The Lives of Supernaturals

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Teens find out they have supernatural abilities and have to go on the run from their parents who are trying to kill them. (Needs more active RPers.)

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Setting: Earth2010-08-25 03:27:03, as written by Forensic_Anthro
"Again I say, Dani... Twenty miles in what direction??" Kaylee sighed, "Sometimes I think you are hopeless..."
"I remember the time of my life,
In a surface like I saw the dream in the sky.
Now you know all the things we can hide,
I can tell you 'bout all my dreams live from the sky." She began singing as Drop by East Clubbers came on, the fast paced, loud techno music filling the car quickly.

She hardly noticed as Dani pulled out her I-Pod again, simply turning the music up nice and loud again. When the song ended about 5 minutes later, Kaylee hit pause on her I-Pod and unplugged it from the jack, offering the plug to Deirdre to play her music for a while.