30th Century EarthAaron Blake

"Look! It changes as it burns!"

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Aaron Blake


Physical Description:
Nickname: Aaron ‘BBQ’ Blake
Gender: Male.
Age: 28
Physical Appearance: Aaron is a bear of a man. Tall and muscular, a result of intensive training, Aaron weighs 180 pounds and is 5’11”. He has strong arms and legs, being able to lift a considerable amount of weight. Rumors say he’s been involved in a project to create some sort of supersolider to compete in the tournament, and although he has an unusual experience for someone so young, these rumors have no evidence… Aaron is Caucasian, and his skin tone resembles that of someone native of the Middle East, or maybe it’s just the tan Aaron has for being constantly close to fire. He has dark hair and an unkempt, carelessly shaved beard. His eyes are dark brown, with a sparkle of evil in them.
Warfare School and Class: Ranged school, close ranged combat.
Team and Role: Black Wolves. Ranged Combat. Close Range
Experienced with explosives of any kind, from land mines to hand grenades. Very strong physically and very skilled with the flamethrower.


Aaron Blake isn’t what you would call a good guy. He’s cruel and sadist, seldom capable of feeling empathy of any kind, seeing no problem in killing during a match (although sometimes his supervisors punish him for it). But the most obvious trace of Blake’s personality is fire. He loves it. He worships it. Some people would even dare call him ‘pyromaniac’ if they weren’t too scared of him. He treats his flamethrower (which he has named ‘Betty’), like a daughter… Or perhaps a long gone lover. Who knows if that insane mind is able to feel love.


As said before, Aaron carries with him his best friend and the only thing he trusts: Betty, his flamethrower. It is a standard propane-fueled flamethrower, with enough gas to fire for two uninterrupted hours. The two propane capsules tied up to Blake’s back are heavy, which makes him very slow in combat. Betty produces a stream of fire that has a 300 feet range. In most cases, the propane Aaron uses as fuel is specially modified to produce flames with lower-temperature, in order not to kill his target. But, in some ocassions, Aaron 'forgets' to use the modified fuel... And the results are deadly.
Aside from Betty, Aaron has a variety of explosives which he uses when he’s not burning people to death. He has Molotov cocktails, hand grenades and some pulse grenades, high-tech explosives capable of doing an insane amount of damage.
He wears a customized suit that protects him from extreme heat, but is not very resilient against gun fire. The purpose of the suit is mainly to protect Aaron from his own fire and to scare his enemies.


Most of Aaron’s past remains a mystery. He doesn’t share with anyone but Betty, and Betty is not talkative enough to tell folks what she knows. It is common knowledge (or maybe is just a well-spread rumor?) that Aaron belonged to another dome before Aequitas, although no one can remember him from previous tournaments. He is involved with some biological research, a euphemism for human testing. When confronted, Aaron only punches the person who asked and hopes no one else will ask again.

So begins...

Aaron Blake's Story