The Last of His Kind

The Last of His Kind


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Could you imagine being the last of your kind? Having no one left that knows where you are from or how you work, where you are supposed to be. The universe is vast and there are many places, many things, many species, there are many things you can occupy yourself with. When you are immortal those things will bring you comfort for a time, but time is a mysterious thing and as it passes it will bring you little comfort. As your grow older the weight of never dying will slowly rip you apart, you will watch person after person die while you are never aging, never moving, forever frozen in time. A very lonely existence to say the least.

Time travel can act like a drug, you can run away from everything and in a way that will bring you a peace you couldn't find but at some point it will bring you an anxiety you will never understand a fear of the unknown, of what you are missing. Like any drug time travel has its side affects, has its pros and its cons, and you can grow addicted to that life style.

That's all they were doing, she was running from her life which seemed to be more of a disaster than a life riddled with pain, and loss, and things that she couldn't even understand but still caused her a unimaginable amount of suffering, wise beyond her years she often saw the world for what it was and tried to fix those she could but instead managed to get herself hurt even more, and he. Well he was running away from what he had always been running away from, the loss of his civilization, unable to turn and face the pain of the loss, solving other worlds problems because he wasn't able to save his own from the demise they met, he was running away from the pain of immortality, and the pain of losing friend of friend because of the curse people have somehow managed to label as a gift, and they ran right into each other.

You may not believe in fate or destiny, but I have no other way of explaining how their paths crossed and of course it was a tragedy that brought them together. So, let me tell you how it happened.

It was year 2020 of earths life cycle, a plague broke out that was unlike any other taking life after life and leaving nothing but pain and destruction in its wake, no matter how hard anyone tried there just seemed to be no cure every time they came close the disease would mutate causing them to have to start from scratch, all new studies, all new trials it was a never ending loop, and it was unknown how the people grew ill.

Some of the victims claimed seeing figured in their room the night before they grew ill however that was just labeled as hallucinations which quickly became a symptom of this plague. It wasn't just a symptom though, and this plague wasn't just claiming whoever it wanted, it was claiming whoever they wanted.

An Alien species was using the human brain to better their own race, humans are known for their raw emotion and for the most part emphatic and forgiving ways, the people who were dying were those well known, the smartest, the bravest, the kindest, the most resilient. With the humans dead it was easy enough to harvest this information and use it for themselves which was the main purpose of this plague. However, it would eventually end with the extinction of the human race as they would no longer be needed.

Of course it wasn't long after her mother grew ill that a mysterious man appeared who was clearly older than he looked, claiming he could help, he could help her mother and everyone else. She didn't know what made her follow him, at least she never told anyone what made her follow him, but at one time she said that something in his eyes reminded her of herself. He had old eyes she said, and his old eyes made her old soul follow him.

This tragedy is what brought them together, you may call it whatever you would like, but it was not just a coincidence that a man who was around two thousands years old, who vowed to never love anything, grew to love a human, the most fragile species in the universe. And this is just one of their stories.

β—† Name:____________ β—‡ Age: Unknown (Around 2000yrs) β—† Gender: Male β—‡ Species: Timelord β—† FC: Daniel Gillies β—‡ TAKEN β—†
"When you began all those years ago sailing off to see the universe, did you ever think you'd become this? Time Traveler, the word for healer, and wise man, throughout the universe. They get that word from you, you know. You carry on the way you are, what might that word come to mean?"

β—† Name: Mercy Grey β—‡ Age: Twenty-one β—† Gender: Female β—‡ Species: Human β—† FC: Daniel Gillies β—‡ TAKEN β—†
"You will not always be strong, but you can always be brave."

(Note: Timelord species from Doctor who and is the only thing used from Doctor who in the RP)

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Character Portrait: Mercy Grey


Character Portrait: Mercy Grey
Mercy Grey

"Showing me your darkside doesn't frighten me, you hiding it does."


Character Portrait: Mercy Grey
Mercy Grey

"Showing me your darkside doesn't frighten me, you hiding it does."

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Character Portrait: Mercy Grey
Mercy Grey

"Showing me your darkside doesn't frighten me, you hiding it does."

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