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The beginning of a new age, heralded by the unexpected arrival of two women from a previously unknown world, has begun. This is the introductory story of the Imagiverse, and how it learned of Grand Gaia.
((This is the first Arc of the Imagiverse, that became something similar to the Colour of Magic.))

44 pieces and 3 characters involved, written by 2 different authors.

4 places involved

As written by: Specmarine, Adam Skelecoot

So begins...

The Imagiverse: The Arrival

The ImagiverseSetting: The Imagiverse

A bright light...All the two could remember was a bright light. One minute they were just walking, then all of a sudden they lost consciousness once they saw a bright light. As things began to clear, Elyzia began to stir awake. There were voices, plenty of voices and once she fully regained consciousness she saw that they were no longer in a forest but instead some sort of town, or maybe a city.

However her thoughts soon focused on the woman next to her. "Sis...Hey sis you alright?" Elyzia gently spoke as she shook the unconscious woman next to her. "Ugh...sis...What time is it? I thought it was nighttime..." Valfiel muttered as she rubbed her eyes before sitting back up. However a new question dawned on the two, where were they? And how did they end up here? Of course the only way to find answers was to explore this strange city...or was it a town? Regardless they picked up their equipment, Elyia picked up her scythe which was wrapped in cloth and carried a guitar case while Valfiel carried another scythe wrapped in cloth along with a massive case.
The Centre was filled with an assortment of strange characters. Skeletons, strangely cuboid figures, farm animals with arms and legs and, oddly, ponies who could talk, wandered around the bizarre bazaar. Series of booths and stalls littered the streets, selling strange collectibles, their owners barking at anyone in close proximity to buy their goods. A few of the goods, namingly mechanical cats and birds, bared small, circular windows, their edges bolted to the automatons, displaying nothing but a strange, ethereal, blue glow. The pair of newcomers wouldn't be able to make out what was the source of the glow, but it seemed.... alive.

On the horizon, on a higher level of the Centre, stood a shining city made of white marble, floating in the air as if watching over the curious city. Its majesty and shine suggested it to be some form of heaven, possibly harbouring beings that are at least one step up from being mere mortals. In the middle of the city, rose a tall building, which rose for several miles and spread into a circular platform with Stone-henge-like stones lining the circumference. The contents of the platform seem to luminesce more than the city itself.
The Pair looked at the sights the city offered. There were skeletons, people who had cube like figures, ponies that could talk, and farm animals with arms and legs. This city was strange, however upon seeing the strange mechanical animals Valfiel quickly took a closer look at the mechanical creatures. "Wow! Look at this sis! I never seen anyone make mechanical animals before! They are so cute!" The older sister exclaimed in glee.

Elyzia looked at the mechanical animals, they were indeed cute but her attention turned to the horizon. A floating city made of white marble. If they were looking for answers, perhaps someone from inside that floating city could tell them what happened because as far as she could tell, they were just random visitors in the eyes of the people here. "Hey sis, I think we can find out how we arrived here if we try to get to that floating city. Lets look around for answers to see if we can get up there with permission first." The Younger sister pointed at the city and the older one after removing her gaze from the mechanical creatures looked at the floating city. Well, it was a start at least.
Jonathan C. Skelecoot, Governor of the Skelecoots, stepped out of the bar. He was a bit tipsy, still not enough to slur his speech, but caught wind of the arrival of two new figures. The crowd muttered that they never saw anyone like them, though John silently corrected them, they rarely see people who have four limbs only. He nudged his way past the wave of bystanders who knew better not to dabble with new arrivals, past the people who actually noticed the two figures, to address the newcomers.

John was a tall, well-dressed Skelecoot, wearing a dark-maroon tailcoat, below that an aristocratic, patterned vest, dark brown trousers, renaissance boots and a purple bandana. When he grinned, his teeth revealed that they have seen better days, quite a few sticking in directions other than "up" or "down".
"Hello, newcomers! Welcome to the Imagiverse Centre! My apologies if some of us are staring," at this point he shoots a glare behind him, a few bystanders shuffling their feet, looking down. "Some of us haven't come to grips with the fact that we don't know every race and being in the Imagiverse." He turned his gaze at the lady standing next to the mechanical pet booth. "Ah, I see you noticed our companion contraptions. Yes, that's Skelecoot technology, that is! We have kept ourselves busy perfecting our steam technology for.... eeh, I would say almost two-hundred years."
He then turns to the younger sister. "Oh, apologies, I didn't get your names! Can't have new arrivals with no names. What were they again?"
The two sisters turned to face the voice directed towards them. However what they saw was a skeleton, with teeth that seemed to stick out in random directions. He was also wearing some nice clothing despite his bizarre appearance. The skeleton introduced to them to this place, apparently this was was called the Imagiverse Centre of the Imagineverse. That was strange, they never heard of such a name before.

Of course when the skeleton mentioned that people had been staring, they found it odd. Compared to the walking and talking ponies, cube people, and animal people. All they had were wings on their back. Of course the Older sister had them hidden from sight. Soon the skeleton asked for their names and they spoke. "My name is Elyzia. Its nice to meet you." "My name is Valfiel! We are sisters, and we also like music." The two Introduced themselves to the skeleton.

Of course, after they had finished introducing themselves they had a very important question. "Excuse us sir you know how we got here? I do not remember us taking a trip to this Imagiverse." Elyzia questioned.
"Oh, that's right, I forgot to introduce myself! My name's Jonathan C. Skelecoot, Governor of the Skelecoots." He'd then give a small bow. "Although you can just call me John, everyone else do. As of how you got here, I'm unsure myself. You may have encountered a rip in space-time that transported you two here, although that I don't know for sure." John would give them another crooked grin. "Though I am more than welcome to help you figure out how you got here, as well as the world you came from. There's always something new to learn here." He'd beckon for the two to follow him past the crowd. As he turned, the two would notice that, strapped to his back, was a double-barrelled shotgun. The make seemed custom-made, but it looked as if it has been used countless times.
"The Imagiverse is strange in its nature. Since it runs on Imagination, things get.... interesting. Magic is also rather common here, as you would have noticed in a few Alicorns wandering around here." The skeleton would gesture to an equestrian, who had what looked like a unicorn horn. "They are essentially magicians by blood. Say, we also enjoy music, as is apparent in some of the musical automatons that were invented. You wouldn't have heard of Steam Powered Giraffe, would you? They are top-grade mechanical musicians around here."
"A rip in space-time? Its likely that was the reason we arrived here given the state of our world and unusual occurrences happening there. But we appreciate you helping us John." Eliza spoke and gave a small bow as well. The two would then follow the skeleton after he gestured for them to follow, he then said that this world runs on imagination and that magic was common. Valfiel looked at the equestrian who had a unicorn horn, however when the topic turned to music and if they heard of Steam Powered Giraffe she turned to face John. "Sorry, we never heard of such a band. In fact...I don't think we heard any other band besides our own music. I think everyone just focuses on training with their weapons and their magic a little too hard. Can't blame them, monsters and divine entities everywhere. I guess we are just a duo that helps relax a band of people after a long fight with music." She laughed.
John would laugh as well. "Well, this world of yours sounds like ours, in a way. There are always demons and such floating around the Imagiverse, manifestations of vice and such. There's even what you might call a hive within the center of the Galactic System. The Darkness, it's called. Pretty much a capital of demonic entities. And they all fall into four categories, or elements that they represent: Fear, Anger, Despair and Insanity. That's pretty much the Elements of Chaos."
They would arrive at the center of the Centre, a circular venue where portals of different aesthetics, both mechanical and magical, line the circumference. In the middle, a fountain flowed with glistening water, an assortment of strange creatures swimming in the bottom pool of the fountain. On the top, a strange statue of a hand holding its pinky up as if asking the beings above for a sandwich.
"'Ello, Albert," calls John, which was strange, because he was referring to the statue. Suddenly, the statue shuddered, turned its three middle digits towards John and barked, "Good mornin', Jonathan!"
John would turn to the two sisters. "That's Albert, our, ahem, 'town crier'. Don't worry, he's perfectly wholesome. Now, on how we are going to locate your world and send you back, I will have to seek advice from a special someone back in my manor, down in Skeleville. I must inform you that, because of our nature, the Skelecoots' home is located in the Underworld, so you may witness a few... abnormalities on our way."
As John mentioned demons and such, their expression suddenly changed to that of one of sadness and pain. However the two quickly glanced at each other to calm themselves, they had hoped that demons did not exist in this world but sadly they did exist here.

