The League of Origins

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In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Lock paused for a few seconds trying to answer when the training would begin. The truth was Commander Lock was also in the dark about when training would start. After all this wasn’t no normal team of soldiers. The League of Origins was meant to be none deadly skirmishes. As such these inexperienced soldiers had the luxury to learn from their mistakes in the field of combat.

Lock’s hesitation was met with Logan introducing himself to the rest of The Red Lancers. Lock didn’t know if Logan did this to undermine Locks authority, to buy him sometime to give a proper answer or simply because he was tired after the bloody night before. Either way Lock was glad that Logan had since Logan reminded Lock that Logan was indeed trained in basic melee. Lock made note not to view his second in command as a mere medic.

“As do we all after last night. But the sooner we are done with this briefing the sooner we can get some much needed rest. Just hang on a bit longer”. Not wanting to be rude to Lan, Lock turns to him and continues to answer his question. “As for training. The exact time has yet to be decided. However when the team is not in combat or ordered to rest, it is at my digression on when and how often to train. Either way I very much doubt we will see combat before a proper rest due to last night. And I would much prefer everyone to be rested before I train the team as well. As such expect a day to rest up. Use it wisely mind you. For my training sessions shall not be lax” Lock gave a deep but brief chuckle. After which his face turn quite serious.