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a part of The Imagiverse, by Adam Skelecoot.

The magically unstable home to the Equestrians

Adam Skelecoot holds sovereignty over Equestria, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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26,229 readers have visited this universe since Adam Skelecoot created it. Specmarine, MartinVole, and Adam Skelecoot are listed as curators.


One of the main worlds of the Imagiverse, Equestria is home to the Equestrians, more commonly known as Ponies. If you are familiar with this world already, then you know of Canterlot, Ponyville and other locations.


The magically unstable home to the Equestrians


Equestria is a part of The Imagiverse.

2 Characters Here

Maximus Kendaro [0] Not very well-known, new, sly, agent, withdrawn.
Locke Sky [0] Basicly a child from Life and Death but can be killed

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