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Aequitas of the M3 Dome

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Aequitas is a part of 30th Century Earth.

Places in Aequitas:

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Aequitas, latin for "equality" and "justice", origins from the American continent where it was built as a collaboration between the states Illinois and Ohio. While only in possession of a small dome, the city has managed to keep alive, taking possession of the harvest points left over by the stronger domes.

The city of Aequitas, built in a futuristic style, is the home of around 2,500 people, from which only 150 serve in the city defense. While the futuristic and "clean" architecture allows the inhabitants a better utilization of the confined space within the dome, it also supports the image of Aequitas as a timeless city. The city is surrounded by a small wall from which the soldiers of the Aequitas can defend the city during the League games.

Dome M3 Environment
The M3 dome sports the environment of a coast line, with a small saltwater lake placed next to the city. The coast line creates a natural defense against invaders, should the dome be attacked from that particular side.
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