The Lives of Supernaturals

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Teens find out they have supernatural abilities and have to go on the run from their parents who are trying to kill them. (Needs more active RPers.)

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Setting: Earth2010-08-22 19:23:57, as written by feralfairy
Damion heard the message, having acquired his ride as she called and therefore being unable to answer it. He called her back. "Hey Dani. It's me, Damion. Where are you guys? I'm just heading out from a place, oh, about 20 miles east of the city. There's a really small town north of here - tiny, just one main road, the guy said. Want to meet up there?" Regardless of whatever she replied, Damion started driving. Along with a new motorcycle, he had gotten a few helmets - and a leather jacket never looked so good on a sixteen-year-old. Not that he would say so himself, of course.