The island of Kohaku

The island of Kohaku Open

On an island with a strange custom will the visitors adjust and fall in love, or will it be the most awkward experience of their lives?

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Setting: Kohaku2010-10-05 08:08:58, as written by infernwolf
Zach was admirring her beauty but then noticed her hand creeping towards the cake. He quickly moved the bag out of her grasp.He was gonna give the cake to her anyway, but he wanted to mess with her. He messed with her untill he got bored. He pulled it out and put it in front of her. He didnt really like cake, He was more of a pie person.

He thenb pulle out his notebook and began to write. He looked a Ryahi and wrote something down and then he looked over the cliff and began to write more. He closed his eyes and leaned back after he closed his notebook and put it away. He thought about later on when he had to transfer energy to her."I hope she needs energy soon." He thought and a smile came across his face. He chuckled a little bit. Then out of the blue he remembered he left his glaces at home."Crap, Im going to need those later." He thought.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of gum and threw it into his mouth.