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In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Welcome to the year 2981! The Earth has become a wasteland, with many areas either completely barren or overgrown, due to a power struggle between the once great countries. At the peak of the struggle, nuclear warfare broke out, and only few humans managed to seek shelter. Billions of lives perished as radiation spread across the globe, and those who survived the taint became sick and mutilated.

Since that fateful and horrible event, 500 years have passed by. Today, the human race has once again risen from the dust! To accommodate the human societies in the event of nuclear war, the domes were built in the late 23rd century. Essentially a moving city encapsulated in a protective force field, the dome was, and is still, the pinnacle of human technology, allowing a city and a small amount of protected landmass to be self-sustaining with food, water and organic materials.

However, beneath the wasted soil of the Earth is hidden a tremendous wealth of minerals and metal, some covered with dust from the nuclear war, some covered by thick vegetation. To gain access to these minerals, the people of the domes have built small, stationary towns with the only purpose of harvesting a specific re-source. Protected by a stationary force field as well as the mobile domes, these small ‘Harvest Towns’ supply the people of the cities with the resources needed for further advancements in technology and society.

To counter the human nature of fighting for survival, the leaders of the most prominent domes have decided upon a set of rules of engagement, manifesting the inevitable resource war as a sport rather than a war. ‘The League of Origins’, as the sport is called, forces all domes to participate in what could best be described as a sports tournament: The winner gets the best harvest towns, while the losers are left with poor towns or nothing at all.

YOU are here to fight in this sport on behalf of the proud city Aequitas of the M3 dome! Your heritage, your line of family or your current wealth is of no concern to us: We are nothing but a small, unnoticeable dome among giants, but we MUST prevail in this fight to secure ourselves a prosperous and wealthy future!

Report to your team leader in the barracks! And may your commitment to our cause secure a glorious outcome in the battles to follow!

The Cold War, mankind’s first nuclear conflict, saw the end as the 21st century began. For enemies were now reunited the Earth with politics, and the global trade began to flow again. The peace was only temporary, however, as one economic crisis after another struck the global markets, paralyzing several countries and shaking the world order to its core.

Nearing the end of the 21st century, the countries in the European Union merged into one great nation to counter the growing fear of a European market collapse. The newly formed country, still using the name “European Union” as a designation, ended up as a copy of the United States of America, with each former country acting as a state instead of an individual country. The newly founded European Union quickly regained a financial balance by imposing laws and restrictions on the European market. The securing of oil reserves in the Atlantic Ocean as well as uranium ores in the mainland also supported the EU financially, making a rebuilding of the European military infrastructure possible. As the 23rd century announced its arrival, the European Union had gained possession of enough nuclear warheads to counter the USA as well as the rising Asian threat.

The United States of America merged Canada into its ranks at the beginning of the 22nd century after several economic troubles with the Asian markets. With Canada as the 51st state of the USA resources and work was divided between the states, eliminating the need of resources and labor from the outside. USA, like its European counterpart, practically created a self-securing society. However, the world peace seemed more and more fragile, and while the Cold War had seen a lot of disarmament of nuclear warheads, the rising tensions forced the USA to rearm itself as the Asian countries united.

The Eastern Asian countries, India and Russia as well as some of the former USSR countries united in 2098 un-der the name ‘Asian Coalition’, suddenly posing a great threat to the military and economic situation of Earth. It did not take long before nuclear warheads were present all over the Coalition’s territory, and the division of the Earth into three major “countries” was now present. At the end of the 23rd century the Asian Coalition had even seized the countries of Africa, thereby threatening the European Union.

As every human could have predicted, the tension between the three great nations could only grow. Warheads were aimed in all directions, and while Greenpeace and other world organizations tried to bring the chaos to an end, the world leaders did not listen. It was simply a matter of national pride and security, and no country would be the first to disarm its weapons, making itself vulnerable without any leverage.

Seeing the world mentally torn apart, scientists around the world began the construction of cities protected by a force field. ‘The Domes’, as they would later be known as due to their big dome-like force shields around the cities, were to be the shelter of humanity in the event of a nuclear war. However, only a small amount of the population could live in the domes. After all, cities on the scale of London and New York would not fit into a dome with the technology that mankind had evolved.


Nobody really wants to remember what happened at the start of the 24th century. The military crackdown that had been ruling the countries was beginning to falter. What started the war was probably nothing but a misunderstanding, but as soon as the missiles were in the air, the fate of humanity and the Earth was sealed. With the prospect of over 10 billion people dying from nuclear war, the domes were soon filled. The domes quickly sealed the force field with a retractable cape, hindering any view of the outside world as the missiles struck.

