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Primary Information
Surname: Zethera
First name: Phyllis

School / Class:
School of Melee / Offensive Warrior

Team / Role:
‘Black Wolves’ / Executive Officer
Zethera is the executive officer of the ‘Black Wolves’ team. She therefore handles the orders passed down by her commanding officer, essentially relaying tactics while in battle.

Physical Information

20 years old (Born July 5th 2961)

Height / Weight:

1.75 meters / 65 kilograms

Biological Enhancements:

Signs of Mutation:

Red Eyes, Mother may have died due to radiation

Phyllis was born in the city Scientia of the A1 dome on July 5th, 2961, to Karen and Michael Zethera. Her mother died shortly after the birth due to unknown complications. As city scientists tried to determine the cause of her death, mentioning nuclear influence as a possibility, Phyllis was left in the care of her father, a guard in the Scientia defense.

Although happy that his daughter was unharmed, Michael took his wife’s death as a severe blow, forcing him into solitude while an emotional chaos raged inside him. Phyllis was soon the only stable part of his life, and while he believed that the best life for Phyllis was in the military sector rather than in the economical or science sectors, he soon lost his job as a guard. With no money and no job to keep him a home in the family barracks, the small family was forced to move to another city to find work. The departure for Aequitas of the M3 dome took place on Phyllis’ third birthday.

While the first months were turbulent as the duo found themselves strangers in the new city, two years quickly passed without much notice. Phyllis and her father did not feel connected with Aequitas until a prominent Scientia family, the Hearts, moved into Aequitas. Phyllis soon befriended the daughter of the Heart family, Eve Heart, although Phyllis was more of a tomboyish military brat than a friend fit for the daughter of now one of Aequitas’ most rich families.

However, the serenity was not meant to last forever. Michael fought to keep his family fed, having to take on other jobs than being a guard. As the prospects of working at a harvest town were better than working in the dome, Michael soon decided to leave the city. Knowing that he might be away for several years, he pleaded the Heart family into taking care of his daughter. Soon after an agreement was made, Michael left for the harvest town ‘Sol’, a small uranium mine.

The news did not come unexpected: Aequitas had lost their harvest town ‘Sol’, the last they had. Phyllis now found herself alone at the age of 10, her father still alive but somewhere out in the world. As Phyllis sought isolation from society, her friend Eve kept her going. While she often longed for the company of her father, she would hone his teaching by practicing martial arts. By the age of 14, she was mature enough to enroll in Aequitas’ military school, choosing to specialize in melee combat. With her father’s two swords as her only possessions, she began taking basic fighting courses and well as leadership courses.

Three years of school quickly passed by, and Phyllis soon found herself graduating as a front line warrior, her age of 17 leaving her one of the youngest on her team. She found employment in the defense forces of Aequitas, fighting to keep the city safe of the spawn and training her weapon skills. As three years more passed by, Phyllis began to isolate herself, her mind finally reacting to the fact that she was alone with no education to steal her thoughts. While she had been under the care of the Heart family, she had never felt at home amongst them. Her home soon became the barracks in which she lived, waiting for the day Aequitas’ journey would lead them back to harvest town ‘Sol’, where her father started his path into the unknown.

Physical Evaluation
Visual Identity:
The attached image shows Zethera practicing handgun accuracy as a part of her Assault Course. At 1.75 meters tall, Zethera often stands out from the crowd of melee soldiers, her gender making her one of the shortest. Equipped with her armor, her total height reaches 1.85 meters from foot to helmet top, while he weight reaches 78 kilograms. Martial arts and combat training have left Zethera with an athletic build that allows her to use her twin swords with precision and power.

Zethera’s hair color is brown, while her eyes are naturally red. It is believed by doctors and scientists that this discoloring of her irises has been caused by a radioactivity-induced mutation of her chromosomes. Some doctors even believe her eye color to be related with the cause of her mother’s death, but the investigation has only been faint.
Zethera and her family’s origins can be traced back to the United States of America and from there to the European mainland. Her skin tone is white, although her high exposure to sun has left her somewhat tanned.

