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even when I justified it to myself - as I did every time - the truest part of me knew I was doing the wrong thing. Always

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if you’re trying to avoid loss,
there’s no point in taking
another breath,
or letting your heart beat
one more time.
it all ends

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Eli Vindata Acerbi

Eli | always | by everyone

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Paris, France, although he tends to travel often, with Venice, Italy being his other favourite place of residence


Aurum: before he was sent to earth, Eli's skill in the art of hydrokinesis was unparalleled among those his age. He mastered the ability from an especially young age, a combination of raw talent and dedicated practice resulting in an intense degree of skill. His ability reached extended to creating tidal waves on a whim (although he thankfully never felt the desire to create a tsunami- or at least never acted on such a yearning).
Earth: his skill in this ability led to him still having a steady sway over water on earth, although his abilities are not even close to what they once were. He can still manipulate water, but the capacity limits itself at about a swimming pool of water at the most- and even that takes intense concentration and focus, and leaves significant strain on his body.

Aurum: a rare extension of water-control, it is something that walks hand-in-hand with Eli's extraordinary hold of hydrokinesis. It allowed him to bend bodies to his will, which naturally has some very dark potential. Because of this, and because the ability is seldom heard of even among those in his clan, he kept the ability under wraps, resisting the temptation to abuse it. Usually.
Earth: this ability has lingered in a similar way to his hydrokinesis, still very much present, but inarguably in a far weaker state than it was on his home planet. He can still influence people's bodies, should he try to, but it takes major focus, and is even more draining than his aforementioned swimming-pool-level manipulations.

Aurum: back home, eli could spy and even communicate across great distances, so long as water was present in both locations for him to 'view' through. This was relatively easy on his home planet, and took little to no effort.
Earth: on earth, this ability has become largely one-way; he can still 'spy', though it takes effort and focus, but as his communication is more like a faulty radio, coming in and out of focus, with little consistency.

hydrokinetic regeneration
Aurum: similar to healing, Eli could use water to regenerate the damaged cells of himself and others.
Earth: still present, but far less strong, he can heal minor wounds somewhat easily, and finds that burns are easier to heal than other wounds, but any wound too intense he struggles with, or can't heal at all.

Aurum: again, it was a skill relatively easy to use back home- although it naturally required bodies of water through which to teleport himself.
Earth: on earth, this ability is completely absent, much to his chagrin.

water generation
Aurum: the most common ability among water-folk in aurum, it was as easy and natural to him as blinking
Earth: he can still do it, and it comes fairly easily, but it is something he has little interest using, except to remind him of home.


whether on earth or on Aurum, Eli cuts something of an imposing figure, although it is less his stature and more his gaze that tends to intimidate. He is relatively tall, at 6'1", and his body is slender and toned. His complexion is a fair olive, contrasting his dark eyes, and even darker brows and hair. Said hair he tends to keep short, and it falls thick and straight about his face, curving at his pronounced cheekbones. His entire face is angled, from his sharp jawline to his straight nose, and he undoubtedly falls into the category of 'conventionally handsome', as far as the people of earth are concerned. His attire hasn't changed especially, his penchant for smart winterwear regardless of the weather, and of dark colours having stuck with him regardless of his location. The tattoo of his district rests between his shoulder blades, and both of his earlobes are pierced.



Eli is something of a cipher at times- he is calculated in every action, always seeming to know exactly what he is doing, and what will come of each and every action he applies himself to. He doesn't wear a mask so much as see through everyone else's, to the point that his presence can be unnerving- he reads people too easily, and leaves people feeling opened and exposed. His gaze alone can be perturbing, so piercing are his eyes, and so unreadable his intentions. He does not hide himself, but he is a muted thing when it comes to some of his emotions. A wry smile, a raised brow, a judgemental lookover... the movements his face make tend to be subtle, but far from blank.

This all said, Eli is far from socially stunted- he has a natural charisma to him, and a way with words that can easily convince and move. His ability to read people only adds to this, as he always knows exactly what to say to put someone at ease- or the opposite, should he so desire. He talks much like a politician at times, in that he considers his words before he says them, speaking with eloquence and charm and just a hint of posturing. The latter is inescapable, what with the arrogance that precedes him, and leaks into his everyday behaviours. He is just a tad too sure of himself- of his talent, his academics, his general existence. He is proud to the point of being unable to accept defeat, nor acknowledge a losing battle.