Only those left upon the surface of the Earth would be able to describe what happened. The last remains of humanity hidden in shelters could only guess at what had happened during the last moments of the prosper-ous Earth: The nuclear war had eradicated life as it was known!

The 30th century Earth is nothing more than a wasteland, as most life was eradicated during the nuclear war. While plants and animals have begun to spread across the barren Earth again from the Equator, over half of the Earth’s total area is still devoid of life, the landmasses of the continents having ended up as deserts, tundra or bare rock. Only in few areas can vegetation be found.

The oceans and gulfs are covered with ice from the poles to the Equator, the ice linking the continents together and creating a hard outer shell. While life can still be found in the oceans beneath the surface, the thick cover of ice makes it hard to create a good fishing environment.
As most of the planet’s surface is devoid of life, resources are scarce and can only be found in the borderlands of the continents, where life is beginning to return, as well as beneath the surface of the dust covered Earth. Land suitable for farming can only be produced artificially in either the domes, mobile cities created by the humans in an attempt to survive, or at the harvest towns, the small stationary towns created with the sole purpose of harvesting resources for the domes.

The harvest towns make it possible for the domes to be mobile, the resources being transferred from a harvest town to its dome when the dome is near the town. A dome is therefore not bound by the land it was built on, making the harvest towns the only reason for a dome to stay in one place. The cities within the domes usually seek out a resource that it needs to further its technological advancement. However, some cities deliberately seek out rare resources to gain from the trade between the domes.

The nuclear wars, however, failed at eradicating all life. Leftover humans unable to find room in a dome or being punished for criminality were left to the fate of dying to either the radiation or the natural predators. As the domes began to evolve themselves, making movement possible, the encounter with what was coined “The Spawn” was inevitable. The spawn is, as far as observations have shown, nothing more than mutated predators, especially carnivore animals like bears, wolves and dogs. While the domes are able to withstand nuclear harm, their force fields allow predators and humans to move into the dome. Therefore, each dome defends itself against this spawn with whatever army the dome might have.

Transportation between the different domes is done with hovering busses. These hovercrafts are the only “flying” vehicles that have been possible to create, as the radiation prohibits the use of the electronic systems required to control modern airplanes. The hovercrafts, however, are extremely vulnerable to damage and therefore rely on great speeds to reach the safety of a dome.

The following is a list of the known cities and domes (will be updated as the roleplay progresses):

Aequitas (Latin: “Equality”) of the M3 dome
    Dome Size: Small (10 kilometer radius)
    Population: ~2,500
    Leadership: Democracy
    Dome climate: Seacoast village
    Dome speed: Slow (25-40 km/h)
    Dome purpose: Militaristic City
    Owned Harvest Town: None

Scientia (Latin: “Knowledge”) of the A1 dome
    Dome Size: Large (31 kilometer radius)
    Population: ~32,000
    Leadership: Constitutional Monarchy
    Dome climate: Urbanized environment with surrounding forest
    Dome speed: Very slow (10-12 km/h)
    Dome purpose: University City
    Owned Harvest Town: Unknown

The League of Origins, often only referred to as “the fight” or “the tournament”, is the battle for harvest towns and resources between the domes. As the battle has been made into a sport to prevent full scale war between the new human civilizations, certain rules of conduct have been agreed on:

  1. The participants in the League of Origins must belong to one of three predefined schools of warfare.
  2. Enhancements of the participants are allowed, as long as they are biological in nature; only the psychokinetic participants may carry power amplifiers. Biomechanical enhancement is not allowed.
  3. A battle request cannot be denied unless the defending city has not controlled any gather points for the last two weeks. This prevents a strong dome from completely annihilating a weak dome.
  4. Battles over the harvest towns are fought either as “Capture the Flag”, where teams must capture the opposing side’s flag and bring it back to the HQ, or “Team Deathmatch”, where the teams fight until the last man standing.
  5. The battle between two domes may take place either in the cities themselves, or in special arenas built throughout the continents.
    While the initial thought was to make the participants of the League of Origins carry non-lethal weapons, most small domes were not able to upkeep an army with both lethal weapons for use against the spawn as well as non-lethal weapons for use in the sport. Therefore, the weapons used in the League of Origins are often lethal, meaning that the participants are running the risk of possibly being killed.

When fighting in the League of Origins however, it is expected that a surrendering enemy is restricted and removed from battle until a winner has been found. Melee oriented soldiers disarm the enemy soldiers, while ranged soldiers use paralyzing or trapping ammunition as a weapon. Taking another person’s life, even if it’s for the sake of a dome, is frowned upon because of its harmful nature against society.

