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In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Logan was dead tired. He had just finished unpacking his meager belongings when he was told to go see some high and mighty General dude. He looked around the room: He had moved to the Aequitus Dome just only 2 years ago, after graduating when he was 17 and taking a year to yell at his father. He had been hoping for a peaceful life, possibly settling down or maybe even getting a job as a doctor, but his wild side kept him from either of those things. That was how he got interested in their guard squad. He had heard on the grapevine, cause he has his sources, that they were hurting for some good medics just 6 months ago, and he felt almost compelled to join. However, he refused when they asked if he would join their medical team, saying that he needed to find himself first. The pleading didn't stop. It continued until last week, when he finally caved in and joined on the condition that he set his own rules. They were thrilled.

Last night was the first combat action he had seen in a long time. Being a medic, he was doing his best to find, heal, and fix any problems with the Guards that he could. But he never knew the work, nor the deadliness of the radiation that the beasts could inject into their victims. He had pulled an all nighter healing people, and that didn't put him in a good mood - his mood never was anyway. But the only reason he was asked to be some XO in that stupid league teams was when he was on the field, helping a few people. He was soothing their pain, something most of the doctors had never seen before, with his brain. But the scariest part was when he was attacked by 2 of the beasts. 3 of the medics were killed quite quickly, barely moving since they couldn't defend themselves worth crap. The other 5 had gone off running. Logan, on the other hand, had his melee combat training kicking in. He grabbed a fallen spear to his right, spun around, and impaled the beast as it was lunging at him. Apparently the General thought that party trick was impressive, since he was watching and all.

So here he was, dragged out of his little apartment that he had been sinking most of his money into to fix up and into a white room. Logan thought he had been stuck in a crazy hospital. With only a few hours until some important thing, he changed up the room, putting his very thin armor up on the wall, his spear beside it. Posters covered most of the walls, with a single picture of his family on his shelf. He was happy with his new little room, which he also had demanded that he got one by himself. He got a quick shower, hoping that would wake him up a little, since not sleeping for 36 hours kinda does that to ya. While drying his hair, he grabbed his favourite lighter (lighter links for his list of them will edited into my character.) which he called the 'Spider Lighter' and lit up a cigarette. It got him thinking about his nickname, Spider. He had recieved it not that long ago, and took an instant liking to it. He hated his old name, Corpse. Reminded him of home.

Once he had gotten dressed, back into his usual vest and tie, he stumbled his way to the main room, and pushed open the doors, the cigarette still in his mouth. He was tired, and most could tell. But that didn't mean anybody really wanted to approach him. He had learned whom most these people were by now, having lived in the little dome long enough. But he probably looked like a wreck.