As the group arrived at the center of the Centre, they approached a fountain with a statue on top of it. John would the call out to the statue, the two looked at him strangely, however the statue suddenly came alive and gave a 'Good morning' to John. John soon introduced the statue as Albert the town crier. He also said that he would have to seek advice from a special someone to locate their world. "Thank you very much John, I am not sure if this could help but our world is called Grand Gaia. But as for the few abnormalities I am sure we all can be safe, or we are used to strange sights already." Elyzia spoke before turning to Valfiel. "Yup, no matter what comes at us we are prepared both physically and mentally. We are quite exited to see the sights in Skeleville! So this Underworld has no chance at scaring us!" She spoke enthusiastically.
John would give another crooked grin. "Excellent! It would be a pleasure to have new warriors who are experienced in demon-hunting! Of course, my brother fights demons, as well, so I'm sure it would be a pleasure for him to meet you two." He would approach a strange-looking portal, decorated with skulls and out-stretched skeletal arms that seem to reach out to the two. Within the skeletal frame, there was a blurred image, browns and golden yellows mixed with purples and reds. John would take a few steps closer to the portal before turning to the sisters. "This way to the Underworld Lobby. This is where visitors and returning souls come to enter the infinite depths of the land of the dead. It has grown for many millennia, growing new floors and that. Oh, and before we go in, I must tell you not to be disturbed by the Receptionist; not many beings in the Imagiverse have as many eyes as he does." He would then step into the rippling quicksilver, the image rippling even more upon John's passage. A few skeletal arms in the frame would creak and turn, stretching their digits and beckoning the sisters into the demonic portal.
The sisters looked at the portal, this is where they would go to the Underworld. The name sounded ominious, however seeing this skeleton be so nice to them shook off any doubts they had. Valfiel soon took Elyzia's hand and let out a deep sigh. "Alright sis! Behind this portal lies a whole new world! Home is just around the corner so lets hang in there, I promise to treat you to some desserts when we get home!" She enthusiastically stated. Valfielf and Elyzia soon hopped into the portal remembering John's words, do not be disturbed the the receptionist, he said it had many eyes so it must not be that scary.

The Underworld - Entrance LobbySetting: The Underworld - Entrance Lobby

The Entrance Lobby, where visitors, returning souls and hapless heroes with string instruments come to enter the world of the dead, was oddly decent. Instead of the expected bones littering the lobby, it was decorated with lush sofas and picture frames depicting the 25 versions of hell (Tartarus, Miseryville, The Abyss, etc.). Ghouls and corpses wander about, a pair sitting next to a gramophone. When the gramophone stopped abruptly, signalling the end of the record from the 1960s, a lock-jawed skeleton wheezed to his partner, "Can you please... flip the record?"
The partner, an oddly youthful-looking lady with hair which seems to think that gravity happened to other people, responded "Can't you do it, love?"
The wizened scrag, with difficulty, lifts his left arm, which begins to shake violently and, due to the skeleton's weakened soul, began to fall apart, from its digits to its shoulder-blade. "Bollocks."
That was as soon as Jonathan entered the room. The strange thing was, when you enter through the open portal, you find yourself opening a set of doors at the end of the portal-way.
The lady turned to her partner. "Language, darling. The loony Governor's here."
Said loony gave the couple a crooked grimace which the denizens of the Underworld have agreed to be his smile. Then he turned to the open doorway and spoke "Here we are, darlings! The Entrance Lobby to the Underworld!" The surrounding corpses gave him a look of perplexity, then a look of shock when they saw a duo of winged ladies enter the Lobby. One skeleton's jaw, quite literally, dropped to the ground. They were even more shocked to think John, of all people, was guiding them here.
The now-one-armed skeleton, who came from a time where manners were well-paid, rasped, "Jonathan, who are these lovely ladies?"
John gave him a wry look. "These ladies are Elyzia and Valfiel. They come from a world called Grand Gaia, and I wish to assist them in returning to their home. Ladies, that there's Arthur," he would point to the three-limbed frame, "He died of more natural causes than the average Victorian corpse." He would then gesture to the skeleton's partner. "And that is Helen. She, ah," he lowers his voice, as not to upset the lady, "Crossed the Jordan when someone poisoned her for her finances."
The sisters would soon enter the Entrance Lobby to the Underworld, and what they saw was far from what they imagined. The Lobby was more neat and decorated instead of some sort of stone like dungeon looking area. Also many of the denizens appeared to be undead and friendly undead at that, a very big difference compared to where they came from. They were more surprised by the state of the Lobby then the denizens that was missing a few pieces of their body.

As the skeleton Arthur greeted them, Elyzia gave a small bow. "Pleased to meet you Arthur. I am Elyzia and thank you for the compliment. Also I am pleased to meet you as well Helen" She replied. Valfiel however gave Arthur and Helen a energetic wave. "Nice to meet you guys! I am Valfiel. I hope we can get along just fine!" She replied with her energetic attitude.
Arthur would nod to them. "A pleasure to meet you two."
John would walk over to a booth at the end of the lobby, its inhabitant regarding him indifferently. If you took a sumo wrestler, fed him purple jelly until he exploded, then stitched his remains back together, along with some spare arms and eyes, you would only get so close as to describing the Receptionist. The creature seemed cramped in the small booth.
"Mornin', Receptionist!" called John.
The Receptionist, due to a lack of proper vocal cords, gave him a grumble.
"... Whatever time it is, anyway. I would like permission to take these ladies to-"
"A ticket?! I'm the Governor of the Skelecoots, I would gladly let them in without-"
".... Fine."
John would reach into a pocket in his coat, producing a leather wallet in good condition, if slightly corroding. He would take out several coins, each inscribed, with closer inspection, with a skull on one side, and a pelvis on another. This was probably the undead's version of heads and tails.
"Here you go," muttered John. "10 Skulls."
The Receptionist would, with a smaller arm, take the coins and take them to some unknown area within the booth. The many eyes would look slightly to the left, it's body rippling from the movement of an unseen appendage, before two tickets, each labelled with the name, "SKELEVILLE", would be produced. John would take the tickets and lend them to the sisters. "Here you go. Sorry about the interference, newcomers have to buy a ticket to go anywhere these days."
The sisters looked at the receptionist and were rather surprised by its appearance. It looked like a purple giant that was stitched up after it exploded along with extra limbs and eyes. The sight was disturbing however not disturbing enough for them be to be openly disgusted by it.

John soon began to negotiate with the Receptionist and tried to get them in without a ticked, however it seemed that he lost the argument as handed over ten coins with a skull etched on each of them. The Receptionist would then hand John two tickets and he in return gave them to the sisters. "Thank you very much John, its no problem at all. You are voluntarily helping us reach home. We don't mind any sort of interference." Elyzia spoke up before Valfiel added on to it. "Yeah, Its just a ticket to head to a new area. Its not like we have to wait to get on a train to prevent the end of the world." She chuckled.
"Oh you don't take a train," said John, smiling. "You take an elevator."
He would turn on his heel and head to a pair of large, ornate elevator doors, the top of the frame decorated with an ancient language that reads "Hic in terram mortuum fuerit elevator". He would press a button next to the doors, which do what they were built to do.
"This elevator," announced John, "was built in a way that, no matter how many are actually in the elevator, it is always empty for whoever enters it. Good for supposing traffic."
The group enter the spacious confines of the mystic elevator. Instead of the usual panel containing the buttons to the floors, there is a large wheel with its edge facing the inside of the elevator, countless buttons on its circumference. John would spin the wheel by means of a pair of buttons, each in the shape of an arrow, facing up and the direction John was spinning the wheel currently. He would then press a key labelled "189".
The elevator begins to shudder, making, for no apparent reason, the sound of a locomotive.
John would hold on to a railing. "This tends to go rather fast, so I suggest you hold on!"
The sudden sensation as he says this would be similar to zero gravity, then rapidly reaching negative-one gravity. Grinding and screeching would fill the confines in a cacophony. Lights begin to flicker, the walls suddenly and briefly turning transparent, displaying strange landscapes, filled with red devils, green devils, satyrs, et al. There were the typical magmatic hellholes, and beautiful gardens, and then cities, towns, and then the walls returned from whatever dimension they were previously thrown in.
As they approached floor 189(0), the sounds of hissing steam, the clanging of machinery, and most notably, the occasional "yu fokin' wot? I'll bash ye head in, ya fokin' zounderkite!"
The sisters would soon enter a strange elevator, John explained that the elevator can support plenty of people but it would always appear empty almost like some sort of dimensional elevator or something similar to it. And what was supposed to be a panel for the buttons, it was replaced by some sort of wheel.

