eyes worsening. There was something seething through, an uneasiness within the very environment as bits of corruption begin to infect the frozen leaves and grass, bits of them fragmenting off and fading into emptiness. Her tone grew more intense, piercing, angry.

"A last fact to also consider, if you think I am being cruel, that I 'have no rights to speak of pain,' have you ever been curious what death means for an Outsider? An Outsider simply ceases to be, and the universe erases all traces of them... every memory, every act, ever instance of them ever existing gone from everything, everyone. It isn't just death, it is never being, not even as a past tense. Past, present, future, I would just be... gone. It is an unpleasant thought, one that Owru rather forget, that I as her reservoir of... bad thoughts... am forced to carry, of understanding the very weight of my existence equaling to... nothing... and I'm... always afraid. So now you can also consider this instance of your little life infinitely more pleasant."

With the last statement the disruptions, the corruption, the stasis suddenly stops, everything returning to normal, and Owru is back where she was prior to the events. She is back to her normal, uncorrupted appearance. She stops, looking back, looking confused. Lowering her hand from pointing at the new Outsider as she was prior to everything.

"Um, hey, what... what's going on..?"
The Chosen Ones would look back as Herobrine, overwhelmed with apparent self-pity and grief, shaped a knife with his hand and proceeded to cut his own throat. Although they were no strangers to death, what they hated most was the death cause by one's self.
"Now, Herobrine, there's no need to-" said Fancy, before things got weird.
Herobrine would suddenly cease up, along with a few things around him, a butterfly mid-flap, a few blades of grass stiffen, as if that area of space was put on pause. Owru, or rather something else when they noticed the crack in her mask, began to move with apparent jerkiness like a crude stop-motion film. Although they were not affected by the apparent stasis, they nevertheless froze in place, for as they stared at Owru, or as Max mentally noted "Zilithai", give the frozen figure a withering lecture, they began to feel a fear only reserved for the most personal of demons.
They would only watch in silent horror as Zilithai scolded Herobrine for his self-pity and arrogance, going to lengths about things the simple group barely contemplate, the constant fear of being wiped off the universe, not in the future, but also in the present and past, as if you were never conceived. They never thought of this because it was useless mental luggage for a jaded hero, but being reminded of this was nevertheless an experience they never want to have again.
The fact that everything went back to normal, with the stasis gone and Owru back the way she was before, did not help at all. Fancy, who lose his voice for the entirety of the event, took a shaky breath. Did the others see this? Was it just in their heads? Or has their exposure to the occult given them some form of sense, an ability to see things other's were unable to see? The stick figure shook off the thought.
"Right," Fancy wavered. "Let's just head through that forest."
"For some reason," Max said slowly. "I want to punch something."
As Herobrine began to try and end his own life, Vargas was thinking how easy he had it. Why on Grand Gaia would he kill himself because he couldn't make friends? That was just selfish and just...overreacting to the highest degree. Before Vargas could step in, everything seemed to freeze in place including himself. Selena also froze in place, she was wondering what was going on.

Then Orwu, rather another personality known as Zilthai began to speak to Herobrine giving him a perspective of his situation compared to their situation or even her situation. To be forgotten, and all trace of yourself erased...for a fate of any warrior or hero that would be the worst that could happen. Even his father...he would never know he had a son...

For Selena, the part about friends struck her the most. A lone survivor...being saved by her closest freind...everyone she knew being killed...that pain was strong, but she pushed through thanks to her sword. And to think Herobrine wanted to end his life for upsetting some low...

Soon the stasis goes away, and everything goes back to normal. Well, almost normal. The atmosphere of awkwardness and a bit of sadness stayed with the two for a bit. "You missed nothing Orwu! We were just prepared to march through the woods and head off to fight a God. It be best if we go on foot instead of the skies. Here the fallen Gods presence makes it so that many servants of the God Army are here. And his disciple is also here probaly making sure his lord gets free. But we ain't scared of no full powered God! Let's go and fight!" Vargas roared as his own fiery nature seemed to burn away the gloomy atmosphere and turned it into an atmosphere full of excitement!...and maybe sweat and fire...
Herobrine slowly got up on his feet and walked into the forest, blood was dripping from both his neck and his mouth, Herobrine's clothes were also covered in blood, as he passed the group he muttered "the reason I want to end my life is because I don't want to cause anymore pain to people who don't deserve any...", his entire body slowly reverted back to a normal human form but his eyes remained red and now both had glowing a glowing aruaras...

Rosa had regained conciusness and questioned what had happened...
"I-I don't know what is going on anymore... to be honest," Owru responds sadly, covering her head. Somehow Zilthai had suppressed her memory of the whole thing. "Not entirely, anyways. But... yeah, I think we should continue for now before he gets too far."

With that she sighs, and heads into the forest.

In the forest the maniacal jester frolics, his motions blinking about in an unusual manner as her bounds around trees and up them. He then stopped noting that the group behind were halted, with only the bloodied drama to muck his way in first. He sighs to himself, dropping alight upon a branch. The more boisterous heroes are the more amusing to jab, he mulls. He continues his trek, now leaving behind jovially swaying decoys of himself, like ghostly afterimages in his path. Well... may as well see if one can spark anything from this doused candle.

"What's red and black and brooding all over," one of the decoys asks facetiously. "But seriously, take it down a notch. I mean, yikes, awkward. All these pent up issues... hey, some sure and arrogant soothsayer said to me that I was 'doomed to be devoured,' but I didn't let it bring me down! Ha! I laugh at destiny! In fact, one of these days I'm going to devour the jerk just to hear his last words be, 'deughhh... well I didn't see that one coming.'"

Mal'kdet's image cracks out into clownish laughter, it slowly fading away. The next one coming up hangs upside down on a tree branch.

"Case and point, I've both come to terms with my ravenous nature, and learned to laugh at everything. Now clean yourself up, kid."

With that the next image tosses a luminous green towel at Herobrine, charged with vigorous energy.

"Cuz when all your friends get in here, we's gon' have a fun ol' time fer a change," the hanging image exclaims, cracking out into maniacal laughter as well.
The Chosen Few would follow the others into the forest, which was littered with the images of the demonic jester, mocking Herobrine for his issues. Funny, when they think that the half-demon's a bit too brooding for his own health, it seems justified at the time. But as soon as a being other than them remarks on it, suddenly they disagree with it, as if they knew it was wrong all the same, which it was.
"Doomed to be devoured". An interesting way to go. How can that thing be devoured? By what? They agreed with Mal when he claims to laugh at destiny. To them, the only thing destiny ever gave them was more demons to slaughter. Not that they argued, it was something to pass the time.
The last remark, however, made them reach for their equipment. Whenever a demon said that they were going to "have fun", it did not necessarily included them. The jester reminded them somewhat of Mad Jack, one of their Chaos doppelgänger, namingly Jack's; A demented, animatronic embodiment of Insanity who took the relatively harmless pranks of the Toons and took them to entirely unsafe levels. Many a time had they survived bomb-in-a-boxes and buzz-saw dreidels. If this creature was anything like the mechanical psychopath, they were not safe in this forest.
As the two heroes advanced through the woods, the place was littered with images of the jester that tried to implode the tower. Of course, theynwere making fun of a certain someone but they had other things to worry about. Like not being ambushed and trying to kill a god.

Soon they arrived and looked at a hanging jester, who tossed a towel at Herobrine and said that they were going have all sorts of fun...Vargas had his hand now idle on his blade while Selena had a hand on hers. In any case, this jester was anything but funny. Because the jokes on them if they did not take him seriously.
Herobrine angrily threw the towel onto the ground, he began to remove his hoodie and his shirt. When he finally removed his shirt, giant scars were visible everywhere on his back and his chest. Herobrine then began to clean his hoodie and shirt.

Rosa stared at the scars on Herobrine's back.

" and it's easy to tell that you guys are making fun of me, if you think I had it easy, these scars says otherwise, I received each and every one of them from the soldiers in Mistral, just because there was a demon inside me, and Selena you were one of the soldiers who decided that bullying the little demon freak would be a great idea" Herobrine said angrily as he pointed to the largest scar on his back which if you looked closely you can see tiny ice shards sticking out from the scar.

" I emotionally broke down because all of you kept on calling me a demon, a monster, it made me snap and I couldn't take it anymore" Herobrine stated angrily.

"If you don't want me to act like a demon, then don't treat me like one" Herobrine said as he put his clothes back on.
Owru pauses and stares, perplexed at what was going on.

"I-I t-think that... they hurt anyone that isn't them, the God's Army I mean, e-even if the differences are virtually non-existant. When I first came here I saw people living in rather poor conditions in a crumbling city, with only a handful of people living in it, it was... sad," Owru began, looking down, thinking of what more to say. "Funny that strangers like us would even be welcomed, given how they have lived in fear of gods and the like for so long. And there amidst the ruins, in a small tavern, they could still f... find a reprieve. I don't think any of us are making fun of you as much as... well, e-everyone that isn't on the god's side shares in the pain, y'know? It was sad that Kira could not see that in his rage... very sad... I... wish it could have been... different."

"Yadda-yadda-yadda, loud mouth made his bed and now he's gotta lay in it," Mal's voice cracks over the forest startling Owru. Mal'kdet stood a ways away, bullhorn in hand with his face plastered on the front, it greatly amplifying his voice. "Well, that would be the case... if there was anything of him left! Hahaha! Self destructing? Seriously, who does that!? What, he going for the dramatic exit award? HA! Damn... do I really sound like that..? This is ann- excuse me."

Mal'kdet throws the bullhorn onto the ground and furiously smashes it with a mallet he pulled from his mask's mouth then throws that over his shoulder, coupled with a yelping sound effect. After a brief moment he takes a breath and looks back at the group, fingers interlocked.

"So, I guess you guys are out to beat up the big bad gods. I get it, really I do, taking a chunk out of the big feet that step on people like us," the jester continues, shifting his face onto one of his hands, and rapping the fingers of his other on thin air, creating small ripples in space. "But you do it without taking a piece of that power for yourselves, what is up with that!? It is just going to waste if it evaporates into the air, y'know! We, the weak, shall consume the strong, and then... then... what then... um... oh! We laugh! Laugh at destiny, fate, or whatever the hell they call it!"

He holds out the hand he was rapping with.

"Five outsiders have fallen to me, all of them strong, arrogant, and incredibly... dull," he says, before pointing at Owru. "Still debating on you, Dreamer, Sleeper, Devourer of Shadows! But... hm... how can I put this? I'm... mm... underwhelmed? Hesitant? What's up with that!? Well, in any case, you guys are out to destroy the big bads, I'm out for a feast of that glorious power! Can't have it fizzling out like ol' spikey back there."

With that, a couple more sets of hands emerging from rippling portals made in the air. He tightens his gloves, and cracks his fingers, on every hand, then spawns a series of playing cards into them, each of them a representing the heroes.

"So, you see my predicament here?"
"You know what? Orwu's right," said Fancy. "Don't get bummed down when people don't like you. You are the only person who matters to you. We don't seriously hate you, it's just that years of experience told us that practically all demons are out to kill you. That doesn't mean you're the same. Who knows? Maybe this demon of yours is linked with your insecurities, like a sort of metaphor or sumthin'. If so, only you can fight it back."
"I have to agree with Fancy here," said Max. "I only kill things that try to kill me. Hero's instinct, I'm afraid."
Being interrupted, the heroes would listen to the demonic clown, who was talking to them through a bull horn. Seemingly startled by the sound of his voice, he threw the bull horn on the ground and smashed it with a hammer out of nowhere. They had to admit; he definitely had several traits of the Toons.
"Take some of the god's power?" Adam inquired. "Why would we do that? The only reason we're doing this is to stop them destroying Grand Gaia, not because we want to become gods ourselves. It's not like Robin Hood, when you take from the strong to give to the weak, we're killing the strong so they-"
"Okay, we get it, Adam," interrupted Max. The group would listen when Mal claimed to have killed five Outsiders. So there is a race of them. So it was a race to the Gods, was it? They will have to be wary of this thing, if it wanted to absorb the Gaian Gods' power.
They would stare as multiple hands from the portals revealed a set of playing cards to each of them, all depicting the Chosen Few themselves.
"Do I really look like that?" said Jack.
"I don't know about you, but I still look great," boasted Max.
Adam and Fancy, however, would cross their arms, glaring at Mal.
"The reason I keep calling a demon is not because of the demon living in you. It's your actions...if you think it's right to lust for power, to just keep gathering demonic energy which side of you really wins? Is it Herobrine or is it the demon that lurks in you?...Your thirst for power is what led to you losing to your demon...the reason why I am still irritated at you...I won't treat you as a demon, I tried to treat you as an ordinary person...However pulling out memories of the war...memories of my close allies and my...freind...all getting killed leaving me as a lone survivor...That, I will not let slip by..." Selena spoke to Herobrine with a cold glare however with a sigh she spoke. "However...I see potential for you to live a good life...You just have to learn not trying to absorb the energy of another living mad man who can easily change his own energy to cause are lucky it did not cause you to blow up like him..."

Soon, the jester was talking into a bullhorn. Apparently he had finished insulting...or was it joking about Kira? Before he would smash the bullhorn with a mallet from behind his mask. Spoke about how they fight against the Gods but never take their power, and had cards with their images on them and began to allude to something a bit more sinister.

Vargas spoke up as well. "You know why we don't just take their energy for ourselves? It's because we don't need to keep gathering power from such a cheap method! A true warrior trains for what he believes in and throws himself into the fire to forge his skills...granted we can't actually take a Gods power because we don't even have such an ability...But we possess potential! And that potential is protecting our friends and family from the Gods! The demons! Humans! Or the evil of the Outsiders!"

He would soon point at Mal, a fire raging in his heart. "Oh I know this old song! You plan to get rid of us and steal the Fallen Gods power for your own or vanish without a trace and let us do all the work then you pop in at the last second to steal the power and finish us off as we are weakened! Well you can't fool this warrior! I don't care who you are be it Man or divine being! If you pose a threat to our world then I just have one thing to say to you!" Vargas would soon raise his sword and point it to Mal. "If you don't wanna be burned like ash! Then best step out of our way or face the wrath of the people of Grand Gaia!"

"Vargas...I think what you meant was unless you wanna be turned to ash...ash is already something burned..." Selena commented about his fiery speech. Vargas just shrugged. "Eh...Ash can still burn right? I mean it's not like a burned thing can't be burned again right?" Vargas had a prideful smile as he scratched the back of his head. Hey, it was still a good speech in his mind.
"Well then, from now on I'll try my best to be nice and not act like a monster, just don't expect much from me..." Herobrine said as he began to calm down....

Herobrine continued to walk with the group but he kept his distance. Rosa was walking and her foot got caught on something and she fell face first onto the ground. Rosa's knee was now bleeding because her knee landed on a sharp rock and the rock got stuck in her knee. "Oooowww!!!" Rosa yelped. Herobrine walked over to her and bent down and quickly pulled the rock out, then he formed a ball of demonic energy in his right hand, "it will sting a bit but it's the only way I can heal you" Herobrine said while he waited for Rosa's response. Rosa just nodded. Herobrine began to heal Rosa's wound, the wound was quickly healed but Rosa felt some pain coming from her leg, it wasn't much but the stinging was uncomfortable. Herobrine helped Rosa get back on her feet and they both continued to walk with the group. "Oh and I don't just care for myself, I've never really had any friends, so you guys are the closest things to friends for me, and we lost two people, so I learned the hard way..." Herobrine said with some joy but his tone quickly became sad. Herobrine's stomach began to growl.
"Oh, worlds, universes, all are born and die every day," he says, shrugging. "It is hardly anything I'm interested in, got nothing to gain from it. Nothing that would be too much work for little payoff, anyways! Who does that anyways? Haha! 'I'm gonna destroy dis world,' or 'I'm gonna rule this land,' hah! What a buncha maroons, a waste of time and energy! Hahaha! Ah- h-hey you."

Mal'kdet flips a card around, it being the Joker card with Herobrine's image on it dressed as a fool, then flips it around again a tosses it down in front of Herobrine. The card embeds itself into the ground before him.

"Momma ever teach you? It is rude to treat someone like they ain't there."
Adam would look back at the card in front of him and pluck it from the air, examining it. Whatever artist was responsible for making these cards, they surely went for satire, deliberately making one eye hole bigger than the other and looking in the opposite direction of the other. He would throw the card up in the air, the mirrored images twirling like a aerotrim. As the card began it's descent, Adam's hand moved and swung in a complicated arc. What happened was too fast to see, but after it happened, Adam was sheathing his sword and the card was now in two charring pieces.
"If you're not going to bother us, you can head back to wherever you came from," warned Adam. "Otherwise, you will soon be feeling a burning sensation on your mask-thing."
"Well said, Adam," said Max. "Now, if you'll excuse us..." The Chosen Few started to walk past Mal'kdet in a no-nonsense manner.
Vargas looked over to Rosa as she somehow injured herself. Forgot about how she joined the God Army...she seemed like such a novice...not even that a clumsy novice! Would she even survive against the fallen God? Let alone a God Army monster? Jeeze...Vargas would soon let out a sigh. If his father was here he would train her to be a real soldier...granted if he did not pulverize her on sight...

For Selena, she listened to the jester talk. Did not want to rule or destroy this land, wanted power...What was he planning? However he would soon toss a the jester card which had Herobrine on it. Looking like a real fool on it. She let out a chuckle, okay it was a bit funny to look at...

"So you kill for power yet you don't want anything like world domination or to destroy a world. What is your goal exactly? Just gain more power because it feels nice? Or are you out for revenge?" She had to ask.
Herobrine glared at Mal. " you know my mother died before she could teach me anything, and you're lucky that I don't fell like beating you up pal!" Herobrine said in a demonic tone. Herobrine then lightly shoved Selena in anger.

Rosa walked over to Vargas, " I know your wondering how I got into the god army, i was forced to join..." she quietly muttered.
Owru made a rather distant detour around Mal, eyes squinted and arms raised up in front of her, making a nervous wave as she passes by. What she felt earlier was something she did not particularly find welcoming, and his recent behavior did not help matters. This was actually one of the few times she's ever encountered another Outsider aside from her different selves, and even then he called her by strange names with such familiarity. It creeps her out.

"Heh, yeah buddy, ayyy, real tough guy this one," the jester says, with continued disregard, pointing with finger guns. "Guess I better watch out, I might get sent t'Hell or sumthin'. Spooky!"
After walking several feet, the Chosen Few stopped and turned to their colleagues who were still there, being damn heroes in front of the ethereal clown. If it makes any attempt to attack them, they've always got the rear of the jester to attack.
Among them, they started to hear a form of static, the type that was often the result of the recipient being several layers of solid material between the transmitter. Max would examine his bionic hand, having come to the conclusion that it was the source of the noise, and press somewhere within the palm. He would then raise it to his ear, or rather, the side of his cylindrical head. "Hello?"
"<font size="1">scrrzzt zzipit vrrrmmm.</font>"
"<font size="1">Zrrrt portal ssssshh.</font>"
"What do you mean portal?"
"<font size="1">Zipzip wait for me szzzrrch.</font>"
"... John, is this you?" Max would say wearily.
"<font size="1">Vrrrm vip find a nearby energy zipzip.</font>"
"Alright, I'll see what I can do." Max would press a button on the palm and turn to his comrades. "It's John. Can't make out what he's saying, but I think he wants to join us."
A wave of mixed feelings wept across the faces of the Chosen Few. Joy and Pleasant Surprise got ganged up by Worry and Frustration. Max would continue, "From what I could gather, he wants to start up a portal, but we'll need to find a power source strong enough. Maybe the next portal will be good enough, but if that bastard shuts down our next ticket out of here, I'm gonna throw him at the jester."
Who was John? That was the thought of the two remaining Grand Gaian's. Of course two already knew him but they were off returning to the capital. "I think there is a place that we could use. It's a abandoned school which taught magic and other things. Don't know much though, but it may have enough residual energy to make a stable portal." Vargas spoke.

Of course, it seemed that the jester was not currently trying to kill them. And that was either a good or bad thing. However they should get a move on. That seal won't stay up forever.
Herobrine angrily stomped his foot on the ground, the force created a powerful shockwave, then Herobrine began to walk again and Rosa did as well.
The jester just stands there, tilting his face slightly as the shockwave crashes into him, tumbling him over humorously into a ball through the air and slamming upside down against a tree trunk, before slowly sliding down upon his head. O

"Ouch, really, ouch," the jester mutters, but the injury, it seems, is merely superficial. "Well, fine! Don't take me seriously! I mean, I don't either so... hahaha, yeah, no hard feelings, mate!"

