The League of Origins

The League of Origins Completed

In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Lenard Conner

Lenard rolled his eyes at Logan's sarcastic spiel, but didn't dignify it with a response. He could take crap like that,  and had before. Wasn't no business of his if the guy was a whiny ass. The cannoneer just grinned back and turned away- There were more attractive faces to look at. 

And if he'd inferred from Lock right, this guy was their medic. Lenard prayed that he would never, ever need the guy's help.

As the other members began to introduce himself, he listened with a certain amount of skepticism. They all sounded like they'd been fighting these tournaments forever. 

It wasn't like the surface wasn't dangerous- On the contrary, they were constantly in the same danger that the domes only encountered every so often. But when the Spawn came, they usually hid in the caves and bunkers instead of suicidally trying to push them back. Plenty of people died, either way. 

Lenard had fought before, but he was beginning to realize that these people had been fighting their entire lives. 

They're going to kill me. Kill me and forget me, soon as I stop being useful. Maybe earlier if they learn I'm a Harvester. Same as a Harvest Town. Fight and fight over them, but when the ore runs out... He was certain of this. It took the grin off his face for a second. If Lenard failed here, both were doomed to be forgotten. So he couldn't tell about his home- only the recruiters knew that, right?   

He looked up at the introductions, noting his team members. He gave easier names for his head- Whiny, Gruff, Midget, Stoner. So Whiny was the medic and XO. Gruff was the captain. Midget was a... Melée fighter? Someone, somewhere, must have thought that was funny. Unless he was a mutant. You never knew. Stoner had yet to introduce himself.

Lenard decided to try again, somewhat more subdued by his sudden spike of fear. "Lenard Conner, of..." He bit himself off. Idiot! Domers didn't mention their hometowns when they introduced themselves! That was a Harvester thing! "Mid-range gunner, and grunt. Nice to work with yer." Despite his desire for fame, he found himself hoping that here, at least, he would avoid notice.