The Lives of Supernaturals

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Teens find out they have supernatural abilities and have to go on the run from their parents who are trying to kill them. (Needs more active RPers.)

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Setting: Earth2010-07-24 04:24:58, as written by bizarre1
Dani nodded. "Yeah, that sounds better. I would really like that." She was glad that Deirdre was willing to discuss it with her. She didn't seem all angry like she was going to kill her once they got alone to talk. She was also glad that they would be able to discuss it and get it over with. Maybe after they talk about it they could actually be friends. She didn't want to hope for too much, it was good enough that Deirdre was going to talk about it to her.

Dani smiled and explained where they should go. "If we head down this street," she pointed at the street to their left,"we should go down it for about thirty minutes. I will explain how to get there as we go. We will have to stop down one street before we go down the final street because I will have to be in the driver seat so I can show the guy at the gate my I.D., he won't let us in if I'm not the driver. You all will have to duck down so he can't see you and it looks like I'm alone. It's the only way we can get on base without a bunch of military people attacking us." She looked at Seth. "You have been quiet all night. Are you okay?"