The Lives of Monsters and Magic

The Lives of Monsters and Magic

You were all there for one reason or another. They told you many things about yourselves. But now you are here. But they are still after you. The question is: What do you want?

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One year ago, there was a top secret facility run by a private corperation known as Silion Industries. TO the public, Silion was the normal, everyday company we thought it was that produced all sorts of products, from coffee machines to toasters. But we know better. We know so much better.

Silion Industries was in fact also doing top secret experimentation. It broke so many standards set by the Government, but the Government never even knew it existed. For in fact, Silion Industries was not just experimenting on people, but on people with Supernatural powers, Magic, and Monsters. They wanted to see what makes them tick...and see if they could even combine them, and put them into new people. Creature super soldiers maybe, or at least give the CEOs some more perks.

But then one year ago, several of the subjects escaped after Experiment 74-3C. File 74-3C indicates that several subjects managed to escape after a successful splicing of powers into several Test Subjects either captured by teams or brought in through the FOster system. They used their combined powers, and escaped the facility. Silion still looks for them to this day. They are closing in. But....when the two sides meet, what will happen? Will they run, or fight?


In truth, they have not been running for this whole time. In truth, they ran for two weeks....until they found this place. Misty Cove. Its a large town that borders a city, yet with its massive forest that surrounds it, the fact its l0cated next to the ocean and has all sorts of beaches and coves, the fact it has all this mountainous terrain, it might not seem like it. But it is a fifteen, maybe twenty minute drive from a city.

They have built a home now. These people, who are freaks even among their own kind now due to Experiment 74-3C. Due to Project Splicer. Can they keep the lives they built? Or will they be forced to leave? I guess that really depends on all of you.

The fun thing about hiding though? Not a single one of them realized yet they are hiding in a town full of Supernatural and magical energy. Talk about some hiliarity right there.

Roles: (Any FCs can be changed, I am only putting them to suggest) (also, specific powers can be decided for yourselves among what you get, though I do get final say for balancing reasons. IF you have a different combo to suggest as well, let me know and if its good I will allow it)(if you really, really want, you can use Anime, but I would prefer if you found a RL FC first)

The Single "Father": OPen
What was spliced?: SOmeone with Cryokinesis, telepathy, the ability to heal others and themselves, and bits of a mermaid.
FC: David Tennant

The Eldest Sister: Reserved
What was spliced?: Someone with Super Strength, DNA extracted from a dragon egg.
FC: Taylor Momsen

The Middle Brother: Open
What was spliced?: A Vampire, Technopathic abilities, and electrokinesis.
FC: Dakota Goyo

The Youngest Brother: Taken by me
What was spliced: Psychic Visions, a Werewolf, and Magical Essence.
FC: Jonah Bobo

The Youngest Sister: Taken
What was spliced?: Siren DNA, Telekinetic Powers, and the ability to turn yourself invisible.
FC: Addison Holley

I wont require a specifically designed character sheet, but make sure you put enough detail into it! To reserve a role however, you must tell me what word I replaced an O with a zero in a private message, using either the bottom bar system or regular PMs. However, you must reserve your character in the OOC. No exceptions. I need to make sure everyone else sees the reservation.

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