Physical Performance:
Zethera has, during her training period in military school, shown naturally good reflexes as well as good mobility and sprinting speed. While her strength and battle stamina could use improvement, her precision with swords allows her to take on the enemy with great confidence.

Zethera has received the proper assault training to allow her the role of an offensive soldier, making her possible as part of a charging spearhead. Unless she is put into an army role where her movements would be restricted (e.g. a defense column), she will be able to stand her ground with her unusual weapon choice.

Zethera has shown herself unable to carry any armor heavier than the standard female medium armor (her issued one weighing approx. 10 kilograms), and it is therefore doubted whether or not she will be able to respond to any medical issues regarding her team mates.

Zethera wields two near-identical carbon-reinforced titanium swords in combat. Given to her by her father, the red sword carried in her right hand symbolizes war and the hardships of humanity, while the blue sword carried in her left hand symbolizes peace and justice. The swords are stored in scabbards worn on the back of her armor. The following image shows a recent picture of the right hand sword lacking its red color:

Zethera's Sword

With a blade length of approx. 1 meter, the titanium blade weighs 1.5 kilograms, giving Phyllis enough force of impact while still allowing a quite nimble fighting style. Both swords including scabbards add a total weight of 3.2 kilograms to her combat weight.

While the swords are quite plain visually, drawing on the standard design of a medieval Europe sword, they have been forged by hand, ensuring the strength and quality of blade and hilt. Unlike mass produced weapons, the swords will not be bent out of shape by simple use: A source of heat is needed to deform them.

As a secondary weapon, Phyllis carries a small military knife. While kept on her in combat, the purpose of the dagger is to fulfill the role of an all-purpose tool rather than being used as a weapon.

Zethera's Knife

Zethera carries the standard medium armor of the Aequitas Combat Teams due to her financial state as well as physical capabilities. While a heavy, plated armor would have been suited better for offensive melee charges, Zethera would have to give up most of her mobility as well as attack power to bear it.

Standard Medium Armor

Underneath the armor’s parts she carries a black standard issue jump suit designed to keep the body ventilated and keep the armor away from her flesh. While it is not required to wear jump suits under one’s armor, Phyllis prefers this as the metal of her armor is quite unpleasant to touch, let alone wear for several hours.

Unlike the standard armor however, Zethera’s armor has red markings along the shoulders and chest to identify herself as an officer. She also carries a small, white, sleeveless tabard with her team’s logo, the black wolf.

Mental Evaluation
Zethera easily fits the term “lone wolf”, as her history also would suggest. The feeling of abandonment has left her introvert, her actions meant to isolate herself from others instead of socializing with them. The cause of this form of mental protection might origin in her early childhood experiences rather than the loss of connection with her father.

Zethera is rarely seen in crowded areas, which is concerning as her choice of life style requires interaction with other humans in order to succeed. Contrary to her “civil” state however, Zethera has throughout her short military career shown herself as a mentally stabile soldier and officer, her actions towards fellow soldiers both on and off the battlefield creating mutual respect from those underneath her. Although she would not be deemed fit for the role of a commanding officer or a higher rank at the time of this examination, as her sparse interaction with her soldiers outside the battlefield leaves her quite alienated, she has attracted enough attention to be promoted to executive officer.

Zethera’s relationship with the Heart family seems split: The fact that she has always been a stranger in the family taking care of her is quite easily observed, but her friendship with Eve Heart has helped her keep in contract with the world around her, securing her current position in the city.

#Grapes and Strawberries

So begins...

Phyllis Zethera's Story

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A small spike of pain shot through Phyllis’ shoulder as the force of a punch was transferred directly into her armor-clad shoulder, the shock-absorbing suit apparently not working properly after the last battle. “I’ll have to have it replaced again”, she mumbled as she groggily returned to a state of awareness. “… I pretend I care and you stay out of my way the rest of the time. Got it? Good. Now when does our Commanding Officer arrives?” The voice slowly faded in, and Phyllis’ eyes quickly adjusted to the light of the hallway before the feeling of embarrassment hit her: She had been sleeping in front of those she would sooner or later be leading into battle.