As given by the agreed rules of engagement for the League of Origins battles, three schools accommodating the three basic fighting types are usually found in most domes. While some domes specialize in one area, most domes do not have the privilege of such a resource focus, therefore often accommodating all three fighting styles.


The School of Melee Combat upholds the legacy of the European and Asian medieval times. Honor and fair-ness are two keywords for the soldiers of this school, and while they divide themselves between being offensive and defensive, the soldiers are often quite united, taking on the mentality of an army.

The offensive melee soldiers are often seen equipped with medium type armor and using either swords or pole arms to attack the enemies. While they might employ the use of a shield, their main focus is to lead the charge against the enemies.

The defensive melee soldiers are on the contrary quite heavily armed, often employing the use of both shield and blunt weapon to take down the enemies and protect the ranged and psychokinetic personnel.

The School of Ranged Combat is based on the fighting throughout the 20th and 21st century, often using a very light armor in favor of mobility, aiming possibilities and tactical overview. The school formally divides into long ranged combat and close ranged combat, but this division is often quite blurry.

The soldiers using ranged combat are often required to use paralyzing, stunning or other non-lethal bullets when fighting in the League of Origins. Their role as ranged combat is still upheld, however.

The School of Psychokinesis is quite unique and therefore does not draw on some classical period of human society. While the fear of a new nuclear warfare uprising has made many humans abandon most technological research in favor of living “naturally” in the domes, one branch of technological research was reinvented as the League of Origin started: The argumentation of the human brain.

Some subjects show exceptional mental skills, often with a small amount of telekinetic power. This evolution of the human is thought to be a byproduct of the nuclear radiation, and while the natural power of an individual is not often enough to even lift a piece of paper, technological advancements in brain implants has made this possible. With a power amplifier either implanted or carried near the brain, the subject becomes capable of using this telekinetic power for either psychic communication, which enables the user to talk to people out of sight, or psychic tracking, enabling the user to track humans moving around in the proximity.

Psychokinetic users are often used in roles as tacticians, because they require no electronic connection to their soldiers to be able to give orders and receive tactical information. This also applies with the medical role in which psychokinesis also plays a huge role: The user is able to locate the problem without needing to talk with the subject; reading the mind of the injured is enough.

The technological progression of mankind allowed the soldiers of the 21st century to be equipped better and better. Rifles and pistols were improved with new materials, but as the economies of the world markets threatened to collapse, further research into a new kind of warfare was abandoned in favor of keeping the soldiers of the 21st century. As the nuclear war was unleashed, the soldiers of the 24th century were not that different from the soldiers of the 21st century.

The melee and ranged soldiers of the 30th century uphold the traditions of the medieval times as well as the 2nd millennia by using equipment alike the soldiers of those periods. Melee soldiers are often clad in heavy armor, taking on the image of knights and medieval soldiers, while ranged soldiers tend to choose a medium armor suited for movement, aiming as well as concealment.

During the three last centuries as a united Earth, mankind managed to invent several carbon-reinforced metals and alloys. Carbon-reinforced titanium, often called “adamant” as a reference to the medieval term form a hard substance, is the core substance of weapons and armor, tolerating a lot of pressure and wear before breaking or bending. This makes the material very suited for the melee oriented warfare that is fought with conventional swords and armors.

Although energy weapons have seen some action in the 30th century, these weapons are not very widespread. The fear of a new nuclear war as well as straying away from the conventional society has hindered the advancement of energy weapons severely. Only ranged weapons tend to employ energy-based rounds with the purpose of stunning the enemy instead of the standard uranium-tipped ammunition.

The rifles and handguns fire bullets by sending them through a particle accelerator. The muzzle velocity of a standard 5mm bullet can with this technology reach around 2,500 meters per second. The bullets are stored in magazines as was the standard during the 21st and 22nd century, enabling the user to switch between several types of ammunition.
The force field technology of the domes has found another use in the shields of the soldiers. Simply superior to blocking metal with metal, the ‘force shields’ are capable of absorbing much of the impact force, the absorbed force strengthening their own shield and lowering the strain on the wielder. The shields nature also allows the wielder to deflect bullets, giving the defensive melee soldiers an import role on the field of battle.


The illustration above shows the standard issued medium armor of the Aequitas Combat Teams. While the armor is not obligatory to wear, it offers decent protection due to its low-grade adamant shells. The individual soldier is free to fight in his or her own armor instead.

The Aequitas Combat Teams rely on their own weapons instead of an issued weapon. This allows the personalizing of one’s battle equipment.