Extremely intelligent, Eli's mind is always at work. His manipulations and machinations are used in the name of success, ambition and survival, sure, but they are also a way of entertaining himself. Separate from home, he has been adrift in a world where he is limited and lonely, leaving him with an urge to play god- to prove that he is still the 'greater being,' a god among men. His constant ego trip is what helps to keep him sane in a world constantly testing his patience, and thus far, it has somehow managed to keep the frustration at bay.

He has quite the sharp tongue, and sarcasm is a constant mannerism in his everyday speech. His wit is rarely not present, and his verbal barbs can wound dignities and prides just as effectively as her fangs can flesh. He is an icy soul, and his arrogance was notorious, even back home, when he wasn't surrounded by 'mere mortals' for whom he carries such disdain. He keeps the kinder, warmer aspects of his personality well under wraps, genuine warm smiles shared with but a few, his moments of kindness and generosity exposed seldom.

Even back home, he was difficult to gain the trust of. It was always a thing near impossible to earn, and he learnt even when young to look after himself, and to not rely on those with the potential to cheat, lie, abandon, and betray. Basically, he knows that the only person he can truly trust is himself, and even he is sometimes a little wary of his dark-eyed reflection.


Eli's arrogance largely comes from a place of privilege- born to one of the Water District's most prestigious and wealthy families, Eli Acerbi grew up with few material wants. His parents were both esteemed members of the Water Counsel, and some of the most powerful people in the entire district. Unfortunately, this wealth and prestige hardly made up for the emotionally draining manner in which he was raised.

once he was old enough to comprehend right from wrong, affection became something often treated by his parents as a reward for good behaviour, rather than a way to express love and care. His parents weren't completely devoid of kindness, and perhaps it's harsh to say that he was emotionally neglected, but his parents' pressure upon him often made him feel as though the love they gave him was conditional, whether they intended it or not. He had to be the perfect son, and the perfect heir, and so he built up the appearance that he was flawless.

His parents' expectations rubbed off on him in more ways than one, make him not only a brutally self-critical perfectionist but also narcissistic and arrogant. When the war occurred, his parents naturally sided with the royal family, and when he was reluctantly sent to earth, he adopted the role of a real estate mogul, selling estates all across Europe.



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So begins...

Eli Acerbi's Story


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Fingers were moving fast on the keyboard, biting down to the lower lip, her concentration was on the highest peak. In the middle of the raid, where she had been thousands of times before, but that evening she was not streaming and just helping out other players with this difficult boss. Her international group of players were conversing among themselves and suddenly, someone just ever so casually asked what does "lux in tenebris, aureum cordibus" mean. Without realizing herself, speaking into the microphone, Phia answered: "Light in the dark, golden heart... and you pronounced it wrong..." Suddenly, the dark haired female froze, barely breathing. Everyone yelling at her for getting knocked out or what is she doing, but Phia just sat there, staring at the screen, her dark eyes flashing into bright blue for a mere second. Without thinking twice, she just took her headphones off and stood up, walking behind the table as if in daze and simply pulling plug off, that leaving her standing in complete darkness. Slowly, but surely, the koi-fish symbol started to glow in faint blue, lightning Phia's face up.

Face, where tears were just rolling over her cheeks; bare feet, which headed over to the open porch; trail of clothes left behind, the ever so hopeful Phia Qualu Cortana submerged under the water of a small pool behind her house. Eyes closed, lips sealed, fragile hands locked around knees - she was shivering, crying desperately into the fresh water. Home, she missed her home and her mother and everything she knew that Aurum used to be. All these years, there had been this craving desire to go back, to make everything allright, and now... there was this chance. After Jayden released this song with familiar tunes, Phia had been too scared to contact him, to reach out, but now... she couldn't hide anymore, she had to go! She had to go and find Jay, Eli and hopefully there is a way back home.

------------ ✩ ✩ ✩ ------------

Having locked down her little household, which had been her home only past couple of years, yet it had still come dear to her heart. I had a lot of fountains, tiny waterfalls, ponds and nature, making it look as if it was a house out of fantasy movie. Holding her hand against the wooden gate for a mere moment, she turned and sat into the back of her manager's car. "When will you be back, Hinata-chan?" he asked, eyeing her over his shoulder. "I don't know. There are some urgent family matters I need to take care of. You can have your vacation at Florida as you have always spoken about." There was a bright smile on her lips, assuring him that it was alright, which he replied to by driving off and towards the new future.