Cursing her actions under her breath, she was about to turn to the offensive soldier, her mind already planning a very formal yet aggressive response, when suddenly Eve Heart of all people was to be found in the hallway saving Phyllis the trouble of responding. “Oh the irony”, Phyllis thought. While she did like Eve Heart for helping her through the tough times, Phyllis did not want to be indebted to Eve, much less defended by her. Phyllis wanted to be responsible for her own actions.

Anyway, I'm also here to see the General Verturum, like everyone else. So I don’t want any problems, at least not for now.” The words of the soldier next to her, Blake she recalled, forced her to return to reality once again. Standing up, she faced Blake again, her face returning to that of an emotionless officer, although her prepared speech in her head was completely ruined. The only words leaving her mouth was the essence of what she had wanted to say: “I’m Officer Zethera.” Her voice was almost trembling as the words came out, her brain cursing itself for its stupidity.

A quick glance around the perimeter informed her that ten soldiers, herself included, had gathered here. Besides Eve she was not familiar with any of them. No wonder, since Phyllis tended to keep herself in the ranks of the charging melee soldiers, medics and ranged soldiers not peaking her interest at all. It seemed to Phyllis as if the Red Lancer CO had made his entrance and gathered his team around him while she had been occupied with Blake. That would mean that the three leftover soldiers, Blake included, were her new team mates.

Phyllis began to walk towards Eve, her eyes and facial expression saying ‘Thank You’. Just as she passed by Eve, however, the door by the guards opened and out came a tall, grey haired man with a cold expression on his face. His age was clearly shown in his face, the amounts of battles he had partaken in marked by the scars running across his cheeks and forehead. Phyllis quickly snapped both heels together and saluted Commander Verturum, her eyes awaiting an order from him.

Stand down, soldiers. We will commence the briefing now”, he said. Phyllis could not help but notice the lack of excitement in his voice. Surely the savior teams gathered to enable Aequitas a conquest in the League should be a bit more interesting than organizing the grunt training? Her thoughts, however, quickly ended up dwelling at the events of the night. The loss of yet another soldier out of an army size of 90-something soldiers was quite a burden to bear. As Verturum motioned them to join him in the briefing room, she quickly moved along. With her helmet under her left arm she entered the briefing room, the only room of its kind in the whole barracks. Maps over the desolated Earth were projected onto the white walls, while a holographic map in the middle showed the current position of Aequitas in a much more detailed view. Phyllis quickly found herself a spot at the right side of the room, trying to create eye contact with those of her fellow team members who were entering through the door, hoping that the soldiers would separate themselves into teams.

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Aequitas! We finally have an army suitable for participating in the League, and while we have fought in the League several times before this day, we haven’t emerged victorious yet.” Phyllis could not help but notice the change in the room atmosphere as Verturum began to brief them, his voice captivating both officers and soldiers alike. “Following the League rules, Aequitas cannot be attacked as we do not control any harvest towns. However, the city of Aequitas craves, no demands, new farmland in order to expand. With our current crop production here in the dome we will not be able to feed the next generation. Therefore, the M3 dome is as we speak heading towards the city of Triticum of the K2 dome, our first opponent.

Phyllis exhaled after holding her breath throughout Verturum’s speech. She looked closely at Verturum, his face beginning to show the early signs of a smile. Her eyes then glanced at the holographic map on the table, the view of Aequitas suddenly showing the K2 dome in the distance. The excitement was unbearable! Phyllis tried to gain eye contact with Eve for a short moment, her eyes reflecting the feeling of happiness and yet nervousness that was stirring in her head, before returning her focus to Verturum.

The city of Triticum is not much bigger than us, only boasting a 12-man League team. However, they have managed to hold onto the harvest town of Avena, a small farming community. We, the citizens of Aequitas, will need to gain hold of the harvest town stockpiles if we are to replenish our almost depleted food stockpiles.” Phyllis’ eyes followed Verturum as he finished speaking, his posture not changing very much even though this was fantastic news. Phyllis guessed he had been through so many briefings before that his body did not reflect the content of the information.

