30th Century EarthAmeriv Argus Cortez

I'm used to being left alone. So leave me and I will take care of myself.

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Physical Description

Nickname: Amy, Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Physical Appearance:
Ameriv's family did not escape the Great Fallout unscathed. Nuclear weapon testing near their hometown in northeast Kazakhstan had seeped into the atmosphere and low level radiation had its way with the inhabitants. When his ancestors were gathered by a Dome they already exhibited signs of mutation in their genetics. Down the line the genetic curse is still visible, although dampened. Ameriv's flesh is pale and tight against his fine, fragile bone structure. Attractive light brown eyes glint knowingly in his sharp featured face. His raven black hair is tied in a clean ponytail that reaches to his shoulders. Although it takes large amounts of effort to overcome his radiation induced weakness Rayne is moderately muscled. His light 6'1" frame lends itself to natural speed, agility and grace. He maintains a unmarred youthful sheen that makes him appear slightly younger then his 20 years. Perhaps it was a side effect of his unfortunate heritage or merely chance but Ameriv has a tinting of psychic gifting, enough to warrant a implant.


Character and Traits

For Amevir life beyond and within battle holds little difference. On the battlefield his focus through his scope is unerring and this crosses over into his day to day lifestyle. His consistent training is pretty much fanatic and other tasks that he sets his mind too are completed with dedication. He extrudes self confidence and knows his boundaries from which he will not deviate. He has a minimum and also a maximum expectation fro himself and maintains his skill levels between those two limits. As such he learns and develops little, meaning that he does not push into his full capability.

Being so dedicated and unyielding has its pros and cons. He is very capable at what he does despite his restriction of himself. Also he never fails to provide results and is a sure as stone and intelligent due to forced learning. However his reliability is questionable, Amevir is a lone wolf both on and off the field. Quite often he will pursue his own goals at the expense of others. He does not form relationships, being too wrapped up in his own tasks to concern himself with others.

Warfare School and Class: School of Ranged Combat - Long Range Specialist
Team and Role: Black Wolves - Sniper and Spotter

  • Ameriv has an aptitude for climbing and pathfinding through rough terrain. He can find and reach obscure sniper roosts.
  • With his minor telekinetic abilities Ameriv can detect the minds of those around him and can transmit small messages to non-enhanced compatriots with great effort.
  • Ameriv is a sharpshooter with a keen eye. Alert and able to pick out small movements naturally or through a scope. He isn't the most skilled of snipers but his ability is undeniable.



A60 .41 Caliber Precision Rifle:
The A60 is a high-powered semiautomatic dedicated precision rifle. The weapon uses a collaboration of gas propulsion and linear accelerators to achieve a muzzle velocity of roughly 2,100 m/s. Modular customization is available for both .41 and .50 models. Clip size is 10 rounds and a range of round types are available.

Ameriv's personal A60 boasts a Farhawk adjustable scope with thermal imaging and active infrared modes, a suppressor and IR laser pointer. Because of the non-lethal rule of the League of Origins Ameriv uses AP stun and shock rounds. Occasionally he opts for tranquilizer rounds, although they have low armor piercing capability.

9mm K8/Y3 Handgun
Close to medium range engagement sidearm. Magazine capacity of 24 9mm rounds. accurate Semi and full automatic settings. Laser point attachment. Standard non-lethal impact ammunition.

"Hunter" Adaptive Light Armor:
The Hunter AL Armor is designed to provide equal parts protection and flexibility. The synthetic fabric is a weave of Kevlar, carbon filament fibers and dispersion threads. The suit is body tight and highly elastic, allowing great distortion with little effort input. Cross weaving of carbon filaments prevents ripping in the rare case of the fabric catching. The drag coefficient of the fabric is low while higher then normal on gloves and base of the boots allowing greater grip.
Light armor plating across chest, forearms, thighs, shins shoulders and upper back.



Ameriv was not born in the Dome city of Aequitas, instead he was the only child of a single mother in a harvest town called Granite Point. He spend the earlier eight years of his life in the turbulent, rough life of the mining community. Toughed considerably he had grown a disliking for all the laborious tasks that sustained the community. Instead he was drawn to the glorified images of warriors, both in flesh as those who defended Granite Point and the near mythological status of the Dome armies. His chance to escape from this life was granted when Aequitas passed by and stopped briefly to trade with Granite Point. During the break Tanya grew enamored with one of the Dome citizens while Ameriv was likewise captured by the a few warrior figures on Aequitas.

When the small dome city moved on it had gained another two passengers. The new world was almost wondrous to the young Ameriv before he discovered that society still placed expectations upon him. He was uneducated compared to the others of his age aboard and to be uneducated was to be unwanted. Desperate to insure he was capable of joining the ranks of the warriors which he so idolized he worked hard to raise himself to the general level of education. Unfortunately this behavior became more and more predominant as he aged until it became a definite feature of his life. At the exclusion of other things he constantly involved himself with the warriors. Watching their training, League battles and even the odd conflict with spawn incursions from the roof of his house. The competitors and soldiers were aware of his great interest and taught him a little of their trade.

His mother, stepfather and half sister were not the strongest forces in his life although they form the only proper relationships to the current day. During his years at Granite Point his mother was busy at work and so her input into his life was minimal. When the pair of them were taken in by Jules she was freed from her tasks and able to spend time with Ameriv. Yet with the birth of Amira her resources were once again diverted and already Ameriv's earlier years have left an impression. He kept to himself most of the time and both his parents recognised this and allowed it to pass, unaware of the isolation habits he would later develop.

Upon leaving his higher education he immediately applied to join Aequitas's defense forces and the league teams. The initial request was accepted while the later was denied upon the basis that he has not had adequate experience and training. The response was no set back to Ameriv and he approached his tasks with his now natural determination. He naturally gravitated towards long range combat and was schooled further in that area while serving. Because Aequitas's small size could allow afford the defense forces to deny Ameriv access after his slightly insubordinate and individualistic nature was discovered. Also his obvious ability and dedication allowed him a little leeway. It was during this time that his latent psychic ability was cultivated. Finally, after several years of training and half his life dedicated he was accepted into a League of Origins combat team.

So begins...

Ameriv Argus Cortez's Story