For this roleplay, the participating characters will (initially) be employed into the Aequitas Combat Teams. We are going to limit the players in the roleplay to 10 for now. These 10 players will be divided into two combat teams, each with a commanding officer, an executive officer and three soldiers:

Combat Team “Black Wolves” Roster
Commanding Officer: Eve Heart | Psychokinetic | Tactician
Executive Officer: Phyllis Zethera | Melee Combat | Offensive
Team Member: Ameriv Argus Cortez | Ranged Combat | Long Range
Team Member: Ririn Crimea | Psychokinetic | Scout
Team Member: Aaron Blake | Ranged Combat | Close Range

Combat Team “Red Lancers” Roster
Commanding Officer: Alexander Patrick Lock | Melee Combat | Defensive
Executive Officer: Logan Sargan | Psychokinetic | Medic
Team Member: Lenard Conner | Ranged Combat | Mid Range
Team Member: Maen Raboc | Ranged Combat | Long Range
Team Member: Lana Haringer | Melee Combat | Offensive

Spots can be reserved for 24 hours!
We would really want to see at least one of each “combat school” in a team, although exceptions can be made. PM a Game Master or write in the OOC!

You are welcome to use the following character skeleton when creating your character. Just remember to follow the rules! The character skeleton has been made so it fits the four character aspects given by the forum.

Code: Select all
[u][center][size=150]Your characters full name[/size][/center][/u]

[center][img]Your Character Image[/img][/center]

[size=150]Physical Description:[/size]
[b]Nickname:[/b] Your character's nickname(s).
[b]Gender:[/b] Your character’s gender.
[b]Age:[/b] Your character’s age. Please keep it 16+ as he or she will participate in warfare!
[b]Physical Appearance:[/b] Describe your character’s physical appearance. Use your picture or write it out. Height, weight, hair and eye color, skin tone, build as well as voice fall into this category.
[b]Warfare School and Class:[/b] Melee, ranged or psychokinesis school – Your class can be as simple as a de-fender or medic. Please note that you may make up your own class, as long as they are restricted (no “teleki-netic mages” running around). Stay with the lore.
[b]Team and Role:[/b] Describe the team on which your character serves as well as the role of your character. The role might be a medic, or commanding officer, or sniper.
[b]Abilities:[/b] This could be talents or psychokinetic abilities. Please note if you are a psychokinesis user you must restrict your character’s power in some way. Running around the field knowing the thoughts of every enemy is hardly fair/fun.

Describe the personality of your character – Remember that we do not want any Mary Sues, so try to make as colored a character as possible.

Describe the weapons (if carried) and armor (if carried) of your character as well as any equipment he or she might carry.

Describe your character’s history. Why did he or she end up at Aequitas’ Combat Teams?


The following rules are to be followed during the roleplay activity as well as in the off-topic activity:
  1. Follow the Game Master’s lead:
    When participating in this roleplay you are to follow the rules as well as the guidelines made by the Game Masters. The Game Masters in this roleplay are blackwolt and wolf1992, and we will try to make the roleplay flow. We uphold the right to lead the roleplay in what direction we think will benefit it the most.
  2. Be respectful:
    Keep the roleplay activity as well as the OOC respectful. We are all here to have some good times, and while conflicts between the characters of the roleplay may occur, we do NOT want to see arguments and conflicts in the OOC.
  3. Be realistic:
    This roleplay includes violence and fighting. Be realistic when describing the fighting: After all this isn’t ‘300’. A single person can’t take out ten people at the same time, unless the person is very lucky or the ten people are very weak. Realism creates a nice flow and makes us all happy.
  4. Post Length:
    While we will not put a limit on people’s posts (we all know the feeling of writer’s block), we will not tolerate excessive use of one-liners. Take your time making a post instead of posting something half-hearted. After all, this is a post to a forum, not a line of speech for a chat.
  5. Activity and Communication:
    As communication between the players of the roleplay is quite important, we encourage you to fre-quently visit and post in the OOC. We expect an activity of 1-2 post a week AT LEAST, although we all have lives besides roleplaying. If you have to go on holiday, cannot post for a while or just suffer from heavy writer’s block, contact one of the GMs or at least keep us up to date in the OOC.
    Failure to keep up activity AND notify a GM about the lack of activity will get you booted from the roleplay.
  6. Romance:
    Romance is allowed but keep it PG-12 and realistic; a relationship between people doesn’t occur at first sight, but is developed through their personality and actions. And this is not supposed to be an erotic novel!
  7. Creativity:
    When making your character, stay realistic and creative. Nobody wants another Mary Sue, and a flaw-less character isn’t that interesting. Make sure your character has some positive sides as well as some negative, and remember that colorful characters will make this roleplay more interesting.
  8. ”Copyright”:
    When making your character, please refrain from using already existing characters. Pick any picture you want as long as you do not simply copy the identity of the picture’s character.
    Also, this roleplay as well as all of its characters are not to be used in any other way (by other people) unless a GM has approved of it! A lot of work went into making this roleplay, and it should not just be copied.

