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The Edge

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Basalah blinked, thinking of what to say to the story, feeling compelled to at least give a comment. Guess this explains what killed them, and lead them to being skin and bones, sans the skin. There was annoying sting of empathy within her heart equivalent. The idea of a sibling being so callous was a bit... infuriating. [color=darkgreen:26n20c2f]"Honestly? Your brother, this... Nick?"[/color:26n20c2f] she began, squinting one of her haunting green eyes half-closed. [color=darkgreen:26n20c2f]"Long before it ever got to the point it did with you two? I'd have royally kicked his a-,"[/color:26n20c2f] she began before something red caught her attention, jerking her head to look at it, both eyes narrowed in an attempt to discern what it is. [color=darkred:26n20c2f]"Well then, certainly looks like we'll be making another encounter soon,"[/color:26n20c2f] Grimms said calmly, casually pulling out a cigar from his pocket and attempting to light it. [color=darkred:26n20c2f]"What is the general percentage of amicable encounters around here, anyways?"[/color:26n20c2f]

The outer rim of the Imagiverse, fraught with subconscious chaos and unknown terrors

The Threshold

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Something in the distance would catch Jonathan's eye. To a more unordered and easily-confused mind (that is, a living mind inhabiting a lump of wrinkly muscle), the faint twinkle in the searing abyss would have easily passed as part of the visual chaos. John, however, blessed as he was by peculiar foresight, took it as a metaphysical lighthouse, leading him into the clear and away from the jagged space-time rocks that awaited his precious vessel. Relieved, he resolved to reassure his crew on the awaiting closure of this moment of madness. The gramocon curled like a waking snake. A metallic honk emitted from it's flared mouth before a distorted voice said, reassuringly, "[i:1fak13wh]wibble wibble sneep, snill fibble gibble zib snip snip. Gib gib flib flibble vip-[/i:1fak13wh]" before the piping, hidden within the tormented hull of the ship, tied itself into a knot and prevented anything else to pass through. Just outside the cabin, a gibbering phantasm was scratching the walls, as if trying to peel away the hull in a desperate attempt to escape. Meanwhile, in the opposite cabin, Max was standing on a struggling Jack's shoulders, yelling into the resisting gramocon. "John! I know you can hear me in there! How much longer have we got? I'm up to [i:1fak13wh]here[/i:1fak13wh] with the f____ing wall-faces! You hear me?" "[i:1fak13wh]Wibble wibble sneep, snill fib-[/i:1fak13wh]" "Don't you give me that shit, you good-for-nothing bonebag! I'm gonna keep screaming into this gods-damned trunk until you give me-" The tone of the engine's moaning rose. Before he could react, the vessel accelerated rapidly, causing Max to fall off Jack's shoulders. And onto Fancy Pants.


The Centre

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Vragi watched the Duchess’ apparent mirth in befuddlement, one bushy eyebrow twitching anxiously. He was mostly unsure what exactly was going through the raccoon’s head though he would have to guess that she was waiting for him to trip himself up in some way or other. As the ship began to speed up, he glanced around. His eyes widened beneath his goggles, and the dwarf grabbed the end of his beard and, spiky as it was, pulled it back over his head, tying a knot just behind. The result was what looked like a tiny creature with a large white pom-pom for a head, one dagger-like nose protruding. Whether it would shield him from whatever it was looking at the engine would do, he had no idea, but at least now he didn’t know how to look at it, so if he did try it, he at least had a reduced risk of succeeding. The smith braced himself as the ship began to cover the remaining distance to the threshold. During this time he appeared to lock up, not even a twitch of movement.

The galactic sector of the known Imagiversal worlds.