As they continue on, Owru tries to shut that fiasco out of her mind, twirling an antenna with one of her fingers. There was a lasting unsteadiness that she even felt, one that she could not shake. The man, the one named Kira, was clearly insane, not part of the plan by the gods or anything of that sort. He was likely at one point a victim, and who knows how many more would be out there. Will just destroying the gods really set all things right? Either way, they do need to be stopped...

"S-so, um, is everyone alright," she asks nervously, now that things have calmed slightly. She then notices that the skeleton and his crew were talking to... someone. It was a static mess, to be sure, still a feat that it the transmission is going across dimensions. "Who... exactly is John?"
The Chosen Few turned to their peers when they asked them who John was. "Oh, he's a friend of ours," Max explained. "We mentioned him before, but he's about as mad as a scientist as you can get, maybe more. He's also Adam's brother." The skeleton would give a smile which said, yes, that's my bro.
"He helps us often on our adventures," said Fancy. "He's normally the brains of the group, blessing us with his vast knowledge of the Imagiverse." The last statement was tinted with sarcastic humour. "Not the most mentally stable, though. If you don't know him well enough, you wouldn't know what to expect."
"He'th altho the Governor of the Thelecootth, which ith thuprithing," added Jack.
"So you get to meet the Skelecoot Governor and the brains of the Chosen Ones," said Max. "Lucky you."
Vargas and Selena turned to face Owru as they continued on. "As fine as can be, regardless if that jester is a foe or not if he proves to be a danger to us all then we just do what we normally do! We stomp out another foe!" He replied clenching his fist to bring home his point.

"I am doing fine as well...Although I believe Rosa needs training. If we are going up against a fallen God, the last thing we need is someone lying around in fear. With two less people, we need to be on our guard." Selena voiced her concern as she eyed the angel with them.

"I share the same sentiments. When you suddenly trip and scrap your leg with ease...that makes us worry that you might trip in front of one of us causing a massive problem...I second the notion of getting Rosa in shape." Vargas added.

Of course, they listened to the Chosen Few and how they had a friend on the way. Although from the sounds of things hhe seems and crazy. But a new ally was always welcome in their eyes.
Herobrine suddenly stopped walking, he could here rustling in the bushes around everyone. Herobrine stood there ready to fight, then his right arm started to glow with insane amounts of demonic energy.

Rosa cowardly hid behind Vargas in fear of what they have to fight.
Pausing, Owru looks around. She was not too concerned this time, but still cautious. It was clear they could easily handle demons and the so-called angels.

"If hostile, wonder if it'll live to greet us this time," she questions. "Er, if otherwise though, hope it lives to greet us."
"Anyway," said Fancy, as one might stride away from a tense subject. "Let's just head to-"
He was interrupted by a rustling in the bushes. The heroes would turn their attention to the shivering shrubbery around them, their gaze rotating like an overdrived clock. They would get out their weaponry; this was not the innocent rustling of a rodent in the bushes. This was an ambush giving itself amateurishly away.
"Of course there would be bandits in the forest," said Adam. "You get them everywhere. It's like Robin Hood, innit?"
"Yeah, except these guys might not be so inclined to give to the poor," muttered Max.
As Rosa hid behind Vargas from the rustling, he gave a sigh. "We did not even find out what is making thise bushes rustle. It could be an animal or a hostile enemy. In any case he thought she was overeacting. [color=red][font=myriad]"In any case! Whatever it is its going to learn to strike first! I got this everyone!" The fiery haired man soon began to charge the bush and woukd attempt to tackle whatever was behind it.

Selena watched as she slowly shook her head. Always count on Vargas to think with his heart first, she decided to keep quiet with a faint smile on her face.
The bush Vargas had charged at had nothing behind it, then a bunch of soldiers jumped from behind everyone, they quickly restrained Herobrine with Holly chains which began to burn his skin, Herobrine tried to break free but he kept on failing. The soldiers were not from the God army. Herobrine tried to overload the chains with unimaginable amounts of demonic energy, but the chains still held.

Rosa quickly hid behind Owru.
Owru sighed, not only becoming the latest cover for Rosa, but also probably not the best given her thin frame. She then looked at the soldiers, squinting her left eye shut.

"Excuse me, but why do you bind Herobrine," she asks, trying to maintain civility. Since they don't appear to be with the God's Army, then it means they may just be standard soldiers who have misread the situation. "Since you do not appear to be with the God's Army, you should know that we are off to put an end to the reign of the gods, the ones who have been trying to horrifically destroy every other life upon this land. We, being inclusively the one you've just chained up."

There's a brief awkward pause where her eyes open wide.

"O-oh, and I'm not a monster."
The ambush begun. They started with tying Herobrine in chains immune to demonic energy, whilst the God Army soldier hid behind Owru. Funny, they did not bear the uniform of the God Army.
"You know what'th funny?" said Jack.
"The chain'th have got hollieth on them."
"Must have got caught up in all that shrubbery," said Adam.
"We mean you no harm, gentlemen," said Fancy, ignoring the others. "We may seem like aliens from another world, but we aim to keep the peace of this world in mind. We are after the Gaian Gods, which I believe you do not-" He felt the air shift beside his circular head, then heard a thunk behind him. He turned to a tree, where an arrow had just embedded the trunk, before turning back. "Okay, who did that?"
"Are you Christmas soldiers by any chance?" asked Adam, still caught up in the holly business. "It's been a while since I've been to Christmas."
"Adam, they're not Christmas soldiers," snapped Max, cracking his knuckles. "Whoever they are, they're stupid enough to ambush us."
Vargas crawled out of the bush as whatever made the rustling was gone. Thats when he noticed the unknown soldiers surrounding them. "Oh great, more people to fight then! Bring it then!" He called out as he got up on his two feet and readied his sword.

Selena drew her sword giving a shake of her head. "Now we have to fight fellow humans now? Stand down all of you! Retreat now!" She helped warn the enemy.
The soldiers stood down, they didn't wish to fight, they more likely wanted to stop the imminent threat (aka Herobrine) the leader of the group said, "we do not wish to fight, we were only concerned about your friend here, he is a threat to us, we wanted to greet you." He then bowed, "oh, sorry about those arrows, our newest member is kinda clumsy" he added.

Herobrine's energy began to destroy the ground around him, it also began to weaken the chains.
"If I may ask, what has he done," she asks, pointing to Herobrine, remaining civil as she attempts to negotiate. "Surely demonic power alone is not a cause for this? I'm the least human thing here, even compared to the Chosen Few back there. For all you knew, I could have been a fallen god! Though... speaking of which, that is our destination... we plan to put an end to Cardes the Malevolent. We, including the one you have chained."

She points towards the direction that radiated with what could only be defined as: malevolence. Then she looked over at Herobrine who was still trying to breaks his bonds and destroying the land around him. She sighs and floats over between him and the soldiers. She wanted above all else to still try to help. She was beginning to sound more like a guru, which probably meant the Chuza side was becoming more prevalent.

"Even if you do overpower the chains, what does that prove? Right now the enchantments are confusing you for a demon. I think it works like a... finger trap... um, the more power you try to use, the more resistance it gives, but if you were to instead relax and pull back your power into your center, maybe you would appear human enough to remove the chains without breaking them. It is time to remember that you are not the power, but the will."
"Oh, thank you very much," snapped Max in response to Owru's remark on their humanity.
"I don't think Herobrine's much of a threat unless you provoke him," said Fancy. "He's just a kid who just inherited demonic powers. Does that mean he's inherently evil? Of course not! It's like saying a Toon always thinks about gags."
"Gee, thankth," said Jack, unsure on how to react to Fancy's own remark.
"Chaining someone just because they're half-demon's a bit prejudiced, don't ya think? So, if you can just unchain him and leave us be, I bet you've got a war or somethin' to get to, we can make our merry way to slaying Cardes the Malevolent." Behind him, Adam had pulled the arrow from the tree, throwing it up in the air and catching it. He then proceeded to lick the arrow.
Here was a bit of squick, because his tongue was in fact a worm. Years ago, skeletons have found out that, whilst their own tongues rotted away, they could potentially use worms as a replacement. After all, worms have got mouths, and therefore taste buds, so if they simply connect the worm to their soul's mouth, it will work well as a tongue. The fact that it tended to slither around the inside of their skull was a mere technicality.
After the worm caressed the metal experimentally, Adam retracted his tongue and looked upwards, as if testing the taste. "Nope," he said finally. "I don't think skeletons are affected by holy stuff."
" just thought he was a threat to you guys despite him traveling with renowned heroes whom everyone knows their name...You might as well say necromancers that fight for humanity are still a threat to us." Vargas spoke as he walked up to Herobrine and examined him. "Its not about what powers a person has, its about one uses it in the end. If one was an assasin but turned his blade to the gods, then its possible for a kid with demonic powers to fight for good!" Vargas spoke with a raised fist.

Selena nodded at Vargas, leave it to Vargas to always be prepared to a speech.
The chains around Herobrine exploded into tiny pieces. Herobrine slammed his fist into a large rock, cracking it into pieces.
Ignored in her attempts (again) to negotiate the situation and realizing this is more just a waste of breath and time, Owru continues towards their destination.
"Right, now that's sorted," said Adam. "Let's head off, lads."
The group continued their merry way to wherever their destination was. Bet those soldiers look like right mugginses now. If they attack us one more time, the collected thoughts of the Chosen Few said, they will have to limp back to their base. For now, they settled for idle chatter.
"Anyway, how was John faring?" said Fancy.
"Oh, he's alright. He was just clearing out some bodies when I left. We were attacked by bounty hunters, ya know. I'll tell ya, you'll have to wake up pretty early to get ahead of John," said Adam.
"You might as well be an insomniac," said Max.
"Mind you, he was thinking of coming to Grand Gaia. Guess we better clear things up for him."
"We wouldn't need to," Max pointed out. "John's got that shotgun, doesn't he? I bet it's just a regular custom double-barrel, but in his hands, it's a killing machine."
"Yeah, he doethn't need uth to clear out the banditth for him, if you could call thothe thuckerth back there banditth," said Jack.
Vargas would sigh as yet another situation wasted more of their time. At least it was resolved in a non violent manner. "Well, that was another situation that could have been avoided easily. In any case we have a..." The fire warrior would suddenly go silent as the wind went silent.

Selena stopped in her tracks as this happened as well. The two could feel a faint, overwealimg aura befall them all. They alrady knew what was going on. "The seal...that holds Cardes is weakining..." Selena spoke with unease in her voice.

Vargas simply pat her back hard. "Hey, no need to worry! Theres nine of us to fight a god! And besides, I got your back as always. So cheer up! Its just a god about to regain his full power! Its going to be a heck of a fight!" He would laugh as he walked forward.

Selena nodded as her unsease died away. Right, they did not have to fear what was coming.
Herobrine began to walk and with every step he took his energy cracked the ground underneath him. Rosa followed everyone while also keeping close to Vargas.
Owru felt it, hardly anything like what she had felt from Maxwell, to be expected... but it was... an abstraction of feeling given substance, only definable as malevolence. Abstract concepts given substance... she starts to see now what attracted the likes of that jester, but who would willingly want to absorb something so vile? Who would willingly want to be this way?

"What kind of being would willingly harbor something so foul," she mutters, truly bewildered. Her eyes squint as it seethes through even her presence, a shimmer in the air as it clashes against it.

"So you guys really going through with it, huh... I mean wow, this is some spooky stuff right here, heh," Mal's voice echoes ahead. "Hoo, boy... kinda of messes up my plans to Dracula the creep now that he's exiting snoozeville, haha..."

"What do you plan," Owru inquires, her voice echoing out as well, she looking around for the jester from beyond the veil.

"End plan is the same, consume it, but the plan to reach that point, hmmm, can't say, it is a surrrrpriiiise, hehahaha, dramatic tension, gotta leave the audience holding their breath, y'know" Mal responds, rather vague and foreshadowing as usual. His laughter fading out as it seems further and further ahead of them.

"What a... strange fellow."
The toons would stop dead on their tracks, their chatter hitting a brick wall. Something echoed in the air around them, as solid as an emotion, but just as powerful. They suddenly felt like the forest was coming alive around them, and it was livid.
"Uh, guys?" quavered Fancy.
"I feel it too," said Max uncertainly, out of place in his normal jaded immunity to fear.
"How big is Cardes?" said Adam.
It was thicker now, the mist of pure hatred of all living things. The type of burning rage only found within the most ancient elementals deep within the earth. It wrapped around them, coiling between Adam's bones, whipping Fancy's paper hair, rustling the Jack's feathers and billowing Max's shirt. It was inspecting them, watching them, hating them.
At the same time, they pulled out their weaponry, although this gave them little reassurance for the overwhelming threat ahead of them.
"Well...Maxwell did not show that but the Gods can reach up into the clouds so...pretty tall I say..." Vargas nodded. All Gods had a true form of course, besides their humanoid form. This was going to be a massive battle. Both literaly and figurativly.

Of course, Vargas noticed Rosa sticking close with him. He simply shrugged to himself, she could walk with whoever she wanted to, nothing strange about that. Granted he was like a good person to hide behind when danger was afoot. But jeeze...would it even be close to a good idea to bring her aith them. Herobrine was a loose cannon sure, but at least he can fight. Rosa on the other hand...

"Hey Rosa, listen...we are going up against Cardes, The Malevolent. Chances are people may die so I am going to ask, you have a chance to turn back now. Randall is a safe place to go to, with how you freeze on fear the last thing we need is you doing just that. Everyone has to fight together to bring down this opponent. If you wish to continue with us then I have two things to say...Grow a backbone! And I promise no one is dying on my watch...wait...Adam is already undead one is being destroyed on my watch!" Vargas raised his fist into the air as he walked.

"Well she has a chance to think on it now, we have arrived at the school. You guys can set up your portal, if you need help well...we are on hand. But for now let us rest, but not for long lest the seal weakens more..." Swlena spoke as she looked at the building surrounded by woods. Despite being abbandoned it seemed in good shape. Another reminder of the long faught war in the past.
"No, I'll stay here with you guys, I don't think people would like seeing someone who was once with the god army" Rosa said quietly, and she blushed while talking. Rosa got closer to Vargas while continuing to blush. Herobrine sat down to take a rest, he really didn't realize what was going on so he just dozed off. Rosa walked over to Owru, Rosa was interested in what was going on.
"This school... I suppose was abandoned due to Cardes," Owru asks as she looks around at the buildings before having an unusual thought as she looks at how the trees and plants have taken over. "For what it has gone through, and what it is exposed to, it is oddly... serene."
Although wary of the presence of the waking Cardes, they were game with the idea of resting. The Chosen Few examined the building before them. Judging by the rooms inside, it was a school. Why there was a school in the middle of the forest was beyond them, but at least it was somewhere they could rest for the time being.
In response to Selena saying they can open a portal in the building, Max replied, "Hey, we can't just pull portals outta our asses; if we're gonna open one for John, you'll have to help us. When we thought about where to find a strong enough energy source, our first thought weren't a school."
Adam had an odd urge as they walked into the academy. Just because he was born in the Victorian era, didn't mean he wasn't around when the following eras passed by. A song welled up from his albeit empty skull, from a time not long ago.
"We don't need no education..." he muttered, the tune dying within the silence of the abandoned school.
"Right, I will be assisting you then. Come then, we have to find the center of this place because thats where we can gather the most energy. Vargas, remain on guard outside here." Selena nodded in reply as she went into the abbandoned school as well. She thought she hear Adam say something but maybe that was just her.

Vargas noticed Rosa and her blushing face, he was not sure what was with her...perhaps she was getting sick or had some sort of fever, his thoughts however turned to Herobrine as he fell a time like this, sleep was not a good idea. Well at least he was outside to guard the place, he had not much info on magic compared to Selena.
Dawn set out early in the morning, from the abandoned cabin she had made her home earlier in the year, to gather herbs and flowers, and pick berries and fruit if she happened upon them. She first gathered the Comfrey roots that grew near her home, then ventured out to find some yarrow plants, plaintain leaves, Purple Coneflower, Elderberry, Jewelweed, and Blackberry bushes.

By the time she had located and gathered the herbs and plants she had set out for a good part of the day had gone by. Dawn decided to head off to the abandoned school building where there were old black walnut and birch trees where she could gather nuts and barks to use in healing teas and poultices. She strolled through the forests taking in the sparse sunlight that peered through the treetops, her ears swiveling and attentive to the sounds of the forest, searching for any alarming sounds. She heard nothing but the quiet sound of her own hooves crushing the fallen leaves below her.

As she neared the school the air seemed to thicken and become stale, she proceeded cautiously, listening for any disturbances. There was a row a trees near the entrance to the abandoned school building, black walnut and birch trees, that she needed to harvest supplies from, and also a row of annual flower along the side of the school, that continued to grow despite a lack of sunlight. She walked to the trees in front of the school first and bent down to gather the fallen nuts and twigs that littered the ground. Dawn did not notice the man resting outside of the building and lowered her guard as nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She continued to forage, this time in partial cover behind a birch tree. Her human features hidden behind the trunk of the tree, she must have appeared to be a simple doe, unless someone were to take a closer look.
Herobrine woke up to the sound of rustling near by, he slowly stood up when he realized that it was only a harmless creature that was creating the noise, when he looked around the tree, he was a bit surprised to see something else then just a young deer, he saw a half deer half human creature, he then morphed his right arm into a large blade just in case the creature wasn't friendly, but unfortunately his foot cracked a stick which made somewhat of a loud noise.
Owru follows along, her hand held out palm open as she appears to be feeling something, that something becoming obviously the spacial fabric of this area. Where her hand has pressed, only a small ripple is left behind, as if she were running her hand across water.

"If you can find a spot with the most activity, I-I could create a gateway," she says, some uncertainty in her tone as she lifts up her lower right arm and rubs her cheek. "However, b-bad news is, I can only create a hole, not link it as I have no idea where John is... so, some one else would have to bridge a connection."

With that, she began to strike at the spacial fabric in hopes to find a weak and particularly weak spot to puncture through.
Fancy would rub his hands. "Great, that means we won't have to do any arcane stuff ourselves."
"Bridge a connection?" said Max. "What, get a hair from John? I don't think we can do that, considering he's-"
"How about we get John to start up a portal?" said Adam. "Not necessarily to anywhere, just for something for Owru to aim at."
"From what he thaid, I think he already did that," said Jack.
"Right, we'll have John here in no time," said Fancy. "Not sure if this'll help you, Owru, but John would likely be in the Underworld, floor 189. Just to narrow down where to find the portal."
The Chosen Few would start to wander about the building.
"Its not often that we open portals to other worlds, so I can do is help keep a connection stable." Selena spoke as she explored the building. As it appeared, it was just abbandoned. Since not much people lived around these days, they have probaly taken refuge in much more safe zones.

For Vargas, he remained on watch outside the building when he noticed what appeared to be a deer. Not everyday he got to see animals walking around. However Herobrine soon woke up and walked around the tree to probaly get a good look at the deer. However when his arm formed into a blade, Vargas got up. Now what got him all ready to kill?

As Vargas followed behind to peer behind the tree, the deer was actualy a centaur. Half woman, half deer person. He was not sure why Herobrine was ready to fight but one thing was sure...she did not appear hostile, and even if she was there was no need to appear as threatening. Apperaing unpreppared was also a valid strategy. "Herobrine, stand down a bit. She seems to just be a centaur. Granted you dont see them much these days, but nonetheless hello miss." The red haired man waved.
Dawn was putting the bark she had gathered in her bag when she heard the loud crack of a twig being stepped on. She immediately drew her bow and pulled back an arrow, aiming in the direction where the crack came from. She saw a man with a knife and aimed at his chest. She paused, ready to fire if he made a move towards her. It wasn't often that she saw anyone in the forest so she was very much on guard.

Just as she had drawn an arrow at the first man, another appeared. She quickly turned to aim at the red haired man, her eyes darting between both men. The red haired man began speaking to the first man, telling him to stand down. Dawn lowered her bow and arrow to the ground, and released the tension on the bows string, though she did not put away her arrow in case she needed to draw it again quickly. The man then greeted Dawn and waved. Dawn stared at the man for a short moment, eyeing him for any obvious weapons. She didn't see any. "Hello, sir." She said calmly. "What are you doing this deep in the forest? " Dawn asked."It's been a long time since I've seen anyone venture this far. And typically those who do venture this far mean trouble..." She stated, her eyes trailing back to the man with the blade for an arm, and then back again to the red haired man. They didn't seem all that threatening, but dawn knew better than to lower her guard around anyone. No matter how friendly they appeared to be.
Herobrine's arm returned back to its normal state, he then began to walk back to where he was sleeping before, he sat down and went back to sleep.

