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In a world of demons, angels, nekos, mages, and more, there is a journal that controls everything. Will the holder of the journal keep it safe, or will she and the journal fall into the clutches of evil?

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On a different planet, in the mountains, there is a castle town. The castle town is on a mountain and on the top of the mountain is the castle of the town. The castle town is full of mysteries, death, love, and creatures of all kind, and it's name is Cendrillon.

Long ago during an old era of Cendrillon, there lived a powerful mage, who was also the princess of Cendrillon. One day, she locked herself in her room because of her abusive parents. While she was locked in her room, she cursed a journal so that whatever was written in the journal would happen to Cendrillon in the future. The girl wrote everything in the journal and the journal was never-ending, whenever you turned the page a new page would be created at the back of the book.
The powerful mage wrote everything about the future of Cendrillon in the journal during her life. One day, when she was queen of Cendrillon, the demon king planned an attack on Cendrillon. Earlier that day, the powerful mage's daughter, Rin Kagamine, had been born. The powerful mage knew what would happen during the invasion, so she took her daughter and the journal, and put them in a hidden room in the castle of Cendrillon, that was located in the highest tower.
The powerful mage then went out of the castle and fought off the demon King's army by herself, but while she did so, all the people in Cendrillon, besides her daughter, Rin Kagamine, and a boy named Len Yukimura, died.
Rin Kagamine grew up in the palace with Len Yukimura, and slowly over time people started traveling to Cendrillon and soon all of Cendrillon was repopulated. One day, Rin Kagamine found the journal that her mother had wrote, and she knew all about the journal and how anything that was written in it would affect Cendrillon. Rin Kagamine now is the holder of the journal, but she is scared that if she writes in it it will cause Cendrillon to fall into doom, but she is also scared that if she doesn't continue to write in it, Cendrillon will one day come to an end.


In the land of Demonios, lives the Demon Prince, the son of the now dead Demon King and he knows all about the journal and how Rin Kagamine is the holder of it. He plans to forfill what his father had tried to do and take over Cendrillon. And he plans to do that by making Rin Kagamine fall in love with him. He always appears around Rin when she is alone. Len Yukimura, who is engaged to Rin Kagamine, knows all about what the Demon Prince is trying to do, and he isn't going to let him get away with it. He tries to stay around Rin most of the time so that the Demon Prince won't appear.
There are all different types of creatures in the world of Cendrillon and the land of Demonios and they all are on different sides. Everyone has their own story in this world, and some will merge at some point in this world, but how will it all turn out. Will the Demon Prince get Rin Kagamine and the journal and will Cendrillon fall into the clutches of evil? Or will he never succeed?


Vampires: These bloodsucking creatures work for the Prince of Demons and they are highly dangerous. They come out only at the night and they love to mess with the weak and tease them. They have dark hair and fangs. Their eyes are usually normal colored but at night they will turn red. Vampires usually trick other humans into loving them so then they will be able to drink their blood. They are very devious and can turn into bats. They are very dark creatures and they take the form of a human.

Angels: These creatures can be seen all around Cendrillon, everyone usually has a guardian angel, but some angels don't guard a human. They usually have light hair and light eyes, they also have white feathery wings on their back. They hate to see others in pain and they will always help the weak. They don't like to fight and they try to solve things with words, not fighting. They take the form of a human with white feathery wings on their back. All angels work for Cendrillon.

Nekos: These creatures are part human and part cat. They have catlike instincts and characteristics. They take the form of a human with cat ears and a cat tail. They are very sweet and they get along with others easily. They are always full of energy and they are very active and good and lots of things, like balancing and climbing. They can be good or evil.

Mages: These are very powerful creatures. They take the form of a human. After the invasion there hasn't been much mages in Cendrillon, and they can be good or evil. The mages that are alive are very powerful and their powers are very strong. They usually can do anything with their powers. They can turn into animals but they usually stay as humans. Mages are very beautiful.

Cancións: These creatures take the form of a human and they have powers that they can use through singing. They have different songs for different things, but some Cancións don't have songs for everything. Like they can have a song for healing and a song that can cause pain to others. There are such things as Canción Mages, but they are very rare. Cancións are very beautiful. They can be either good or evil.

