30th Century EarthRirin Crimea

"Commander, there's three of them heading due southeast towards your position, but don't worry too much, they look stupid."

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Ririn Crimea


Primary Information
Name: Ririn Crimea

School / Class: School of Psychokinesis / Scout

Team / Role: ‘Black Wolves’ / Soldier
Ririn, as a scout, aids his team by gathering information about their opponents to better prepare them.

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Age: 21 years old (Birthday March 9th, 2960)

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Very Pale
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 63 kilograms
Biological Enhancements: Extended Ears that improve sound perception
Signs of Mutation: Skin appears transparent in sunlight

Abilities: Ririn has far greater hearing than normal, and his eyes are sharper than most. He is very observant, which makes him a good scout. In order to make the most out of the information scouts gather, they are trained to use their improved mental abilities to communicate with their commanding officers or tacticians. Ririn forms a telepathic bond with a single target through which he can relay information and can receive orders. This bond is temporary, and will weaken and break with time, or can be broken voluntarily.

Even though Ririn isn't trained for direct combat, he has an unusual ability which made some of his trainers question whether he was truly meant to be a scout. Ririn's brain keeps a flesh memory of everyone that he damages. Once someone is marked, he will be able to remember them on sight. By itself, this ability isn't extremely powerful, but when combined with a psychokinetic's ability to increase the natural strength of his mind, it becomes much more useful. When his mental power is activated, Ririn becomes a sensor that can perfectly track anyone who has been marked by him for miles.

As a boy, Ririn was always socially awkward, and tended to steer clear of people. Even around people he was comfortable with, he was soft-spoken. Even though he’s older now, Ririn still distances himself from others, but he occasionally takes part in conversations.

Despite his shy attitude, Ririn has proven that he has a quick wit, and his comments are sharp, if few in number. He has a cynical sense of humor and a blunt way of speaking. He is slow to bond with others, but when he does, he acts like a protective older brother.

Armor: Ririn dresses lightly in the standard issue light armor, but with a few personal touches. He wears no helmet, ever, because he finds helmets claustrophobic. His sleeves and pants legs are cut off at the elbow and knee respectively. To protect his hands and feet, he wears long gloves and boots.

Weapons: Ririn tries his best to avoid direct combat, because he is not very skilled at it. He keeps a few well-honded knives on him at all times, in case of an engagement and for utility.

Ririn’s father always believed that his son was destined for combat. The only time he was fully comfortable around people was during a competition or a battle. No matter how childish the game, he was fiercely determined to win, to the point where the local kids were reluctant to play with him. He thrived on being faster and smarter than others, and always wanted to be ahead of the game. When he entered training for the League of Origins, he was directed into training for the scout position based on his personality. The role allowed him to make use of his speed and perception, and also allowed him to stay out of the thick of combat. He finished his training with honors from all his instructors, and has been graced with the honor of joining the League of Origins alongside the elite of Aequitas.

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