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Character Portrait: Ameriv Argus Cortez
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I'm used to being left alone. So leave me and I will take care of myself.
Character Portrait: Aaron Blake
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"Look! It changes as it burns!"
Character Portrait: Ririn Crimea
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"Commander, there's three of them heading due southeast towards your position, but don't worry too much, they look stupid."


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Character Portrait: Eve Heart
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CO of the Black Wolves
Character Portrait: Phyllis Zethera XO of the Black Wolves
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Character Portrait: Logan Sargan I'll bring you back to life just to beat the crap outta you again.
Character Portrait: Lana Haringer That runaway that no one knows.

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Character Portrait: Ameriv Argus Cortez
0 sightings Ameriv Argus Cortez played by TemplarWarden
I'm used to being left alone. So leave me and I will take care of myself.
Character Portrait: Aaron Blake
0 sightings Aaron Blake played by Varyar
"Look! It changes as it burns!"
Character Portrait: Ririn Crimea
0 sightings Ririn Crimea played by SasoriRinku
"Commander, there's three of them heading due southeast towards your position, but don't worry too much, they look stupid."

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Lan arrived at her room, her stomach full and mind clear. She still didn't know who her roommate was, so she decided to relax a while and wait for him. She went to the mirror, took off all her armor, and set her weapons in a corner. Luckily, her bag had been sent up, so she grabbed some a loose sweatshirt and some pants and went to take a shower. She felt disgusting from training, and she wasn't able to take a shower the night before after the battle. Luckily though she wasn't as tired as she thought she'd be.

When she returned to her room, refreshed and clean, she lay down on her bed and thought some more about the events to come, waiting to see who she would be rooming with for the next chapter of her life, and worrying about keeping up her little act. She was ready.

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Character Portrait: Eve Heart
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Eve hadn’t thought that she would get as far as Aaron saluting her, but she was glad that she finally had him fully on her side. She waved with her hand to make him calm down and go back to his seat “I’ll just tell you about what the plan is for now, I might change it the more info I get, but this will be quite like a plan B. And just so you know, this plan is unofficial.” She leaned back in the chair “You know what people think about honor and such, and this plan is rather dishonoring.” She leaned towards Aaron once again “We will put the two teams into a lot of rather small groups. The opposite dome does not have many psychokinetic and I suppose there isn’t any in their league teams at all. This gives us the advantage that they will have a hard time keeping an eye everywhere, but they surely have a lot of long ranged people and without a good plan they will win just on raw muscle power.”

Eve looked at the waitress as she came out of the kitchen with another plate walking towards the young soldiers not far from their own table. They were sending evil glares towards Aaron. “We are outnumbered, so we will go for their flag, but only a small team will go for it, the rest of us will stand close to our own dome and keep an eye on the enemy. If we are so unlucky that the small team can’t get in without getting spotted, we’ll have to create a chance for them. That is where you come in. If the enemy sees one of their fields on fire they will surely concentrate all their forces in that direction. I will be with you all the time, so there won’t be any problem at that point.” Eve looked directly into the eyes of Aaron “For now that is the information I will give you. Don’t tell anyone about this plan, not even the general.” With those words said she rose from her seat “Eat your steak while it’s still warm. I’ll be in my room and go through some strategies if you’ll need me.” Eve walked out of the cafeteria with the can of Swiftness in her hand. Who would have known that they only were a week away from harvesting? It makes it all perfect.

Eve walked to her room; she shared room with her co-commander. The room itself looked as if it originally was thought to be two rooms, but they didn’t make a wall between them and only put one door instead. It was a rather long room with her stuff in the right side and Alexander’s in the left. Someone had taken Eve’s laptop from the old room and placed it in the new one together with all of her furniture. Before she would go to her desk however she looked at the bed in the left side of the room. Alexander was fast asleep and his face looked rather calm instead of the commander-face he was using before. Aww, doesn’t he look adorable Eve though while smiling Anyway, back to work. Eve walked to her desk and placed the can of swiftness beside the laptop. She sat down, opened the laptop and began to work.

After a little bit of time she decided to listen to some music while she was thinking through the strategies and getting mails from an unofficial contact. She placed two small earplugs in her ears and turned on the music. She couldn’t help but think that the first song from centuries ago had a pretty good text when thinking about how the future turned out to be.