They had been to America many times during her career and she was often welcomed by many big gaming companies, thus getting through airports was always the same. It happened that some of the workers were her fans, and guess this is why she always got that VIP-service that many were jealous about. Generally Phia refused of it, but during this trip she gladly took the chance. Taking her step out of the airport without her manager, whom soon started his flight towards Florida, Phia took a deep breath in. Sure, she loved to have someone beside her whom would do all the things she tried to avoid - calling a cab or buying a coffee were one of these few in long list. As much as she loved to be among people, Phia always felt safer to be alone. Until today... Although her different look turned many heads, she really didn't care, thus rose her hand and called for a cab. Sitting in, she told the address and settled in, starting the drive towards Demi Tempala's household, with excited yet nervous heart. It was hard...

...it was hard to keep her tears at bay.

"Whatever it is, I don't care. You were told to keep up on your end, this is your last chance. Don't forget what happened to your brother and his family," Kali mused to herself, standing beside some politician' table and looked over the room filled with important crimebosses and their fledgings, then added: "I know you hold your own babymama and these brats close to your heart. Wouldn't want nothing to happen to them, would you?"

With satisfied smile, Kali ended the call and turned towards the politician, who managed to ask from her: "And how will we know that he won't turn on us?" She leaned closer to him, so those bright red lips would nearly touch his ear and hissed through her teeth: "First: I had to do the job that one of those," nods towards the room full of criminals, "wasn't able to do, myself. Second: your dear cousin saw how I turned his brother into ashes. Do you think after that particular reminder he will try to do anything to threat your position again?" Pulling herself away from him, the man looked up at her with certain glare. Kali smirked, crossed hands over her chest and marked: "Figured so."

Walking around the big, wooden desk, dark haired female grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. Whole room made a path for her, stepping away from Red Witch' path. They knew better, they knew better not to mess with her if they didn't want to get... well, fried. Before opening the door and vanishing from this scene for a little while, she turned around and spoke: "I am done here. All of you know how it is done - I contact you, never the opposite. I will let you know, when I am ready to play." Walking off, she knew most of her talk was in code, but all of those men and women understood this clearly. There had been moments before, when she took the time off for her own pleasure, although there was always some pleasure in her business. One just needed to know how to use it for themselves.

Heading towards her luxurious car, Kali looked like she meant business from head to toe. There was something she was curious about, and knowing that there were other survivors on Earth as she had met with Demi occasionally, although Kali had always acted as if they were strangers to each other. One person wasn't the help she needed to get back Aurum and end her own father, but after the comet and call for arms, she knew there had to be others. Thus, she entered Demi's given aadress into her car and took off, heading towards the estate, in the hopes of seeing Leo again.


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━━━━━━━━━━━━ ELI ACERBI



━━━━━━━━━━ OONA AGNELLI

The concept of first class had always bothered Oona- it was representative of something not completely foreign to her; the separation of people based on their perceived class. The underlying suggestion that those who could afford to fly in first class were people of greater import, and of greater value than those who flew economy. When she had voiced this troubled thought, Eli had replied matter-of-factly that people were merely paying more for better services, just like people who went to more expensive restaurants were paying for tastier food, or that people staying in five-star hotels were paying for more luxurious accomodation. He may have had a point, but her troubles still stuck with her as she lay back in her aggressively cushy aeroplane chair. It was one of the first times when a reminder of home had struck her in a way that was neither reminiscent nor hopeful- perhaps Aurum wasn't nearly as utopic as her fond memories insisted.

Despite her tendency to ruminate, the thoughts did not linger with her long. Perhaps they would have, in a different situation, but for now, her mind was far too abuzz with other, more pressing concerns. The brilliant fluttering of hope ever-present in her chest had grown in fervor since the meteorite fell, and since seeing the familiar symbols engraved on it. The news had gone wild, conspiracy theories of aliens and government coverups engulfing the internet. And this time, the former was more than just a theory. It was only after reading the different articles on the internet that Oona realised that she was an alien. Before then, she had considered herself the ordinary one, surrounded by others. By humans. It was a weird thing to note about oneself, but it had its humorous perks, especially when she wound up absorbing a spiral of alien-related fiction. Thus far, E.T. was her favourite, although that felt prone to change, as she sat in her first class seat, eyes glued to the screen in front of her, where Ellen Ripley charged, teeth bared and eyes defiant.