Armas: Armas are creatures that take the form of a human. They can bend metal and they can use any weapon that they get their hands on like a professional. Armas are usually warriors and they can be either good or evil. They are very tough and strong. If they don't have a weapon nearby they will usually just bend some metal into a weapon and use that.

Potencias: Potencias are creatures that have one certain power. Like for example one Potencia can control anothers action and another Potencia can make other people see things. Potencias can be either good or evil. Potencias take the form of a human.

Deseos: Deseos can control one of the following elements; fire, ice, dark, light, water, air, earth, and soul. They are masters at controlling the one element that they can control. They can be either good or evil, and they take the form of a human. They have the traits and personalities of their element, like for example if they can control dark, they are evil, dark, and love to mess with the weak people. If they are ice they are cold and rude, but beautiful and they always have a soft side.

Cambiars: Cambiars are creatures that can change into any type of animal. They can be either good or evil and they always have one main animal that they change into a lot. Cambiars have the symbol of their main animal somewhere on them as a tattoo. Cambiars have the traits and personalities of their main animal also. They usually live outside and not inside.

Demons: All demons live in the land of Demonios and they all follow the Demon Prince, some demons live in hiding in Cendrillon though. All demons have dark hair and dark eyes and they take the form of a human or they can take the form of an animal. They love to pick on the weak and mess with them, they usually will get close to someone weak and then kill them. All demons are evil and they don't mind the daylight, but they don't love it, they usually prefer nighttime. You can see them a lot during the nighttime, but not a lot during the day.

Climas: Climas are very, VERY, rare. There are only 2, and one is evil and one is good. Climas can control both the weather and also humans, like they can control anothers actions, thoughts, and how they feel and what they say. One Clima works for the princess of Cendrillon, Rin Kagamine, and the other Clima works for the demon Prince. They can put spells on others but the spells aren't perminant, but the ones that are perminent take a long time to work.

Esperos: These creatures are part human and are part animal. Like for example one could be part fox and part human, they are part any animal. They have the traits and characteristics of their animal and they often tend to look like their animal when in human form. They also have something of the animal on them when they are in human form, like for a Fox Espero, whenever they are in human form they have fox ears and a fox tail. They can change into their animal and they can be evil or good.

Humans: Do I really have to explain? Humans can be villagers, warriors, and really just anything you can think of.

Main Characters:

Rin Kagamine: "The Journal": Rin Kagamine is a Canción Mage, and a very powerful one too. She is also the princess of Cendrillon. The powerful mage that wrote the journal is her mother. Rin Kagamine is engaged to Len Yukimura because if the journal it said that her and Len were destinied to be together, but the Demon Prince is trying to get her to fall in love with him. She is 13 years old and she has been through many hard times because since the day she was born she ruled over all of Cendrillon. She grew up in the Castle of Cendrillon and she still lives there. (Taken by me)

Len Yukimura: "The Guardian of the Journal": Len Yukimura is engaged to Rin Kagamine and he cares about her very much. He grew up with Rin Kagamine in the castle his whole life. He is very protective over Rin because she doesn't want to see her get hurt. He knows about what the Demon Prince is trying to do and he tries to stay around Rin most of the time so that the Demon Prince won't appear around her. He is a very powerful Canción. He is 15 years old. (to get a picture of him, just look up 'Len Kagamine' on google images)

Rin Kagamine and Len Yukimura: "The Journal and the Guardian":

The Demon Prince: "The Stealer of the Journal": The Demon Prince rules over all the demons and he lives in the land of Demonios during the daytime and at the night he will be in Cendrillon. He is 17 years old and he loves Rin Kagamine. He knows all about how she is the holder of the journal and he knows about how the journal affects all of Cendrillon. He is trying to get Rin to fall in love with him so that he can get the journal and take control of Cendrillon. He is a very powerful demon and he can control anothers actions. He has dark hair and dark eyes. He usually tries to take Rin Kagamine to the land of Demonios.