After some few hours of work, Eve fell asleep in front of the computer in a very awkward position. Her right foot on the desk chair and the leg leaning on the desk. Her head had fallen down on the right shoulder and both hands were lying on the armrest. Despite the awkward position she looked rather cute sleeping like that.

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Logan returned back to his 'room' where somebody was standing infront of it, as if they were waiting. As soon as the dude saw him, he walked up and blocked his path. Logan tried to evade him, but the soldier was persistant. He sighed, Now what... he muttered in his mind, then said "Okay, soldier, you got me. What is it?"

"You have been transfered to a different room." Logan felt his hopes falling. He would have to repack all of his meager posessions? Then move to an entirely different room? This sucked, but it wouldn't be too bad. "I'm also under order to tell you that you will be bunking with somebody -" Logan looked at him, incredulous.

"What?!" He sputtered out, couldn't believing his ears. He had specifically told, more like demanded... but told the General that he wanted a room seperate from everybody. He wanted a room to himself, because he didn't want to deal with the crap of others, nor did he want them finding out a bazillion things about himself. "Oh... the General thinks this is funny, isn't it?" He laughed angerly, "Just give me what I want, then throw me back to the wolves, huh?!" He punched the wall beside the soldier, causing him to flinch considerably.

"You tell the general this, dumbass." He paused, letting it sink in. "You tell him that I'll only budge so far until I snap, got it." The soldier began to make some incoherent words about he would be bunking with a teammate regardless of his decision, so Logan backed off, still seething. This could not get any worse. "I shall be out of my room in half an hour." And he stormed into his old room, which was a weird thing to call it since he just got it that day. And he wasn't as awake as he wanted to be. Within that half an hour, he pulled down the three posters he had, put everything back in the packs he brought, stuffed his medical bag full of crap again - including the one 20 pound dumbbell his mom told him to bring - and grumbled as he approached his new room. He would probably be rooming with one of his teammates, and he wasn't thrilled with that. He found the room and knocked, the new cigarette in his mouth the only good thing he had since training. Knowing that it was probably a dude, he opened the door, saying " If you expect that I'm going to be fine with this, I'm - " He paused, dumb struck. Sitting on the bed..
Was Lan.

The cigarette fell out of his mouth, and fell to the floor. It could have done some damage, but he stomped on it while saying "You have got to be kidding me."

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Lan was starting to doze off, her heavy eyelids falling over her gray eyes. She had even begun to have some weird dream about talking fruit helping them fight in a war against vegetables, or whatever the hell they were doing. She really wasn't sure what was going on. All of a sudden, she was awoken suddenly by the door creeping open and a voice saying rather angrily, "If you expect that I'm going to be fine with this, I'm - ". It took a second, no more, to recognize the voice--Logan's, her XO, medic, and headache. She shot up and looked at him.

"You have got to be kidding me." he said, smashing a cigarette into the ground. Great, now her room would smell like smoke all the time. "It's nice to see you too, Executive Logan," she greeted him sarcastically. Was he really her roommate? Him, of all the people in the entire barracks? How did she get so lucky...

"Are you, uhmm, my new roommate?" She was not happy about this at all. It would have been fine, but Lan wasn't exactly fond. And he didn't seem too happy about her. Now she had to live with the one person she didn't get along with. This should be fun, she thought.

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"Apparently so." he sighed, his shoulders slumping. "You look as happy as I am about this arrangement, so if we can keep some form of peace this should go better than bad, hopefully. He smirked suddenly, remembering his side mission that he hoped to accomplish. At least it would become easier, but then again Lan didn't seem to happy to see him. Logan looked around the room, and realized it would become a nightmare. Things would get thrown together by accident, both would feel squished, arguments would form. But he hoped not, arguing in the mornings didn't make Logan a happy camper: Any more so than he normally was.

He dropped his things on his side of the room, and propped his spear up in the corner, along with his armor. He emptied his medical bag, including three of his lighters the singed picture of his parents and himself, and that dumbbell. Normally he would change into something else, even though he was wearing his favourite style of clothing (white dress shit, vest, blue undershirt, black pants.). However, he didn't feel like exposing his back to Lan here, he didn't trust him enough to let him see his marks. Instead he turned around after the Thirty seconds it took to throw his stuff in a corner and looked Lan in the eyes, his own shimmering with their split difference. Logan had always liked his eyes, they made him feel like he could get away with 2 types of personalities.

"I'm gunna get me some food, so I'm out." He lit a cigarette as he walked towards the door, hoping the dude didn't mind the smoke.