Rosa slowly walked over to the commotion, she peeked over the corner to see what it was.
"O-oh, right," she responds, assuming that John, like his brother is little more than skin and bones... sans the skin. An open portal is something, but who knows how many other beings could be sitting on the other end of one of those. Being an Outsider, she has some awareness that there are a lot of things out there that can pop out of an improperly linked gateway, things nowhere near as... personable as her.

Owru pauses for a moment, glancing back where Vargas is standing guard, feeling a new presence, but shrugs it off when the sense of tension dies down. She then looks back to the Chosen Few, giving a moment of thought towards how to bring over Adam's brother, until a key detail dawns on her.

"A-actually, there is something better than a hair, that offers a far better imprint," she says before snapping around towards Adam and pointing out a finger mere inches from his skull. At that point there's a familiar otherworldly ring as ripples form out from around Adam through the dimensional fabric, followed shortly by the air behind him beginning to warp before rupturing with a sound like a large stone plunging into a lake. At first the rip in space shows a tunnel of immense length, round, shifting, filled with colors and shapes in it with no sign of rhyme or reason. Like a rubber band, however, the other end snaps forward, the distance between rapidly getting shorter and shorter. "U-um! Probably should step back, the force generated from two d-distant points snapping together can have a lil' bit of initial... oof, to it!"
"Oh, of course, why didn't I think of that?" said Fancy. "Adam, you're practically of the same blood, figuratively, as John!"
The skeleton did not respond. In fact, he was frozen in fear, a grimace of terror plastered on his skull. His mouth quavered as he tried to speak without metaphysical vocal cords.
Just behind him, a ripple in space-time began to open up, a hole tearing through the fabric of fantasy. Colours yet undiscovered or named swirled within the maelstrom within the hole before the arrow of teleportation had reached it's destination. The immense distance within the wormhole was starting to become shorter.
"Adam, move outta the way, you dunce!" yelled Max, pulling the incapacitated skeleton away from the portal. Now they can see the other end, they became aware of a new shape, getting rapidly closer. As it neared the group, they could make out what it was carrying in one hand; a suitcase.
Jonathan C. Skelecoot, Governor of the Skelecoots, attempted to land on his feet as they flew out of the portal. However, due to the immense momentum picked up from travelling billions of light years across the Imagiverse, he instead touched the ground, where he pivoted to the floor with a thud. There was a crowded second of grumbling from the fallen figure before he stood up.
John was the same lengthy height as his brother, although, unlike his brother's habitual lurch, he stood like a pillar. His eyeholes were more involved with his surroundings than Adam's vacant stare, examining the decrepit building around him. He was dressed in an outfit that, a century ago, would have said that this was a man of high breeding; a maroon trench coat, grey trousers, a long-sleeved white shirt under a red, patterned waistcoat. Oh, and he wore a purple bandana.
Another few seconds drawled by as he took in the building and, finally, his comrades. His gaze finally laid on Owru, an expression that, to those who were unfamiliar with him, suggested an almost fascinated horror. "Lads," he finally said. "What is that?"
"That's Owru, John," said Max. "An Outsider. Apparently she is from Nod, one of those places that you say are near the Edge. I suggest you don't try and dissect her, cause any moment now, she might switch to a more aggressive personality. Oh, and she's a schizo."
The well-dressed skeleton would nod slowly before giving the alien a grimace. After a while, she would realise that this was a smile, which was hard to tell with the crooked teeth and almost malevolent look in his eyes. He would extend a gloved hand. "A pleasure to meet you. My name is John Skelecoot, brother of Adam Skelecoot," he would nod to his brother, who was recovering, though still under shock. "He may have had a shock," he continued, "but believe me, his skull doesn't have much space for it; after a while, it tends to leak out."
Selena stepped back as Orwu began to create a portal from here to Adam's world. Wow...such increddible power to be able to easily manage to create such a thing. Soon another figure had appeared in veiw with a thud...She guessed this means of travel was a rather fast means to get to two points...

Soon the skeletal figure who was introduced as John. A brother to Adam...although it was hard to tell differences of skeletons in their world be because well...they were all bones, it did help that the bandanas were both different colored. Red for Adam and purple for John.

Vargas blinked a few times as Herobrine soon went to sleep. He did say to stand down a bit...but that was a little bit overboard. He gave a sigh and decided to tell this woman the truth of why they were here in a dangerious area. "Well, I see reason to lie to you. My name is Vargas! One of the Six Heroes of Grand Gaia! Our mission here is to slay the remaining Fallen Gods that plauge these lands! So in a sense we are looking for trouble, but we are here to finnaly bring an end to the Gods tyrannical grip. So! What about you?" The man replied with energy. He just spoke about killing a god just as easily as if they were to go to a freinds house.
Dawn blinked as the one man stood down and returned to his napping spot. She thought he must be a very unusual man. She listened as the man, who identified himself as Vargas, introduce himself and state their business. She was excited to hear that there was a group of folk striving to end the plague that the fallen gods had brought upon the land. Especially since the fallen gods tyrannical grip had devastated her beloved forests, making them barren and scarce of the wildlife she loved so much. She wished she could help.

Once the man was finished talking, dawn put away her bow and arrow and continued foraging from the tree in front of her. "My name is Dawn, and I live here. Just down the ways a little. Normally I'm a traveling apothecary and herbalist, but I've had to set up a settlement for myself here for the past couple of years, since traveling alone, especially at night here is a death wish." Dawn explained. "And so I've been gathering stock and providing night time shelter for those brave enough to venture out this far. As well as medical attention if needed." Dawn stated as she cinched up her bag full of foraged materials.
Rosa sat down on the ground and started to brush her angel wings.
Owru blinks, looking at the newly arrived John, and then at Adam who has become less an animated skeleton, and more a science lab display skeleton. On one hand she was elated, she did a clever thing and saved everyone a bit of difficulty, on the other...

"Sorry, m-maybe... I should have asked for permission first before... y-y'know, using your brother as a transdimensional key... n-not that there was much... physiological risk," she mutters apologetically to the newly arrived John Skelecoot, rubbing the back of her lengthy neck. She then hears the words dissect and schizo from Max causing her antennae to rise alarmingly, and fall down in dejection, respectively. She then looks as John offers his hand, to which Owru responds by reaching out with one of her lower set of hands. "S-schizo is a strong word, I prefer... multifaceted. A-and don't worry, my most aggressive side is Laadan, and she's no rowdier than a kitten, a... um... big kitten. Also, u-um... he was... j-joking about the dissection thing, right?"
"Oh, don't mind Max," said John. "It seems to him that the first thing I do when I find a new species is take it apart to find the tick, as it were. But I assure you, that's about the last thing I'd do to a sentient being." The skeleton would take a few steps back before crouching down to open his suitcase.
"Really, John?" said Max. "We're going to fight some Gods, and you're thinking of this whole thing as a holiday? It's not as if we're going to stay here for long."
John would look up at the Robloxian and grin. "Max, you didn't think I was packing clothes did you?" He opened the suitcase. Apart from the usual clothes and undergarment that a regular, sane person would pack, there were... devices. And that was the most appropriate description for the metallic contrivances that littered the interior. Some were identifiable as guns and tinkerer's tools, the rest were as alien as the land of Nod. It soon became apparent that the newcomer was not a simple gentleman. This, the Chosen Few knew already. The figure's mind was that of a highly complex clockwork device, with layers and layers of gears and latches yet undiscovered. He wasn't just clever or insane; he had the mind that would tear apart the universe to find the tick.
"I've been thinking about what to bring for the journey," said John, scavenging through the case. "Of course, I decided to bring all of it. You see, I've being experimenting with Hammer-space, so I can take what I need without having to pack it."
"What?" Jack exclaimed. "You can't jutht toy with Hammer-thpace, John. Only the highly-trained can handle it. You can't tell what you'll pull out of that thuitcathe!"
The skeleton would glare at him. "Jack, I've handled things that would make Hammer-space look like one of the four dimensions in comparison. Besides, what would I be if I didn't toy with the unknown?"
Jack opened his beak to say "dead", but he realised that John was one step ahead of him on that.
Jonathan picked up one of the odd devices, a cross between a hand-held Geiger counter and a crystal ball, and closed the suitcase. "Ah, here we go. Always handy to keep a thaumometer with you in case of arcane emergencies. Now," as he flicked a switch on the side of the device, "let's see what-"
The arrow on the thaumometer swung towards "Magic Storm" and shook vigorously. John, to an extent, looked surprised. "Well, that's interesting."
"Yeah, I think one of the Fallen Gods is waking up," said Fancy. "It might be a good idea to leave."
"Fallen Gods, you say?"
"Remember when the sisters told us about the Gods?" said Adam, now fully recovered. It was true what John said; in one eye-hole, out the other. "Cardes is the one nearby."
In response to some survival reflex, John reached behind him and unholstered a shotgun for his back. From the stains and soot, it looked like it has been used frequently. "Well, might as well start my trip with a bit of God hunting, 'ey?"
Selena understood one thing for certain, these people certainly had some great confidence when it came to fighting very powerful beings. They were like Vargas in that respective, ready to take on whatever the universe threw at them. At the very least they had another member to join up with them, and he seemed to be armed with some sort of firearm. There were firearms where they came from...however his looked much more compact.

"Hello John, My name is Selena of the Six Heroes. I am glad to see we have another person to assist us against the Gods. Its not often that any outsider actually assists us, but to go out of your way to actually fight a God with us? I give you my thanks as well." Selena spoke and gave a nod in his direction.

Vargas simply smiled. "Well, after we finish destroying a God then I'm sure most of us are going to get pretty banged up and exhausted. So we'll be sure to return to you and ask for some medical assistance!" He gave a hearty laugh as he was more than eager to fight a God.

Of course there was one thing he had to do. "Well Dawn, we are going to free this land from the Fallen Gods grip! Stay well out there then! I have to talk to someone of our group." Vargas waved as he turned around when he spotted Rosa. Well, that saved him the trouble of finding her.

Walking up to her and plopping himself next to her. He simply stretched. "Hey Rosa! I think now is a good time to train. If you wanna have a chance to hurt a God then you got to learn two important things. Keep your fear in check and fight! I think its time we boost your confidence!" He spoke. It was not a suggestion, it was more of a mandatory training regime. Like heck he was going to have someone who could not even attempt to fight with them. lthough he had to admit her wings were pretty good. Oh! She could use those to fly and attack from the air...although she was still pretty scared of like...everything but he had to drill in some courage.
Rosa quietly said "umm, I'm not sure, uhh.."
Dawn listened to the man speak, and then he turned and started walking away. "Wait!" She said as she caught up with him. "Let me come with you...Ive been a bowman since i was little, and im not afraid of a fight. And i want my forest back! These damn fallen gods have taken everything i cherish away from me..The animals, the plants, travelers..All of it gone because of the fallen god" Dawn explained. "And i know this forest like the back of my hand, you wont have to worry about getting lost...Please? Let me come with you?" She pleaded.
Owru sighed in relief to hear she wasn't going to end up on the cutting table... then again, it wasn't so much she feared for her life, as she wasn't sure if there was anything vital to cut, well, aside from the spot in the center of her chest. It was more she feared what reaction tinkering could have, and hardly wants to cause an extradimensional disaster. That would not help matters any, for sure.

Soon the brainy bone brother would draw something from his back, and soon she was staring at a shotgun, a well used shotgun. The contrast between the two brothers grew more evident, with John seeming to be the more... practical and straight to the point when it came to combat. No block, parry, low swing, high swing, just bang! Owru then suddenly begins to zone out, eyes dulling, staring up into space as she begins to speak inwardly.

Laadan approves of this, bang bang!
Though I wonder how effective that is against a god?
Hey, it works in games! Guh, Laadan misses those...
True, but we are not out getting points here.
Heh, speak for yourself! Laadan aches for clobbering a god! Speaking of which, haven't you had a long enough turn!? Laadan promises to not eat everything!
J-just a little longer, okay?

"A-ah, um, s-sorry about that, w-was a bit of... i-introspection," she stammers, the bright color returning to her eyes. She then turns to look outside. "By the way, w-we seem to have another new arrival."

With that Owru heads out towards Vargas, Herobrine, and Rosa, barely making a sound as she slips out from the broken down school building, antennae perking up to see Vargas hovering over Rosa, and behind him a... deer person. Certainly stood apart from much of the others she has seen here who are either demons or more human-like in appearance. For a moment, she stares until realizing that she could be mistaken for some kind of monster. With that she holds out her four arms and waves them in a small panic.

"U-um, sorry... hi, I'm Owru, I am a uh... actually that is pretty hard to explain," she then looks over at Vargas and points at him, hoping to resolve any suspicion she may have raised to the stranger. "I'm with him! A-ah n-not-! As in, I'm out to... fight the gods too... a-as a friend and ally."

"Smooth, haha," a very distant voice mocks.

Laadan wants to smash the clown.
"And it is a pleasure to meet you too, Selena," replied John, giving her a small bow. "It truly is a pleasure to meet one of the Gaian Heroes. Perhaps, with the combination of us two groups of ragtags, we could slay this Cardes." There was an inaudible mutter from Max.
The skeleton would draw his attention to the group coming in. A stocky warrior with a sort of fire in his eyes, not to mention in the aesthetics of his armour as well. There was a young man who put him in the mind of some of the ghouls he met in the Underworld, with roughly the same level of gloominess. There was a girl in armour that bore some sort of emblem, possibly belonging to an army division, though by the looks of her ground-state anxiety and cowardice, she must have been enrolled against her will. As for the other...
John had heard of centaurs before, and saw them occasionally in several forests, although they were normally hiding behind the trees or, on one occasion, trying to kill him. This one seems less feral than those, though she had a quiver strapped to her back and a bow in her hands.
"Well, it's not often I meet a centaur in person," said John. "I'm Jonathan C. Skelecoot, but you can call me John, as my title as Governor of the Skelecoots doesn't quite hold much ground in the wilderness. I am also a friend of yours, though I mainly came to help my friends here," he would gesture to the Chosen Few. "The other skeleton is Adam Skelecoot - my half-wit brother," which he said with no apparent malice, "the guy like he was made out of basic shapes is Max the Robloxian," Max would make a questionable gesture towards the mad scientist, "The duck is Jack "The Ducky Boy" Quackers, and the stick figure's Fancy Pants."
"Hello." Fancy would give a wave.
Vargas sighed at Rosa. "Come on Rosa, you gotta grow a spine for goodness sakes. I recommend that we train and you look so nervous right now. But alright...I wont push you for training." Vargas shrugs as he suddenly heard Dawn call out to him.

She actually wanted to join up with them to take the fight to the God that was ruining these lands. Well he had a perfect response for that. "You don't need my permission! Another fellow ally to fight against the Gods are always welcome! We could use all the help we can get so welcome aboard Dawn!" Vargas gave a brave smile as he nodded.

The more the merrier as they say, and in his experience the more allies you had the more higher morale would get and a higher chance they all lived. And they would all get valuable battlefield experience. Of course after letting Dawn join their party even though this was more like volunteer work, he turned to face John and the others. It looks like they had another skeleton joining their cause.

This crew was indeed rag tag, but it was rag tag groups like these that faught the Gods during the long war. Humans, non-humans. It mattered not, they were all allies in arms during war. And here they were gathered to fight a God. However once Orwu motioned for him she said that she was with him. Although he was not sure why she was getting a little flustered. Of course she was with him, like everyone else! They were here to take the fight to a God, and he was sort of leading this group. It made sense for her to say with him right?

Selena noticed Vargas as slowly shook her head. Dense...check...But I think that would be good for Owru because no doubt he would have voiced his opinion.
Dawn gave Vargas a big grin and joined the rest of the group. "Hello, everyone! I'm Dawn, and im a traveling apothecary, If youve got any wounds or ailments dont hesitate to come to me for any treatments you might need. I'd be happy to help in any way that i am able" She said looking around the group. She put her bow and arrows back up, strapped to her back, and went back to her gathering satchel, looking through the contents of the bag and counting them carefully making sure she had managed to grab everything she needed to grab before her gathering was interrupted by her encounter with this group of rag tag characters.
Owru rubs her forehead and strokes back her antennae, trying to regain her calm. It was a bit difficult, given the air was so stagnant at this point, but they had to move on. It wasn't like a malign god was going to just wait for them before starting to cause havoc, and it was just getting worse as time went on.

"I'm surprised, we have yet to run into any of the god's guard this close to him," she says, and admittedly it was pretty strange. Aside from the oppressive air so far, nothing else has been encountered. Was this Cardes a lone act among the gods? Well, he doesn't sound very pleasant so it would not be surprising if he has no friends. "Does this god have no... l-loyal subjects? Or maybe they forgot him after his sealing? Either way, we should m-move soon before he decides to take vengeance... OH and, u-um... f-forewarning, Laadan may be taking over soon."
"So," said John, turning to his mates. "Have any of you gathered much information on Cardes?"
"Apart from feeling his very presence in the air?" said Max. "Not much, except that he was sealed away a while ago. And it looks like he's breaking that seal."
"Great, that means we won't be waiting long!" John said with unnerving brightness.
The Chosen Few tensed up as Owru tempted fate by asking why the god hadn't attacked them yet. There was always that one person.
"Right lads," said John, walking towards the main entrance. "Might as well get outside before the building falls on top of us." He was then followed by the rest of the group.
Selena turned to face Orwu. "I rather not have to encounter any servant of the Gods while--" Selena started as the group could sense another presence nearby.

"Not...Done...Yet..." A familiar voice called out as a man with tattered clothing appeared. Kira was somehow alive! Although he looked plenty beaten up. No doubt after his self destruction from earlier. Kira held onto his two weapons as he stared at the group. "I'm not done yet..." He growled as he raised his weapons.

However, he was not the presence Selena could feel. Soon she could sense much...much more around them. "We have more issue than him right now! We're surrounded!" Selena called out as suddenly from all around them plenty of Soldiers of the God army surrounded the structure. At the head of it all was some sort of humanoid demon.

"Pathetic worms...Lord Cardes has no need to bother with your kind. Its time for the rabble that poses a nuisance to my Lord to be killed..." The figure spoke as he stared down the group.

Kira seemed to look at both sides, he hated both sides. However his rage against the Gods was much...much more aimed to them.
Herobrine woke up and his eyes began to glow red, "hmm back for more" Herobrine said as his right arm morphed into a large blade. "Kira how about a temporary truce, since we both hate the gods." Herobrine said with a grin. "The two of us can do some real damage" Herobrine continued.
Dawn felt a tingle down her spine as a heaviness filled the air. Her ears perked up and swiveled as she listened for sounds of anything approaching. She tied up her satchel and readied her bow and arrows. She knew this heaviness, as she had lived in the forest for a long time, and had encountered it many a time before. Normally, she would have run and hid, as she wasnt equipped to handle such threats alone. But in the company of those that sought to defeat gods, she felt it was time to finally face the evils that plagued her beloved forest.
A lesson learned, never call out something that is in your favor, it is... bad luck. Now they were surrounded by the god army, and this time lead by a... a... demon? Don't they hate those as well..? But something else took Owru's focus, her eyes wide, the figure, ragged as he was, the all too familiar visage of the one she witnessed self-destruct. It was confusing, had he resurrected? Can he do that?

"B-but how d-did you, w-wha," she begins, eyes wide as she stares at Kira, slapping a hand over her face and chuckling, chuckling turning to laughter, the gateway in her chest glowing brightly before a familiar purple arm thrusts out, overtaking Owru as from the first encounter with Zilthai, but it was more willing than forced. Owru even clasping the hand of Laadan with a clap before fading out into a blue mist, as if she were tagging her into a wrestling match. Laadan goes out into a roll before catching herself in a kneeling position, head down and throwing her arms out, her winglike flap spreading out brilliantly, perhaps even larger than before, a gust shot outwards from her as she does so, along with a few bits of purple goo that soon dissolves.