They were not going to think to heavily on the contraption, however as the elevator began to shudder and the sound of a locomotive began to sound, Elyzia took hold of one of the railings. Valfiel also took hold of one of the railings. "How fast could this elevator possibly go--Ahhhhhhhh!" She yelled as the elevator suddenly went so fast that gravity seemed to become zero. The walls turned transparent and a horrid grinding noise as the elevator moved. As the elevator approached floor 189, Valfiel stopped yelling and calmed down. "A...heads up....before we enter...would be nice..."She spoke in between breaths as she looked around to make sure the elevator did not move again.

SkelevilleSetting: Skeleville

Each area in the Underworld were meant to represent the times they were based in, so their inhabitants would feel, as it were, at home. If that was the case for Skeleville, then the time they came from was rather depressing.
The doors to the elevator opened, revealing another lobby, but this time, it was decorated with brass-framed sofas and paintings of long forgotten figures and scientists, before they pushed up the daisies. One painting showed a tall, handsome man in a labcoat, the framed labelled "Colonel Peter A. Walter I".
John, along with the disorientated sisters, walked out into the lobby, the other occupants of the room glaring at him, aside from a single skeleton, dressed in a gentleman's attire, complete with a monocle, who spread his/its arms as if to embrace the air. His lower jaw stuck out, given the permanent impression of an angler fish. "Jonathan! Fancy meeting you here! I was just on my way to meet an executive at Miseryville."
The governor, extending his hand, would reply, "Well well well. Henry Brindley. I was on my way to assisting these two ladies in returning to their world."
Shaking the bony gentleman, who was dubbed the name Henry, by the hand, Jonathan would turn to the sister. "This is Henry, a lord from Skeleville. He specialises in diplomacy between places in the Underworld. Henry, this is Valfiel and Elyzia, they come from Grand Gaia, according to them, similar to the Imagiverse."
Henry would turn to the sisters. "Is that so? I rarely hear from people from other worlds, let alone worlds in the Imagiverse, although that's possibly because it happens all the time. Allow me to welcome you to Skeleville, the lost remains of the great Victorian era!"
As the elevator doors opened up, Valfiel was quick to leave the elevator. She was dizzy from the sudden ride, although if she was more prepared she would have enjoyed it rather than scream in complete surprise the whole way through. Elyzia however stepped of the elevator and gave her older sister a quick pat on the back. "You were pretty funny back there, but you made it through without passing out. Good on you sis." She spoke with a smile.

Valfiel gave a smile back at Elyzia. "So I was funny back there? Well I am glad I can make you smile. But I am also taking that as an insult!" She chuckled as she began to tickle Elyzia causing her to laugh uncontrollably. As John was greeting Henry, the two played around until they stopped after Elyzia tapped out so the tickling can stop.

As the two dusted themselves off, Henry turned to them and welcomed them to Skeleville. "Thank you for greeting us Henry, I am Elyzia. It is my pleasure to meet you." Elyzia gave a small bow. Valfiel smiled and waved at him. "Hello Henry, my names Valfiel! Nice to meet you!" She greeted.
Henry would bow back. "A pleasure to meet you too! So I hear you're on your way to return to Grand Gaia, where ever that is. I wish you good luck!" John would smile, indicating to the sisters that they were about to move again. And headed to a pair of what looked like mahogany doors. When he places his hands on the doors to push them open, he hesitates and turns to the sisters.
"I almost forgot to mention something. There has been some issues with visitors having some... respiratory issues when entering Skeleville. Due to the lack of requirement of oxygen, we kind of got ahead of ourselves in the industry part in the town, the result causing a nearly toxic atmosphere, which wasn't good for trade. We have developed a solution, involving a few atmosphere converters dotted around the city, turning the acidic gases floating around Skeleville into breathable air. It will take a long while to get the atmosphere to completely safe levels, but as of now the air won't kill you."

At that disconcerting note, he pushed open the doors, revealing a dark city. Buildings surrounded the lobby, which was, from the outside, dressed as a train station. Jonathan was right about one thing; the air had a potent trait to it. The sky, if you could call it that, was eternally a dark yellow, clouds of soot and smoke surrounding the lost city, making it unclear as to whether it was morning, afternoon or any other time. The inhabitants on the town were similar.
There was clearly a form of class system in Skelecoot society. There were the lower class, drunkards and psychopaths, who completely abandoned all morals a long time ago, a few of them giving the sisters a look sheep would encounter before becoming sweaters. There was a middle class, tinkerers and average skeletons, who regarded the duo indifferently. Then there was, in a much smaller quantity, the higher class, aristocrats and gentlemen, who nodded to John and the ladies, a few tipping their hats, bowler and top hat.
There was also, funnily enough, automatons wandering around the area. There were still machines standing on, or more pivoted to, stages, but there were mechanical skeletons, their backs littered with exhaust pipes, some clothed and others bare, revealing the same circular windows seen on the mechanical companions in the Imagiverse Centre. It would seem these shuddering robots were built by the same people, likely the Skelecoots, who built the pets. When a few turned to look at the newcomers, their eyes glowed like searchlights.

John would take a few steps down the stairs to the entrance of the lobby, before a few of the lower class Skelecoots threw things in his general direction, from bottles that smashed on the steps to knifes that just embedded themselves into the stairs. Several cries of "Hey, pooftah, think fast!", ironically coming from corpses with no sense of aim, and "Let me have a go a' 'em two!" were directed at John, the last one, worryingly, however, was directed at the sisters.
"Don't mind them," drawled John. "I get shit thrown at me all the time. Not that it-" A bottle smashes on John's head, but there was little to no effect, simply interrupting his speech. "-- Not that they, apart from that time, hit me." He would then give the assailants a rather questionable hand gesture.
As the doors opened, the duo coughed as they smelled the air. The air was horrid, the skies were a dark yellow and the clouds were made of soot and smoke. The environment was definitely not good for those who still had lungs. They decided to improvise a mask, and digging into their pockets, they pulled out a few pieces of cloth and wrapped it around their faces to block the air. As they looked around they noticed a variety if the different skeletons, some appeared to look at them in a strange way while others in more fancy attire would greet them respectfully. They would also note the machines walking around, they wondered what their use was, maybe it was police robots? Or perhaps they had another function? Whatever the case was it was interesting to see machines.

As the two continued to follow John, before they even got off the stairs of the lobby a few of the lower class looking skeletons began to throw things at John such as bottles and knives. Valfiel held her sisters hand, it looked like she was getting into a passive aggressive stance and was prepared to attack anyone that got near her or her sister, she also had this death glare in her eye. "Don't worry sis...If they try anything I will be sure to protect you. You can count on your big sis to help!" She turned back and gave Elyzia a warm smile and she in return gave a meek smile. Of course, they watched as John got hit on a hit by a flying bottle but due to him being undead, it did not affect him in any physical way besides interrupting his speech. "Do the people hate you in some way John? And why are the people so aggressive? I mean....its not normal to have things thrown at you...and its definitely unnerving to be yelled at by others..." Elyzia spoke however her quiet nature began to make itself known as her voice grew quiet with what was going on.
John would turn to the sisters, with a look that said that this happened all the time. "It comes from being their leader. It's essentially part of the whole "ruling the city" business. There will be some people who would throw things at politicians purely because they're below them. Jealousy doesn't always come to it." He would turn back to the crowd, and, slowly but shockingly, pulls out a strange looking gun. It was obviously made of brass, but there were also parts in it that wouldn't be part of a regular gun. He would point it at an assailant and, displaying a grimace that everyone but the duo would see, pulls the trigger.
A blue streak comets towards the psychotic skeleton and, when it hits him, forms a glowing aura, completely blotting the corpse apart from it's outline, which warps and twists and, to the horror of some including the sisters, screams. There was a kapow, and the aura exploded into a blue mist, revealing, when it dissipated, a creature you would normally find in a swamp with a diet of flies, but less fleshed out than usual.