The Teslatorium

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A metallic, high-pitched whine would interrupt the volunteers. Upon closer inspection, they would discover that, unbeknownst to their initial inspection of the room - strangely enough - there was a strange, segmented funnel jutting out from the top of a wall, that was shuddering as the disembodied voice of Jonathan echoed from it. "[i:3cx8w97b]Helloooo, passengers! I've finally made it to the helm, and will be starting up the engine. During this, you might experience a bit of confusion as the Innovatium starts to pump through to the main thrusters and be ignited, theoretically resulting in a fair amount of residual radiation. But not to worry; this should not do you any harm. Starting the engine... Now![/i:3cx8w97b]" The cabin would begin to shudder, the ceiling lamp above waving erratically. A distant hum, once hidden in the background, was beginning to raise in volume and intensity, somewhere in the supposed direction of the Innovatium Engine. Outside the window, engineers and apprentices were backing away from the vessel, cheering and waving miniature flags. Somewhere in the distance, a band began to play a boisterous tune, likely the undead country's anthem, as the crowd would soon begin to sing along, words and phrases such as "God save the..." "Long to reign over us..." and so on drifting into the air as the hum indoors took a disconcerting tone. "[i:3cx8w97b]There we are,[/i:3cx8w97b]" piped John from the gramophonic speaker. "[i:3cx8w97b]Now, let the S.S Victoria begin its maiden voyage to the great beyond![/i:3cx8w97b]" The shuddering would make an abrupt stop as the skeletal crowd, who were now screaming in anticipation, began to drop from the window's view. Somewhere ahead of the ship, muffled by the hull and the humming, the passengers would hear the sound of something large and metallic begin to move, punctuated with occasional, thunderous clangs; discerning from how the noises seem to be emanating from just above the vessel, the Teslatorium must be opening up by quite a bit to allow the S.S Victoria to leave. After about 20 seconds, the ship would finally move forward, oddly flowing in its acceleration, like an iceberg with propellers in the back. Soon, the vessel had left the hangar, the view replaced by an admittedly stunning panorama of the city below. Smokestacks towered over countless buildings, the sky being invaded by even more streams of smoke weaving into the clouds. As the ship spun, they would get a view of the sea, copper in colour and strangely silent, excusing the occasional steamer and other vague shapes along the horizon. Eventually, John's voice would sound again. "[i:3cx8w97b]Take a good look at the city. For over a hundred years, we've stuck to the machinations of the steam engine, hoping to perfect its use on every aspect of our technology. Now, with vast experience with Innovatium under our belt, we have achieved what was considered impossible back in the reign of our deceased majesty. The word has been spread, the town criers have brought the news, and millions of eyes are watching us at this very moment, most likely to see if I blow the damn thing up on the first jump, the bastards. Ahem, anyway, fasten yourselves on something, everyone! To the Edge![/i:3cx8w97b]" The background hum was now raising into a whine. Those who are on the ship will feel the uneasy sensation of moving at a fast speed while remaining in place, until the second part became irrelevant; S.S Victoria would achieve the unlikely of reaching the speed of light from a standing start.

The Governor's private hangar, where his trusted engineers and scientists invent, and explore, new inventions


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As the group arrived at the tower, Sadly for them there was monsters and small creatures waiting for them. However there was far less amounts of them. They seemed to be wild monsters making this place their nest, so they were not exactly guards of this tower...More like freeloaders who defended the tower to live in it. It may even have been safe to assume that most of the creators inside the tower were just wild monsters, the real guard of the tower may have been the mechanical machine that was destroyed. But at the moment, they had a much less fierce fight ahead of them, just a handful of monsters to deal with. [color=red:3rwlptf4][font=myriad:3rwlptf4]”A quick warm up, But if they are worried of getting close to a creator then it’s safe to assume they may be regrouping to do something about her. Or at the very least work around her...Anyways, once we use that portal on the top we will be in St. Lamia! Very quick to use portals to get around!”[/color:3rwlptf4][/font:3rwlptf4] The fiery headed warrior nodded as he charged forward at the small groups of monsters scattered around heading for the stairs.

One of the continents of Grand Gaia


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"She'd better show some hospitality," said Max. "It's her world we're defending from the Darkness, as clichéd as it is." "Yes, I've been pondering on that," said John. "It is a direct - or indirect - manifestation of common evil, yes? I wouldn't be amazed if it's apparent bull-headedness and vapidity as a whole was a side-effect of this. After all, the common villain often sports a black cloak and moustache, does he not?" "As usual, you make a very valid point," said Fancy. "It keeps us on our toes, at least," said Adam before adding, "that is, those of us who have toes." The Chosen Few, as they considered this hitherto disregarded thought, looked down to their feet. They would look back up at Mal as Owru points out a new addition to the inter-cosmic jester's chain, a sixth orb emitting a vague violet glow. They vaguely recalled a remark Mal had made on the orbs. [i:1xai6wqp]They represent some rather troublesome edge dwellers I've devoured[/i:1xai6wqp]. They didn't bother to count the orbs beforehand to make sure, but they were certain no other Edge-dwellers apart from the two were present. "Very well," declared John, dispelling the mist of contemplation surrounding his compadres. "Lead the way, Vargas. There'll be plenty of time to chat along the way."