After her elaborate entrance, she stands up stretching, her large upper hands interlocked behind her head, and her lower arms crossed, a glance given back at the now obviously-not-so-dead Kira, taking in a deep breath and sighs, rolling into a growl releasing a cloud of bright green light, almost like fire from a dragon's breath.

"Oh was cruel, pretending to die like that though! Made Owru upset, made Laadan upset as well, she bellows loudly, strangely more concise in her words, still coarse in voice. She sighs again, narrowing her eyes, her maw twisting into a jagged grin, giving herself a sly look. "Thought we'd never meet again to continue our fun little match. Though, you are hardly in any shape for that, you're in tatters, tsk, tsk, that's no good, makes Laadan sad."

Her smile fades as she turns and looks out at the god's army. She props her chin on one of her large hands and glares menacingly at each of the soldiers before resting eyes on the demon, and points him out.

"And you, who do you think you are getting in the way like this?! Laadan does not like distractions, stand aside or be smashed!"
"Alright lads, back into the building," called out John, as he realised that the enemy was already inside the school. There was a bustle as the group scrambled back in. Once they've got a good view of the enemy, they slowed to a halt. Seems that the God Army of Cardes has arrived, along with...
"F--- me!" exclaimed Max. "How'd that upstart get back here?"
"We saw him explode!" said Fancy. "You don't normally come back after that!"
"Tricky bastard," muttered Adam.
"Well, never mind all that," said John, walking forward. "So, this is the God Army I've heard so much about?"
"Pretty much," said Jack. "I think there'th different divithionth for different Godth. We mutht be dealing with Cardeth' lackeyth."
But John wasn't listening. Instead, he was worryingly focusing his attention towards tending his shotgun. It seems that Laadan was back, with a more concise vocabulary. The skeleton lifted his gaze to the leading demon of the army and gave him a grin. It look less like the smile of a door-to-door salesman and more like the expression of a grey thing with a fin on the top. It didn't help that his teeth were crooked, either.
"Tell me," he said with disturbing serenity. "What sort of weaponry do you allow in your regiment?"
"Did she just say she was upest when I exploded?...Who..Whatever you crazy idiot...I'm not going to team up with you lot...just stay out of my way...and I'll crush these God serving bastards..." Kira spoke as he turned his back on the group to face the many angels that surrounded them.

For Vargas, he was just more surprised Kira was still standing. Forget them being surrounded by the Gods cannon fodder. That man blew up the last time he checked. Now that gus alive and Owru had swapped personalities. "Well then...In any case! Lets go beat up the God army! And for you diciple of the Gods! We may be woems but were gonna pound you into dirt!" The firey hesded man raised his sword for battle.

"Um...Vargas...that was still an insult to us..." Selena commented as she drew her sword.

"Fools...False bravado will not be saving you nor is false calmness...I do not need to answer a bag of bones questions." The Diciple spoke as the angels reaided their swords.
"Ugh, whatever, suit yourself" Herobrine said to Kira with not a care in the world.
Dawn stayed back from the group with her bow and arrows drawn, ready to fire. She would act as a support, to send in arrows to pick off enemies one by one or to send them flying at a target if an ally was becoming overwhelmed by enemies. She took off to a place of higher ground where she could have a better view of the battle and her allies.

Dawn had trained and prepared herself for a moment like this where she would need to fight back, and she was finally ready. She took a deep breath and aimed towards the enemies, ready to move when things got started.
"What... who is he talking to," Laadan asks, looking towards the others in confusion. "Bag of bones? Laadan has absolutely no bones... well, unless you count the mask. And if he means John, well, a bag is a bit of a stretch. Bah, whatever! Laadan has no time for busted rhetoric! Laadan rolls initiative!"

Following her outburst she charges the nearest soldiers, fast enough that she was practically a streak of purple goo and green glow, and swings wide with one of her large hands, not withholding on strength.
Whilst the Chosen Few got into defensive stances as the army unsheathed their swords, John just stood there, tutting.
"Oh dear oh dear," he said. "Hundreds of people with swords, and here's me with my pathetic shotgun. Whatever could I do? Deary me. And probably lawks." On that, he pumped his shotgun, mainly for effect. "However," he continued, "I wonder if you know of the man who brought a knife to a gunfight?"
"John, there's hundreds of them," said Max. "Even if you had a better weapon, they would still swarm you."
"Did that ever stop you?" asked John in a matter-of-fact voice.
"Well, I could send a guy through a building, Adam's got that magic sword and Jack's got gods know what's in that backpack. You've just got a gun."
"In that case, I do believe the shotgun works best at close range." As Laadan charged into the fray, he aimed for a wave of soldiers on his left and pulled the trigger. Several minions were flung back into their comrades behind them, with bullet-holes in their armour and, for the unlucky few, their heads.
"However," John continued, as the Chosen Few charged at the Army, "It can take out more people from further away." He fired at another wave on his right.
Max would uppercut a soldier in the abdominal area, catapulting him out of the building. Adam would engage another, his sword glowing in the heat of battle. Jack got out a seltzer bottle and sprayed several enemies in the face with carbonated water. Fancy would let out pirouetting hell on yet another infantry.
"Charge!" Vargas roared rather late to begin the fight and charged forward directly at the God Army. With sword in hand he leapt into the air and like a massive fireball crashed into their ranks and began to cut down their numbers with each swing.

For Selena, she sighed as Vargas charged headfirst into the enemy ranks. However she soon followed suite by sending shard of ice around Vargas to give him some support while she ran to hurry up and get to the red haired man. He was no doubt going to get injured like a fool.

Once a small path was clear using both sword and magic, Selena joined up with Vargas back to back. " know how much I dislike when you storm the enemy like this!" She shouted over the noise of battle as she slammed sword with an angel.

"I always take the initiative in combat! I aint got an ounce of fear in my body! All I have is pure fiery zeal!" Vargas laughed as his sword clashed with another angel as well.

For Kira, despite his rather severe injuries which slowed him down, it did not quite matter when each time he swung his axe it would cleave through any unlucky foes that got in his path along with parts of the ground or walls. "That all you got!...I'm injured and the best you can do is tire me more!?...I'll take you all down!..." He roared as he continued to slowly push forward.

The diciple furrowed his brow. "They are but worms! Keep fighting! I'll be sure to see to the weaker ones death..." The man spoke as he raised what appeared to be a blade in the shape of a bow. She then rushed forward and clashed blades with Kira. [b]"Bah!...considering me weak?...I'll make you regret that god army dog!"
He spat.
Herobrine began destroying everything and everyone in his way. He quickly stopped because he felt something was wrong with him, he felt dehydrated and dizzy, but he tried ignoring it and continued to fight.
Dawn gulped as the battle started, but steadied her breath and hear and began loosing arrows into enemy soldiers. Picking them off one by one. She kept an eye on her Allies in case they were to need assistance should they get overpowered. SHe noticed Herobrine slow down, then stop. Something was obviously wrong with the man. While he was stopped an enemy ran up towards him, dawn loosed an arrow, hitting the enemy in the chest, and effectively downing them. By the time she had looked to check back on Herobrine he had continued fighting. Dawn went back to picking off enemy soldiers, though she was now watching herobrine more often.
Laadan showed little sign of tiring, despite having a few blades stuck within her viscous body, taking swing after swing at each soldier, trading blows with them turning her side of the combat area into a brawl. Despite the seriousness of the situation, she was enjoying herself, an Id through-and-through. She giggles and laughs as she's struck across the face, retaliating by using one of the fallen soldiers to twirl into the group surrounding from ahead, and using her winglike appendages to flash colors, hypnotically distracting those coming from behind before using her tail to sweep across them.

Looking back briefly, taking a moment to remove the weapons jabbed in her to take a moment to heal, she sees Herobrine fighting, more haphazardly than she was. Even she found it... odd. She then watches as Dawn covers him with deadly accuracy. But soon something more distracting took her focus, her eyes widening.

"Awwww, Kira got the big guy! The lucky devil!" she exclaims in a huff, jealousy in her voice.
John, similar to Laadan, was also an impulsive being, cackling as he mowed down soldiers with his shotgun. The sound of the gun pumping and firing became a rhythmic background noise. It was not often he fought relatively human entities, since they didn't hold much danger to anything except with their short-sighted ignorance. As is the case, the Army proved to be like cutting butter with a knife that had just been dipped in a volcano.
Adam Skelecoot was pacing himself with his opponent, not wanting to simply cut his head off in the first stroke. At one point, he knee'd him in the groin and then thumped him on the side of the head with the hilt of his sword.
Max had just grabbed the legs of one unlucky soldier and was using her as a form of morning star, knocking back enemies within range of the spinning death. When he started to get nauseous, he ended the spin by throwing the soldier into the group.
Jack aimed at a soldier in close range and pressed the trigger. A drop of seltzer water trickled from the head. In a desperate movement, he threw the bottle at the soldier's head and rummaged in his backpack whilst the soldier was trying to refocus his vision. When he had recovered, however, he was then met with a bamboo cane knocking him down with a sidewards swipe to the head.
Fancy was running along the heads of some rather bewildered infantry, giving them a kick to the back of the head as he jumped. On higher ground, he was the only one in the group who saw Herobrine slow down to a grinding halt. When did he last eat? After this, it would be wise to find something to eat and drink for him.
Kira narrowed his eyes as he heard Laadan's little comment about him getting the captain of this bunch. First off why was she jealous? He tried to kill her not so long ago, clearly tried to kill everyone else and she was...jealous he had the good fight? Either something was up with her or he was going crazy. In any case. "Then you can deal with this damnable fool!" Kira yelled as he felt the disciples blade cut into his body before grabbing him with a free hand after dropping his sword and throwing him at Laadan. The disciple let out a grunt as he allowed such a pest to get a hand on him.

For Vargas and Selena, Dawn was helping out by cutting down their numbers down but of course they noticed Herobrine was acting a bit funny. Like he suddenly got a headache or something. The other question was where was Rosa during all of this? In any case Vargas slashed downwards at an approaching angel before leaping to the skies before coming back down in another fiery explosion. Selena assisted by raining down shards of ice around herself and using her magic to encase some angels in ice. There were still plenty of angels to go...
Herobrine stabbed his blade into the ground, his demonic energy began to infect a large radius of terrain around him and everything in the area turned to ashes.

Rosa was still quivering in fear but she made an effort to fight.
Dawn continued using her bows and arrows to support her allies. Once she saw Selena freezing the angels she quickly short arrows into the weak spots shattering the ice and killing them. She stopped shooting for a moment and took off to another vantage point. She took out her special arrows, laced with a poison brew. If the arrow itself did not kill the enemy the poison would slow them to a sluggish pace, allowing an easier kill for Dawn or her allies. She Began loosing arrows at the enemy forces once again.
Well that was unexpected. Despite clear agitation, and injury received in doing so, Kira decided to share the acolyte with Laadan by flinging him in her direction. She did not waste time overthinking it, a reaction was demanded of her! She steps back with one foot, tail swaying excitedly, drawing back her right large arm, winding up and twisting it beyond what is physically possible for a creature with bones, and locks in place. As the acolyte comes into range, she lets loose, swinging with her fist aiming a spiraling corkscrew blow right into the center of the acolyte's body. The look on her face told volumes, jaw agape, wide crooked open smile and tongue swaying in the wind.

"Thank yooooouuuuu!"
Morale had taken a hit for the God Army when they saw their leader get flung towards the eldritch creature, who let hell loose on the hapless demon. The Chosen Few took this as an opportunity to push back the enemy lines, doubling their efforts.
A lone soldier charged behind John, who swung his shotgun and felt the barrel connect with the side of the head. "Keep going, lads," he yelled. "Their leader's taking a beating, so let's get these meaters running back to their barracks!"
"How many do you think there are?" shouted Fancy.
"About a few hundred, maybe a thousand soldiers?"
"Then let's get this over with."
The diciple seemed unpreppared to face the sudden power from Laadan as he went flying backwards from the impact with a grunt of pain. "You misserable worms actually pose a threat to me!?" He called out as he crashed into the ground. Kira scoffed at him, if he wasn't severly injured he would mop the floors with him. But as it stands he continued to cut down the rabble by axe or sword, slow swings of course but deadly nonetheless. Of course the support by Dawn was reconized by Vargas and Selena.

Arrows tipped with posion weakened individuals severly that their attacks and speed was almost laughably low. One even tried to strike Vargas from behind only to rub his sword against his armor. It could not even clash off of it with barley any force behind it.

"We cannot fail for Lord Cardes! Beat back these humans and whatever those other things are!" An Angel called out as she tried to help rally her men. Of course with the whole group cutting them down with relative ease, most became less eager to continue the dight. Especially since their leader was getting injured out of all things.
Herobrine punched the ground with his fist creating a shockwave that knocked over most of the angels, Herobrine then started to glow with demonic energy as the ground beneath everyone started to crack open and change. Herobrine began to laugh demonically.

Rosa cowardly hid behind a tree in fear of Herobrine.
Laadan crouches down and springs up high into the air, landing before the disciple, creating ripples through the ground upon impact. Standing there before him, her antennae curl back and her eyes narrow.

"Worms? Worms you say?" she asks rhetorically, in a mocking tone. "You sound surprised! You don't get it though, don't see that they have prepared, prepared for a long time to face things greater than you, some have even faced greater! Time to take back this world."

With this she claps her hands together, creating a burst of force against the disciple.

"As for me, sick of being an outsider, sick of just being the beast, sick of being feared," she grumbles, surprisingly referring to herself properly for once in the first person.
"Ooh, miserable worms," called out John, as he exploded a soldier's head with a single point-blank shot from his shotgun. "That's an original one. He called us miserable worms, lads, what do you think of that?"
"I'd rather not lose my concentration and die, John, thank you very much!" responded Fancy. A poison-tipped arrow zipped past an inch from his head.
"You know, from all this boredom, I could pretty much do with fighting Cardes himself!" yelled Max.
"Be careful what you wish for, Max," replied John, curb-stomping a fallen soldier. "From the feel of it, he's near omnipotent in this forest."
The disciple growled as Laadan sent a burst of force against him causing him to slide backwards. That was when Kira took the chance to slam his own fist right into his back sending him flying at Laadan with a grunt of pain. "I think they all forgot that we 'worms' killed gods...But do me a favor and kill him!..." Kira called out as he grabbed an angel and threw her into a crowd of angels.

Vargas and Slelena both continued to fight back to back, swords slashing at any angel foolish enough to close in on them. Of course Vargas noted Rosa just...hiding behind a tree...Yeah, there would be no trees to hide behind when they faced Cardes. But for now, they had to fight back this dimming swarm.

Selena noted two things, plenty of angels were knocked down and some that got up ran away. And Herobrine was turning into demon mode. She could sense a similar situation to those two sisters...
Herobrine's body started to morph into his savage mode, as the transformation was done Herobrine punched, slashed, pulverized every single enemy he saw, eventually he killed most of the angels. Herobrine stopped and his claws started to glow with even more demonic energy. Herobrine then continued to kill any enemies that he saw.

Eventually Herobrine stopped to replenish his energy. With the lack of energy he had in him he slowly morphed back into his normal self. Herobrine walked back to the group. He sat down somewhere so he can regain his energy. Herobrine noticed that his shirt and hoodie were completely destroyed. "Aww crap" Herobrine said in disappointment.

Herobrine would be un able to battle or move anytime soon.

Rosa walked out from hiding and looked around. Rosa didn't pay attention to the fact that there was a large ball of light energy flying towards her, by the time she noticed, it was too late to escape. Rosa covered herself with her arms.

But somehow the ball of light energy suddenly stopped. Rosa was confused that she wasn't crushed and she opened her eyes and saw something blocking the ball of light. Herobrine managed to block it, even in his state he was able to regain enough energy to get in the way of the ball of energy. "You should be more careful" Herobrine coughed up blood as he finished speaking, Herobrine chuckled a bit as the ball of energy dissolved.

At this point Herobrine would be on the verge of death, Herobrine would pass out next to a tree, if he didn't get medical attention soon, he would bleed out.
Laadan was taken aback briefly, blinking out of sync with each of her eyes, when Kira said something actually positive, not only positive but used the inclusive we. It seems she wasn't the only one who is learning new words! She is broken from that moment by the disciple sent flying her way, it was time to finish this in style.

With a dramatic display, she lifts her head into the air and opening her mouth wide releases floating globs of translucent purple goo that joins together and grows in size, until it is the size of a beach ball. With its formation, ripples are sent through the air, and she reaches out grabbing onto something with all four of her hands, this being ethereal green chains forming out of the air, attaching to the glob ball which now has a glowing green star in its center.

"I'll let you in on a secret before I, Laadan, smash you through this dimensional plane," she says, swinging the large makeshift weapon in circular motions, causing space to warp around her and generating ringing sounds that resonate in the air. "You fail because you're too complacent, and as such, failed to evolve."

With that she swings the ball down upon the disciple, a force of which will literally smash him straight through into another plane.


As Herobrine lies dying,for him alone time stops, the area around soon engulfed in a sea a black except the tree and ground beneath him forming a small island. The sound of drips are heard in the distance, echoing. Luminous green orbs begin to appear and float around him and the tree, appearing one after, casting a reflection in the blackness. Shimmering white rings begin to ripple through the black as something approaches, that being Mal'kdet himself, stepping towards Herobrine, before suddenly warping up close.

"How many times am I going to see you bleeding? We really ought to stop meeting like this," the jester taunts, now hovering over him, the orbs now orbiting him. He tilts his mask sideways. "Look, I get it, life sucks and all that, fate is cruel and so on. But you've got to like, laugh a little at everything or it'll consume you. Maybe you are too hard on yourself, I dunno, but you don't seem to realize that in spite of it all, you have a lot to be thankful for, things that something like me can't have. Wow, geez, I'm sounding like some kinda motivational poster here, haha..."

A clenched dark hand with four fingers appears up from the inky black behind Mal, opening up to reveal an orange eye in the center of the palm. Floating above the air is a concentration of pure essence, feathery tendril-like whisps of blue circling its glowing form. It is like a concentration of life itself, and very well is probably such.

"Either way, I bring a gift, that being... well, a disappointment for the reaper, Aether, that which bonds all life, it'll probably not have any side effects," he says, drawing the living energy to him, its weird form coiling around him as he pushes it towards Herobrine. It, despite its weird shape and strange wiggling, has a natural warmth to it, healing him as it is being absorbed.

"You'll need all your strength to face Cardes, after all, haha. Try not to throw this life away carelessly."

With that the weird darkness dissolves away, space and time returning to normal like it never changed. For Heronbrine, he would have been the only one to have who would have witnessed it. To those sensitive enough, however, they may have felt a very brief hiccup in space/time, and a flicker of Mal's presence. It however must have been more than a mere dream, as Herobrine's wounds were healing, and energy would be returning to his body.
The battle was going their way. Many of the soldiers were either dead or fleeing, those who remain still trying to fight against beings more skilled than they were. Their leader was also thrown into another dimension from the force of Laadan's ethereal weapon. Now they needed something to stop them, went the collective instinct of the Chosen Few. Not many things go as planned.
However, having been thrown across many dimensions and witnessed things mortal men are fortunately blind of, they had developed a sense for abnormal fluctuations in space-time, although said sense was still very acute. So they felt a slight jitter in the space-time flow which made them minutely uncomfortable, though not much had changed from their perspective. Although, it seems Herobrine was looking much better. Unnaturally better. No dying man suddenly started recovering from their wounds before, unless they were given a boon by some god.
As the diciple was sailing towards his destruction, he let out a rage filled roar as he let himself fail his own lord. "Lord Cardes! I have failed you my lord!" The demon spoke as his presnece was knocked into another plane. With the remaining angels retreating with their lives after their leader has fallen...everything seemed to be going well under the very land under them shuddered.

Another crack appeared on the seal, and whats more they could feel a malevolent aura which was even stronger than before. Cardes was reaching his awakening...and was almost ready to break free from his prison. "Looks like we cant fight Cardes while he is in his own prison. Looks like we have to meet him head on everyone! Looks like this is going to be one intense and fun battle!" Vargas laughed with bravery as Selena looked over at him and slowly shook her head.