John would turn to the crowd, which began to shudder, apart from the veterans, who have seen this happen many times before and, therefore, had an expression of exhaustion.
Instead of the expected lecture, John would simper. "It's amazing what a dollop of Innovatium can do. Now let that be a lesson; anyone who throws something at me's gonna end up like that zounderkite."
He would continue walking down the stairs and through the parting crowd, still getting aggressive if apprehensive looks from the now-slightly-smaller lower class Skelecoots. On his way past, he would walk to the skeletal amphibian and step on it, the poor thing producing a croak and then a crunch.
The Skelecoot community knows that there was, unknown by the sisters, a twisted part in John that took pleasure in other people's displeasure. He was a gentleman when meeting newcomers and, more generally, new people, but, given the circumstances and the mood, he would become the Caligula of the Victorian ghost town they lived in. Because of this, the vast majority of the city was careful around John, letting natural selection sort out the ones who weren't. The veterans would give the duo a look that said "You're gonna have an interesting time around him, unfortunately".

As they walk through the labyrinth of houses, the sisters would notice strange sorts of shops and buildings. Jack's Marvellous Clockwork Companions, Alfred's Entirely Custom Clothes, Teh Alcemist's Potion Stor (Some of the shopkeepers didn't have a proper education in their lifetimes), and all forms of stores littered the streets. Then, when they reached a section which was possibly the market, there were crudely-made stalls, their occupants barking, "git chore teeth whit'ners, med aut of real teeth!" and "Have you been thinking of travelling soon? Well get our newest travel accessory straight out of the Agatean Empire in the Discworld! This chest may look like a chest..." etc. etc. In the middle of the market, there was a pole strewed with signs point in every direction, including up and down. On one sign, pointing to a foreboding mansion on the horizon, read "The Copper Sea Port, Skele-Manor, home to the Governor of Skeleville (Xephire watch over him, so he doesn't kill us)"
The sisters gave a knowing nod when John explained why the people hated him. However when he pulled out a strange looking gun Elyzia covered her moth with her hands while Valfiel looked wide eyed at him. He was not going to do what they thought he was going to do. Unfortunately they witnessed John shoot of of the psychopathic skeletons and turned him into some sort of amphibian. At first they thought that was the end however as they continued walking he crushed the poor thing under his foot.

They were horrified and surprised, sure the man may have deserved it but they were not sure he deserved that. Maybe that is another reason the people hated him? But this was none of their business right? They were just travelers from another world, they can't complain to the man that is getting them back home...right? I mean they are all undead so it does not matter if you get crushed. You would still be fine.

As the two thought, they would soon walk through some sort or marketplace with shopkeepers speaking in rather broken English and some advertising their products. however they would soon arrive at the center of this rather busy area and saw a sign which pointed in every direction, on one sign it pointed to a mansion on the horizon. Looks like they found out where they were going next however after witnessing what John did the two remained rather quiet.
Jonathan would rub his bony hands, looking at the signpost. "Right, Skele-Manor's where we want to go," he would announce to the sisters.
Oh wait, he thought, I just killed a man in front of them. well not killed, but...
He would turn to the sisters. "Oh, and apologies for that little ordeal back there. If it made you feel better, corpses that come to a state that would disallow them to, well, unlive, they reconstruct in a place in the Underworld called the Well of Souls. It's basically where all the souls reside, like back-up drives for when someone dies a second time. Essentially, we live forever, but being given second, or third, wind allows you to learn by your mistakes, which is often a theme in the Underworld, and become a better person. Hopefully."
He would smile. "Trust me, I wouldn't kill you if I had the Necrostar controlling me. I wouldn't be so disrespectful to newcomers."
On that note, he would turn and walk in the direction of "Skele-Manor", beckoning the sisters to follow him.
"And that little note on that sign," John said conversationally, as they walked, "I laughed when I first saw it. If you're wondering who Xephire is, he's the God of the Underworld, or the Great Undertaker, if you will. He may be a bit slothful, ironically embodying a Deadly Sin, but he tries to keep the tradition of correctional treatment going when he can. Funnily enough, he came up with the name "Skelecoot" for us up the top of his skull."
A bowler-hatted steam golem would tip it's hat via a piston that lifted the hat entirely to John, who would tip his bandana back and continue speaking.
"The business of 'oh, you had a gambling problem, we can fix that' has been going on for millennia, down here. Really, the Underworld was originally a form of correctional facility that was always late to treat the patient, if you know what I mean. People used to have to endure their own private hells, so to speak, but that turned out to be too taxing and expensive, so Xephire put a form of hell for each group instead. There are 666 floors in total in the Underworld, so you can expect a hell for everyone."

They would arrive at an iron gate, behind it a surprisingly lavish garden, decorated with statues of strange creatures, some depicted some of the same races seen in the Centre. The gate itself was made of crooked poles with spikes that would annoy any giant that wished to have a cuppa with the governor. It was littered with strange machinery, obviously the pinnacle of Skelecoot lock technology, a booth situated next to the gate, inhabited with a Skele-Bot with a flat cap.
John would gesture to the android, which would, as of a practice that occurred many times before, pull several levers. Gears and pulleys on the gate would begin to move, a cuckoo clock would sound for no apparently useful reason, then the large lockpad in the middle of the gate would click open. The gate slowly but surely widens it's doors to Jonathan and the butterfly sisters, the former already making his way to his mansion.
"Well...I had guessed that you had not killed that man. As undead you cannot really be killed by most means, and even if you revive and die you just go back to square two. It was just surprising to see someone shoot someone else then stomp on them. We never expected a mayor of his city to shoot one of his people out in the open." Valfiel replied. It was reassuring that man did not die, but it was still unnerving to know that he could do that to his own people. Elyzia however remained quiet, even though they cannot die it was still wrong to do such a thing.

As the two continued to follow John, he would soon talk about Xephire the God of the Underworld and how he came up with their name and was also slothful. He also said that there are 666 floors in the underworld. "It sounds like you personally met your own god." Valfiel jokingly laughed as they passed by a steam golem with a bowler hat.

Soon they would arrive at an iron gate and behind it was a nice garden despite the toxic air, statues of strange creatures, and of course the mansion. With a gesture the robot with a flat cap pulled on some levers causing the gate to open up along with the sound of a cuckoo clock? That was certainly odd to say the least. Once the gates opened up the two followed behind John.

Skeleville - Skele ManorSetting: Skeleville - Skele Manor

The Mansion of John Skelecoot was most certainly the most magnificent building in Skeleville, although that would be because the bar of architectural beauty was very low. Behind the mansion, an orange, most certainly copper, sea flowed. Why there was a sea next to the ghost town, and what was on the other side, no one was sure, although it is probable that the other side of the ocean was just a wall of the gargantuan cave that Skeleville resided in. Although the world was much more open and full of discoveries in the Skelecoots' time, a sea was sufficient enough to give a sense of exploration to sailors, and then disappointment when they reach the far side of the pool. In the distance, images of steamboats and dinghys were blurred by the mist that covered the Copper Sea.
The mansion sat on a patch of slightly-raised land, a path in a slight gradient connecting the gate to the manor. By the door of Skele-Manor, a mechanical bird sitting dormant on a dusty, webbed letterbox suddenly sprung to life, squawking and bouncing just before it fell on the pavement, shattering into pieces. John would groan as he reached into his jacket, producing a rusty key.
"This place has seen better days, for certain," said John as he inserted the key into the keyhole in the door. "Well, so did everything that appertain Skeleville."
When the door first opened, a vague void met the sisters. There was definitely shapes within that void, but whatever they were were made ominous by the darkness. John would simply walk into the void, becoming engulfed by it momentarily, before a loud clap-clap was heard, and the darkness dissipated instantly.
A large stairway, decorated in brass, slightly-decaying but still lovely wallpaper, and a sideboard, the cabinet containing thin slips, supporting a strange device, a black, corroded disc laying on the box part of the machine, and a large metal cornucopia sticking out. Above, a chandelier would illuminate the room, it's candles shining light tiny stars. Jonathan would walk to the strange device, takes out the black disc, after he took off a needle pressing the disc to the machine, and rummages through the cabinet, before taking out a slip. He would pull out another black disc from the slip, before placing it on the machine, replacing the needle. He would flip a switch, and the machine would rattle and fuzz, before the sounds of a guitar would echo from the cornucopia.
John would turn back to the sisters and smile, his hips swaying to the music. "Remember when I mentioned Steam Powered Giraffe? This is one of their songs, Honeybee, it's called!"
"Wow...this place looks fancy but boy does it look like no one has entered this place for months." Valfiel spoke as she examined the outside of the mansion. Elyzia however stayed near her sisters side and examined the mansion but made no effort to ask any questions.