It helped to distract her, but, as she glanced over at the fellow Aurum sitting beside her, she saw a man having far less luck. He sat in silence, screen black and chair upright. His hands were clasped, unmoving, and his face was almost unreadable. Was it worry behind those eyes? Hope? Excitement? Even Oona, as perceptive as she was, found Eli to be something of a cipher. Any intimate thoughts he had were seldom shared, and this case proved no different. She could tell he was thinking hard, though, because he did not offer any snarky comment in response to her increasing glances. No "need something?" nor "can I help you?". Not even a grouchy, "What are you staring at?" She knew better than to break him out of his silence- and so she left him to ruminate, and tried once again to focus on Aliens.

The plane landed smoothly, and, as was a typical perk of first class, the pair breezed through post-flight security. One flight attendant even nodded at Eli as he passed, welcoming 'Mr Acerbi, once again, to the States.'

"Look at you, you're famous." "No, I'm rich."

As they drove to the address, Oona's nervousness had begun to shake her once more. "So this... is really happening." Eli's eyes were fixed on the road. "... After all this time, this is really happening. I mean, something is happening."

In the silence that followed, Oona felt a touch of sombreness. "After a while, I thought nothing was ever going to happen."

Eli's eyes finally acknowledged her, as he broke away from his own thoughts. "Me too." He shot her a rare soft smile, an expression thousands of miles from his traditional smirks and sneers. "Looks like we were both wrong." Oona returned his smile, and they drove the rest of the way in a warmer, more reassured silence.

Or, at least they should have. And would have, if not for Oona suddenly sitting up, crying out in joyous disbelief. "Wait!" She was craning her neck to look out the window, looking as though she was frightened of her own intense hopefulness. "Is that- Is that Bea? Bea!" Although he had never interacted with her, Eli recognised her face, and even without the emotional attachment, her very presence in front of him sent a surge of relief similar to that which he had experienced upon meeting Oona. He pulled over the car, watching as Oona practically leapt from the vehicle.

"Bea! Bea!" Tears threatened to fall as Oona sprinted across the pavement (a task that took less than a second, with her abilities). She embraced the mousy-haired girl desperately, "You're here! I can't-" A sob caught in her throat, and as Eli got out of the car, he betrayed the smallest smile at his companion's joy. She had been right. Something was definitely happening.


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#, as written by Legate

Cassius stole another glance up at the sky, the weather had been fine this morning but had since started to turn and the sky had run from scattered patches of cloud to low ragged banks of grey that seemed to not only stifle the sun, but muffle the whole world as if wrapped in a blanket. This wasn't uncommon for this time of year, nor was it uncommon for the mountainous coasts of British Columbia. As a seasoned hunting guide, this was just part and parcel of a life spent out of doors in one of the wildest places on Earth.

He turned to survey the rest of his group as they followed behind him on the trail. It had been a good hunt, not without its share of difficulty and hardship but, ultimately a successful one. On the second last day they had brought down the bull moose they had been following for some time and now it was time to return. He turned back and shouted both warning of the weather, and encouraging the laggards with thoughts of warm fires, strong coffee and stronger whisky.

We could be in for a hell of a storm if this keeps up, and I don't know about you but I'd much rather be sat in the cabin when it hits! He yelled over the increasingly insistent tone of the wind. The pace increased, and at long last over the rise the cabin appeared just a little farther down the valley. A ragged cheer arose and the pace quickened again with the sight and smell of hearth now that much nearer at hand.

They reached the cabin just as the rain began to make itself felt, splashing down in big heavy drops that sprayed off everything they hit. Cassius stood by the door and clapped everyone on the back, making sure that at long last, he was the final member of their party to enter the sprawling cabin that served as home base for Darkwood Hunting and Angling. Hey Bill! Made it back with one in the bag, how 'bout ya break out the case of beer I know you've got stashed in back. He hollered, finally swinging his pack off his shoulder and propping it against the door.

An elderly gentleman tottered out from behind the bar grumbling under his breath All right, all right, keep yer shirt on. You get one each and you can drink it where ya likes, after that ya gots to stay at the bar. You hear the news by the by? He continued as he plunked a six pack down on the long table that graced part of the main room. Come on Bill you know damned well that I haven't unless you tried sending smoke signals. It's not exactly like we get BBC in the back country.