The E.T.A. for Aequitas will be approx. 36 hours. We will commence our attack as soon as we can, and as the M3 dome is one of the fastest domes in its class we should have no problem intercepting them. We will be fighting the battle across the two domes, the battle itself being a ‘Capture the Flag’-styled battle. Since we will be going up against 12 soldiers, and since we do not have anything to loose except your lives, I have personally decided upon an all offensive strategy: We will be lowering two bridges between the domes. The Black Wolves will be assaulting on the right flank while the Red Lancers will be on the left flank. Remember: All we need is their flag to win. If we are strong and fast enough, they will not be able to defeat us!

Phyllis did not hear the last words, her mind already picturing herself fighting the enemies across the bridge. She had yet to experience real dome warfare, but with her experience from spawn fights she felt confident. Her right hand tightened into a fist as she remembered the cause she was fighting for: This harvest town would be just another in the path towards reunion with her father. With her mind preoccupied she did not hear Verturum say “Any questions?

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"Remember, we are all relying on you and your teams to score us this needed victory

The words of the general seemed only to encourage Phyllis. She needed no knowledge of the chance of winning, nor of the consequences that would come if she was to fail the task given her. Each battle in the League would be one step closer to finding her father again, and she would be sure to keep that objective prioritized. Phyllis did not share any deep connections with Aequitas. Sure, the dome had originated from somewhat the same area of the Earth as her ancestors had, but for all she cared it was just another mobile city, another piece of a puzzle displaying the human legacy.

Eve’s strict expression drew Phyllis back to the reality. Phyllis’ face became a mixture of emotions: Eve’s expression made her worry, but her feelings were at the same time too confused from the inputs the General had given them. With Phyllis’ brain unable to cope with her feelings, Eve luckily announced her plans to retire to her room and then walked away, Phyllis spotting Blake in sharp pursuit. She decided to once again glance down at the holographic map, her thoughts moving elsewhere. “Triticum, huh?” she thought to herself in an inner monologue. “Being a crops-oriented dome they’re probably not heavy on psychokinetic users. Should be easy to charge their ranks”.

A soft noise towards the room’s exit made Phyllis aware that all of her fellow soldiers had left the room. “Better find a room and get this armor cleaned”, she thought to herself, her eyes slowly closing as a response to the once again growing sleepiness. A yawn came across her face as she moved down the hallway of the main building, her helmet striking against the side of her armor with every step. A slight annoyance with the helmet could be seen across Phyllis’ face, her normal style of fighting not including the use of said protection. Phyllis noticed that the amount of civilian staff visible had decreased over the course of the briefing. “The mess is probably overrun with people”, she noted to herself, her stomach responding with a quiet growl.

The league dormitory’s entrance came closer with every soft clank from her armored boots. As Phyllis walked through the entrance, a copy of the main building’s entrance albeit smaller, she noticed the dormitory assignments on the wall mounted screen. Skimming quickly through the list, she found herself assigned to room two. Not caring about the rest of the soldiers’ assigned rooms, she quickly paced her movement towards the supply room of the dormitory. Walking into the room filled with everything a soldier could want in maintenance supplies, she quickly decided upon a standard cleaning set needed to conduct maintenance on her medium armor.

Entering her assigned dormitory room, Phyllis noticed that she had been assigned to a two-bed room. “Surely they do not expect me to live with others?” she said softly to herself, her words structuring her sentences much easier when alone. Phyllis began to detach her armor from her body, the cleaning kit thrown down upon the white sheets of her chosen bed. As her hands became free of the armored shell, Phyllis noticed a small but noticeable tremor throughout her fingers, the prospects of finally going into real combat making her body flow with adrenaline.

With most of her armor off and cleaned, only the chest piece and legs remaining on her body, the lack of sleep was finally wearing Phyllis down. She quickly undid the two lasts pieces, pushed all the armor to the end of the bed and slipped into the sheets, her shock-absorbing suit still on. “Nobody’s going to care after what I did this night”, she assured herself, the empty void of sleep closing in on her fast.