Soon they would walk up to the front door and after John opened it up and made the strange dark void inside it vanish with just a simple clap. The inside was rather nicely decorated even though the wallpaper looked a little worse for wear. John would soon fiddle with some sort of machine and once he was finished the device began to play some guitar like music which Valfiel began to throw her fists in the air and shake to the beat of the song. "This is a good song! Come on Elyzia! Shake your worries to some music!" She called out before taking her sisters hand and began to o dance with her. At the very least she hoped she could get Elyzia's mind busy instead of worrying about what happened a few minutes ago.
It was amusing to John to see the sisters dancing. He most associated the song with his now-lost wife, a nymph named Alice. It took him a while to deal with her departure, assisted by the hands of a Darkling, but now that didn't worry him as much. As the music gently flowed throughout the hallway, he would hum to the lyrics. As he did so, he walked to a section next to the staircase, where a wall-lamp was stationed. As he grips the stem of the lamp, however, a voice that situated from upstairs called, "'Ey, John, tryin' the gramaphone aut?" The voice had a hint of South-East English, which originated from, now walking from the top of the staircase, a red-bandana'd skeleton, wearing nothing more other than a torn, decaying-green loincloth, although the skeleton looked as though he wished he put on something more decent when he noticed the two, strange winged ladies. He bore the permanent look of a one that is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, his eyeholes open in a nearly perfect circle. His stature was that of a string puppet, and a sword, a glowing, magnificent weapon inscribed with runes, slotted within the back of his ribcage.
His circular eyes scrunched up in an expression of contemplation when he saids, "John, who're these people? They don't look like anything I've ever seen before."
John, who's hand was still on the lamp, looked up at the skeleton and said testedly, "First of all, Adam, you've seen humans before, hell, you've been one before, and these ladies are human, as far as I can tell, aside from the wings of course, and second of all, they're in fact from another world. You should know, I threw you into another world before!"
He would turn to the sisters and smile. "This is Adam, my brother. If I were the brains, he would definitely be the brawns. As in, he's a bit thick." He would turn back to his dumber brother. "Adam, this is Elyzia and Valfiel. They came from Grand Gaia, I know you would be confused as to what that is, I'm sure it's not in the Imagiverse, surprisingly."
Adam Skelecoot would look back at the sisters, attempting to pronounce their names under his breath, with little success, before his eyes would widen back into circles. "Nice to meet you! John's good at sending people to other worlds, I should know, he threw me in one at one time." He would unsheathe his sword from his ribcage. "And this is Hope! It was made around the time the Imagiverse was being made, for the first Adam Skelecoot. Oh, there was another Adam Skelecoot before me, a hero made by the Creators to defend the world before he disappeared. I'm the second one!" He would give a grin, revealing his lack of front teeth, the only remaining upper teeth were the second-from-the-middle pair. "I'm a Chosen One, a warrior born to protect the Imagiverse from whatever demons live in it!"
John would chuckle. "Yeah, yeah, thanks for the info, numbskull," he would say half-heartedly. "Yes, he was elected at death to protect the Imagiverse, along with three others, but I won't burden you with that information." As he says this, he would tug at the lamp he was holding, the stem shifting 90 degrees downwards. A section beside it would open up, revealing a surprisingly well-lit stairway downwards. "Adam, if you wish to come, you are free to follow. As for you," he would direct this to the sisters, "This way will provide some progress in sending you back to Grand Gaia." He would walk down the stairway, as Adam would somersault down the staircase and follow him down.
As the to sisters danced to the music, Elyzia slowly smiled as her mind was calming down. Her sister was right, dancing to a bit of music certainly calmed some people down but maybe it was not just the music, maybe being close to her closest freind helped more than the music itself.

However soon a new voiced was heard past the music, as the two turned to face who it was it was. John address the skeleton by the name of Adam. He also introduced Adam as his brother who seemed to dislike him by the tone of his voice. As Adam began to talk about his sword Hope and how he was a hero, Valfiel had a glint in her eye. "That's really cool! Me and my sis are also heroes. In our world there are plenty of danger so some people take it upon themselves to fight against everything that would do us harm. Although being a chosen one sounds pretty awesome that would mean all pressure comes on you to protect your world from danger. So...any good tales to tell?" She spoke enthusiastically as she met someone else from another world that fights danger often. Of course, the two would also follow John down a secret path of stairs.

Elyzia seemed much happier than before, of course she had no questions at the moment, but she was glad to answer any question that came her way.
As the group followed John down the stairs, which were apparent to be crude and stone, Adam would go on in the tone of a kid who had just come back from Wizzly World. "Oh, I've got so many tales! I've defeated the God of Fear, I closed a few portals opened by the Darkness to invade worlds. I've slain Darklings, Fluxlings, Madlings, Goblins-"
"To sum it up, we've seen plenty of action in the Imagiverse," interrupted John. "Almost two-hundred years gives you plenty of time to learn the ropes of the contents of the Imagiverse, as well as how to handle them. Adam's sword is essentially the entirety of his firepower, what with it being infused with the essence of Order. Order and Chaos are the two opposing forces that exist in the Imagiverse, so when they come in contact with each other, they neutralise each other. Since Adam's sword contains a cruiser-load of Order, it practically destroys any demon it comes in contact with."
As he says that, he reaches a door at the end of the stairway. It was a rectangular hatch with a wheel that John turned to open it. As John walks in, Adam would turn back to the sisters and grin childishly. "This is Johnny's lab. He is always inventing stuff in here. You should see S.A.M, he's basically the heart of the place!" On that note, he would walk in, followed by the sisters.

John's lab was a cross between a clockmaker's store and the home of a secret agent's gadgetry. The lab itself broke off into three corridors from a rectangular room, in the middle of it, a hologram that illustrated a strange solar system, worlds labelled with names like Toontown and Anti-Earth circling around, in place of a sun, a black, tendrilled mass labelled The Darkness with a subtitle that read KEEP OUT. One pentagonal sector of the map was coloured in a eerie dark green, labelled The Vice Quadrant. Within the section, the unnerving image of what could have been a skull, but was too crooked and angled to be a human one, more resembling a hammerhead shark.
John would look at the hologram and gesture to it. "This is the map of the Imagiverse. It shows practically every world in the Galactic System, including a few sections around the Edge." For some reason, he emphasised the capital E in the last word. "That there," he would point to the Vice Quadrant, and more specifically, the dark hammerhead skull, "is the Necrostar. The Vice Quadrant's its turf, and many space marines and such are in a prolonged battle with it. It actually came quite recently, after a dead star exploded. Of course, that same star was affected by the energies of Commander Cosmo, a hero who wanted somewhere to hide from the pressure of hero-ing for a while (wimp), and the resonating Chaos energy from Creator's End. The result was a chaotic, necromantic entity whose chunks are cascading throughout the Imagiverse. We've had a few incidents involving Necro-Chunks, one involving a small one hitting me at one time." He would turn to the three with a sly grin. "Some say the Necrostar's a king lackey of the Maelstrom, the single most powerful Chaos entity in the Imagiverse, and the true God of Chaos and Destruction." Adam would shuffle his feet under John's manic gaze, which would subside. "Of course, it's been imprisoned in Creator's End, at the edge of the Imagiverse, so there wouldn't be any trouble with it directly attacking us any time soon."
"That's cool, back where we came from we faced a God of Destruction, battled some massive monsters, faced some demons, skirmished plenty of dragons, goblins, plant monsters...the list goes on. Pretty much the way to survive in our world is to stay within the cities or train your entire life so you can face whatever comes at you. Of course it's not all bad, you can meet interesting friends along the way! You can even meet legendary heroes! Ohhhhh! One day I wanna meet those legendary heroes. I heard that there are six of them and they were original heard taking on armies by the Gods and fighting actually Gods themselves them just to protect everyone. Although I heard that they decided to take it easy once everything was over, and by easy I mean not just fighting massive armies and Gods on a daily basis." Valfiel exclaimed as she walked down the stairs. More eager to jump into the conversation, Elyzia began to speak. "Of course the technology and culture where we come from is also interesting. We use both magic and technology to power things up, for example inside one of the main capitals of our world has been able to create monsters that can locate high energy sources such as a beast and then communicate to a team to eliminate it before it can cause damage. As for the culture it's varied, plenty of ideas and beliefs." She spoke.

