The island of Kohaku

The island of Kohaku Open

On an island with a strange custom will the visitors adjust and fall in love, or will it be the most awkward experience of their lives?

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Setting: Kohaku2010-10-05 06:11:20, as written by Twisted_Is_Me
Ryahi stared bored out at the sea, sitting on the edge of a cliff as she usually would on days like this. Sunny and yet there was nothing she could find to do. Holding a book open on her lap her shirt blowing in the wind that swept to the side as well as with her hair that brushed her cheeks in its vibrant array of colors. Music gently playing in her ears as she zoned out dreaming about places that could only be possible in her books.

Keeping her page as she began to sing, sweetly and softly no one would be able to hear her this was a secrect place. One that only her and Zach knew about. She was waiting for him but she had been caught by him enough so that she wasn't really distributed by him popping up in the middle of her course.

Ryahi waited patiently, finally closing her book as she closed her eyes falling from the side of the cliff and resting there. She really needed something for herself. Badly. She wanted him. "Thats sounds so wrong."