Agni Owner: Specmarine

Home of the Ruined Agni Empire, the Hero Vargas originated from here


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"You heard them, John," said Max. "There's the Agni Empire if we wanted a drink." "Capital. I will go for a gin and tonic." "I'll have a pint of ale," said Max. "A lemonade for me," said Fancy. "One of thothe fruit cocktailth would do me," said Jack. "... I'll just go for beer," said Adam. On that note, the Chosen Few and John would exit through the portal. In time, they will return to the Agni Empire to relax after days of toil, and then continue their adventure through Grand Gaia. John was excited for this opportunity of discovery after a very long time of familiarity, but he knew that the fight with the malevolent God had tired his comrades. Still, another day, another Skull (the currency equivalent of a pound or dollar in the Underworld). The Chosen Few, however, were thinking different things. Cardes had mentioned a God Emperor, which meant that there was a head honcho Fallen God somewhere organizing all this. They had a feeling they will have to face this Emperor if they wished to rid Grand Gaia of the God threat. Before that, though, a drink will do them good. As they went through the portal, they silently congratulated themselves of a job, among many, well done. [u:21xdtrsv]Epilogue:[/u:21xdtrsv] The narrative eye will find itself in a dark room, expansive by the small echoes of chittering things that lurk within the corners. As the eye adjusts itself to the darkness, it finds out that it is furnished, a large carpet spanning from the blackened oak doors to the expansive desk, whose contents declare their owner as a man, or something, that prided itself with it's evil; a withered old book whose cover tells of dark secrets hidden within it's pages, a gnarled lamp which emits only a dull, red light, and a black goblet inscribed with a phrase of unthinkable origin, "[i:21xdtrsv]Hinc decurrit calicem e sanguis[/i:21xdtrsv]". It is difficult to decipher the shape of the owner, or the being in front of it, but the scenario is the same in all dark places where dark things are being planned. "[b:21xdtrsv]And where are they?[/b:21xdtrsv]" This voice, sourced from the one behind the desk, is deep and clipped, hinting of a person who is used to giving commands. "We do not know, lord," replied the other figure, it's voice raspy and reptilian. "The last time we could locate them was in the Centre, then... they vanished." The first figure would contemplate this for a while. "[b:21xdtrsv]Perhaps they've found another world? A world, if I may hazard a guess, that is defunct in stability?[/b:21xdtrsv]" "We are unsure, sire, but we will locate them as soon as possible." "[b:21xdtrsv]Good. Off you go then.[/b:21xdtrsv]" The second figure, which was small and hunched, would slither back into the darkness towards the doors. An alien appendage, which on closer examination looked like a large pinky finger, would wrap around the goblet and lift it towards the large entity. No sound that hinted of anything being drunk could be heard. So... they have found a new world after all, went the thoughts of the God of Fear. All the more for the taking then. [b:21xdtrsv][u:21xdtrsv]End of Chapter One[/u:21xdtrsv][/b:21xdtrsv]

The land where Cardes the Malevolent was sealed away from the efforts of four brave heroes.

Grand Gaia

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Here they go, off to a new world, not an equestrian magic land, not a practical joke funhouse, not even a Victorian ghost town. They were going to a world of demons and malevolent Gods, where the greatest battle between mortal and [i:2wvvdqfz]im[/i:2wvvdqfz]mortal took place. They will have to steel themselves against whatever threat lied beyond that portal into Grand Gaia; this was a new challenge for them, at last, something [i:2wvvdqfz]different[/i:2wvvdqfz]. In one mind, the Chosen Ones stepped through the gateway into Grand Gaia, as the first outsiders to step into this new world.

The land plagued by Gods and Demons alike. Many strong warriors wander around this massive world.

The Imagiverse

The Galactic Hub of the Imagiverse


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Curious to see what's on the other side of the portal, Herobrine enters it.

The cuboid world, home to cuboid people, magic and the Flux Taint.