Soon the two would enter what appeared to be a lab of a mad scientist. There was a hologram that projected something, they did not know it was a solar system since they did not really research into space. They just thougt it was a very complex map and Lo and behold John said it was the map of the Imagiverse. He then explained that it showed all the worlds in the...Galactic System? The two had no idea what that meant. He also talked about space marines...a space...marine? Valfiel seemed to tilt her head while Elyzia held a hand to her head thinking if they even knew such words. As the two were thinking John talked about Necro-Chunks and Necrostar, the true God of Chaos and Destruction but he is locked up...however they heard of a chilling tale. There was something similar back home of how a God that rivalled other Gods was sealed away fro years but even then after many long years the seal on his was breaking and they heard a tale someone went after him. They had hoped that it will never be the case here but you could see some fear in both of their faces.
John seemed to hesitate for a second. "Funny you mention your world's technology. We have a similar type of technology, well... it differs within each world. For example, we Skelecoots harness the powers of Innovatium, which is, sorry I didn't explain it earlier, solidified Imagination. We believe it is the same stuff that makes up the Imagiverse. We also use other arcane materials, such as fire elementals for our furnaces. Overall, the true ingredient in our technology is our beloved Innovatium, although, due it it's nature, it tends to have.... unpredictable effects to anything in close proximity. You got an idea with that poor soul back in Skeleville."
He would walk around the hologram, trailed by Adam. "Of course, there are variations of technology throughout the Imagiverse. Robloxians, that's the cuboid people you saw in the Centre, they are experts in virtual reality simulators, which allow them to essentially create worlds and experience them. Which is pretty self-centred and ignorant, since the majority of the Robloxian population have no idea about the Imagiverse, and only few have realised there's a whole world outside theirs and decided to explore. Then there's the Equestrians. I'm not too sure on what exact age of technology their in right now, it seems to be a bit spliced there, what with a western town in one area, a modern city in another."
By now, the group have arrived at a room that was half full of a large, intimidating machine. A wide console spread below an even larger monitor. Wires spanned across both sides of the room. "Ah," sighed John. "When I mentioned a special someone, this is him. His name is S.A.M, or Simulated Advice Module, the main Artificial Intelligence program that we refer to in our journeys." Whilst he introduces the machine, he would press several knobs on the console. The monitor would flash to life, it's contents revealing a strange skull, made by thousands of green 1s and 0s. The entire screen was full of them, in fact, but the arrangement of digits in the middle gave the impression of a three-dimensional vertex.
"<sub>HELLO, ADMINISTRATOR_JOHN. HOW CAN I ASSIST YOU TODAY?</sub>" S.A.M's voice was not so monotone as modulated, but strangely benevolent, like a tamed lion.
"Mornin', S.A.M," speaks John. "I wish to send these ladies back to their world. Can you search for a world called Grand Gaia?"
The digital skull would flicker slightly, and then a light by the monitor would blink. "<sub>AFFIRMATIVE, ADMINISTRATOR_JOHN. I WILL INFORM YOU OF MY FINDINGS.</sub>"
John would smile, and turn to the sisters. "Whilst he's doing his magic, how about we take this time to sit down and relax in the living room?" He would walk past the group, on his way back up to the mansion.
"You know, it took twenty Skelecoot minds to envision S.A.M," he would say proudly. "Of course, if you added them together, you would get the equivalent of one human mind." He would chuckle at this joke. "He is really a milestone in Skelecoot technology. No other man could possibly create an A.I so .... well, not murderous. He has fail-safes and everything, in case his servers get assaulted. When his servers are in danger of corruption, he would shut down all servers except a hidden server, used as a form of hideaway until the servers get fixed. A thing of beauty, really."
That was something interesting, they could harness the power of imagination? Well the mind certainly had limitless imagination but of course like he said, it had unpredictable effects since if you imagine a chicken rhinoceros it's not gonna be how you think it is. John also explained the technology of the Robloxians who use virtual reality while the Equestrians have something from western towns to modern cities. But he did say they use magic so even without technology magic was always helpful no matter what the age of technology was.

The group soon arrived in front of a machine, it had a wide console and a massive monitor along with wires all across the room. John explnained that the special someone was this machine I. Front of them, S.A.M, an artificial intelegence. They knew about A.I in their world but it was impressive to see it on something besides killer robots.

The second when John asked S.A.M to look for Grand Gia, the two sisters smiled brightly. They gave each other a cheerful hug and jumped up and down mostly due to Valfiel who was doing the jumping and lifting her sister in the process. "Thank you so much John! We can almost head back home and meet our friends and get back to protecting the people!" Of course with the mentioning of sitting down and relaxing the two calmed down and followed behind John. "Thank you very much John. If there is something we can do as a token of our gratitude please tell us." Elyzia asked.
John would be silent for a few seconds, thinking, before he would speak. "Well, if we can find your world, it would be lovely to learn more about it. Of course, there's Adam to think about, since he's not as keen to learn of new things as I do. What would you like from the sisters, Adam?"
The buck-toothed skeleton would scrunch his eyeholes in contemplation, as they walked past the hologram and reached the foot of the staircase back up to the mansion. "That's a toughy... well, it would be nice to meet the gods you have in Grand Gaia. John could send me there for a while and I could do a bit of demon fighting, as well. I mean, I can talk with the gods we have here as well, so I guess it wouldn't be to hard to meet yours."
"Ah, that's right," John would say suddenly. "I remember you saying whilst I was talking about Xephire that it was as if I met him. Of course, you couldn't be any more right." Now, they have reached the entrance hall of the mansion and have now directed themselves to the door on the right of them. "Indeed, I have met my own god, although I would not call him my own. He is simply the god of the dead. He normally doesn't bother with followers, and of course, in this world, we don't really believe in him. We know he exists, as do all the other gods, like Goldren, the God of the Smithy, but we don't really worship them as much; you might as well believe in the postman."
The living room was fairly decent, with lavish sofas and a sideboard containing patterned glasses and several bottles of strange drinks, mainly alcoholic. On top of the sideboard, there was a square box propped by an expanding mahogany column, with buttons and dials on the side of a screen, as well as two rods of metal sticking out the top. The box was considerably large, big enough for any party of beings to not have to lean forward to watch the news. John would sit on a leather seat, facing the right, next to a sofa facing the television, the default arrangement of living room furniture.
John would continue as he settled in his seat. "Yes, your world sounds similar to ours, in the sense of magical technology and demons. Of course, there are many worlds outside ours, but it is nice to hear from some of our neighbours, as it were. In fact, I could bookmark your world in our computer, so we could visit anytime, possibly build a private portal to Grand Gaia as well." Adam, meanwhile, would go to the television and turn a few dials and knobs before the static on the screen morphed into the image of a skeleton in a suit, sitting behind a desk with a bunch of papers in his hand, which he would shuffle occasionally. He would talk about things like the latest advancements in Skelecoot technology, as well as news from other worlds.
"Yes," John would say wistfully. "Our world is indeed interesting. If you wanted to, you could have Grand Gaia's tinkerers and such build a portal to our world, if you wished to come and learn more about the Imagiverse, as well as help fight several demons that would cause trouble. Of course, if your world hasn't got to the inter-dimensional portal stage yet, I could send some help in building them, possibly a few Skelecoot engineers."
"You wish to meet the gods of our world? Well many of them are trying to still destroy all of humanity, although it's at a much smaller but no less deadlier scale. Although I think they would talk to...pardon my language here, the undead. Of course as long as you don't say you are allied to human kind I think you can talk to a few of the more evil gods. Although I think there are a few allied gods that sided with the humans that are still around and quite active. There is a Godess that is pretty silly but means well, I heard another God helped save humanity and he should be around. As for the portal thing...I think we came here due to an error, you see some of the bright minds in the capital have been tinkering with other dimensions and it works...most of the time. I heard once a portal sent people back in time during the war with the Gods although the most you could do was support but by no means could you do anything to change events, another time it transported people into a new dimension entirely with new allies and new enemies. I am sure they made an error and we were in the wrong place at the wrong time." Elyzia spoke, curious why they would want to meet their gods, of course it was a risky end ever to meet many of them. However with the mentions of monsters and demons Valfiel lit up with excitement.

