Toby Mason

A young child who ended up in Equestria by a wish.

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a character in “The Imagiverse”, as played by Jas1547


Toby Mason - He is a seven year old human child. He is kind -hearted, caring, and nice to all that meet him, but a tragic past still lives within his little heart. When he was only five years old, he lost is mother, Ashley in a terrible car accident while she was on her way to pick him up at school. As time progressed, Toby's father, James Mason, began drinking heavily and abusing, both mentally and verbally poor little Toby. One night, James went too far, causing Toby's heart to break even further. As Toby was sleeping at night, he wished upon a star to find a new home and a new family that would take care of him. In time he would arrive in the world of Equestria and become the adopted human son of Fluttershy and her friends would become his aunties, and the CMC would become his big sisters.

Appearance: He is small as he would come up to the forelegs of a pony, he has short brown hair, green eyes, he wears glasses, and for clothes he has a red hoodie, soft fitting blue jogging pants and red and black sneakers.

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