Bill chuckled True 'nough True 'nough. Well get a load of this then, Great big meteor come crashing down over in Washington D.C. there. The real kicker? Looks like it may well be made o' gold. Huh What do ya think of that? Why it's all they been showin' on the news, can't even barely watch the game he griped.

Cassius paused for a second wondering if it could really be happening. He had never known many people from Aurum, his natural abilities and personality having put him in the role of a scout most often. He had spent a lot of time wandering, but sure enough as soon as he heard the words spoken in Dicere, the ancient phrase called to him. He knew whether or not he knew anyone that he would go back. After all, this was his duty as his father had raised him, and there could be no turning his back on it. Huh, well I'll be damned. Don't have any trips scheduled for a while. I'm going to go to DC Bill, I'll bring ya back a piece if it's real gold.

As Bill chuckled Cassius was already heading to his room to pack a bag and a few short hours later, having changed into jeans a grey shirt and a nice green henley, he was on his way to DC, to the address that had been specified. He hadn't know many of the kids who'd gotten out in those last hectic days. He was pretty sure he'd seen Viviannah Bellum and had thought he'd heard some of the Royals had even made it, but other than that couldn't think of anyone he'd recognize. Heck Viviannah might not even remember him. By the time he was old enough to pay attention to such things she'd already become a prodigy in the district eventually even winding up in the personal guard of one of the Royals. His father had run him hard to keep up with her example and Cassius had trained about as hard as it was to train thanks to his fathers often brutal treatment. He liked to fancy he'd gained some small amount of recognition, but nowhere near the level of Viviannah Bellum.

These thoughts saw him through takeoff and into the air where he fell asleep only to wake as the wheels hit tarmac in DC. He rented a car and drove to the address he had heard the meteor was near noticing that sure enough others had already started to gather at the large house. He strode briskly up the pavement his Fire District tattoo on display as he rolled up the sleeves of his henley, paused before the door when he noticed a teary reunion going on between several people and a woman he recognized as being part of the Light District. He took a moment to deliver he a deferential nod before delivering three sharp knocks and waited.


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Washington DC | outfit | dialogue: #822222
Viviannah was nervous. No...afraid, for the first time in her life. AFraid of how fast everything was happening. One moment her and Demi were living as much of a normal life as they could manage, which admittedly wasn't so hard with heir abilities dulled almost to non-existent. The next, there was a giant golden chunk of metal basically within their back yard's reach. Not just any chunk of metal, but a piece of home. A home Vivi never imagined she'd get to see again. And based on what both her and Demi were experiencing, said chunk of metal brought with it much more than Dicere markings. It was as if being far from home for too long stripped them of their birth given abilities, but all it took was a small piece of their vast home planet to breathe life back into them. And although Vivi was grateful for her abilities that were slowly returning, she was hesitant. It also brought nerves, fear, and a group of strangers right to their home.

”Vi…go check and see who it is.” the raven-haired girl took one more swig of her coffee and sat the cup down with a light clink. The steps to the door were slow and calculated as she envisioned what could be on the other side of it. Once opened, Vivi stood with the knob in her hand as her dark eyes examined the face in front of hers. It was vaguely familiar. She'd met this man before, but not enough to remember his name it seemed. "ID please." she said, mimicking the words she'd heard from the border patrol on Aurum each time she traveled. For humans, being asked for an ID meant they'd be handing in a small card with basic information such as name and birthdate. For someone from Aurum, this meant something entirely different. Instead of a small, plastic card, they'd have to show their district emblem, regardless of what part of the body it was tattooed on. It was the best way of making sure each person was who they claimed to be without asking too many questions.

The first guest proved to be from the Time control district, which in turn explained why Viviannah almost recognized him. She stepped aside to let him in, allowing Demi the chance to give him his welcome. After him came a few more, to which Viviannah did the same procedure, unintentionally making herself a bouncer of sorts. Though they all checked off as legitimate, there were none she recognized until... "ID ple-" her words trailed off as the features of the man in front of her were matched to memory. Her mouth hung open for a few short seconds before she managed to form actual words. "Cas?" Of all the people she'd thought to see, Cassius was not one of them. It'd been so long since she'd last seen him. Since before the war, even. From the moment Vivi left their district to work for the Royal family, she hadn't seen Cas in person. It was surreal. His face looked so familiar...but at the same time so different.