Skeleville - Skele Manor

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His hands behind his back, Jonathan Skelecoot would bow lightly to the departing sisters. "You're welcome, Valfiel and Elyzia. It has been a pleasure meeting you. If you wish to come back on your own accord, perhaps ask the tinkerers in your world if they can create a portal to the Imagiverse. Farewell." "Bye, gals!" cheered Adam, waving his arm wildly. The portal would ripple when the sisters pass through it, shaking strongly before the image would turn to static and the portal closes. John would look at the portal for a minute and then call to the world in general. "S.A.M, bookmark the portal location of Grand Gaia. I might have us visit it later." "<sub> AFFIRMATIVE, ADMINISTRATOR_JOHN.</sub>" EPILOGUE: Now alone again in the mansion, Adam and John would walk out of the lab. "Nice, weren't they?" exclaims Adam Skelecoot, walking a few inches in front of John. "Yes. It's interesting, really, when you think about it. A few beings from another dimension entirely stumbling into this world, out of all the worlds they might have ended up in. That, I think, is Fate at work." The dressed skeleton would sit on the bottom of the stairs. "Or they just got here by chance." "... Yeah, or that." Jonathan would sigh. "Sounds a nice place. Well, Adam, if you wish to go there in the future, possibly to hone your skills, we can easily open a portal there." "Yeh, I mean, the Darkness and all the demons here are fun and all, but it would be nice to have a change, wouldn't it?" John would glance at Adam. "Well, the Imagiverse changes all the time, doesn't it? But I see what you mean." Adam would sit next to John, pulling Hope from the back of his ribcage and examining it. "Although, it sounds troublesome in Grand Gaia, doesn't it?" His brother would look at the glowing sword. Strange thing, but, in the years he's been on these adventures, he's been given the feeling that sword has been regarding him in the way a jungle adventurer watches on an endangered species. Right now, he feels he's being watched by two or maybe another amount of eyes. "Well, there are definite differences in our world from others. I mean, how many worlds have you heard of that are entirely made of imagination?" "... One." "Exactly." From nowhere, there is an ear-piercing noise of many small things darting past them. The brothers fall to the ground as bullet holes form on the walls and stairs behind them. "What is it John?" yells Adam. "Skelecoots?" "Nah, that's not-" A cracked voice would cackle from the hubbub outside. "Come out, Johnny! You can't hide with a thousand skulls over your head!" Johnny would groan. "Oh no. Bounty hunters." The pair would slowly stand up, Adam gripping his sword, and John unsheathing his shotgun from behind his back. He would pull the two barrels back, loading his shots with a [i:b6nhl3fx]click[/i:b6nhl3fx]. "Ready, Adam?" John would mutter with a demented grin. "Oh, I'm always ready." They would then walk forward to address their visitors, the Skelecoot way.

Home to John Skelecoot, Governor of the Skelecoots


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[color=red:168shpyv][font=myriad:168shpyv]"Well...I had guessed that you had not killed that man. As undead you cannot really be killed by most means, and even if you revive and die you just go back to square two. It was just surprising to see someone shoot someone else then stomp on them. We never expected a mayor of his city to shoot one of his people out in the open."[/color:168shpyv][/font:168shpyv] Valfiel replied. It was reassuring that man did not die, but it was still unnerving to know that he could do that to his own people. Elyzia however remained quiet, even though they cannot die it was still wrong to do such a thing. As the two continued to follow John, he would soon talk about Xephire the God of the Underworld and how he came up with their name and was also slothful. He also said that there are 666 floors in the underworld. [color=red:168shpyv][font=myriad:168shpyv]"It sounds like you personally met your own god."[/color:168shpyv][/font:168shpyv] Valfiel jokingly laughed as they passed by a steam golem with a bowler hat. Soon they would arrive at an iron gate and behind it was a nice garden despite the toxic air, statues of strange creatures, and of course the mansion. With a gesture the robot with a flat cap pulled on some levers causing the gate to open up along with the sound of a cuckoo clock? That was certainly odd to say the least. Once the gates opened up the two followed behind John.

The home of the Skeletorians, undead who lived - and died - in the Victorian era

The Underworld - Entrance Lobby

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The sisters would soon enter a strange elevator, John explained that the elevator can support plenty of people but it would always appear empty almost like some sort of dimensional elevator or something similar to it. And what was supposed to be a panel for the buttons, it was replaced by some sort of wheel. They were not going to think to heavily on the contraption, however as the elevator began to shudder and the sound of a locomotive began to sound, Elyzia took hold of one of the railings. Valfiel also took hold of one of the railings. [color=red:2sob5lob][font=myriad:2sob5lob]"How fast could this elevator possibly go--Ahhhhhhhh!"[/color:2sob5lob][/font:2sob5lob] She yelled as the elevator suddenly went so fast that gravity seemed to become zero. The walls turned transparent and a horrid grinding noise as the elevator moved. As the elevator approached floor 189, Valfiel stopped yelling and calmed down. [color=red:2sob5lob][font=myriad:2sob5lob]"A...heads up....before we enter...would be nice..."[/color:2sob5lob][/font:2sob5lob]She spoke in between breaths as she looked around to make sure the elevator did not move again.

The Entrance Lobby to the Underworld


A reverse version of Earth in the realms of Reality.


The magically unstable home to the Equestrians

The Underworld

Land of the Dead, modernised

The Discworld

The only mobile world in the Imagiverse, riding on Great A'Tuin, the space turtle.

Skeleville - Entrance Lobby

The entrance to Skeleville, the Victorian ghost town