The League of Origins

The League of Origins Completed

In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Maen raised his head as he heard a man address himself as the CO of the Red Lancers. Looking around, he located a small group of people, the individual he had heard being a rather gruff looking fellow. Standing up and slinging 'Gravy' over his shoulder, he walked over towards the group.

Apart from the CO, there was a man who looked to be about as laid back as himself, as well as another who didn't look too pleased about it. The apparent Commanding Officer was talking with a young man at the moment, so Maen decided it best to just wait until they were through. Walking up to them, he put his weight on one foot with his hands resting on his hips. More than a few people had told him that this stance looked rather feminine, but he was comfortable, so he stuck with it.