She took a moment to let a few others in, among them was Leonardo Magnus. She imagined Oliver's face if he were there. It wasn't much of a secret that the prince had taken a liking to him. As for the reasons why Vivi had absolutely no idea. She never liked the guy. Not before the war and most certainly not now. Though she wanted to spit every profanity in her vocabulary at him, there were still others nearby soon to be wanting in. She put into play that patience Demi had so often talked to her about and simply sent let him inside with a glare before turning back to Cas, her arms instinctively folding over her chest. "I had no idea you were...I mean, it's...been a while."


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The sounds of celebration and the clinking glasses filled the laboratory. A team of Russian astrophysicists had been invited by United States to come study the golden meteor. It was a sign of good faith between the two countries, who's turmoil had been growing within recent years. Out of the five scientists, Allana kept herself away from the celebration. She sat herself outside of the small circle, listening and nodding along to whatever they were speaking about. Only Lenya, her best friend and fellow scientist, sat beside her, keeping her in the loop. Allana frowned at the mention of the glory if they could find out where the meteor came from. If only they knew...

"Arrre you not happy? Ve arrre going to Америка! Imagine what vill happen when ve solve тайна of метеор." The team's English is very poor, Allana usually being the translator, but they've been practicing.
"Just nervous is all."
"Nerrrvous? I vill never underrrstand yourrr highness."
"... You really wouldn't."

Lenya changed the subject, suggesting they turn on the radio to hear the impossible theories people are coming up with. Allana thought she'd left her Ice Queen status behind on Aurum, but it stays with her. A forever title to remind her of life back there. Aurum was the first thing she thought when the meteor had landed. She wanted to stay away, but after her team was invited, refusing would've been detrimental to her career and suspicious because she had no valid reason to not go. Allana liked what she was doing here on Earth and she wasn't going to let Aurum ruin things. Maybe, it was time to face what happened, not that she was brave enough to do so.

"Lux in tenebris, aureum cordibus." Allana sprung out of her seat after hearing those words through the radio. She moved frantically, attempting to find a piece of paper to write down the address and date following. She hadn't heard Dicere or that phrase in years. Her team was looking at her strangely, not understanding the multiple emotions acrossing her usually blank face. Allana felt hands on her shoulders, one from Lenya and another from a colleague, both looking at her with concern.

"Ты в порядке?"(Are you okay?) Lenya asked.
"Я не знаю." (I don't know.)

After arriving in the United States, Allana's team bid her a farewell, although it was one of confusion and suspicion. She didn't give them much of an explanation either. Allana hailed a cab to take to the meeting point. Other survivors must've heard it too. Allana sighed, resting her hand on her palm as she gazed out the window. The few friends she had may be there and she wouldn't know how to react. Would they even recognize her? She wasn't the submissive mouse her mother raised her to be anymore. It felt like that's what she'd revert to when she arrived. Allana began to tug at her top. Her mother would've frozen her in place before giving her a lecture about modesty if she saw her now.

Upon her arrival, she continue to tug at her top, hiding what skin she could. Allana's eyes widened as she took note of her surroundings. She wasn't expecting a mansion in a wealthy neighborhood, more of an abandoned warehouse kind of thing. The woman allowing people into the mansion was none other than Viviannah Bellum from the Fire District. Her mother encouraged her to play nice with the future leader of the Fire District, but like the Earthings say 'fire and ice.' She wordlessly showed her the symbol on wrist, she would've covered it up ages ago if it wasn't a reminder of how far she come.

Stepping into the house was equally impressive, Viviannah had obviously done well for herself on Earth. The many people standing around were familiar, but the sight of Eli was the only thing she could focus on. Her dear friend and confidant was still alive. She made her way to him, stopping a few feet before him. It's been many years and things may changed, but she wants nothing more than to embrace her friend.


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As her cab dropped her off near to the mansion, Phia became more and more anxious. It felt as if her heart was going to stop beating, and it was hard to concentrate. Standing beside her luggage, among which was small yet a bit steampunkish looking suitcase, which held a surprising piece from their home; a piece, which she had stumbled upon by accident, a piece that could embark their journey back home, but Phia wasn't sure if she was going to show it to everyone right there and then, she didn't know what or how to act around her own people... it felt so strange, and she had been locking herself indoors and away from people for a long time, and if she even got outside, there was always this bubble around her, which kept the gamer-girl safely away from others. It had become clear that she had grown socially awkward.

