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Matt Ambersbane

"Ash.... I can't stand it here.... They know I have the power enough to escape now....so they keep trying to kill me....."

73 views · last seen in Place Unknown
a character in “The Lab”, as played by Auricambrflaym


Age- 16(approx)
Mutantion and/or mind gift-Fire/Shadow (not very well controled)
Descripton-Dark almost black hair, kinda shaggy, deepset amber eyes, round 5'10" dark tan skin


Matt's a ruthless fighter; however, he despises the Lab and many of its occupants. He's more likely to "disappear" when Game time comes around. All he truly wants to do is get away from the lab, and paint. His cell/room is covered in scenes from dreams and days before the lab. If one could befriend him, it would be through a love of painting, fighting, or silence.


Knife set
Paintbrushes (home made)


Taken from his family at the age of five. Mother's a light-type elemental, and deceased. His father he refuses to talk about.....

He rescued a small fire/wind elemental when he was around 12, a black haired girl named Ash. It was reported that she was killed by Matt during one of the Games, where she dissapated into a cloud of her namesake. Neither the ashes nor a body were found, so no one can be sure. Matt still speaks aloud as if to her when he's alone.

So begins...

Matt Ambersbane's Story