Leave it to him to always be this ready in a battle which would put their lives on the always they had to be ready. "Then...shall we beat a god down?" Selena chuckled a bit as she let herself be influenced by Vargas.
Herobrine woke up with no wounds on his body. Herobrine stood up as he saw that the battle was done but he felt something more powerful coming. Herobrine walked back to everyone, Rosa soon followed. Loud footsteps could be heard in the forest, Herobrine thought it was his imagination, so he ignored it at first. "what happened while I was out cold?" He asked, but he was soon interrupted by the sounds of two voices, one sounded human but the other sounded robotic. Herobrine didn't know if it was real until he saw a giant robot of some kind and a human walk out from the forest and into the opening. "Umm guys, we might have some other problems" Herobrine said not knowing if the new arrivals were friend or foe.
"Oh what is this now?!" Owru asks, with no hidden annoyance. The rift she smashed into the ground had begun to seal back up. "We were getting ready to smash some god, and to be honest, that sounds more like a machine. Gods are not made of gears! Normally..."

With that she folds her wings and prepares for whatever may be coming their way. It wasn't like there was much choice at this point, and if it was a god made of metal, that'd be interesting at least!

"So, that was fun, right? How's everyone feelin'?"
"Ooooh, yes!" cried John, brandishing his shotgun. "This was the challenge I was looking for! It's been a while since I've fought a god - with the exception of Evil Hand, of course, the Abyss might as well install a revolving door for the amount of times we've killed him."
The Chosen Few, meanwhile, were bunching up together, anxious around the God's presence. How would they know if the God wasn't the land itself? They have heard of the goddess Gaia, who was the earth incarnate, and just as big. Either way, they were starting to think they won't come out of this in one piece.
"Ith thith the right time for latht wordth?" said Jack.
"Nah, save that for when we start falling into this thing's jaws," said Max.
"What would your last words be then?" said Fancy.
" 'Aaaargh', I think," said Adam.
As the Grand Gians with the exception of Kira sheathing their weapons, the unknown noise caught their attention to which they simply would act when the time came. "More problems...At this rate Cardes will have broken his seal and begin raining destruction on the land before we can get to him first." Selena spoke getting annoyed at these events slowing them down.

Vargas simply shrugged before turning to look at Owru. "I'm feeling great. Takes more than rabble like the God Army to make us even break a sweat. Although they might have just bought time for their lives...But if we destroy Cardes then the people will be safe." The red headed warrior nodded with a firm smile.

Kira simply scoffed as he shouldered his axe and sword. "I could easily kill him. But since you lot are going there then it cant be long as you don't get in my way then I have no problems with you all taking part in the fight..." He spoke as he turned to face the unknown sound but turned to Rosa with clear dislike for her kind. "And are you all are bringing that miserable angel with you? She is worthless from what I seen, more weak and pathetic than the angels laying dead on the ground. Figures the weak rely on the strong to survive. 'Angel' I give you one word of advice, turn back now. You will get in my way and I wont hesitate to cut you down if you do. I don't need to waste effort to kill you, so do me a favor and fly off." He added glaring at Rosa.
When Kira made his comment about Rosa, she looked down in shame of being part angel.

The two new arrivals noticed that they weren't the only ones here, "should we engage in combat?" The large mech asked. "No, we don't know how powerful they can be, and we don't know if they're friend or foe." The man said. The man soon walked over to the group, curious if they were friend or foe.
Laadan looked at the new arrival with her head tilted. What was it now? They were becoming pressed for time and we're all already delayed enough. It was an admittedly fun fight, though, at least for Laadan.

"Who are you?" she asks, tapping her tail impatiently, folding her arms. It was a good question, he seemingly came out of nowhere, with a battle machine of some sort. Even Laadan knows that those can't be native here! She feels the power increasing, and glances towards the sky. "Egh, we like... need to smash an evil god, here!"
"Hmm?" John would turn to the two newcomers. "Oh, hey. Nice for you to join, we were just going to fight a near-omnipresent god. Do join in."
"If Kira could kill this thing so easily, then it shouldn't be a problem," said Max. "Size doesn't matter when it comes to combat. The old saying goes "the bigger they are, the bigger the blast radius"."
"Hey John-"
"Yes, I know, Adam, that guy's got a battle mech. Just because something's mechanical, doesn't mean I instantly want to tear it apart to learn from it. Besides, they're helping us, remember? Oh, and make sure the demi-angel doesn't get hurt."
Kira scoffed as he looked at Rosa. "See, She is gonna slow us down. A little insulted? Good, go find a nice bush to hide in and cry. I have no time to waste." He spoke as he began to walk ahead. "Yes, make more small talk. I'm sure it's gonna help your cause when Cardes breaks out." He added.

Vargas simply waved off Kira before turning to face Rosa. "Don't worry about him. We all got your back. We are all in this together!" He laughed as he faced the newcomers. "And hello! Not everyday people travel through these parts. But we are going to go elimate ourselves a god. If you want to tag along feel free!"

Selena of course slowly shook her head. "I have to agree with Laadan here. We have no more time to waste. Any more interruptions and we will have even more trouble. We can't afford one more interruption." She spoke as he reluctantly ran ahead to catch up with Kira.
"You guys don't look like you're from here, my best guess is that you entered a portal and now you're stuck here." Herobrine said to the newcomers.

"Yeah, we're kinda lost and BT is low on power so we're kinda stuck here, his generator got damaged from the impact, so did his automated repair systems." Jason responded to Herobrine, "and if you're telling truth that you guys are going to face a god, I don't think bullets would help much." Jason responded to Vargas.

The large mech walked over to Jason,"if any of you are a mechanic or an engineer, I need assistance with repairing some of my systems" BT said but started to glitch when finishing his sentence, Jason banged his fist on BT and it resolved the problem temporarily.

"I'm no mechanic but we do have one, he's one of the two skeletons in our group. Oh and my name's Herobrine." Herobrine introduced himself.

"The name's Jason and this is BT" Jason responded.

"My name is BT-7274, but BT is ok" the mech responded.
"Yeah, um... yeah, that's bad," she says, pointing at the intensely increasing turbulence around the dark vortex. She then spots Kira, heading onward without them to which she begins to follow. It was becoming crystal clear that if they stayed to help everyone in their path, then there would be no helping anyone. Turning briefly she points to herself. "Laadan, and sorry but um... evil god to smash~!"

Catching up with Kira and Selena, she wraps her winglike protrusions around her like a cloak.

"What is it with this day?" she mutters.
John would get out a dirty handkerchief from his jacket pocket and begin to clean the barrel of his shotgun. As he tended to his weapon, the Chosen Few begin to walk towards the growing red vortex. Where exactly is Cardes? By the sounds of the seal, he's probably in some prison below the forest. Might as well get there before this seal breaks.
Max looked back at the skeleton still wiping his barrel. "Hey John, you coming?"
John looked up and put his handkerchief back. "What, of course I'm coming! Hold on!" He said, jogging towards the group. "Right, we finally get to see this Cardes fellow. About time," he continued as they walked towards the vortex.
Vargas soon nodded and with a wave of farewell to the two strange people he soon jogged forward to catch up with Selena, Kira and Laadan. "Oh, Cardes's seal is in some sort of pocket dimension of sorts. Well, we have no more time to waste everyone! We have a god to slay!" He cheered as they all approached the end to their first quest.

Selena of course was on edge, but with plenty of allies by her side she was not as nervious. Hopefully they would get there in time...and she really hoped that no one died...For Kira of course he was just ready to fight and prove that he was stronger than any old god.
"Well BT I guess I'm gonna have to repair you." Jason said as he got on top of BT and started to make repairs to the automatic repair system.

"Repair systems online." BT said as Jason jumped off of him, BT and Jason soon began to follow the group.

Herobrine tapped Rosa on the shoulder and told her that she'd be left behind if she didn't start walking. They both began to walk, and they soon caught up to everyone.
Ahead of them, sitting at the edge of the increasingly unstable rift was Mal, he was distracted, simply eating a hero sandwich, apparently half-way through it when they arrive. Seeing them he fumbles and drops it on the ground, looking down and sighing at its fall.

"Alas, the fallen hero," he mutters before looking to them, standing up and dusting himself off. [coor=#1164B4]"About time you got here, I've been waiting for ages! You were almost too late!"[/color]

Laadan stares at him for a moment then squints an eye, then looks up at the massive swirling vortex.

"Serious about this? I mean, it isn't even most of ya'll's world. Then again, I'm here too so, eh," he continues.

"Why are you here?" Laadan asks, narrowing her eyes.

"To see the fish eat a shark."
John would stop when he saw Mal, a look of confused intrigue crossing his skull. "The hell is that?"
"No idea," said Max. "Apparently he's an Outsider like Owr- Laadan. Best keep an eye on him."
"Yes, yes," nodded John, still looking at the creature. He would shrug and look at the portal. At this point, he was ten feet away from it. "Right lads," John called. "For realzies, we are going to fight a God. It's time we find out just how-" Before he could finish, Max booted the skeleton into the portal before following. The other Chosen Few would join him.
"Well we finnaly made it, and with just enough time to spare...For a second there I thought we were in real trouble..." Vargas sighed in relief as the massive seal still held. Of course it would not last forever still, at least one of them had the potential to reinforce it just enough so they don't worry about it breaking as soon as they enter.

They were still on a time limit of course, so they could not just dilly dally as they please. For now Selena went to work reinforcing the barrier, while Vargas looked at Mal while he was eating a sandwich. This was the perfect time for a grand speech of epic proportions!

"Everyone! My allies and friends! Today we go up against a god, it won't be easy but together we will win! Today we fight for our world! To stop the Gods from destroying it! Right now we are on---Did Max just kick John into the portal?" Vargas cut his speech short as the Choesen few all entered the portal.

So much for a grand speech! Vargas soon grabbed Selena's hand as soon as she finished reinforcing the seal and ran with her into the portal. "Vargas!? What about a plan first!?" She called out to him who just turned around and nodded. "This is the plan, we get in that portal and kick the god hard and fast!" He soon entered the portal with Selena in tow.

Kira slowly shook his head, those two were part of the six heroes? What a scene..."Whatever...Little miss angel this is your last chance to back away...Let the real warriors fight. This is no longer a game." He glared at Rosa before walking forward. He would deliver the killing blow to the God. He would prove to be stronger than this lot.

And with that the Grand Gaians entered the portal.
Rosa was hesitant to enter the portal, but she did anyways.

Jason hopped into BT and began to check the systems, "plasma shield online, electric smoke online, tracking missiles online. We are good to go!" Jason said with enthusiasm as BT entered the portal.

Herobrine casually entered the portal, he wasn't afraid what they had to face on the other side.
As they enter, Laadan follows, casting a cautious look at Mal, who simply stands there rubbing his chin, staring down at the sandwich. Whatever he was up to, with his cryptic words, it wasn't as important a matter at this point in time. Entering the portal she goes to join the rest of the party in a fight against the malicious god.

"Waste not, want not," Mal says finally after they all had left. A sudden black maw shooting up from the ground and quickly gobbling the sandwich before plunging back under, leaving only ripples in the ground. "Heh... time to get to it."

With that, Mal walks towards the portal, ripples like creatures beneath the waves following behind him.
Inside the seal

On the other side on the portal, everyone would come out on top of a floating platform. The environment was hazardous, there were platforms simply floating around in space, the edges of these platforms led down into...possible oblivion...There was no bottom in sight so that was more than possible.

Of course the presence of...something...was felt...A being of immense strength was here...The God of Malevolence was definitely here...and they could already hear his voice...

"Oh?...Foolish mortals that dare come into my domain?...Have you come to die?...You won't beat me worms...Your kind is only destined to die...I am the God of Destruction of this land...If you seek your deaths then I shall oblige..."

The voice spoke, or more correctly echoed in their minds. It was definitely time...There was no turning back now...The fight against a God was right around the corner.
John was the first to exit, or rather fall out of the portal. He would scramble up and turn around angrily when the other Chosen Few joined him. "What," he snapped, "the f***?"
"Don't yell at me, Jonathan," said Max. "I wasn't gonna wait a second to see this God."
The destination of the portal was not as they expected. Whatever this is, it didn't look like a prison. Then again, it normally took more than iron bars to imprison something that was not entirely mortal. When Adam went on his knees and peered over the edge of the platform, pure black void met him halfway. Around it, several more platforms like theirs span out into infinity. There was no sign of Cardes.
At least, not until they heard the voice. They didn't exactly hear it with what classified as their ears; it seemed the malevolent voice went straight into the brain without checking in with the ears. As soon as it started, the group bundled together, scanning the void for any sign of movement within. The collective thought between them ran like this, "please let there be some tangible form for us to attack."
As Herobrine exited the portal he just casually stood there like he's done this countless times before.

BT exited the portal with Jason, Jason was on edge cause he hadn't experienced anything from this world yet so he kinda jumped when he heard the god's voice.

As soon as Rosa exited the portal she immediately tripped and face planted onto the ground.
Laadan glanced around at the apparent domain of Cardes and found it... to be honest, woefully abysmal. Literally, it was nothing but a huge abyss! All that kept them adrift were some platforms. All around she could, however, feel his presence, one that, if it had a smell would be definable as "repugnant."

"Maybe you are right, but I'm not a mortal," Laadan responds, boldly correcting Cardes. She looks down at the emptiness below. "In fact, I'd hardly call you a god. Maybe... you are like me, a caged beast desiring freedom, guided by impulses. The difference between us, however, is that I evolve to acquire more meaning."

"Wow, well then, this place sucks," says Mal behind them, his tone flippant as usual in spite of the stifling atmosphere. "You call this a domain? A really unimpressive psychosphere, but hey, it suits you. Hah. I mean, malice is one of the most meaningless emotions, alongside apathy. Are you certain you are not the god of gauche?" The jester cracks out into a giggling fit before pointing up into the air and waggling his finger. "But don't despair over your hollow existence, oh vain one, you will become part of something more meaningful... at least, your essence will."

Laadan simply glares back at the jester. He was taunting a god as if this was some game? Was he too intending to fight him? It was clear he was after Cardes's power, his essence as he called it. Well, as long as he was helping them... even if it was a selfish reason... she couldn't simply shove him away. They needed all the help they could get at this point...
John would step out from their circle and look slightly upwards, as if addressing what was substituted in this dimension as the sky. "Well, me and my brother are rather ahead of you on the whole dying thing. We've in fact come to put you back to sleep." He would cock his shotgun and add, "with force, if necessary."
Behind him, the Chosen Few were watching him with the caution one reserves for a bomb disposal technician who was one wire cut away from oblivion. Jonathan had this amazing ability to be completely unfazed by the most hideous creatures, and would easily tell whatever eldritch being he was facing that he was going to send them back to whatever abyss or portal they arrived in. In hindsight, he had the survival chances of a windsock in a hurricane, but he always came out okay, albeit with scratch marks on his jacket.
It's with this knowledge that they listened to John as he continued. "You don't scare us. We've seen more horrible things then you've had human sacrifices - if that's what your followers are into, that is. So come out of that void and face us in whatever corporal form you possess."
"If you insects are so eager to die then I shall grant your wish...It was bad enough when you humans sealed me away, however I will not repeat that same mistake again..." The voice of Cardes spoke as a mass began to form ahead further along the platform they were standing on.

The two Heroes drew their blades, it was him...The God Of Malevolence...It was their duty to eliminate the gods, and their adventure finnaly led them to this point. Then the black mass took shape, the God himself has appeared


"I am Cardes the Malevolent...You humans and mortals have been a blight to the world, and it is time to wipe more of you out... He spoke before Eying both Kira and Rosa. "Useless...The both of you...I know your name Kira, the one who served the Gods but was thrown away...And that half breed 'angel'...If you are here that means one thing, you have thrown your life away...You dare betray the Gods?...Your death will be merciless..."

Kira narrowed his eyes as he drew his axe and sword. "I am going to prove that not even the Gods can stand up to my power! I'll wipe that arrogance right off your face, and then I'll finish the rest of you myself!" He roared as he grew his wings going at his full power.
Herobrine began laughing, "you think you're so all powerful, well guess what, I've been draining your power from the start, it won't be to long until you're empty, I'm gonna wipe the floor with you." Herobrine said with a demonic grin as his right arm morphed into a large blade.

"Burst core online" BT announced.
"Hell yeah we're going to beat you so hard you'll be hit into next century, ugh I guess." Jason said with some confidence but he quickly remembered that they were fighting a god.

Rosa stood back from everything to try not to get in the way of things.

Herobrine's right arm began to absorb surrounding energy and begin to glow red. The blade was filled with huge amounts of power, his eyes soon had a dark red araura coming off of them, the rest of his body was soon covered in a black armour that is nearly impenetrable, but the only thing vulnerable was his head, because the armour didn't seem form on it for some reason.
"Annnd, you continue to call me a mortal, what, are you all shhhhhhtupid?! Ah hell with it, if you won't heed my words, then listen to this!" With that, crouching down before launching off with a burst, she sets her sights dead center on Cardes. Her strange winglike flaps spread full open, the ornate colors glowing brightly. Drawing back one of her large claws. Winding it up she swings dead on at his face.

Mal stares on for a moment at her dramatic initiative, and briefly cracks his head over towards Herobrine. "Uh, you do know he's not a demon, right? You sure that'll work right? Anywho... no time for that. Heh. Y' l' uln mgleth yaah, uh'enyth cahf lllln'gha r'luhhor, Y' ah Mal'kdet! Y' ah Mal'kdet!" For the first time he starts to show his power, the glowing orbs beginning to emit a multicolored haze around him, the exact nature of his power being hard to determine, not because of just its chaotic nature, but it was like several presences overlapping one another! His robes spin around, the jingle of bells filling the air, the green orbs forming a circle behind him, arcane symbols imprinted in the air, like some kind of summoning rite. Suddenly, the fabric of reality bulges and warps about, distorting the air like a heat haze behind him, before shattering like glass behind him, fragments like shards from a mirror float around him, and, what burst forth were a set of massive dark arms on each side of him, each hand inhuman, possessing only three fingers each, and in the palms were eyes, black sclera with glowing orange irises, twitching around looking at everything. "Say hello to... me, oh how bizarre it is to summon myself! Haha! Feels like... I guess a headrush coupled with being pulled inside out? Oof! Anyways."

With that, Mal slaps his massive hands together with a force that causes the very air to tremble, and opening them back up, an amorphous green energy stretches out like a thick viscous fluid before snapping loose, exploding into a swarm of small glowing orbs with a muffled sound, akin to a heavy man plunging into a pool. The orbs zip around each other and circle around his arms and body, having a life of their own. "Get em, fellas!" Suddenly groups of the strange orbs bundle together and begin zipping, making a shrieking sound as they fly at an extremely fast pace, leaving behind streaks of light, headed straight for Cardes, being sure to swerve around Laadan.
The toons broke out from their circle when Cardes materialised. Instead of the colossus they expected, Cardes took the form of a muscular human with albino hair, wearing nothing but plate leggings. Arcane runes of unidentifiable power were etched on his bare body, emitting energy the likes they've never seen before. His eyes were golden all the way through.
"Is this the form you're choosing?" said John, utterly nonplussed, aiming his shotgun. "This won't take long..." It was at this point when he heard the chanting. He turn around quickly, his survival reflexes labelling the chant as one that summoned an old god, towards Mal'kdet. The sight that followed didn't fully register in John's fragmented mind as it was too eldritch even for him. What registered, though, was that there were now colossal shadow-like arms beside him with black-and-orange eyes implanted in each palm.
"Oh no," said Fancy in a blank tone.
"What is it?"
"He's gonna try and suck Cardes dry."
John turned to Fancy, a look of horror mixed with terrible interest plastered on his bony face. "I beg your pardon?"
"Oh, I didn't tell you what his plan was. He was gonna absorb all of the Gaian Gods' power to make himself stronger."
The skeleton nodded. "Right, that makes sense." He turned back to Mal. "Then he's gonna kill us."
"Chances are high on that," said Max.
"Right, then Adam and Max are gonna deal with Cardes, Fancy and Jack, you check on Mal. I'm gonna stay here and worry like hell." This entire plan was shared in a battle strategist's tone, calm and logical.
Cardes looked over at Herobrine as he was 'absorbing' his strength...however there was one little problem with that. He was no demon. He was a God, a divine being. He was absorbing Kira's strength, and he himself turned to look at Herobrine with a growl. "You drain more of my strength...I'll kill you myself!" He yelled.

For Laadan, she managed to get Cardes's attention in full. Along with Mal's attack. He raised his fist and slammed it forward colliding with Laadan's attack. As for the orbs flying for him, a ripple around him formed as dark orbs formed in the air around him to crash into the orbs sent by Mal.

"Fools...I am a God. You wont beat me, those humans that sealed me away could only seal me away but they could not kill me...I will end you all...So heel beast..." He spoke as he looked impassively at Laadan.