The Demon Princess: "The Cursed Bloody Doll": The Demon Princess is the younger sister of the Demon Prince, and she usually clings to her brother. She is known by most as "The Cursed Bloody Doll". Everyone knows about how she is obsessed with causing other people pain and blood. She loves both. Her power is that she can cause others pain just by looking at someone else. She loves to kill others and she has very dark hair and eyes. She is 15 years old. She loves to mess with the weak and tease them a lot.

The Leader of the Vampires: "The Bloodsucker": He is 19 years old and rules over all of the vampires. He lives in the land of Demonios and is a good friend of the Demon Prince. He is in love with the Demon Princess, who is also known as "The Cursed Bloody Doll." He will help the Demon Prince with anything and he loves to mess with the weak, he usually makes weak human girls fall in love with him so then he can drink their blood.

Other Characters:

Canción Mage 1: Rin Kagamine (taken by me)
Canción Mage 2:
Canción Mage 3:
Mage 1:
Mage 2:
Mage 3:
Mage 4:
Canción 1: Len Yukimura (this character is open for someone to play)
Canción 2:
Canción 3:
Canción 4:
Neko 1: Taken by Nanese
Neko 2:
Neko 3:
Neko 4:
Neko 5:
Armas 1: Taken by SirStone
Armas 2:
Armas 3:
Armas 4:
Armas 5:
Clima 1, is good and works for Rin Kagamine:
Clima 2, is evil and works for the Demon Prince:

You can also make up your own character but they can't be any of the types of creatures listed in Other Characters

Character Skeleton:

Role: (like if your the Demon Prince or something)
Description: (has to be have an anime pic)
Side: (good or evil)
Where they live: (Cendrillon or the land of Demonios)
Powers: (like for if your a demon put what powers you have, and like if you a Potencia put what element you control)
Main Animal: (Cambiars and Esperos only, for Cambiars put which animal is there main animal and for Esperos put which animal that they are part half)
Songs: (Cancións only)
Love Interest:
Theme Song:


  • Yes, this roleplay has a lot of romance, but no erotic stuff
  • Try and post once or twice a day
  • Try to make your posts long so then others can write off of it
  • If you won't be able to post for a certain amount of days, say so in OOC or send me a private message saying so
  • No Godmodding (well, unless your character has the power to control others actions, but they can't control what others say, feel, and think, well, besides the Climas, they can control someone elses actions, what they say, feel, and think)
  • On your character profile go along with the Character Skeleton
  • Only kill someone elses character if you have their permission
  • Yes, your character probably will get hurt sometimes in the roleplay

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Character Portrait: Kyori Sarusake A mute Potencias who talks by showing mental images or thoughts to others.

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Rin Kagamine:
Image Image

Rin Kagamine was lying in the meadow of sunflowers that covered the western side of the mountain that Cendrillon was located on. She was holding the Journal over her face as she silently read everything that was in it. She had already read it like a million times, but it always interested her. She could almost never make out what her mother had meant throughout the entire Journal, everything she had written in it were like puzzles.

Rin enjoyed the meadow a lot, it was always a quiet and calm place to be. She sat up and held onto the white hat she was wearing as a strong wind blew threatening to blow her hat away. As she looked around the meadow she saw no one else, she was the only one there currently. Rin looked towards the lake that surrounded the mountain Cendrillon, they she looked at the mountains that surrounded the lake. She never knew what was past the mountains, but she was always curious.

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Kyori Sarusake walked along the sidestreet of the cobblestone road that made up the main street of Cendrillon, the slight wind blowing his blonde hair across his forehead. Thoughts that floated around inside his head now floated around in the air around him, being projected for anyone close enough to see and hear, yet, they were blurry and the noise was muffled. What was more embaressing; the new sounds his projections were now making or the crystal clear noise they always made when he wasn't trying to hide them from everyone? He let out a deep sigh, giving up on his practice of concealment. Relaxing his thoughts, they instantly became sharp and rang out like chucrch bells.

I wonder where that man is heading.

