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In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Standing in the center of the relatively quiet drill square, Maen Raboc once more held the little slip of paper up to his helmeted head. The slip contained orders to report to General Verturum in the Aequitas Barracks, as well as instructions on how to the building where he was located. After accidentally wandering into the wrong building twice, Maen finally managed to figure out the directions. The place he was looking for was the white building directly to his right. Shoving the paper back into his pocket, Maen picked up 'Gravy' and slung it over his shoulder before heading towards the entranceway.

When he had first received the slip, he thought for sure it was going to be further orders to just wait for further orders, but his spirits rose when it informed him to report in with full gear, and that his belongings would be transfered to the Team dormitory. He had spent most of the previous day out on the dome with friends, spending the majority of his money on what little entertainment the Dome had to offer. His willingness to indulge in personal fantasies while battles were being fought beyond the borders of the Dome had irritated many, but Maen had always been an upbeat individual, and refused to let anything spoil his mood. "They accepted this way of life when they volunteered." he thought to himself.

As he stood before the heavy wooden doors leading into the HQ building, he realized just what it was that he volunteered for.

Pushing the doors open, he was relieved to find no one in his face reminding him to remove his headgear, as was typical with military facilities. "Looks like the League regulations are a bit more lax than the standard rank-and-file." Of this he was glad, one of the main reasons he had been so reluctant to join the Guard was due to everyone having a stick up their rear. He kept his trademark helmet on as he stepped forward into the room, he was approached by a squat old man who appeared to be civilian. "League?" he asked curtly. "So they tell me. I'm supposed to report to General Verturum." The man pointed across the hall to a door flanked by two soldiers. "Thanks." returned Raboc, but the man had already wandered off. Approaching the door with his usual confident demeanor, he turned to one of the soldiers. "Am I late?" he asked. The man looked at him, "The briefing hasn't started yet. Stand by." Maen smiled under his helmet, "Oh joy." he thought as he walked away "Stand by in military terms means shut up and wait for a few hours." Without bothering to look around, Maen quickly found a place to sit in a far off corner and took it. Setting 'Gravy' by his side, he crossed his legs and leaned back in a relaxed position. This could take a while.