"Don't underestimate humanity! Or anyone for that matter! Take this! Flare Ride!" Vargas suddenly roared as he slammed into Cardes from the air. Selena followed with his attack and swung her sword into his side. The damage was expected, not much...But it still affected him.
"Kira, did you even listen to what I said, I said I was draining his power not yours, do you need a hearing aid cause you deaf, and I can absorb all types of energy, but I can only certain types, I'm not taking your power cardes, I'm getting rid of it, and Kira, if you don't shut your trap I will crack your skull in half." Herobrine yelled in anger.

Herobrine dashed forward and punched cardes in the gut and followed with an uppercut the a slash at the throat then Herobrine kicked him in the neck.

"Target locked" Jason said as BT launched missile from the rocket launcher on his shoulder. It didn't do much but it stunned cardes.

Herobrine took the opportunity to charge up his fist with energy and then punched cardes right in the skull which would cause severe brain trauma but most likely death if it were something mortal.

"Burst core activate" BT announced as a powerful focused beam of energy came out of his gun that struck cardes in the chest.
Mal buckles over laughing at Cardes, despite his attack had been canceled. For a moment he stops, faking to wipe away a tear.

"Well, good thing I'm no human then!" He responds in a very frivolous manner, posing with one hand on his chin. The two massive hands points at Cardes, and Mal'kdet begins to laugh again, shaking his head with a shrug. "Plus, heh, I'm not the one still wearing a mortal's form. Pathetic, don't you think? Hating humans, while still fixated to the visage of one? Honestly, if you are so much greater than them, then why not liberate yourself from such a constricting form? Heheh... anyways..."

With his mockery finished, Mal'Kdet charges another attack, waving his hand outwards at the ground, rifts gashing open within space as black masses form up from the ground. These masses take on the shape of eyeless eel-like creatures, gaping mouths snapping, the depths of their maws are simply purple endless pits. They make breathy sounds as they swim around in the air before lunging out towards Cardes.

Laadan who bumped fists with Cardes was flung backwards by the recoil, catching her footing on the platform down on all fours before falling to her knees. She looked down at her hand, which had a glowing spot and steam emitting off of it. "Need... matter," she mutters, looking around. The only obvious choices around were the platforms, and comrades, both choices of which were unfavorable, even to an Id like her. She places her hands on her cheeks, pouting somewhat before slamming her other two fists down in frustration. "Agh! Stupid void, having nothin'! Stupid, stupid!"

"What, nothing to eat, haha, really should have ate before you came here," Mal says tauntingly, only to back up slightly as Laadan gets up in his face. "Um... personal space, lady."

"I would have but," she begins, before glancing off, holding up one of her lower arms and waving her finger, brushing aside one of her antennae. Her tone became far more intelligent for a moment, and soft instead of booming. "Well, it doesn't work quite like that, see, it has to be matter that exists currently within this plane of existence. And it isn't really eating as much as displacing it within that plane of existence, and in turn increasing spacial priority, thus in turn increasing my own absolute existence."

"I... I see, well, consider me corrected then," Mal'kdet responds, taking a few steps away to focus back on Cardes.
"That's our cue, Max," called Adam as Herobrine let loose hell on the human avatar. After he lets loose his punch on Carde's skull, Adam would dash towards the momentarily stunned god and perform an upward-diagonal slash at his torso. As he didn't bother putting a shirt on, if this hit, Cardes would most likely get a big wound on his rune-etched body.
The skeleton would immediately leap sideways, making way for the brute who was now accelerating towards the god. With a yell of pure adrenalin, Max would initiate an uppercut right under the chin, likely launching Cardes into the air. With hulk-like strength, he would then leap towards the now flying avatar and slam him into the platform, forming a crater on impact.
Meanwhile, Fancy and Jack were pushed aside as Laadan confronted Mal'kdet. Apparently she needs matter to function - or rather, John thought as he watched, to exist in the corporal realm - so was likely to feed on Mal. "Oh, this truly is enlightening to watch," exclaimed John excitedly. "Never before have I encountered a being that feeds on matter itself! I should take notes," he added to himself, reaching into his jacket pocket, producing a grubby notebook and pen.
The recovering Few glared at the skeleton, feverishly scribbling in his book. It was probably more exciting to him that he could continue his research rather than the fact that they were facing a god and, potentially, a power-syphoning jester. So far, the demon hadn't got a drop of the God's power yet, but when he does, they won't be found wanting for the resulting conflict.
Kira growled at Herobrine as he joined the fight. "Threaten me again and I'll break your spine!" He yelled as he joined with the Others. After Herobrine and BT unleashed their attack on him, soon enough Adam cut the God with his sword which did inflict a nice injury on Cardes before Max uppercutted him into the air and into the ground forming a crater.

As Cardes was beaten by this assault of attacks Mal's attack would still go for him. However, Cardes easily recovered from the assault and stood back up. "Fools...Humans are the ones who stole our form...and you think you can drain my power?...Fool you can do that for hundreds of years and not affect me. However..." The God would put his two arms together as he channeled his magic into his hands creating a massive ball of energy in between his hands.

A foreign light began to shine over his body as his wounds began to slowly heal back up. "It seems that you worms are posing a threat now...I'll destroy you all then..." Cardes soon launched the massive sphere of energy forward directed at the whole group.

"Take care everyone! If that attack misses no doubt the explosive force will take out our platform we stand on and put us in dangerious locations around this area!" Selena warned as she began to form magical ice around her to get ready for a counter attack as the massive ball of destructive energy was going for them.

Vargas of course backed up a bit, this platform did not give them the best of room to manuver around.
The ball of energy cardes created soon disappeared, as Herobrine held out his hand which had a small ball of focused energy in it, "like I said, I absorb energy, you should have thought about that before you used an energy based attack" Herobrine said as he quickly launched the ball at cardes, then Herobrine shielded himself from the blast while the ball of was about to explode. "Protocol three, protect the pilot" BT said as he ejected Jason and threw him away from the blast. Rosa was far enough away to not feel the effects of the blast but she still took cover.
"Hey, good idea, make him angry! And while he's pounding you to paste, we get him!" Mal says with a laugh to Herobrine, slamming his fist into his palm... which the large hands do as well. Then, without turning, he points finger guns at Cardes, and wiggles his thumbs like triggers, the large hands beginning to fire beams of the weird energy at him, the impact of which being less like a burning laser, and more like a kinetic blast equivalent to bullet trains at full speed in force, the impact zones causing ripples through space. "And stole your form? Hahahaha, really? Really now? That's a good one! But seriously, why is a god an overly glorified sack of meat in this universe, yet not willing to admit to being an one? Issues..."

Laadan on the other hand was still hunting for something to gobble down to increase power. She had taken to getting down on all six and gnawing at fragments of Selena's magical ice that broke off from the explosion, her form growing little by little each time. Apparently any matter would suffice, even that which was magically summoned. "Not enough," she mutters.
The Chosen Few who were dealing with the god stared in horror at the massive ball of energy coming at them, ready to jump to the next platform. They were a bit pissed that Cardes simply erased whatever damage they'd done. Max would turn to John, who was still scribbling in his notebook. "John! Get your skull outta that book, we need to get off this thing!"
The skeleton would only turn his head. "Pardon?" he said in an infuriatingly calm tone.
"Get off the damn-" Max became aware that the platform hadn't become a storm of debris. He turned back and watched in shock as Herobrine absorbed the ball of energy and chuck it back at Cardes. "Well, ---- me," he muttered, successfully pronouncing dashes as the explosion nearly blew his cap off.
The sight also woke John from his observer daze, putting away his notebook and pen whilst muttering, before getting out his gun. "Is his body really that hard to pierce? I expected more from you."
"B-but, he just regenerated!" Adam stuttered, more horrified at the concept of having to fight a god that can brush off a flesh wound than anything.
"Well don't stand there like a twit, Adam. Chop his head off."
The skeleton warrior would look at his sword as if he had forgotten he had it, turn to the god and begin to run towards him. The explosion was likely to stun Cardes for some time, so he hopefully had a few seconds. He would leap at the god and aim for the neck, using the momentum to boost his swipe.
With the massive explosion hitting Cardes, Kira, Vargas and Selena dug into the ground with their feet and braced for impact. Of course the God remained standing but he appeared injured at least. He even let out a grunt of irritation before his body was impacted by the beams that burned and impacted him like a train.

Of course while that was going on, Selena noticed Laadan eating her ice and growing bigger and put the pieces together. She was growing in power no doubt by just...eating. With the frozen particles around her she began to form more magical ice and tossed them to Laadan. Support was more of her specialty.

For Kira and Vargas, they both charged forward as Mal was covering their advance. They soon both leapt into the air prepared to strike to God and help finish it off...if only it were that easy. While Cardes was dazed he was forced to reveal more of his power. His form was suddenly surrounded by a dark power which created a barrier of dark force which surrounded his whole form which defended against the assault.

"So it seems...I find it despicable that I have to use more of my power to crush you worms...But you leave me no choice..." Cardes spoke as he was reaching his next form it seemed.
After the blast BT was left completely destroyed, Jason quickly picked up a fragment of BT, Jason then quickly backed away from the battle. "Thanks, BT needed an upgrade for anyways" Jason said happily as a new Titan landed behind him, he then inserted BT core into the new Titan. "BT-7274 online." The Titan spoke as its cockpit opened. Jason quickly entered the Titan and activated the missile launchers.

"When will you learn Cardes, I'll take all of your power if I need to." Herobrine said with a demonic laugh.
With the force of the blast, Mal'Kdet's arms crossed before him, bracing him from the force of it, and he just stood there, nonchalant as ever.

Glancing over at Jason, he tilts his head as he calls in another mech to replace the one that had been utterly destroyed by Cardes. He then looks up into the air, then scratches his head.

"Wait, how did you... how did you just summon that into a sealed dimension?" he asks, pointing up from where the Titan came from. "What, do you carry a subspace with you as well... are you an Outsider?" He stares down Jason for a moment, one of the large hands rubbing his chin, then he cracks out in laughter. "Hahahah, nah! Obviously a human!"

He then looks over at Cardes, who now was... charging up? Then he hears another boast from Herobrine.

"Seriously mac, what's with the weird laughter? I mean, I laugh a lot too, but... eh... I like to think mine is more... hee-hee, I'm an extradimensional monster that can't take anything seriously! Yours is more like... MWAHAHAHA! I JOY IN YOUR TORMENT!" he says, going from a whimsical voice to a deep and warped voice rather abruptly. Then looks back at Cardes. "But seriously... I don't think this draining thing is really working out in the way you think it is. You can't just get rid of power like this, it has to go somewhere, can't go nowhere. Either way, I've got dibs on this guy's essence, remember that."

Laadan sees the chunks before her being offered by Selena and then gave her a grin and thumbs up. "This'll work, thanks!" she exclaims, before gulping the ice chunks down, like she were some long tongued dinosaur companion to a certain Italian plumber. the increase was apparent, her runes sparking to life in a brillian shine of blue, coursing across her like veins filled with light. It wasn't just her size increasing, but less immediate, her wings became longer, more colorful, flowing, glowing blue and purple, flaring open like butterfly wings, the horns of her bone "mask" becoming longer and more curled. Whats more, the gooey and drippy quality of her body instead becomes more cohesive, giving her translucent body and overall more solid look to it, her tail tip flaring out into a broad tip like a stereotypical demon's, or dragon's tail.
Adam would swing his sword at neck-level at Cardes, but something happened in the next few seconds that required the group to mentally recap. Firstly, a dark aura materialised around the god, a sort of dark red, when the blade was about a foot away from his neck. When the sword came in contact, Adam was suddenly static in the air, vibrating as if he had hit a large gong. John, who also had the survival instincts of the Chosen Few, flung himself on the floor before the increasing kinetic energy flung Adam back, his sword spinning away into the void. Max would catch the falling skeleton, whilst the rest watched in horrified fascination as Hope sliced through the particles in the void, making a high-pitched, metallic wail as it plummeted.
"My sword!" Adam scrambled to the edge of the platform, peering over. "I was 29 demons away from a cosmetic upgrade! Damn it!"
"Stuff your sword, how the hell are we gonna break through that shield?" Max would point at Cardes.
"Yeah, but it's my sword!"
"It'll come back, you bet on it," said John. "If Hope can't penetrate that shield, I'd like to see how our friends deal with it. Maybe they have something we don't."
"Yeah, magic," said Fancy.
Vargas backed away quickly guessing what was gonna happen next. He impaled his sword in front of him and braced for what was coming next. Selena, quickly ran behind Vargas and did the same. Although she was there to make sure Vargas did not charge off too quickly. Still...after watching Laadan eat her ice and grew in size...that was something.

And with the arrival of another giant machine, Selena guessed that one of them really liked their technology. But right now, they had to focus on the figure in front of them. "So it's come down to this?...I grow tired of you mortals and creatures!...I will destroy you all then I will destroy the world..." Cardes spoke as the aura around himself began to grow larger until it was a few stories tall.

Afterwards the aura defending Cardes suddenly exploded outwards sending a wave of force until...He was made visible again...


Cardes seemed to have achieved a new form, was it his true form? Was it just a new form to contain his power? Whatever the case was his power grew exponentially. "Lets start with the so called 'demon' first...I grow irritated at your boasting...You will know true power....Deadly end..." A Sphere suddenly surrounded Herobrine, one with far more power than anything they all had seen before. Shattering it would be the only way to break free from the prison...however massive dark swords formed in the air around Herobrine. He planned to turn him into a pincushion!

Vargas immediantly set himself on fire to power himself up amps he charged forward and slammed his sword into the Sphere. Selena of course hurried up. Cardes after dealing with Herobrine and distracting the two so called heroes turned to face the remaining members. "You will all meet your end here..."
Herobrine morphed his right arm to be covered in a very strong black armour, he then began to focus all of his power into the fist, when his fist had all of his energy in it he then punched the sphere dealing massive damage to it but it didn't crack, he kept on trying until the swords impaled his body, he let out a grunt then hung there motionless, but his eyes began to glow red as the barrier broke and the ground started to crack open in several places, these cracks had an extreme amount of demonic energy flowing through them, the energy was soon absorbed by Herobrine, then his wounds began to quickly heal. "There's no point in trying to kill me, I'll just keep coming back again and again." Herobrine said with a demonic voice as the ground began to shake and move. Herobrine began to laugh demonically as he morphed into a demon like creature that was larger than cardes. The demon like creature roared as a beam of focused demonic energy shot from It's mouth, striking cardes and doing extreme amounts of damage.
"What, are you infinitely powerful now? The same person I saved from death mere moments ago?" Mal says to Herobrine, his tone far less amused than usual as he sends another serpentine blast at Cardes. "You're so... confusingly inconsistent. I thought I'd root for the underdog, but you are not the underdog..? Seriously, this joke is getting out of hand. Who's the real underdog?!"

Laadan had grown around 6x her original size, now towering over the others. Her purple hands glowing with a soft bluish glow, her wings radiant and ornate like a butterfly's. She gets down on all fours, raising her head up, and with a booming roar, announces herself ready to attack. As the explosions cleared, she squats down and lunges again at Cardes, the very force shaking the platforms as she brings in her fist aimed straight at the god, space fluctuating around her, tongue waggling in the breeze.

"If the only thing you can express is empty rage and malice, then you are even more base than I am!" she yells at Cardes, her eyes ablaze with light. Inches from the god, she swings both her large hands together like a clap, letting out a thunderous blast of raw force through the air in his direction, before drawing back and swinging forward, compounding the force and directing it straight to him. "So, it is your turn to heel... BEAST!"
The Few cringed at the new sight before them. Gone was the rune-edged albino, replaced by a hideous creature whose face - alright, the one on top of the thing - was a skull with red eyes. Now we're talking, went the strange thoughts of Jonathan.
"Adam, you should've left the beheading later," called John. "You could have stabbed him in the fa- in the skull."
"Right," said Max, stepping forward and brandishing his bionic arm. "Step back guys, I'm gonna try somethin'. I rarely get to check out all the features on this arm, but I think there's a mega-beam on this bad boy."
"Is there nothing you cannot do with that arm, Max?" asked John in an airy, mocking tone.
"Well, travelling through time's one of 'em." The palm of the metal hand opens up, revealing a circular oculus that begins to glow blue, humming like a plane engine coming from far away. "Stand back guys," Max repeated. "From what I remember, the beam gets pretty big and deadly. Oh shit," he added as Laadan got real close to the god and let loose a clap of gigantic proportions. Despite his rather hunched vocabulary, the term "collateral damage" was worming it's way through his thick skull.
By now the glow was now incandescent. He always had to choose the right moment to unleash the building energy of the cannon; go too early, and it could barely make a dent, too late and he could become geography. Now he was facing the conundrum of either waiting for the alien to get out and the way and risk an earth-shattering kaboom, or unleash it now and potentially destroy both Laadan and Cardes.
Favouring survival over empathy, he fired his cannon, hoping to whoever god was listening that Laadan would get out of the way in time. The beam spanned in a diameter of ten feet and glowed a nuclear green.
As both Vargas and Selena watched as the swords skewered Herobrine in the Sphere, they both winced a bit until suddenly he got back up and transformed into a massive beast. Well he was fine, it was time to focus on the God now.

With Herobrine's beam, a sort of barrier appeared around Cardes as it absorbed the blow. Of course his attention immediantly shifted to Laadan as a blast of force impacted him and caused him to slide backwards. "Me? Heel?...I will make you grovel and kill you like the creature you are..." He spoke as he raised his hand to block the blow, however he was being pushed back. The God narrowed his eyes at Laadan as he a God was being pushed back.

Of course Kira wanted to get a few hits in as well. "Take this!" He yelled as he swooped from the skies...or well the void above along with a bunch of magical swords. Of course the barrier swatted the magical blades but he himself was unhindered and slashed at Cardes with both blades forming two massive cut allowing Laadan's attack to have even more effect with him weakened.

Of course the two heroes would have joined it if it was not for the massive beam heading straight for the God. Instead the two began to focus their energies to go in with an ultimate attack in case he still stood. But it looked like they could do this!
Herobrine noticed that his attacks weren't doing much against cardes, Herobrine morphed back into his normal form, Herobrine's right arm glowed with energy as armour began to form on it, when his arm was fully covered Herobrine quickly leaped at cardes and landed a punch on the shield which resulted in breaking it the shield, then spikes formed on his fist while it hit cardes in the large cuts that Kira made.

"Burst core activated" BT said as a new beam of energy shot from his gun, the beam struck cardes, it wouldn't do much damage but it was more of a distraction.
"My, my, make me grovel and kill me? Is that your best retort?" Laadan grinned as she noticed that twinge of disbelief, her eyes narrowing as well, gleaming with light. She would have followed up, had it not been for a surge of energy headed straight for them! With a split change of plans she presses down against Cardes and flips herself behind him, favoring instead to kick him forwards into the blast to use his body as a shield, as well as leave him more open to the full effect. "Eat gamma, Freakenstein!"

"Uh, eheh?" Mal mutters, one of his large hands sheepishly pointing at Herobrine who had also launched himself in front of Cardes.
"You're a reckless man, Maxwell," said John. "I respect that. It takes balls - sorry, cubes - for a man to risk the death of his comrades when fighting his enemy."
Max would look back at him with a withering look. No one except Jonathan calls him Maxwell, which is a bit of a mouthful when referring to a cuboid who can lift hillocks. The beam would eventually thin out, the whirring noise from the arm slowing down to a halt.
As soon as it started to thin, the Chosen Few chose to let loose hell on the god. Fancy would leap on top of the god and start repeatedly stabbing at it's red eyes with his pencil. Max would go for a cyber-arm hook on Cardes' left arm at the elbow, potentially dislocating it. Jack would momentarily be behind his comrades with an expression of intense cerebration before reaching into his backpack and pulling out a cream pie. With a moment's thought, he would also get out a stick of dynamite and stick it into the pie. He then gets out a match, ignites it with the soles of his shoe, and lights the fuse. Satisfied, he would run up to Cardes and fling it at his face. Fancy, in response, would backwards somersault from the head just as the pie hits Cardes, the dynamite detonating in the precise moment it reaches it's destination.
John would sprint to his brother, who was still looking over the edge of the platform. "Can't you summon it back, then?"
"Dunno, John. How far d'you think it fell?"
The smarter brother calculated the depth of the void. "Pretty far, I'd think."
Adam nodded, then, for the sake of trying, held out his hand as if to retrieve his vacant sword through telekinesis. There was no sign of an effect, no rumbling sound of the air being manipulated, no glint of the sword. Then they became aware of a sound above them, like a multitude of particles being sliced in half. Just as John turned around, the sword embedded itself into the stone of the platform with a thunk. He looked up with a look of confusion as his brother re-enacted the preluding event before the crowning of King Arthur. As he pulled the sword from the platform, it hummed with a white light.
With newly-found vigour, Adam rushed towards the malevolent god, leapt into the air and stabbed into the beast's chest. The glowing sword would burn into the wound with the fury only found in an enchanted piece of weaponry given semi-sentience.
With both Cardes and Herobrine taking the blast of the arm cannon, Cardes himself let out a grunt of pain as the beam smacked into him, enhanced by the force of being kicked into it. Once that was done the Chosen few began their assault upon him, his eye stabbed by the panic bleededing dark liquid, his left arm being dislocated from a hook, and a pie thrown in his face...before he had time to comment about a pie it would explode in his face causing him reel back a bit. Finally the enchanted sword impaled his chest causing him to grunt even louder.

