The island of Kohaku

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On an island with a strange custom will the visitors adjust and fall in love, or will it be the most awkward experience of their lives?

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Setting: Kohaku2010-10-05 03:04:11, as written by Moon/Mihael
"Ryu," a voice drifted into a small, cozy room, "Ryu, wake up." A hand shook Ryu's small frame gently, waking him slightly from his sleep. "Gods, boy, what am I going to do with you?" Ryu blinked several times, then looked up, but only saw the tail end of an apron, escaping around the door. "Get up, Ryu, theres work to be done," the voice drifted back into his room. "Aye," he called back, "I'm up, I'm up." He sat up from his bed, shaking the sleep from his eyes, and the covers from his body.

Wearing only a pair of black pants, Ryu walked towards his closet, and pulled out a white T-shirt. Putting that on, he walked to his drawer,pulled open the top open, and pulled out a pair of socks. "'Another day, another loaf'," he quoted softly, smiling slightly at his father's motto for the mornings. He sat back down on his bed, and pulled on his socks, "Should be fun today," he sighed, "Gonna need to make some cakes. We've run out of chocolate cakes recently. I think the last one was sold a couple days ago," he whispered softly, tapping a finger against his chin.

Shrugging his shoulders, Ryu layed back and lifted three books from the shelf next to his bed. "Death By Chocolate seems to be a favorite," he whispered to himself, "So are Baverian, and Dutch Chocolate Cakes. Looks like I have my work cut out for me today." He paused slightly, his hand, hovering over the third book, "I may need to visit Nanako later. I still need that book I ordered a few days back. I wonder if it came in yet?" Shrugging once more, he calmly exited his room. Pulling on his shoes quickly, and snatching up his apron, he entered the massive kitchen and went to work on the cakes.