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I'll rest when I'm dead. I expect no less from you all!

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Alexander Patrick Lock


Physical Description:
Nickname: Those under his command call him Lock or Sir.
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Physical Appearance: Standing 6’ 2” and weighing 223 pounds, Lock is by no means a lightweight. His body seems almost primal with muscles all arranged in just the right place to make him look like a beast of combat. Although he does have a bit of a gut, Lock is still fully capable of running long distance (although his armour does slow him). He has rich brown hair that is untamed, much like his beard. His skin is tanned due to many years in the sun. His right eye is a deep brown while his left is a sickly milk white due to injury. In fact Lock has many “trophies of battle” in the form of scares. All this gives Lock a very barbaric quality about him.
Warfare School and Class: Melee - Defensive
Team and Role: Lock is the stern leader of the Red Lancers. In addition he is a very capable melee combater able to defend from most attackers. Despite his all out rage when attacking Lock’s favoured tactics are the usage of traps and psychological warfare.
Abilities: Lock has been around the block more than a few times so he knows most tricks in warfare. However the thing that has allowed him to survive so long is the fact that Lock is extremely stubborn and dislikes giving into pain or the will of others. As such his courage is so great that in fact Lock is fearless.

Lock is far from a saint. In fact the things that he has done rank him pretty high in the sinner ranks. That said he looks after his own and every since Lock found a home in Dome M3 he has began to do right and to find people worth fighting for.

As a leader Lock is often silent and if there is a flaw in his leadership style its that he tends not to “raise morale”. That said, in the heat of battle he has a cool head and in combat Lock is truly terrifying to face.

Lock’s pride and joy is his hammer he calls “Juggernaut”. It is a large adamant hammer that is much more like an oversized mace. The hammer head pulses an electric burst upon hitting a target (that needs to be recharged after 5 strikes). This coupled with the sheer weight of it means that even a glancing hit is a sure fire way to down a person.

In addition Lock uses large adamant tower shield that is tarnished dark black. It has many dents, but is thick enough to deal with most firearms and melee weapons. That said Lock doesn’t just use it for defence, he also uses it to perform quick rams that take his enemy by surprise.

Lock wears adamant full plate armour. Needless to say he is a hard man to down. However this comes at the price of speed and Lock often stays behind allowing his quicker, stealthier teams mates do the scouting before he steps a foot near a combat zone.

Lastly Lock also carries various traps including snares, trip wire and stun mines. He also carries tear gas grenades and gasmask. Lock only employs these equip when he has time to prepare the battle field.

Lock was born into a group of raiders that had used a bunker as there base. They used Lock as a child to sneak into places. He spent his entire childhood being kicked around by his so called “family” and being shunned by everyone else. It was only at the age of 12 that he actually found out he was kidnapped by the raiders after his parents were killed by them. For many years after that he planned revenge against them.

At the age of 15 he finally killed every last one of them (mainly through poison). After that Lock wandered the wasteland looking for who he was. He didn’t even have a name at this time. Surviving in such a way for many years had left him social awkward and at time monstrous. Knowing nothing of right or wrong he simply went around robbing, murdering and destroying things.

However one day, when he was 18, he passed out due to exhaustion. When he came round an old man and his granddaughter had nursed him back to health. They brought him to there harvest city. He spent many years living there and realised much about the true nature of the human spirit. Lock soon became part of the community and even got to see the wonder that is a dome.

However the harvest city was attacked by the spawn. Lock was the first to fight and due to his childhood experience he did not fall. However the rest of his friends did and he was forced to flee as he was overwhelmed. Lock returned many times to them ruins to wait for the Dome. However it never came.

After wandering the lands for another 4 years, at the age of 29 he was caught in a conflict between two warring fractions. Confused at why they weren’t finishing off the defeated, he approached the winning side. That is when he learn about “The League of Origins”. The concept seemed odd, but after experiencing the wasteland first hand he was willing to try a different way to solve disputes. Soon he found himself working for a Dome with much influence and military power. However, he soon found out that they were also corrupt and cheating at the tournament. Not wanting to outright betray his friends he simply left one day with his equipment in hand.

At the age of 25 Lock stopped off at a dome named Aequitas. After staying their for a few months he realised how much they needed soldiers and proper training so he stayed their in hopes of protecting them against the spawn. Lock soon became well known as an expert at dealing with the spawn and various other dangerous situations. Although he never took direct command in any large scale conflicts, Lock was one of the trainers of the army. In addition he would often be involved in delicate small scale conflicts where he lead a small team of elite soldiers.

However at the age of 40 his men were sadly killed in a particularly bad spawn attack. After this he focused much more on training soldiers. When the teams were being form he was a natural choice since this was exactly the combat he was used to. Thus Lock was given command of the Red Lancers. A role he takes very seriously.

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Commander Lock's Story