"Enough!...I will not end up being killed by you worms...I shall destroy you all. Come to me now!..." Two sigils suddenly appeared on the ground and two humanoid forms suddenly appeared. Of course both Vargas and Selena knew what they were. "What?...That power...Its...summoning arts?..." Selena spoke in awe. In Grand Gaia there were people, especially the gods who possessed a great power known as summoning.

They can call upon the souls of dead heroes, even lesser gods to return to the land of the living. "Then we just beat whoever he summoned! Even if they are but lesser divinities!" Vargas roared.

With a blast of energy exploding outward from Cardes to push his foes back, another foreign light surrounded his form healing his wounds. The first of the two, a lesser Goddess known as Phee closed her hands together and cast a new barrier over Cardes which was restoring his strength in the process. The other one, Luther armed with great sword charged at Kira to keep him occupied. "Bring it on! I'll crush you all the same!" He called out. "Hah! I should be the one saying that!" Luther replied.
BT's burst core stopped firing after a few seconds and then Herobrine grabbed Phee's head "is this what you call summoning art, well it seems pretty weak to me" Herobrine said as he crushed Phee's skull until it exploded. Then Herobrine walked over to Luther, Herobrine smiled with a demonic grin as he grabbed Luther by the neck. " it's time I stop holding back because I'm starting to get bored now" Herobrine said with a demonic laugh as he chocked Luther to death. "The worst thing you can do in a battle is underestimate your enemy, because you never know when they'll stop holding back their true power." Herobrine added as the ground began to rumble. "I not only can absorb other people's power, I can make my own." Herobrine laughed demonically ad the ground began to change, large cracks appeared around Cardes, one by one these cracks shot a beam of demonic energy, if anything were to go into the beams, they would vaporize into dust. "Cardes you may be powerful, but you seem to not pay attention to what I ever say, that's the most idiotic thing anyone can do around me." Herobrine said as he began to laugh demonically. Both of Herobrine's eyes had a glowing red aurora coming off of them. The beams of energy began to move closers to Cardes, the beams would start to shred Cardes' body, "there's no escape Cardes, you'll die a painful death." Herobrine said with a demonic smile as He continued to laugh demonically.
Seeing this, Mal grunted in annoyance. "What? Seriously? Are you... seriously godmodding right now, dude? Because where the hell did any of that come from?"
The group groaned as Cardes regenerated yet again. The only viable strategy that was available now was to do enough damage to kill him immediately. They watched as the god summoned two humanoid figures, possibly lesser gods, who were immediately obliterated by Herobrine. If the god can barely summon a challenge, then it won't be long till he can no longer regenerate.
"Um, lads, can I have a brief word?" said John, beckoning the Chosen Few. They would huddle together whilst Herobrine let loose larger-than-life hell on Cardes. There would be some muttering from Jonathan.
"Well, firstly that's not a nice thing to refer to someone," said Max. "Secondly, apparently the guy's gotta demon inside of him which he can barely control. I'm not complainin', of course, cause he's saving us some trouble, but I'm not sure we should trust a guy who can barely contain himself."
"Has he had an exorcism in the past?" said John.
"Dunno, he never said."
"Well, if the worst comes to the worst, he could, ah..." he would mutter a bit more so no one else can here. Fancy's paper brow would scrunch up. "That seems a bit unfair, John, considering he's just a young man."
"I don't know how old he is, but he seems to be enjoying himself rather too much, if you know what I mean," said John. "A man who laughs like he's got a voice augmenter set to "Demonic" shouldn't be trusted in my opinion."
"I think I thaw him try and cut himthelf before," said Jack, as if exploring a rather difficult tooth cavity.
"Then a suicidal, demonic man shouldn't be trusted with the power he as now," concluded John. He would look over their heads to see Herobrine send beams of possibly infernal power towards Cardes whilst, yes, laughing demoniacally.
The two, or rather the three Grand Gians had to halt their advance with the massive beams surrounding Cardes. To them it looked like Herobrine accomplished killing a God where many have failed. Heck, they did not do all that much work. Perhaps it would be easier than they thought?

"Enough..." Cardes growled as suddenly a resounding crack entered everyone's ears. Selena went wide eyes as she looked up to see that the seal had a massive crack in it. And it was growing more and more.

"I grow tired of this...My own kind has sealed me in this damnable beast...But no longer... Cardes spoke despite the beams of energy destroying his body. "Behold...You now face the true Fallen God...The time of your destruction has come..." He spoke as a massive burst of energy exploded outwards destroying the beams of energy surrounding him as a blinding light began to shine over him.

The seal cracked and cracked more until it finally shattered realeasing a Gods true potential. The real fight had just started...


"I am Cardes the Malevolent, ruler of truth and governance among the Divine Ten and servant to the Holy Emperor." Cardes spoke as with a flick of his hand he spoke. "Void...Shadowlight..." He spoke as his body had a small shimmer to it.

"Your attacks mean nothing to me now demon...And that is the truth..." He spoke before turning to the others. "I see it now...He did not send you here...The one God who betrayed us all...No matter, I will destroy you all here..."
Herobrine stopped and looked at the toons, “do you guys not remember that I killed the demon that was inside me, there’s more to me than meets the eye” Herobrine yelled, he then turned to Mal, “ I’m able to generate my own power, depending on what I do, large amounts of energy are used, when I run low on power I’m weak but when I’m in the middle of fighting let’s say, a god, my energy becomes like adrenaline, it basically becomes insane, and also it’s comical how i due from a blast of energy but not a god.” Herobrine said with a small laugh at the end. Herobrine then looked at cardes, “the reason why you’re a fallen god is because you’re a weak piece of crap, if you were so powerful you would have broke out of here sooner, you’re only just an ego maniac who has a very great amount of resistance to attacks, if I even tried, you would be dead about an hour ago, so it’s best you shut your trap you piece of trash for a god.” Herobrine said before he let out of an insane surge of power, Herobrine began floating in the air as he clenched his hand into a fist which caused cardes’ to glow as his body began to vaporize, soon enough cardes was destroyed for sure, Herobrine landed on the ground, he then fell to the ground unconscious.
Laadan stood to the side scratching her head as Mal just looked on in confusion, his mask flipping upside down.

"Seriously... the hell just happened? What? Whaaaaat..!?" Mal waves his hands, then slowly turns his head to the others. "Look, I'm the eldritch creature from another plane of existence, where crazy shit happens all the time, and I'm questioning this! It was like something else possessed them all and ordered their deaths without retaliation!"
The group stared as the seal broke under Herobrine's arrogant onslaught. Without it, they reckoned, there was nothing stopping the god from destroying them. Maybe they should have stabbed Herobrine in the back sooner.
John fumbled in his pocket and got out his thaumometer. Now the arrow was darting back and forth erratically, sparks dancing across the device. He would look up with a worried grin. "Uh oh," he said. "We're in trouble now."
Max would look back at Cardes. "I didn't sign up for this shit," he muttered. "I told you we should have taken the wheel! Now we have to deal with this thing! Adam, do your thing with the sword, and I don't mean with Cardes."
Adam would look at Max with horror. "But Max-"
"It's the only way!" Max snapped. "We're letting some idiot with demonic powers make Cardes grow stronger! Can't you see? Somehow, Cardes is absorbing Herobrine's attacks and used it to break the seal! If we don't stop him now, we'll never get out of this alive, do you understand me?"
The pair were a tableau for a moment, Adam staring wide-eyed at the heaving Robloxian, before the spell broke. "Alright," said Adam, his head hung low for a moment. "I don't want to do this-"
The transition astounded even John. The undead paladin went from merciful sorrow to zealous vengeance. He leap towards Herobrine as he began to fall, his sword swung behind him. As soon as the boy fell to the ground, Adam lifted his glowing sword above him and stabbed downwards, right into Herobrine's heart. The others would hear a sound beyond the mortal scale, a metallic ringing almost yelling encouragement.
The Chosen Few were right in their analysis, after Cardes activated 'Void Shadowlight' the attack that Herobrine used to 'vaporize his body looked like it worked...looked like was the only thing. Cardes of course was now immune and used certain attacks to boost his own power. Of course other attacks would have gone through just fine but due to Herobrine not needing as they call out the names of his defensive type Cardes was otherwise unharmed and much stronger.

"So this how you mortals evolved...Blind and foolish like your ancestors before you all...I spoke the truth when I said his attacks were a wasted effort...Now then..." Cardes started as he watched Herobrine's allies stab him in the heart after he fell down unconscious.

Of course he could care less, raising a hand massive spheres of energy appeared behind him along with what appeared to be massively floating sword above the whole group. Vargas narrowed his eyes as a pair of wings appeared behind him. "We are in a whole new mess now! Alright Selena! Everyone! Lets show this God a thing or two!" He drew his sword Dandelga and rushed forward. Selena drew her own sword, Lexida and followed behind. "I'll support you all!...Stay safe everyone!" She called out.
When Herobrine was stabbed his eyes instantly open with a red glowing auroras, he then pulled the blade out of his body and got up, “you could have at least told me that my attacks were braking the seal, I’m sorry that not everyone is a god damn genius!” Herobrine yelled, he then began to absorb all of the energy nearby, he put his hands together and it began to form an extremely focused ball of energy, the amount of energy that was inside it was able to even overkill a god, Herobrine’s hands began to vaporize as it was too much power for anyone or anything to handle, the ball began to absorb all of Cardes power, the energy then began to flow in Herobrine’s body, it repaired all physical damage that Herobrine had taken, a suit of armour formed on Herobrine’s body, the armour was basically indestructible, when Herobrine finished absorbing in the energy, his right arm radiated power, one punch from it would mean death even for a god.
"No, you idiot!" yelled John, as Herobrine regenerated and formed a suit of armour. "You're attacks aren't working! Stop-"
There was a sudden change in the atmosphere, as if time was slowing down to a crawl. The air dimmed to a dark blue and tasted of tin. The Chosen Few saw something like this happen back in the Imagiverse Centre when Kira was fighting Laadan. It was the fabric of Fantasy being put through the wringer.
A tear in said fabric opened up high above them, and an eye the size of a star, glass and set in bronze eyelids, emerged on a set of jointed appendages. A voice that John would describe as "like the clockwork of the universe" could be not just heard, but felt. "WARNING. CLASS 20 SINGULARITY DETECTED. ANALYSING AREA FOR SOURCE OF OUTLAWED ENERGY." The eye suddenly glowed like a supernova, outlining every surface and being in the void. For a moment, the Chosen Few saw into the void, platforms spanning out into infinity. In that moment, it was like seeing into the universe. The eye would then focus onto Herobrine, where the pupil dilated. "SOURCE DETECTED. SPECIES:HALF-HUMANOID, HALF-DEMON. POWER LEVEL: UNIDENTIFIABLE. INITIATING ELIMINATION PROTOCOL."
There was a sound, like Max's cannon arm charging up but magnified beyond the mortal scale of sound, so loud that it could no longer be heard. However, that could not compare to the sound and sensation afterwards, which was like a star imploding. It would have sounded like that if the ears hadn't shut down at that point. No-one could see anything but a bright light. Then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Nothing much changed, except that Herobrine, Rosa and Jason were gone. "ELIMINATION PROTOCOL COMPLETE. HALF-ANGEL AND HUMANOID MECH PILOT TRANSFERRED TO A SUITABLE LOCATION. EQUILIBRIUM RESTORED. HAVE A NICE DAY." On that note, the eye retracted into the tear, which healed itself. Time flowed back into the void, and all was relatively normal again.
A moment past before Max said, "The f*** just happened?"
"I think Herobrine pissed off a Celestial-type construct," said John, completely nonplussed. "I think that was Trutinus, the Construct of Balance. I've only heard of it in books and the like. Goldren created a lot of machines to keep the Imagiverse ticking."
"Well, at least that edge-lord's gone."
"Indeed. I think it's time to thank the gods."
As Cardes was about to unleash his power against the group, he stopped as he saw what appeared to be a massive eye the size of a star appear. Vargas, Selena and even Kira took pause to look at this phenomenon. They all watched as this massive star sized eye created a massive light causing Herobrine, Rosa and Jason to vanish.

It took the three Grand Gaians to process what happened. "That just...happened." Vargas commented. "That was very....sudden." Selena also added. Kira only scratched his head in confusion as the event happened. One less annoyance in his opinion.

Of course Cardes did not share the groups sentiment and launch a massive orb of energy right as Vargas and Selena to which Vargas reacted quickly and like a human shield, raised his sword and put himself in front of Slena to take the hits. "Gah!...That stings quite a bit...So much for a moment of rest." He grunted in pain as he soon felt a healing mist cover his body.

"Careful Vargas!...But thanks..." Selena spoke both thankful and worried at the same time. Of course Vargas's wounds was feeling much bettering thanks to Selena's healing abilities. Soon enough everyone was ready to fight once again. Cardes himself conjured more orbs and magical swords to use.
With everything going on, Mal and Laadan stare at the eye for a moment as the angel, half-demon, and mecha disappear entirely. Before they could process what happened, however, Cardes attacks again, the headstrong hero absorbing the blast.

"Okay then," Mal mutters, holding out his arms, creating a series of cards infinitely shuffling between all his hands. "Now, with that out of the way, time to get weird... again... heh!"

Glowing cracks form around him as wispy aurora-like light escapes from the fissures. Up from the ground shoots up tentacles made of astral turf, images of space can be seen within them, of stars and galaxies. These tentacles wrap around Mal, a muffled slam as it does so, creating a brief time-space dilation across the field. Emerging, from this mass, was a changed Mal, no longer having the jester-like hat, but bluish ethereal tentacles for hair and legs, his purple rags into robes, and now the extra arms now are part of his body, the circle of symbols hovering behind him. Kept the same is his mask-like face, the circle of green orbs around his neck like a string of prayer beads. Holding his arms forward, ripples form in space creating a distortion in the shape of a sphere, then releasing the cards he was shuffling, they come together into the shape of pyramids, that, from the tops, fire beams into the sphere. Inside the sphere, ethereal green energy, like rain, begins to gather within into a green sphere.

"So, hahaha, I had this completely nutso idea, guys, why don't we COMBINE our efforts? Y'know, give this guy the full meal instead of the appetizers," though it was hard to tell, he was winking the whole time with one of his hand eyes. Laadan stared at him for a moment, then snapped her finger. Opening her mouth she fires a beam, Godzilla style, into the orb, adding her bluish energy into the mix, causing the orb to expand with another pulse.

"This kinda reminds me of some show that involved a lot of yelling and gravity-defying haircuts," she says.

"What?" Mal asks, his hair tentacles now sticking up into spikes.
The speculative silence that followed Trutinus' appearance was interrupted by Cardes, who did not share the reflective nature of Jonathan. Well, no time for god thanking.
"Lads, we've got a god to kill, so let's do this!" yelled John as he ran towards the god, his shotgun unholstered. He was followed by the Chosen Few, now alive with unrestrained adrenaline. Even Adam was enthusiastic, even after his failed attempt at betrayal, as he yelled, "it's a good day to do what has to be done by me and help my friends to defeat the enemy!" It wasn't a very good battle cry, but then again Adam was not an expert on them.
Adam would leap at the God and slash upwards from the abdomen to the collar with his sword, it's thirst for the blood of the unholy now rampant.
As Adam fell, Jonathan fired a shot at the God's chest, hoping to get a good shot at the heart, if Cardes had one.
Jack would pull out a remote control and press the big red button, which caused an anvil to materialise 15 feet about Cardes' head and drop on him.
Max would go for an uppercut for an unfortunate part of the God that, according to some far-away religion, would be used to create a city. Either way, it would definitely blur the God's vision afterwards.
As Max went for the nut-shot, Fancy would leap like a gazelle and stab Cardes in the left eye with his pencil, further impeding the God's vision.
"Together we are strong enough to win everyone! I a man glad to have such great allies fighting together! For everyone! Charge!" Vargas roared as he charged forward behind the Chosen Few.

As Adam slashed at Cardes, a cut formed where his sword slashed at him, the shotgun blast would impact his chest but sadly did not cause much damage besides a few marks left by the shells. And for the anvil that fell upon his head, it was quite heavy but it did leave some mark on his head.

As for the crochel punch, Cardes only seemed to glare at him. It did not work as instended however the punch was a strong one. That was until a pencil entered his line of sight and poked him in his eye. After the initial assault Vargas, Selena and Kira combined their attacks and attacked at three different angles, Vargas with a slash to his left, Selena with a slash to the right and Kira from above.

Cardes of course did not take this standing still, after the attacks finished a rain of magical swords and energy began to rain down from above with destructive intent. Energy began to explode violently causing holes to form in the ground while sword began to impale anything it came into contact with.

Of course, he noticed the growing ball of energy being created by Both Mal and Laadan. He knew that these people surrounding him was almost a distraction, however he could not do much yet. With furrowed eyes he would also fling magical swords and orbs at them to attempt to stop whatever attack they were cooking up.
As the attacks were hurled his way, Mal wrapped his ethereal form around the orb and shrunk down into nothingness, teleporting some feet away towards the edge of the platform, Laadan herself gets cut a few times forcing her to jump back as well. The structures Mal had created are pretty well vaporized in the onslaught.

"Listen! That half-demon did teach us a valuable lesson," he cries out, trying to maintain the orb. "I dunno, maybe there's something to the whole... all for one adage? Rather than trying to be some one-man show... I mean, guys like Cardes here think they are the single most important thing and just grow drunk on their own power."

Mal looks around and scratches his ethereal head, and begins dribbling the giant orb like a basketball.

"So... um... I'll just give it to everyone else. Hey, Gecko!"

With that Mal Passes it to Laadan, who, while still recovering, was still able to catch it. Some of the energy in the ball went into her, healing her wounds. It became painfully evident to him that there was no way to just be stationary and complete this attack.

"The name is LAADAN! Also... what?

"Pass it to the others, duh!" Mal yells, flying above, firing off his exploding cards at Cardes. "This time we're giving him no room to recover."

With that Laadan threw it to the Chosen Few. She then proceeds to create a ball of purple goo from her own body, before spiking it into the ground, bouncing it upwards towards Cardes' face. The zero friction nature of her goo actually causes it to fly at such a velocity, that it displaces the space around it creating rings of distortion in its wake.
John was the first to catch the orb with his free hand, although he didn't how how he managed to catch the orb without thinking about it. Although the orb was invigorating, he wasn't the one doing all the fighting. "Hey, Adam!" He yelled, tossing the orb towards his brother, who caught it. He felt the energy of the orb replenish his spiritual stamina, and he flung it towards Max. When the Robloxian was infused with the ethereal energy, he tossed it to Fancy. The orb invigorated him and also, for reasons unknown, sharpened his pencil. He then tossed it to Jack, who got hit by the orb by the side of his head. As he stood up, he realised that it was sticking to his head, giving him new ideas for practical jokes. Well, he will find a way of using them somehow. He would pluck the orb from his head and toss it to Vargas.
Whilst this pantomime was going on, John noticed that chunks of the platform were being blown off by the balls of energy that Cardes was lobbing at them. A sword would impale itself to the platform inches away from his boots. How does one kill a god with his full potential? He'd look up into the void and raise his hands. "Any god who may be listening, a bit of help, maybe?" he yelled into the darkness.
Max would leap up towards Cardes' head and slam his fists down on his cranium. Adam would swing his sword at the God's left thigh, hoping to slow him down a bit.
Jack would pull out another remote control and press the button, this time a thunder cloud would gather above Cardes and a bolt of lightning would strike him. Toons are not normally considered magical, but then again, people have a limited definition of magical.
Meanwhile, Fancy would leap up after Max go for Cardes' other eye. Why stop at one?
As Vargas was busy striking a God, his attention turned to the ball flying for his face. He soon used his free hand to grab the ball and felt an invigorating amount of energy flow into his body. Now this was a good burst of energy! With that he tossed it to Selena who also caught it in her free hand and began to feel energy flow through her body as well. With that in mind Selena tossed the ball to Kira as she and Vargas both stepped back. "Thanks! That was a much needed boost! Lets all hit him with everything we got!" He called out as Kira reluctantly caught the orb. "Thanks to that kid I lost a lot of power...But if I have to rely on some assistance fine..." He muttered as he got ready to unleash some pent up frustration in the form of some god face punching.