"I heard that the demons in our world are just as strong if not stronger than our gods, They are a rather curious bunch from stories I heard, they are strange and some are fighting just for fighting sakes. Although there are many other demons that are just rabid monsters on a different scale. And the monsters in our world are pretty strong and massive, I heard it takes a squad of people just to take one out. Although the little monsters are no real trouble, people who support the Gods are. I heard that there are plenty of people who sided with the Gods for many different reason and they are pretty powerful especially combined with power gifted from the God they serve. There are plenty of strong people, and if you want to you can challenge a few of them. When not in a life and death situation a little duel to see another's skill is a cool spectacle!" Valfiel spoke.

Once the two finished explaining, they sat down together to rest for a bit. They rather not explain every little detail about their history, or else they would become skeletons as well.
Adam would nod when Elyzia mentioned that some of their gods are on the evil side of the moral scale. "Yeh, we've got some evil gods here as well. There's the God of Fear, although he is often called Evil Hand, because.... well, he's a giant hand whose evil. He's the boss of the Darkness, like a godfather of all the demons in the Imagiverse. I fought him many, many times before, and he always came back, slightly stronger than the last time. The Darkness is, like John said, like a major city of Chaos demons, literally made of evil, and negative stuff, like anger, hate, madness, and all that."
Upon Valfiel speaking about the demons in their world, he would smile like a child who had just learnt about a new toy that had arrived in a toy store nearby. "As strong as the gods, you say? That sounds like a challenge to me! There's a variety of demons in our world, and, like John said, they all embody a vice of some sorts. They come in all shapes and sizes here, some humanoid, some far from human. They don't all come from the Darkness, either. Some are their own separate gang, like Calypso and Insanity, elementals of Insanity. We have to go to so many places at once to fight these things, but it's really fun!"
John would listen to his brother's excited speech as a father would listen to his child's grand ideas before he would add to the conversation. "Interesting about the mention of portals. I suppose a failed experiment with portals brought you here. As for time travel, that would be a bit risky here, what with the Timeline being watched over by a being known as Chronos. He's a mechanical guardian built by Goldren to make sure no ne'er-do-well tries to alter the Timeline, so time travelling is a huge risk if you wish to observe a past event for yourself." He would get up from his seat and head to the sideboard supporting the television, which was currently showing an advert for a concert by the Steam Punks that's going to take place in Tinkerer's Avenue. He would produce a glass and a bottle that read "Styx Wine, 20% Alcohol". Due to the lack of livers, Skelecoots have taken it to themselves to drastically increase the alcohol in their drinks, not thinking that their Souls, mirror images of themselves that are their main source of undeath, also have livers. John would pour himself a glass and return to his sofa.
Sipping his drink, he would continue. "Your gods do sound rather... active. There are gods out in the Imagiverse that want nothing but to cause strife and chaos, the main one being the Maelstrom. There's a god known as Tenebrox within the End in Minecraftia, a twisted abomination that was said to be born in darkness, apparently not the Darkness that we have earlier mentioned. It's intentions are unknown, but it has indeed caused trouble in the past."
"It's comforting that those two helped humanity during their time of need. And in fact I believe only those two helped us, the rest simply wanted to destroy humanity. Of course, many brave heroes and legends stood up resulting in...well, everyone's future. The God that helped evacuate the people was Lucious, The God Of Gates and Order. As his name states he opened up portals to saftey. He also sees that order is maintained and that no chaos reigns on the land. The Godess Tilith is his disciple, she is well...a strange one indeed. She is bright, cheerful, less stuck up on the whole order thing...from stories that I heard. I heard she is guiding someone to the four fallen Gods to eliminate the last remained God threat in our lands. Even though they are hiding out there is no doubt that those four will cause destruction. There is Maxwell, The Creator. Cardes, The Malevolent. Zevallhua, The Divine Empress. And Alfa Dilith, The Beast God. Those four are the final threat as the rest have simply related back to their realms after finding out humanity was able to fight back and win. Of course the demon threat is another...I heard they sent an expedition team of skilled leaders, they were attacked within the first day and only those leaders remained. Of course sad to one came back...That is how the story goes anyways." Elyzia spoke.

Valfiel smiled as Adam mentioned that the demons were a challenge. "Indeed they are! Some of the demons that enter our land are crazy powerful, a specialised team of demon slayers have to take them out! And don't get me started on the very land they come from. As my sis stated, Ishigria, the demon land was where a very strong expedition team lost their lives. The demons that rule there must be insanely tough and strong! We don't know much about besides the fact that no one should ever go there and that demons pour into our world from that plane. As for the time stuffs, the eggheads in the capital knew that tampering with time was a bad idea. So instead of actually changing time they made some...device that would allow you to see what would happen if you did do things back in time. Of course technology only gets you so far compared to the real thing. So they decided to close the portal so well...nothing bad happens such as all of us disappearing in an instant." She added on before resting.

As the conversations continued on, the two would watch as John procured a bottle of alcohol that had a rather deadly 20% alcohol content. Of course being undead and skeletons, it would not be able to kill them. Elyzia decided to bring out her guitar and began to tune it before practicing her strumming, Valfiel would get out her music instrument but since they were about to get home soon she rather not unpack and pack up her rather large luggage.
John would finish his glass and wince slightly, before picking up the bottle and straighten his arm towards Adam. "Styx Wine?"
"Nah," said Adam.
John would turn to the sisters. "If you want a drink, feel free to choose from the sideboard. Of course, if you don't want such a strong drink like the ones from Skeleville, there's always the apple cider from Equestria that we also have." He would refill his glass with the "Styx Wine". "About..." he would scrunch his eyeholes in deep thought, "... 4 to 6% alcohol in that." John would take another sip of his drink.
"There is a level system of gods in the Imagiverse. There's the regular gods, such as Tenebrox and Celestia, the latter the Goddess of the Sun in Equestria, and then there's the Creators. Unlike the Creator in you're world, they aren't as evil. After all, they are the beings who created the worlds in the Imagiverse. There's the High Creator, the head honcho of the Creators, the Equestrian, Creator of Equestria, The Turtle Creator, Creator of the Discworld, the most mobile world since it rides on the back of a giant turtle, and so forth. The greatest god we have is the Maker, who essentially created the Imagiverse itself. Although, unlike the Creators, we don't see him at all."
A mechanical skeleton wearing a tuxedo would enter the room, holding an eldritch cylindrical device, more specifically the part that was attached to the base by a cloth hose, that may have passed as a vacuum cleaner. He, or maybe it, would turn to the group and speak in a voice that seemed to be fabricated out of electricity, having a buzz-like quality to it. "Afternoon, Jonathan and Adam. I see we have visitors."
"Indeed, we have," says John, still sipping his wine. He would turn to the Elyzia and Valfiel. "This is Albert, one of our Skelebot butlers. In a way, he's the only thing that keeps this place from collapsing." John would turn his gaze to Albert. "Albert, this is Elyzia and Valfiel. We are just about to send them back to their world, Grand Gaia."
The butler would simply nod, his entirely green searchlight eyes directed at the sisters.
"... Uh, could you turn down your eye brightness?" said John. "It's like a prison courtyard in here."
The skeletal android would place his iron digit somewhere in the side of his head, and his searchlight gaze would subside.
"A drink sounds good, however we usually only drink at parties or clubs and even then we make sure not to choose anything that could make us drunk off our feet. Parties and clubs are are always a great way to shake off the day, even my sis enjoys it even though she is rather shy in big crowds, especially massive energetic crowds with a bunch of drunk people trying to flirt with her but as her big sister I make sure no one does anything to her! Lest they feel my fury!" Valfiel spoke as she threw her fist in the air. Elyzia chuckled at her sisters enthusiasm before speaking."I usually only drink the weakest wine, the ones that contain 1% alcohol, or some with just a tiny bit higher content. As my sis says, she really looks out for me. The very few times I accidentally go over my limit, she was there by my side the entire time instead of enjoying herself even though we were severely stressed out." She smiled as she spoke and Valfiel smiled back waving her hand. "Like I need a party or a club to remove my stress. Just making sure you are safe is good enough for me! And that goes for our little joy back home! As your big sister it is my duty to ensure you both are ok!" With her big sisters words, Elyzia could feel some embarrassment. Not just because she knew her sister cared about her, it was when she mentioned little joy. She had to think of something fast or else they may get the wrong idea.

