The island of Kohaku

The island of Kohaku Open

On an island with a strange custom will the visitors adjust and fall in love, or will it be the most awkward experience of their lives?

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Setting: Kohaku2010-10-06 00:32:46, as written by infernwolf
Zach realised she pushed the cake towards him in an offering manner. He didnt really like, but he took a small bite anyway. Zach found it to be surprisingly good. He sat the cake down on the plate and cracked his knuckles. He liked the noise it made and the way it felt. He looked back towards Ryahi and gave a friendly grin. "What would you like to do next." Zach said while keeping the friendly grin upon his face. As he waited for an answer from Ryahi, He was hit by the sun in the eyes and it made him squint. People always told him he had a funny face when he squinted, so he looked away from the sun immediatly. Zach was more of a night time person, he didnt really like the sun, not because it made him squint but because it felt calmer to him.