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Setting: City Barracks2011-09-26 23:55:21, as written by Varyar
Aaron leaned out while the commander left. He took his time with the equipment, putting everything in order, looked sternly to the brats at the end of the cafeteria, put everything back in his huge briefcase and left. He was still smiling. So Eve didn’t have problems with getting her hands dirty... Smart girl. Honor is an illusion for the weak and repentant. That plan would work perfectly, and if one were to oppose it, one would burn along with the crops...

Blake reached his bedroom, and apparently they expected him to sleep in the same room as someone else. Aaron laughed. He was so tired he did not even bother to complain. He just quietly reached for his lighter and decided to burn the bed of the unfortunate soldier who had made the mistake of sharing a room with Aaron Blake.

Entering the room, chaos was palpable. There were pieces of armor around the floor and the lower bunk was occupied. Aaron reached his lighter, playing with the flames as he approached the bed, when he stopped. The person in the bed was none other than Phyllis Zethera, his superior officer! Blake hesitated. His desire to lit everything on fire only increased, but his common sense, the small amount of common sense still left in Aaron’s mind forced him to turn off the lighter. If he couldn’t burn a person, he would burn something else. Blake put his black suitcase on the floor and gently moved it to the corner. Then, he inspected the roof looking for sprinklers that could spoil the fun. He found only one in the center of the ceiling and quickly took care of it, punching the sprinkler until it was unusable and until his hands were bleeding. Blake then threw the sheets on the floor, piled them in the center of the room, lit his lighter and threw it on the stack of sheets, watching while the tissue burned. Nothing like a show before going to bed. The fire danced. It sang for Aaron. The flames rose high, but did not spread neither triggered any alarm due to Aaron’s careful preparation. He stood beside the fire for half an hour, so hooked on the show that never even realized if Zethera had woke up or not. He stood beside the fire until there was nothing left of the cheap sheets, and without looking at Phyllis he climbed the bunk, with the metal creaking under his weight. Aaron laid down on the bed too small for his body and slept a dreamless sleep.

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Lenard Conner

Lenard lay sprawled out in what was apparently his room, at least according to the worker he'd briefly accosted. It had all his stuff in it, at least- Broadcaster had been placed almost reverentially (or perhaps in sheer terror of the obviously cobbled-together safety mechanism) against the wall, and he had checked to make sure it was fine- Fortunately, nothing had been broken. He had a stand for it, which he place it against, then had lain back in his bed wishing for a radio or something.

That got old fast. Lenard sat up, annoyed. There was nothing to do here, except wait. Back home there'd always been gardens to tend or walls to watch. Sure, maybe he could go down to the targets or... Maybe he could do that.

As he walked down the hall, he noticed Logan standing shocked at a door, but didn't pay much attention. If he did, he'd probably end up shocked too, and what would that accomplish? Lenard glanced inside as he passed, but didn't see anything special and kept moving. It might have looked strange to see a man go walking down the halls with a shotgun as tall as he was, if they noticed.

Lenard made his way down to the targets (amazing, isn't it?) and training fields, noting the number of trainees milling about and working. Huh. There's more people than I 'spected. Why not just mob the other guys, if they only use twelve? No matter how tough they are, twelve men can't take down half a hundred, if my guess it right. Deciding it must be some kind of stupid rule about team sizes and proportions, Lenard stepped over to an open target.

Broadcaster was raised to the Harvester's shoulder, its hydraulic brace settling in.

Alright... Pretend it's the doc. He squeezed the trigger. With a crack like a thousand twelve-gauges strapped onto a firecracker the gun fired and sent Lenard stumbling back. The hydraulic brace hissed and slammed shut with a belch of steam. Fortunately, his armor prevented him from actually being injured by the shot. The target had been...

"Motherfucker," Lenard groaned, staring in dismay. He'd taken a chunk out of the target's left side, but the shots had mostly just torn up the dirt a ways behind, and probably a few dents in the wall. Obviously, he had to work on his aim. A lot.

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Maen had stayed behind to watch the other people training as Lan took off. Most of the regular soldiers seemed to be performing at levels befitting their rank. Missing a target here, hitting a target there. Just when he had given up hope on humanity, he noticed another one of his new teammates, Lampford or something, stroll onto the training grounds. He was carrying a gun that looked like it belonged on a tank, or at least something capable of absorbing the recoil. Nevertheless, Lamb-something raised it to his shoulder and, after a brief pause, pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang as the gun let loose and the recoil caused Lumber to stumble back a bit. Maen looked to the target, surprisingly only a bit of it was blown to pieces. It appeared that the majority of the shot had been wasted. Still, the damage that had been done was more than enough to take someone out. After a pause he decided to walk up to Lionel, or whatever his name was. "That thing looks like it hurts." He said.

