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The Imagiverse

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The realm of Fantasy, where the cartoons live.

Character Portrait: Adam Skelecoot ((Roleplay Creator)) One of the Chosen Ones and brother of John Skelecoot
Character Portrait: Elyzia & Valfiel The butterfly sisters, A duo of both heroes and musical artists.
Character Portrait: John Skelecoot The Brother of Adam Skelecoot and Governor of the Skelecoots
Character Portrait: Locke Sky Basicly a child from Life and Death but can be killed
Character Portrait: Outsider Owru An inquisitive being with the strangest personality problem.
Character Portrait: Max the Robloxian The muscles of the Chosen Ones
Character Portrait: Kira "You seem like a strong opponent...lets fight and prove who is stronger!"
Character Portrait: Jack "The Ducky Boy" Quackers Amateur inventor, part of the Chosen Ones
Character Portrait: Fancy Pants Stick figure from Squiggleville, Heart of the Chosen Ones
Character Portrait: Vargas "The gods are not to be feared!"
Character Portrait: Maxwell, The Creator "Child who doesn't fear sin. My will has already faded. Thus, let's try following humans instead."
Character Portrait: Selena "Within me exists anger, sadness, and happiness... They shall all be my power, and my blade."
Character Portrait: Toby Mason A young child who ended up in Equestria by a wish.
Character Portrait: Outsider Mal In some twisted form of reality comedy is just a cosmic horror with a lot of bad puns tacked onto it.
Character Portrait: Dawn Maree Traveling Apothecary
Character Portrait: Maximus Kendaro Not very well-known, new, sly, agent, withdrawn.
Character Portrait: Rose Valentine Rose is 18,female and she has pink hair and glowing red eyes, has raven black wings on her back. r
Character Portrait: Skitters What do you get when you combine a simple woodland critter with an artificial godlike entity? "Kreh!"
Character Portrait: Dark Adam Skelecoot Doppelgänger of Adam and Lord of Fear
Character Portrait: Sir Betelgeuse Grimms The patriarch of Grimms family, greedy as he is noble.
Character Portrait: Vragi Odd A dangerously curious dwarf