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Phyllis woke with the dawn, her eyes filled to the brim with tears from her sleep. Her groggy mind was not able to make any sense of her blurry vision as she sat up in her bed. After nearly hitting her head against the top bunk of the bed, Phyllis quickly wiped the salty water away from her eyes, suddenly faced with the mess that she had made last evening: Her right leg was encapsulated by her chest armor, while her left foot had found security inside her helmet. “Just great…” she whispered to herself, a small yawn coming over her face.

Getting up from her bed, she suddenly noticed the excessive amount of equipment spread throughout the room. The thought that somebody was sleeping above her suddenly dawned on her mind, and adrenaline almost spontaneously filled up her veins. Peeking into the upper bed, Phyllis was faced by the face of Aaron Blake. A small gasp escaped her lips as she quickly hid. She quickly gathered up her armor pieces and her weapons and then moved stealthily, as if hiding her presence from Blake, out of the room.

As soon as the ventilated air outside the room hit her, she noticed the smoky odor from her room that had caused her eyes to tear up. “That… idiot… probably burned something off in there”, she said out loud to herself, nobody in plain sight. Hurrying quickly towards the bathroom, she tried to forget everything, her mind needing to prepare itself for the upcoming battle; however, the surprise of the wake up still scared her: How had she missed him entering her room? And why was he even in the same room as her!?

Putting on her armor was done quite easily and fast, and Phyllis even managed to clean some of the missed spots from the previous night’s cleaning. She had found one of her other shock absorbing suits and were now ready to fight, although it was only 5.20 AM. Over 17 hours left until the real purpose of her being here started. Phyllis quickly paced herself for Blake’s and her room, her thoughts returning to Blake and his role in the outcome of this League mess. Reaching the room, she quickly threw her helmet back on the bed as she would not need it anymore: Real warriors needed to see their enemies!

The mess was quite peaceful at this time of the morning, most of the civilian staff not in yet and the guards either still asleep or still on night duty. Phyllis enjoyed her energy diet in silence, although the sound of the kitchen was quite annoying. The energy diet was essentially everything needed for the body, although it had a horrible taste that reminded Phyllis of a mixture between licorice and oatmeal; not exactly the thing Phyllis craved when having just awoken.

The morning was spent on the training field. Phyllis was making sure her armor did not hinder her usual style of movement. With both swords wielded, she stroke against one invisible enemy after another, the blades dancing around in spirals. The Sun was quite warm that day, and the dome above her head did nothing to conceal the terrain from the warmth of the rays. For the sake of mobility as well as required by her low weight threshold, Phyllis’ armor did not have any ventilation; this ultimately forced her to end the training session around noon.

Pacing herself towards the mess in order to eat, Phyllis suddenly locked eyes with Aaron Blake. Her mind, which had been quite rested after the training session, was now once again filled with resentment. Phyllis continued her path, trying to ignore Blake’s presence, but out of the corner of her eyes she could see him moving towards her.

Did you sleep well, sweetheart? I hope the smell didn’t bother you…

Blake’s word did nothing but fuel Phyllis’ anger, but she had to show constraint if she did not want to lose her position. Having turned her heard towards Blake, Phyllis kept staring at him until her brain had come up with a comeback to his insolence. “You don’t smell that bad, really” she finally uttered after a small, awkward pause. “I really need to calm down”, she thought to herself, her hands clenched together into fists, but her face losing some of its angry expression. As Blake began speaking again, probably to say another offensive line, Phyllis turned towards the mess and walked away, the handles of her sword reflecting the Sun.

The afternoon passed by without any noticeable events occurring. Phyllis spent most of her time in the city, the defense force being treated quite well by the citizens. After all, she had just helped defend their lives. Around 9 PM she decided to head back to the briefing room, the team needing their final orders from the team leaders and the General. Phyllis had made sure her armor as well as her body were ready for combat: The dinner had been the same as both her breakfast and her lunch. Standing outside the briefing room, Phyllis felt quite full of energy and fighting spirit: Tonight would be a major turning point for better or for worse… and for all she cared it had better be a victory.