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Lenard Conner

Lenard looked over as Maen approached, surprised at his interest. He grinned and nodded. "Hell yeah. When I asked for their biggest shotgun, they sure gave it." And I kinda wish they hadn't. "Too bad I'll have to tone it down somehow. Don't think the other domes would appreciate me blasting the hell outta their prodigal sons and all." He looked from the smoking barrel to the target. "Not that I really get how to do that. Rubber bullets probably wouldn't... I mean, the content of the shot is probably not the issue here." 

He began to open the casing to reload, slipping another oversized canister into the slot. "Reminds me- You're a sniper, right? How's that work in all this?"

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Phyllis woke with the dawn, her eyes filled to the brim with tears from her sleep. Her groggy mind was not able to make any sense of her blurry vision as she sat up in her bed. After nearly hitting her head against the top bunk of the bed, Phyllis quickly wiped the salty water away from her eyes, suddenly faced with the mess that she had made last evening: Her right leg was encapsulated by her chest armor, while her left foot had found security inside her helmet. “Just great…” she whispered to herself, a small yawn coming over her face.

Getting up from her bed, she suddenly noticed the excessive amount of equipment spread throughout the room. The thought that somebody was sleeping above her suddenly dawned on her mind, and adrenaline almost spontaneously filled up her veins. Peeking into the upper bed, Phyllis was faced by the face of Aaron Blake. A small gasp escaped her lips as she quickly hid. She quickly gathered up her armor pieces and her weapons and then moved stealthily, as if hiding her presence from Blake, out of the room.

As soon as the ventilated air outside the room hit her, she noticed the smoky odor from her room that had caused her eyes to tear up. “That… idiot… probably burned something off in there”, she said out loud to herself, nobody in plain sight. Hurrying quickly towards the bathroom, she tried to forget everything, her mind needing to prepare itself for the upcoming battle; however, the surprise of the wake up still scared her: How had she missed him entering her room? And why was he even in the same room as her!?

Putting on her armor was done quite easily and fast, and Phyllis even managed to clean some of the missed spots from the previous night’s cleaning. She had found one of her other shock absorbing suits and were now ready to fight, although it was only 5.20 AM. Over 17 hours left until the real purpose of her being here started. Phyllis quickly paced herself for Blake’s and her room, her thoughts returning to Blake and his role in the outcome of this League mess. Reaching the room, she quickly threw her helmet back on the bed as she would not need it anymore: Real warriors needed to see their enemies!

The mess was quite peaceful at this time of the morning, most of the civilian staff not in yet and the guards either still asleep or still on night duty. Phyllis enjoyed her energy diet in silence, although the sound of the kitchen was quite annoying. The energy diet was essentially everything needed for the body, although it had a horrible taste that reminded Phyllis of a mixture between licorice and oatmeal; not exactly the thing Phyllis craved when having just awoken.

The morning was spent on the training field. Phyllis was making sure her armor did not hinder her usual style of movement. With both swords wielded, she stroke against one invisible enemy after another, the blades dancing around in spirals. The Sun was quite warm that day, and the dome above her head did nothing to conceal the terrain from the warmth of the rays. For the sake of mobility as well as required by her low weight threshold, Phyllis’ armor did not have any ventilation; this ultimately forced her to end the training session around noon.

Pacing herself towards the mess in order to eat, Phyllis suddenly locked eyes with Aaron Blake. Her mind, which had been quite rested after the training session, was now once again filled with resentment. Phyllis continued her path, trying to ignore Blake’s presence, but out of the corner of her eyes she could see him moving towards her.

Did you sleep well, sweetheart? I hope the smell didn’t bother you…

Blake’s word did nothing but fuel Phyllis’ anger, but she had to show constraint if she did not want to lose her position. Having turned her heard towards Blake, Phyllis kept staring at him until her brain had come up with a comeback to his insolence. “You don’t smell that bad, really” she finally uttered after a small, awkward pause. “I really need to calm down”, she thought to herself, her hands clenched together into fists, but her face losing some of its angry expression. As Blake began speaking again, probably to say another offensive line, Phyllis turned towards the mess and walked away, the handles of her sword reflecting the Sun.

The afternoon passed by without any noticeable events occurring. Phyllis spent most of her time in the city, the defense force being treated quite well by the citizens. After all, she had just helped defend their lives. Around 9 PM she decided to head back to the briefing room, the team needing their final orders from the team leaders and the General. Phyllis had made sure her armor as well as her body were ready for combat: The dinner had been the same as both her breakfast and her lunch. Standing outside the briefing room, Phyllis felt quite full of energy and fighting spirit: Tonight would be a major turning point for better or for worse… and for all she cared it had better be a victory.

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