Kyori's eyes held fast on a gentleman walking up the other side of the street. Of course, like always, the man overheard his thoughts and turned to look. A picture flashed outward from Kyori's thoughts, an image of where the man's face grows red and he darts over across the street and he starts yelling and screaming and asking what in the hell do you think your doing.

Kyori watched as the man simple flushed and looked away, hurrying on up along the streetside to who knows where. He turned away and kept walking. In one arm, he held a simple brown paper sack that was filled with simple foods like freshly baked bread and fruits of different kinds. His other hand was pushed down into his jeans pocket. Of course, his mother scent him to fetch the food for her.

Why do I always have to be the one doing the shopping? Kioko should be doing this, not me. Apparently, to his mother, Kioko wasn't old enough, even though he was fourteen. To Kyori, he could have come to the city at ten. That kid's got the nerve to do it. The bravery and guts, yes, but he wouldn't think about the consequences if something bad happened.

His thoughts continued to pour from his mind, images of Kioko getting beaten by strangers on the sidestreet or him being attacked by feral dogs living in the alleys. A woman walking with her kid along the other sidestreet saw his thoughts and gawked immediatly, covering her son's eyes and hurrying him along. Another heavy sigh escaped through Kyori's lips as he blurred his thoughts and walked on.

He came walking out of the city down the road which would eventually lead him to his home. On his right, there was a large sunflower field. He had no doubt that Rin would be out there in her white hat soaking up the sun. A mental image of her popped up into view. She stood twirling in the patch of sunflowers, the bottom of her dress flaring as she spun, happy giggles bubbling out. Kyori smiled to himself and he stopped, turning to look out across the open field. It didn't take him long to spot her.

Stepping into the field, Kyori made his way over to his friend where she sat holding her hat, her journal in her lap. His mother would live if he was a little late with the food. Kioko could survive as well. He walked up to where she sat and looked down at her, his ice cobalt eyes looking down at her.

Hey, Rin.

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Rin looked up at the figure that was looking down at her. It was hard to tell who they were because they were covering the sun so it covered their face in shadows, but by the ice cobalt eyes, she could tell who it was. "Hi Kyori." She said with a smile. She looked at the bags that he was carrying. "Out shopping for you family again?" she asked as she set the Journal on the ground next to her, she still kept her hand on it though just in case. She didn't want to loose the journal. On the other side of Rin there were some picked daisies that she had picked earlier.

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Kyori smiled back down at the girl. He lowered himself gently to the ground to sit beside her on the opposite side of her journal. Resting his sack beside his left thigh, he stretched out his long legs and leaned back onto his palms. He looked over at her, his hair ruffling from the playful breeze.

Yeah, my mom is making me spend the money that I earned to buy her food.

A light chuckle bubbled up from his chest. In his projected thoughts, an image of his latest job popped up. He had been helping an old lady put up a fence alongside her stairs when he went to drive a nail into the wood and missed, slamming the hammer into his left hand's index finger. His pain in the image folded in on itself with pain but quickly vanished when he saw the old lady coming around the corner.

Realizing what was happening, Kyori quickly blurred the image. His face flushed and he flicked his eyes downward to his shoes. He remembered getting paid for both the finished job and for medicine for his finger from the old lady. That money was now the produce sitting idly in the brown sack beside him. His finger still throbbed from the thought of the hammer and he curled all of his fingers into a loose fist, trying to ignore the lingering mild pain.

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Rin looked over at Kyori and saw him looking at that old lady he was looking at. Then she noticed his finger and she could tell what had happened. "I can heal your finger for you if you want." she said. "You don't want to get scolded by old lady all day long" Rin tried hard to stiffle her laughing, but she succeeded only a little bit, but not fully.

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Setting: Cendrillon2011-03-23 02:10:58, as written by Nanase
"Hanako, Be careful with that tray, If you drop it it's coming out of your pay!"
"Yes Ms, Joline."

A small girl with purple hair, cat ears, and a tail, danced through the crowded common room of the Dancing Maid. The inn was a well known establishment of Cendrillon and very popular among the working class of the city. Even at this hour of the morning it was packed full of working men from all walks of life. Hanako had been working here for the past few weeks as a means to earn some money and have a place she deemed somewhat safe. Occasionally there was a problem with a drunk but the young Neko had so far been a very dedicated worker. She had recently been raised from a kitchen helper to a serving girl and as a result her pay increased. She was enjoying the job but it was difficult at times, especially with the common room packed is it was.