As Elyzia pondered quickly what to say, a mechanical skeleton with a tuxedo entered the room. John introduced it as Albert, and although it's green eyes were really bright it turned them down as to not blind them. With that in mind she decided to change topics. "I am surprised you use plenty of machines. Back in our world, such machines that could operate on their own was rare. I heard in one case a android gained the power of emotions and was thus able to live for itself once it's master was sadly eliminated during the war with the Gods. There are also other machines but they come from other dimensions or are old defence systems. Your machines seem made for civil duties, but I am sure you made some for fighting as well." She spoke, curious about their machines.
As they reached a topic that was right up his alley, John would grin his crooked grimace. "Indeed, we are a city of machines. We use many androids for things like cleaning and the like. Certainly, it wouldn't have been possible had not Peter Walter I come up with the idea. In fact, he was the one who discovered Innovatium, although, at the time, he referred to it as Blue Matter at the time. The discovery opened a world of possibilities in the name of science. We do in fact have military droids in our depot, for when Skeleville is invaded. They are well-equipped in handling demons, and when other groups of undead prove a threat. There are other denizens in the Underworld that are.... not as respectful. In fact, they're nothing short to maniacs. Not that they pose as much of a threat as the Chaos spawns in the Imagiverse, needless to say." The butler, at this point, has left the room through the door they came in.
"The Skelebots, as we refer to the machines in Skeleville, come in many categories," John would continue, "There are musicians, storekeepers, citizens, the list goes on. Skeleville is the home to a forgotten age of technology, Steam technology. Here, we are not burdened by Time telling us it's time to move on to, say, electrical devices. We are able to master steam without limits, and so, we became a popular source of machinery."
Adam would listen to his brother's prideful monologue. "...But they still explode, don't they?"
His brother would hesitate, his train of speech hitting a boulder that wasn't there a minute ago. "Well, yes, they do have glitches that need to be ironed out, but the point is, Adam, we're getting there."
The red bandana'd skeleton would shrug, choosing not to argue further with his mad scientist sibling.
From the doorway to the entrance hall, Albert would stick his iron head out. "Oh, John, S.A.M requested that you return to the lab. He has located the world you call," he would raise a metallic eyebrow supported by pistons, "Grand Gaia."
Jonathan would smile. "Excellent! Looks like you will be heading back home after all. Not that I was doubting it, or anything," he would add hurriedly as he jumped out of his seat and headed out the room. Adam would roll off the top of the sofa and re-emerge from behind it, sprinting to John.
Elyzia was thankful she could lead the conversation to a different topic, but she was interested in what they had to say. Civil machines and war machines and to think only a few of them had the idea to create them. But as the robot butler returned, upon the mention that S.A.M had located their world the two immediately stood up, joy plastered on both of their faces. They soon ran right behind the two skeleton brothers, they were just minutes away from home, Elyzia was hopeful that Valfiel did not have to bring up things that may give the others a wrong idea about them. Valfiel however was exited, portal jumping was always fun and was so exited to return home. Their friends must be very worried.
Back in the lab, John directed the eager sisters to another room, slightly misty from the steam-powered machinery within the labs. At the end of the room, a metallic, circular frame stood behind an ascending slope of steps. Bizarre patterns were etched into the frame, which hummed with untold energies, untapped by mere mortals. Within the Imagiverse, practically anything was possible, including inter-dimensional travel.
John would walk over to a panel, lined with buttons and the like, whilst Adam would take a few steps towards the portal, his hands on the sides of his loincloth. The entire room looked nothing like the Victorian aesthetic the sisters seen before. It would seem John knew his way through more than just steam-power. With this technology, he could easily transform the city, but he didn't because, well, it is better the way it is.
Several rings that made the portal frame would rotate slowly, arcs of energy leaping between the circumference. John, manipulating the console before him, would speak without looking anywhere that wasn't either the portal or the console. "It took us a few tests to get to the grips of Quantum travel. No other being has ever got their heads around the laws of the universe, because they only know the rules in the Imagiverse. To know the Multiverse, you need to learn the common rules."
Now an image was forming within the portal. It would flicker and display static momentarily, before revealing a city that, John and Adam have to agree, they never seen the likes of before. However, John was certain it was Grand Gaia.
"Right," he would announce. "Just stabilising the ion emitters, neutralising the quantum abnormalities, doing the quantum thingy that no one has named yet...."
A flash would emit from the portal, from the image warping and twitching to the quicksilver portal calming down, like a cup of tea that has just barely survived a tectonic tremor.
John would press a few buttons, before standing up right and looking towards the sisters, rubbing his hands with a warped grin on his skull. "There we are! This way to Grand Gaia!" Adam would step to the side, making way towards the glowing gateway back home.
The sisters looked at each other and took each others hands. Home was a few meters in front of them, however they were not sure where they would end up. They knew most of the land, so getting back to their actual home would not be too difficult. Taking one last deep breath, the duo turned to face John and Adam. "Thanks a bunch you guys! If you ever are in Grand Gaia, head to the Randall Empire and ask for us. We don't actually live there, we live in a much smaller village. We will be sure to give you two a first class ticket to our future shows!" Valfiel called out before Elyzia spoke. "There also plenty of beautiful sights there. But for now we wish you both the best and may we meet again soon." She called out.

The two then turned to face the portal, hand in hand they walked into the portal to hopefully be warped back to their homeworld.
His hands behind his back, Jonathan Skelecoot would bow lightly to the departing sisters. "You're welcome, Valfiel and Elyzia. It has been a pleasure meeting you. If you wish to come back on your own accord, perhaps ask the tinkerers in your world if they can create a portal to the Imagiverse. Farewell."
"Bye, gals!" cheered Adam, waving his arm wildly.
The portal would ripple when the sisters pass through it, shaking strongly before the image would turn to static and the portal closes. John would look at the portal for a minute and then call to the world in general. "S.A.M, bookmark the portal location of Grand Gaia. I might have us visit it later."

Now alone again in the mansion, Adam and John would walk out of the lab.
"Nice, weren't they?" exclaims Adam Skelecoot, walking a few inches in front of John.
"Yes. It's interesting, really, when you think about it. A few beings from another dimension entirely stumbling into this world, out of all the worlds they might have ended up in. That, I think, is Fate at work." The dressed skeleton would sit on the bottom of the stairs.
"Or they just got here by chance."
"... Yeah, or that."
Jonathan would sigh. "Sounds a nice place. Well, Adam, if you wish to go there in the future, possibly to hone your skills, we can easily open a portal there."
"Yeh, I mean, the Darkness and all the demons here are fun and all, but it would be nice to have a change, wouldn't it?"
John would glance at Adam. "Well, the Imagiverse changes all the time, doesn't it? But I see what you mean."
Adam would sit next to John, pulling Hope from the back of his ribcage and examining it. "Although, it sounds troublesome in Grand Gaia, doesn't it?"
His brother would look at the glowing sword. Strange thing, but, in the years he's been on these adventures, he's been given the feeling that sword has been regarding him in the way a jungle adventurer watches on an endangered species. Right now, he feels he's being watched by two or maybe another amount of eyes.
"Well, there are definite differences in our world from others. I mean, how many worlds have you heard of that are entirely made of imagination?"
"... One."
From nowhere, there is an ear-piercing noise of many small things darting past them. The brothers fall to the ground as bullet holes form on the walls and stairs behind them.
"What is it John?" yells Adam. "Skelecoots?"
"Nah, that's not-"
A cracked voice would cackle from the hubbub outside. "Come out, Johnny! You can't hide with a thousand skulls over your head!"
Johnny would groan. "Oh no. Bounty hunters."
The pair would slowly stand up, Adam gripping his sword, and John unsheathing his shotgun from behind his back. He would pull the two barrels back, loading his shots with a click.
"Ready, Adam?" John would mutter with a demented grin.
"Oh, I'm always ready."
They would then walk forward to address their visitors, the Skelecoot way.