For Cardes, the small goo like ball impacted his face as such velocity that even he could feel such a blow and grunted a bit as he skid back...only to have Max slam his fist down on his skull causing another blow that was further fueled by their teamwork causing another powerful injury.

He soon felt a sword slash his side which drew blood this time and his entire form was soon zapped by a sudden thundercloud. Impossible...mere worms and lesser beings were driving him back? He was not done yet, he refused to lose again from such weak creatures!

As Cardes reeled back, he noticed Fancy going for his other eye. With narrowed eyes he raised his hand into the air. "Dark Eclipse." He spoke as a massive sphere on dark energy surrounded him which shielded him from the attack and caused his wounds to slowly heal while inside this sphere. It was safe to say he was a real sturdy god that was for sure.

He soon continued to unleash a torrent of attacks as he begins to channel some hefty amount of energy which begins to permeate the air around them.
"Can you just finish up your petulant little life story already?! You're not winning now, or ever!" Mal yells, seeing Cardes once again healing. Teleporting forward, he opens up all his arms. A pulse shoots out across the sealed realm, fragments of the broken platform floating upwards as if gravity were turned off. In the air in front of him a large crack forms, a bluish ethereal mist erupting forth. "Mgahnnn nglui hup ph' n'ghft'drn, ng ah'n'ghanah fahf ph'nglui ah'legeth ahororr'e!"

The massive rift cracks open shooting out a massive swarm of black eel-like creatures which begin to maddeningly snap at each other in a frenzy, wrapping together into a vicious knotty mess, quickly weaving together into some kind of structure. Soon the structure becomes more and more clear, first the biceps, then the triceps... then the wrist, the hand and fingers... an arm, a MASSIVE ARM MADE OF NOTHING BUT EELS! Reaching down the arm grabs hold of Laadan who gasps, not even she expecting this turn of events! And with a sudden rush of strength, the arm draws back into a fist, tossing Laadan up into the air.

"Heal from this, you pompous overly glorified sycophant! Take this, my love, my anger, and all of my fist!" Swinging the large hand, he aims straight for Cardes' face, which upon impact will most definitely blast into a mass. Not only that, but now descending, Laadan draws back and comes down into a nosedive, head first aiming down at Cardes, glowing like a falling star of various brilliant colors, also straight at Cardes's head. They were most certainly not going to let this guy get a break, or ease up on attacks.
As Fancy was knocked back by the sudden shield that Cardes spawned, the Chosen Few watched helplessly as the God regenerated again. It seemed that no conventional weapon could wound Cardes enough to kill him. Of course, it seemed that the jester had more of a chance as he spawned a rift in the air which produced black eel-like creatures which wrapped together to form a giant fist. The fist seized Laadan and flung her into the air, and the fist would swing itself at the God's face, untangling into a mass of writhing eels. Meanwhile, Laadan went for the kill and performed an impression of a tactical missile, aimed at Cardes' head.
It was time to end this charade. Adam would leap at the stunned God and impale his incandescent sword into it's heart, or where it should be.
Max would grab at Cardes' left arm from behind and proceed to dislocate it by the elbow, bending it in the opposite direction to it's intended movement and drive his fist into the elbow.
Fancy would vault towards the God and let loose a flurry of slashes in the abdomen. He cannot give Cardes a gaping wound like Adam, but he can make enough cuts to drain an elephant in a minute.
Jack, after exhausting the sudden burst of ideas with the thundercloud, decided to take a small break whilst he replenished his mental energy. Toons and their gags are like wizards and their spells, sometimes needing months to fabricate a spell before using it. More powerful gags require more energy and, therefore, more time to assemble. Due to the ongoing fight with the mechanical Cogs, shops have been selling pre-made gags for Toons to bring into battle, to save them the time and energy. Of course, some of them prefer to create gags through planting them in their estates, the idea of the gag dispersing into a type of tree that bears that gag. Rather unreal, but then again, Toontown is a silly place.
Meanwhile, John had quickly reached into the portal and grabbed his suitcase, the portal making it as if it were only a few feet away, and proceeded to rummage for another weapon. What can help in fighting an infinitely regenerating God? Perhaps a device that would disable his rejuvenating abilities for long enough? He found a gun used to siphon the life force of a living being, a cross between a ray gun and a portable vacuum, and decided to test the theory of whether you could weaken a god through draining his life force. As Fancy began to slash at the God, John would walk at a normal pace to the God, holding his gun close to his skull like an armed police inspector, his eye sockets fixed on the wound Adam made on the chest. He would then aim the gun and fire it. The beam that was launched from the weapon could be related to a beam used for catching ghosts. Arcs of energy danced across the green beam, but backwards, as if the gun was firing in reverse. John knew that it won't be long until the gun could hold no more energy, but he was desperate at this point.
Cardes let out a stifled groan as the fist slammed into the barrier that had just formed shattering it before slamming in his face. Of course Laddan also gave him a nasty slam to the head using her head like a massive headbut causing him to reel back once again. The attacks did not stop there, Adam soon stabbed him in a chest causing him to spurt out a bit of blood, he did not need his heart...He was a God, a divine being! He would not die easily to these worms!

Cardes soon faised a fist to punch Adam away, that was until Max got to his left arm and dislocated his arm causing his to growl in anger. Impossible! He was being backed into a corner. A massive ball of energy formed near him before slamming into Max to get him away. Soon enough Fancy came in swinging with his pencil, John also followed behind and began to drain his regeneration powers. With a growl of anger, with more marks on his body he send more orbs of energy into Fancy and John.

He soon raised his only working arm now that his regeneration was halted. "Enough!...Feel the power of a true God!" He called out as the massive amount of magic he gather soon manifested above him like a massive sphere of power. "Stellar Freeze..." He spoke with narrowed eyes as he slammed the massive sphere into the ground which soon expanded and created an actual event horizon and began to unleash an aura of energy which began to sap at their life force...and the cloer they were the worst it would be. It was his ultimate attack, an attack that he used to try and eliminate everyone. To use it against mere mortals and worms showed that he was getting to his limits.

Vargas, Selena and Kira all had to hunker down for it. Kira slammed both his weapons into the ground and anchored himself. Vargas and Selena did the same only they were slowly inching closer to the massive vortex of doom. "Hold on to something! We cant fall here! We almost have him!" Vargas yelled.
With another agitated grunt, annoyed that this was STILL ONGOING... Mal had finally snapped his last chord, as he anchored his astral tendrils onto the platform below, even his life force draining from the event. Laadan herself had to grasp down onto the platform as she lands.

Mal was having none of this... if this was his final desperation move, then he'd make damn well sure it was his final! Gathering the scattered eels, they begin to eat each other in a ravenous fury, compounding together into a denser and denser black mass. It was here that the eels became so dense that it was becoming painfully obvious that it was starting to generate a gravity of its own, crushing down into a singularity, light wrapping around the writhing mass, violent fluctuations radiating off of it. What used to be the eels was now a spatial anomaly, no longer power but the dissolution of power. With a strained motion, the jester points his finger out, straight at the singularity, now just the size of a shooting marble.

"If you love your power so much, you can keep it! I don't want it anymore! Take it with you into oblivion!"

Finally reaching, he thumps the black mass, radiating with rings of black. There was a ringing sound, as time and space wrap in on itself, and then, the sound like a tape winding back up, the singularity shoots out in a blurred streak, aiming not for Cardes, but the event horizon!
John would roll to the side to avoid the balls of energy that were coming towards him and keep firing. It's working! He cannot regenerate any more! He's-
He watched as the God released his final attack, forming a massive ball of energy that, when brought to the ground, became a black hole which started to drain the life force of everything. Knowing his dependence of his anima, John started to walk backwards, still firing his device at the God, trying to keep away from the event horizon that was pulling him in.
Adam would impale his sword into the platform to stop himself from falling in. Max would crouch down sumo-style, trying to make the most of his mass to slow down his progress towards the impeding doom. Fancy and Jack would respectively grab on to Adam and Max, as they had no other method of anchoring.
This was just like the fight with Maxwell, except for the black hole. Hopefully they can hold on for long enough before they keel over.
They then became aware of another pulling force besides the event horizon. They turned to Mal, who had just created a miniature singularity from the black eels and threw it into the event horizon. They redoubled their efforts to stay rooted to the platform. John would fall as his feet slipped in front of him and grip onto a flagstone with his free hand, his gun still draining the God.
As Mal's singularity impacts the Stellar Freeze, the attack began to lose its gravitational pull until eventually its power would suddenly be reversed and begin to pull Cardes forward. With his mounted injuries even he could not stop himself. "No!...Impossible!...I cannot!...Die here!..." He roared as his form took him closer into it.

Selena of course while rooted still had magic to use, and she was planning to get one in for everyone that the Gods had killed. "White World!" She called out as she made a motion with her hand as a white sphere suddenly surrounded Cardes before it exploded.

Cardes let out one last groan as his body was now covered in cuts as his form fell forward before flying into his own attack, to meet his ultimate and final end as the God of Truth. The massive singularity soon met a final and violent explosion marking the end to everything.

"We did it?...We did it! Yeah!" Vargas cheered patting Selena hard on her back. Selena gave a sigh as he did this, but ultimately she was proud that everyone not only survived but worked together to beat Cardes. Kira of course rolled his eyes at the gods destruction, he wanted to get more hits in but watching a God die was decent enough.
Falling to the ground, his glow dimmed, Mal looked, for lack of better terms, exhausted. His extra arms receding back into his strange form. Raising his head, he looks at last glimmer of Cardes's existence and lets out a tired sigh.

"Yes siree, nothing like that, ack... mortals, I ache in ways you can't even imagine..." he says, putting an arm against his back like an old man. "Actually, not sure what to do now really, came here to consume a god, destroyed him instead, my plans really went through the wringer, y'know? Ehhh... a good deed is its own reward I suppose..? The guy was a jerk." Floating slowly over he looks down where Cardes once was, the final bits of his energy dissipating, before looking back at the others. "So, heh, sorta funny feeling... this... 'team' thing."
There was a crowded moment as the God fell into his own black hole, "hoisted by his own petard" as John would have said, too exhausted from his wounds as he was pulled into the singularity. The Chosen Few looked around at the now empty platform, the malevolent mist in the air dissipated from Cardes' death. Then, all at once...
"We did it, guyth!"
"Heck yes!"
"Good show, everyone!"
"We did it, we did it everyone!"
The toons would run towards each other and go for a brief group hug before remembering themselves and detaching, looking rather embarrassed. "Well, we did it, lads," said John after a few seconds of awkward silence. "That's one Fallen God taken care of."
"Man, I've never felt like this since that fight with a rogue Celestial construct," said Max. "Who knew a Construct of Death was a dumb idea?"
"Yeah, that wath fun," said Jack. "Thhame about, y'know..."
"Oh, it's alright," said Adam. "To be frank with you, I never really trusted that guy."
"He was only a teen who was cursed with a demonic companion," said John. "I believe there are other teens who would have envied them, as they do not know the true cost of the power. That's the trouble with youths, these days; take one look at a demon and they think it's 'cool'."
"Yeah, but did you see how powerful he was?" exclaimed Max. "I thought that was odd."
"A mere error in the ladder of power," said John loftily. "One that was easily rectified by a Celestial. If I can be honest, I say to hell with him."
"Well..." said Fancy.
"Fancy Pants, it's time you come to face facts," the Governor said sternly, now inches from the stick man. "There are those who are blameless for their condition, but must be put down for the sake of the Imagiverse. You may think it should be nice for everyone to get along, but there are those besides demons who still threaten the course of things today. Herobrine was just one of them."
The figure would look down at his feet. There was a murmur that only John heard.
"Good," said John before turning to the others. "Well? Where's our next stop?"
As everyone took their well earned break, the next topic was the next stop. "Well, the two of us will be continuing on our journey immediantly! There is no rest until the remaining fallen Gods are gone!" Vargas spoke as he clenched his fist.

"Vargas...Relax, the next God is purposely sealed as a defensive means. And I am so tired after this battle...I want to relax for the brief moment." Selena replied as she was sitting down exhausted.

Vargas was about to say something but nodded. "Alright, still we can count this day as a great change! But Selena I do love you sometimes!" Vargas laughed heartily earning a red flush from Selena. "I mean, when you can provide heals then I don't have to worry at all! And I do love heals in the middle of combat!" He added.

This caused Selena to slowly facepalm. What an embarrassing thing to say! And then to say he loved her heals afterwards made it awkward!

Kira simply sat down grumbling to himself. Working together was a pain, but it worked out in the end.

The only question left was that it seemed no one knew what to do afterwards.
Listening to the others, the Jester does something with his back turned, his more unassuming facade returning to him as his body shrinks down. Glancing back he chuckles slightly, though it seems even more fake than usual. The Chosen Few had attained his particular attention, them speaking about protecting the order.

"Be warned, there are those that feel that we are the threat to the course of things, and are so compelling that even perhaps the order will aligns itself to them, the Edge has it's own 'heroes' now," he says, somewhat cryptically. He then turns towards Vargas and Selena. "Anywho~ what is it that you guys will do now that you are down one tyrant? I suppose now rebuilding can go more smoothly without the looming threat of utter destruction, eh? Try not to get too bored, Flame Hair, heh."

Laadan, returning to her previous size, went to sitting on the ground a bit off from the others. Satisfied as she was to win, she wasn't sure what to do at this point. This whole adventure lead up to this point. Looking to Kira, she laughs.

"So, another time to prove who's the strongest? Good work out there anyways, when you're not trying to beat us up, you actually do some good things, pretty cool," she says, a half joke on the side. "Or blowing yourself up, for that matter. Try not to do that anymore." She then chuckles for a moment and then stares out into the expanse.
The toons were slightly perplexed in Mal's response to their conversation. What did he mean by "the Edge has it's own heroes now"?
"Well," said John expansively. "We might as well, head back and find somewhere to stay. I feel that we have a lot more work to do."
"Hey, haven't we been here long enough?" snapped Max. "I don't wanna sound lazy, but I don't want to be running around this place for too long. Think of the other worlds that need our attention!"
John would consider this for a moment, his gaze directed at a specific point in what you could call the sky, before speaking. "The Imagiverse has it's own heroes. Equestria's got it's Elements of Harmony, Toontown's got it's entire population and every other world's got it's equivalent. I believe we are those who must go where others will not, to rectify the troubles beyond the reach of other heroes. If the Edge also has heroes, I would like to meet them and see which side of the coin they're on."
"What are you talking about, John?" asked Fancy.
This time John would turn to Fancy. "I say stuff them." The Chosen Few would make their way to the portal. "Now, where's the nearest bar?" he continued.
"In the last continent, John," said Adam.
"Oh? Then let's just find somewhere to relax for a while, maybe a tavern or something, there can't just be forest in this area."
"You know, I could murder a kebab," said Max.
"Flame haired?...Well my hair is like the color of fire so I guess that makes sense! As for what we are going to do with one fallen god down there is still no time to rest. Plenty of monsters need to be stomped out! Plenty of dangers still loom! I will still be busy and training at the same time! And when the times comes to wipe the floors with the next fallen God I am ready!" Vargas replied with a nod of his head and a hearty smile.

font=myriad]"As for where we go...We can go back to the Agni Empire for food and drink...Or if you guys are more curious you can return to Maxwell with good news and talk to her more..."[/font] Selena replied obvious that she still did not trust Maxwell completely.

Kira scoffed at Laadan's comment. "Whatever, you guys were just in the same space as me. At least most of you did not get in my way...And I'm the strongest one here..." He added as he picked up his weapons and began to leave the group behind. He clearly was done here.

"Well, I guess this journey is over my friends! Let us hope we meet in the future! Well I shall not hold you guys up! I'm heading back to Agni for some food and refreshments!" Vargas spoke as he got a move on.

"I'm going back home...Maybe go explore the sea and see the world a bit..." Selena spoke as she was also heading her own separate ways.
"Gee, can't even take a compliment," Laadan says, perching her cheek on her right hand. Scratching her chin she looks around at the others... it was becoming clear that if there was any further adventure out there, it would likely not involve these two. Sighing, she stands up and pretends to dust herself off, only splattering the floor with a few drops of goo. Her tone had changed greatly since the first time she landed in the Imagiverse, speaking in third person, and just overall more animalistic than she is now. "Everybody seems to know what to do from here, while... I don't. For the first time I feel... satisfied, which is weird because usually I'm all about LAADAN SMASH... but now... dunno, outgrown that a little, I suppose."

"Sounds like you leveled up, gecko," Mal responds.

"Not a gecko," Laadan retorts.

"There's nothin' wrong with geckos, they are fine members of the reptilian family, heh," Mal responds, waggling a finger at Laadan, who slaps her hand over her face in response. "But honestly, I agree, I've had to detour my plans considerably, but I'm not mad about it, nope! I mean, originally I planned to get all that guy's power and go off to the edge again to bump off an extradimensional tyrant... BUT! What is time lost to the timeless, am I right fella's!? But... haha? I'm now without a plan, a destination... sooo," moving swiftly over beside the portal. "I heard something about a bar. C'mon, eyes-of-newt."

"Not a newt, either," Laadan retorts.

"You heard them, John," said Max. "There's the Agni Empire if we wanted a drink."
"Capital. I will go for a gin and tonic."
"I'll have a pint of ale," said Max.
"A lemonade for me," said Fancy.
"One of thothe fruit cocktailth would do me," said Jack.
"... I'll just go for beer," said Adam.
On that note, the Chosen Few and John would exit through the portal. In time, they will return to the Agni Empire to relax after days of toil, and then continue their adventure through Grand Gaia. John was excited for this opportunity of discovery after a very long time of familiarity, but he knew that the fight with the malevolent God had tired his comrades. Still, another day, another Skull (the currency equivalent of a pound or dollar in the Underworld).
The Chosen Few, however, were thinking different things. Cardes had mentioned a God Emperor, which meant that there was a head honcho Fallen God somewhere organizing all this. They had a feeling they will have to face this Emperor if they wished to rid Grand Gaia of the God threat. Before that, though, a drink will do them good. As they went through the portal, they silently congratulated themselves of a job, among many, well done.

The narrative eye will find itself in a dark room, expansive by the small echoes of chittering things that lurk within the corners. As the eye adjusts itself to the darkness, it finds out that it is furnished, a large carpet spanning from the blackened oak doors to the expansive desk, whose contents declare their owner as a man, or something, that prided itself with it's evil; a withered old book whose cover tells of dark secrets hidden within it's pages, a gnarled lamp which emits only a dull, red light, and a black goblet inscribed with a phrase of unthinkable origin, "Hinc decurrit calicem e sanguis".
It is difficult to decipher the shape of the owner, or the being in front of it, but the scenario is the same in all dark places where dark things are being planned.
"And where are they?" This voice, sourced from the one behind the desk, is deep and clipped, hinting of a person who is used to giving commands.
"We do not know, lord," replied the other figure, it's voice raspy and reptilian. "The last time we could locate them was in the Centre, then... they vanished."
The first figure would contemplate this for a while. "Perhaps they've found another world? A world, if I may hazard a guess, that is defunct in stability?"
"We are unsure, sire, but we will locate them as soon as possible."
"Good. Off you go then." The second figure, which was small and hunched, would slither back into the darkness towards the doors. An alien appendage, which on closer examination looked like a large pinky finger, would wrap around the goblet and lift it towards the large entity. No sound that hinted of anything being drunk could be heard.
So... they have found a new world after all, went the thoughts of the God of Fear. All the more for the taking then.

End of Chapter One