The island of Kohaku

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On an island with a strange custom will the visitors adjust and fall in love, or will it be the most awkward experience of their lives?

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Setting: Kohaku2010-10-05 03:29:37, as written by Cynique
Nanako frowned as she rooted around underneath the counter and pulled out a box of new shipments. New books didn't come in often so a lot of the customers ordered specifically what they wanted, she remembered Ryu in particular had ordered a book on the history of cooking a few weeks ago. Finding it in the box she pulled it out and smiled, it was just like him to order something like that. She might as well drop it off if she was stopping by anyways.

Taking the Book and carefully placing it in a messenger Bag Nanako dug out a sign which read 'Out. Back soon,' in neat handwriting and hung it in the shops Bay Window in front of the curtains. Stepping out onto the busy streets Nanako smiled, the Bookshop was situated in the center of town and she could feel it bustling even if it was only just about Noon.

Somehow the Islands streets were modern and old fashioned in all the same breath. The streets were still traditionally brick although a few people owned cars which were used for transportation to the farther parts of the Island. There had been talk of Train tracks being built but she had yet to see that happening.

Making her way up a small hill which had a row of shops Nanako found Ryu's adoptive families bakery and made her way around the back and into the kitchen. Catching sight of him in the kitchen she smiled and pulled out the book "Afternoon," She said with a grin and waving the book in front of his face, "look what I have~."