The League of Origins

The League of Origins Completed

In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Character Portrait: Eve Heart
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The smell of coffee and the sound of fingers dancing on a laptop keyboard were filling the room Eve had lived in for almost four years now. The room was empty except for the standard furniture that had been moved back into the room, when Eve’s personal belongings were moved to her new room in the league team barracks.

Eve looked at the clock on the laptop screen, it’s about time to leave. She closed the laptop and put on her white trench coat together with her white leather gloves that matched the coat. Both the coat and the gloves had the family crest printed into the leather. The reports of last night’s events has to wait for now. With a tired look on her face she opened the door and left the neutral white room.

While walking on the cobblestone in the streets she couldn’t help but think about last night. Maybe it was because of the crying civilians desperately trying to find their family members, maybe because of the soldiers walking around like brain-dead zombies thinking about the people they never would see again. Eve couldn’t tell nor would she try to, showing your feelings in the middle of the street like that was a sign of weakness. Though deep inside, she couldn’t help but feel remorse by thinking that way. Damn I hate this split personality of mine.

Different from most of the people in the city Eve had actually had a good night of sleep, surely because of the painkillers combined with the sleeping pills. She had to be in top shape every time she was inside the city barracks, if she should be able to achieve what she wanted.

As Eve finally arrived at her destination she could see that most of the team had already gathered there, except for one. A quick observation gave her the feeling of different conflicts occurring, everybody had had a hard time the last night, but letting it out on other soldiers was the wrong move. Eve walked up towards Aaron and Phyllis “Is something wrong?” She said with a somewhat happy voice and a forced smile on her lips. She had already read a bit about the members of the Black Wolves, the man’s name was Aaron Blake, a man that was hard to control, but still a good card to be able to play if necessary. “I would rather want you to talk to me than waking Phyllis right now. She has had a rough night on the field and seems like she is in need of some sleep.” She put out her hand in order to shake his, hopefully he would accept that.