Suddenly, she dropped on down, crouching among her little belongings - embracing her knees, hiding her face into her own embrace. "No... Mimi, don't cry... you can do it! We can do it!" she kept repeating in her head. Yet, why was it so hard to move inside. Phia felt like she needed someone to help her get inside, but finally she found the hidden courage and stood up, gathering her belongings and walked towards the household and towards the main door, but just couple of meters away, she had yet another meltdown. Everything got foggy, and the tears were piling up inside her throat. Curling up into the same position in the middle of the driveway as before, she was completely lost and out of her own element.

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Hex: #2acec2

Jayden sighed as he told the cab driver to let him out about ½ a mile from his destination. Traffic had been horrible since leaving the airport and his nervousness combined with the sudden urge of energy he felt upon arriving wasn’t making this ride any easier. When he saw the wind suddenly began to pick up he knew that he needed to be out in it. Hopping on to his board he began to ride feeling the most free he has felt in a breeze in a long time.

A few minutes later he arrived to the driveway of his intended destination. Taking a deep breathe Jayden got off the skateboard and began walking up. He wasn’t far along when he noticed someone crouching down. Jayden began to slowly approach the person. Normally Jayden would avoid situations like this, mainly because growing up his abilities were ruled by his emotions so he became accustomed to staying away from sadness. That being said something about the crouching individual called him to them.

As he got closer the appearance of the crying girl began to trigger a memory. “Mi-Mimi? Mimi is that you?” After hearing someone calling out her precious nickname, which she hadn't heard for so long, which she had longed to hear for all these years, Phia looked up, but blinded by the sudden light, she covered her eyes and cheeks, which had thin trails of black liner. Jay is shocked from seeing how her hand slowly started to slowly morph into water, becoming more and more transparent by the second. 

“Jayden…..” A faint whisper, filled with embarrassment, filled with joy, filled with nervousness and sadness and love for her best friend, but through all of that echoed emotion of guilt. Tears began to escape his eyes as he quickly bent down and began to talk to her, hoping to calm her down. As her hand slowly begin to reappear he helped the small figure up. “Come on, Mimi, let’s get you inside.”

Phia nods as she clings to him with her face in his chest and moves along with him as he goes to knock on the door, but before they were about to get to the two guards on the stairs of the front door, she stopped. Releasing herself from Jayden' arms, and although she was still sniffling, she went to grab her luggage. No way was she going to leave her precious items on the road for someone to drive over them… besides, one of the cases contained something important for all of them, item she hoped someone could help her with. After reaching back to Jayden, she leaned her cheek against him, gently and taking in his scent, in case he was going to disappear again.

The woman who answers stares at the two for a split second before saying “ID please.". Jay smiled nervously and then shifts Phia a bit so he could adjust his shirt to show his emblem. The woman stares at it for a split second before looking down at Phia. When Phia made no move to show her emblem Jay whispered:  “Come on Mimi. We can’t go inside if you don’t show your emblem.” There was a moment of hesitation, where she looked up at the same height, yet gorgeous woman in front of her. Who was she and why was she making Phia feel all strange? With the blush creeping under her tears and on her cheeks, in between keeping close to Jayden and her luggage, she lifted some of her hair and showed the Water District emblem behind her left ear. Why was the other woman… so… hot, Phia thought in her mind briefly, and as they both headed inside, she took a quick peek at Viviannah over her shoulder.

Once the two made it inside, Jay scanned the group of people that had already arrived. There were many people he didn’t know and a couple he did. When his eyes landed on Eli a smile broke out as he nodded toward the man he had met through Phia. His attention was only on the man for a second until he saw the flash of blonde near him. Jay was about to say something when Phia suddenly noticed Eli and Allana as well, after having set her luggage somewhere nearby. It was enough for her to start crying again and hiding herself against Jayden' chest. 

Jay knew to take what he could get with her so leaned over and whispered, “Hey Mimi…..did you know that I’m staring at Eli and Allana right now?" The weeping girl jumped a little at the sound of her friends names and nodded, before she turned to look in the direction where Jayden was looking at. Suddenly, she mumbled very quiet: "Im sorry, Jay," and walked over to Eli, crying even more now. She was indeed a mess, but Phia wasn't the only one. "Vinny…. Eli…," she managed to squeak out, all kinds of emotions going through her as she was standing there and as her right hand was starting to turn transparent once more. Jayden, who only shook his head, knowing Phia very well, followed her and stood behind her, offering yet another bright, watery-eyed smile to Eli.