As Hanako neared the table, her small head bobbing all the way, she placed the tray on the table for the men to take, one of them closest to her was clearly drunk and as she turned to go he said "Arn't you a pretty lass" and his hand reached under her skirt to touch her butt and ran his hand across her tail. Hanako's little body froze, the touch sending shivers through her system. Suddenly she turned and slapped him across the face. The man looked shocked at first but quickly recovered, his face red with anger. "Why YOU."

Hanako turned and tried to run from his grasp but his hand reached out and with a yelp of pain he grabbed her tail and pulled her back to him. She had fallen on the ground and was desperately trying to escape from his grasp when she felt a heavy hand reach around her, pick her up and slam her into the wall. "You little cunt, Apologize for that or I am going to ruin that pretty little face of yours."

Hanako was scared and tears were in her eyes, but stubborn to the end she hacked up and spit on him. "Go to hell." she said angrily, still struggling to escape from his grasp. The man's fist retracted as if to punch her but suddenly a wooden cudgel slammed the drunk man over the head and Ms. Joline's angry stature could be seen as he crumpled to the ground releasing the Hanako as he fell. "Get this rabble out of here, All of you GET." The men quickly got up and carried their unconscious friend away from the table.

If Hanako was expecting sympathy she did not get any such thing. Ms Joline rounded on her. "Why did you hit him!"
"He touched me..."
"If he touches you then Walk Away."

Ms Joline stormed away leaving Hanako to lay there and gingerly pick herself up. The common room returned to normalcy and left Hanako there forgotten. Hanako was scared again but there was no to turn to. Gingerly she picked herself up and walked out of the Inn, she wanted to get out of the city. She wanted to go somewhere where she could escape from anything bad happening to her again. Hanako knew of a small garden outside of the city and quickly headed towards it.

Upon arriving she noticed that two people were already in the garden but she stayed a small distance from her and rested beneath a small tree. She needed to take a breather, she was still scared after what had happened.

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Setting: Cendrillon2011-03-23 03:23:51, as written by SirStone
Kenji stood at the gates to the city, his satchel slung across his back, the sun high overhead.
" So this is the great city..." he muttered to himself, staring up the walls at the giant spires, piercing the sky as if they were reaching towards the heavens. He shook his head and continued to walk into the city, being crowded along by traders, merchants, and the general bustle of the street. He felt a scurry up his arm and then whiskers on his neck, his left hand traveled to the spot and the little white mouse obediently jumped on for the ride.
"Little one, you must be more careful now, I would not wish to lose you." He said softly to the mouse as he set it back into his collar.

This quick little conversation earned him a strange look from a man tending a stall of fruit. He threw an Icy cold glare at the man and continued his journey. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he decided that the first step would be to find a smithy and try to earn himself an apprenticeship. He spent a while looking, asking directions from people, and upon arriving at wrong destinations, asking someone else for a new place. Just when Kenji was beginning to believe that there were no smiths in the town, he spotted a low, squat building with smoke rising from the top. A grin spread across his face as he recognized the structure.

He walked into the building and struck up a conversation with he smith, the large man agreed to house Kenji for work, starting the following morning. Once the transaction was complete, he asked the man if there was any place near the outskirts of the city where he could exercise in peace.

"Well, there's a place a little ways outside of the city, it's a meadow just beyond the walls, it's a nice place and usually unoccupied" Kenji thanked the man and left his satchel with him, as well as un-clipping his sword belt. He did, however, leave his dagger tucked into his boot, just as a precaution.

He Retraced his steps out of the city, careful to remember the way, as well as the Smith's instructions. He came upon the field from above, as it was on the side of the mountain, he spotted two people in the meadow already and tried to conceal himself, but the mouse was excited after the trip through the city and decided to choose that moment to leap from Kenji to the ground and go scurrying across the meadow towards the two people.

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