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A Royal Guard who has been given a second chance to reclaim what was wrongfully taken.

a character in “The Knights”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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Name: Artemis Maximus
Knight type: Silver (Royal Guard)
Academy: Knight Academy of the Avana-Nvaro Island, Capima.
Specialty: Defensive and Non-Fatal Combat
Sub-Specialty: Diplomatic, Tactical, and Medical
Age: 28

A six foot tall man with serious eyes that have a subtle undertone of caring, his face is an average one but his eyes make him stand out. He has the usual soldier build and is strong but quick, making him weaker than some of the heavier troopers and slower than the scouts.
This is his armor:
I know its blue but I couldn’t find it in silver or another silver armor I liked. I’ll post his face if I can find it.


He is much like any other guard, caring while seemingly cold and callous. He tries to be a gentle soul while not dropping his persona of a power so as to invite foolish attacks. He is in love with the princess he guarded and though he won’t admit it, he chose to take the dangerous path of a front line knight when offered by the king so as to regain his family’s rank and be eligible to seek her hand. In truth, he wonders if the King is aware of this fact and agreed to such in hopes of that, not that he can fathom the plans of such a person even with his training.


He has a few pieces of equipment of various types-
His ranged weapons are two small sub-machine guns that fire accurate 3 round bursts or single shot armor piercing rounds
Picture of these:
His close range weapon is a simple but strong diamond edged blade that is his family’s sword. The blade is sheathed by folding back to make itself smaller, then is placed at the small of his back horizontally until drawn. The blade is razor shape and when needed can coat the edge in a thin layer of plasma for around 5 minutes until it needs and hour to recharge. The plasma lets the blade slice through metal that is otherwise blast proof.
Picture of this:
For close range with guns: he has two pistols which are mounted on his ankle and waist (left and right respectively) which fire large caliber anti personnel rounds.
Picture of these:
Royal Guards are masters of defense and their armor reflects this in its special properties, such as higher density plates making it stronger to absorb more damage. The forearms hold the latest in shielding technology in the form of two plasma kite shields that can be activated to deflect ranged attacks or block energy blade. Unfortunately, it is near useless against sustained physical attacks such as swords and such
Picture time!:
The other two items of the armor are the jump jets which allow the guards to move to the aid of a comrade quickly or dive from heights to rescue someone without a parachute. These cannot be used for sustained flight! And four strange stakes that when deployed each produce a 6 foot tall 3 foot wide and convex shield of energy which can be used as mobile cover for allies. Due to the shield sin the forearms of the armor running on the same frequency the guard cannot use these for themselves as the two shields would cancels each other out if used too close together and short out. Other items include various knifes and an extendable pole that is used like a bow staff, basic hanger weaponry.
Pictures of such:


Basic information and background: Artemis was once a Noblemen's son, but once a scandal cost his father and family their titles he was sent to the Knight Academy where he showed himself to be a master of the sword and halberd while excelling at hand to hand combat. Due to his former rank he was recruited for special training and eventually was drafted to a place of high honour, A Royal Guard.

By his late twenties he was chosen by a lesser princess as her body-guard or Archon (a Royal’s Personal Guard) who he had actually become very close to.

However, before he had garnered enough rank to even attempt to be romantically inclined with her the king decided she should marry and the suitors swarmed. A few weeks later he killed a high ranking noble's son who had pressed himself upon the princess and for this he was both praised and punished. While the royals praised him for protecting her, they could not condone him killing a high noble without some political strife and so they had him "executed." In truth, he was demoted to a lower rank of knight elite and given told he was never to remove his helmet before anyone who may know him or know of him.

He was allowed to keep his silver armour and family sword, a sigh of nobility and of Royal Guard, but must wear a black cape while on the battlefield to indicate his low rank.

The king was not without his generosity toward the man who had saved his daughter and so he promised to restore his families land and rank if Artemis survived a tour of duty on the battlefield. This would let him once more remove his helmet, and court the woman he guarded and fell in love with. Until then this keeps him going and makes him eager to prove himself.

To do this he was given orders to escort one Knight Commander Roka around the capital and to the court. He currently is awaiting their arrival at the court entrance where he will then work with them to regain his honour.

So begins...

Artemis Maximus's Story