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(They pretty much create a new society and town) After the US government takes over people's lives, a group of brave individuals venture off on a ship to a new civilization where they must create a new nation to see if people can do without government.

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The government had taken every role humanly possible in the lives of people. Privately owned schools, stores, and businesses were shut down and turned into corps for the government. Internet no longer existed because the government found that leaking information for free wasn't helping their situation. Taxing went over the roof to the point that people stopped shopping completely. People became puppets to the government and they knew it was time for a change.

Riots and protests flooded the streets asking for a new chance. This new chance brought the government in command to a plan. This place was Devoveo, an island off the coast of Hawaii. Volunteers put their names in a drawing and then were selected to take a voyage across the waters to the island where they would attempt a nation without government. If the new nation would succeed, the authorities promised to remove the controlling government.

Who'll get drawn? Who will have the fate of the US in their hands?



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Character Portrait: cara
cara played by maximumridefan
i am cara. i'm 14 years old and i am the only one of my kind who can controle fire. im looking for a family. i dont care if thire mutatnts i just want protection. i can fight them on my own.
Character Portrait: Olive Renolds She is age 24, 5'5", stringy blonde hair and green eyes. Pushes herself to do things normal people wouldn't
Character Portrait: Angel Wolfe Age: 24. A walking contradiction when it comes to her personality. The personification of "bipolar". Prefers her nickname "Inu" over her real name.
Character Portrait: Ace
Ace played by rayssun000369
Age: 27, height: 6'3" Blonde hair, midnight blue eyes. He's very cocky and sarcastic.
Character Portrait: Julian Dai
Julian Dai played by Utsumi300
"Don't mess with me"
Character Portrait: Kaley Austin "Change is good, consistence is bad"

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Character Portrait: Angel Wolfe
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Angel walked out the door, shaking her head. He was quite the character, that was for sure. She laughed and jogged onto the deck in search of something to eat. On a dancers diet, she could have gone two or three days without food, but something about the ship made her hungry. I could really go for some Cheez-It's right about now.

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Character Portrait: Gabby Archer
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Setting: Devoveo2012-02-28 04:14:23, as written by Cat_gurl
"I think you did really good" Gabby smiled at the picture. she brushed the picture up and down and looked back up at Julian. "Your fenominal!" Her eyes sparkled in the sun. "Julian can I ask you somthing?"

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Re: [OOC] The New Civilization

Olive Renolds

She stood inside the doctors lounge, still trembling and ghost white from the terror she had just witnessed. Her hands were stained a little red. It seemed that no matter what she did, she couldn't remove the blood from her hands. Marci, a nurse from the third floor stepped into the room. At the sight of Olive, she turned and stepped back out. Right then a commercial on the lounge television caught her attention.

"The government of the United States of America is issuing a voyage for 30 individuals to start a new civilization on an island outside of Hawaii. It seems that all the public must do to obtain a ticket is get their name picked out of a drawing."

Olive wiped her eyes and sat up a little more properly.

"All you must do is visit your local government office and request a form", the lady was saying. She knew right then what she must do.

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