The League of Origins

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In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Lan looked to her right as the lazy one presented himself. The way he held himself seemed cocky, arrogant, and fake.

He's hiding something. She thought to herself. She knew all about people hiding things, since she herself hid the biggest secret of them all. What he was hiding though, that was the mystery.

"It's nice too meet you as well...Lenard, it was?" she asked. She contemplated whether she should offer a handshake or not. She only really needed to make an impression on the higher-ups, not fellow grunts with an ego. Maybe she was just being judgmental though. He could really be a nice guy, strong and brave and ready to die protecting his city. But with all the experience she had of sitting quietly and studying people in the background told her otherwise.

Still he was her new teammate, and she really didn't want to start off on the wrong foot with anyone. So she stuck out her slender hand and gave a slight smile.