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Known as the "Major" he is the Captain of the Guard that protects the school, and not an easy man to deal with.

a character in “The Magic of the Noble”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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Maximus “the Major”

Age: (21)
Year: None
Noble or Servant: Neither, He’s the Captain of the school’s Guards.
Kingdom: None
Powers: He has enhanced physical abilities and is experienced in Elemental Combat Magic. He primarily uses Lightning in battle.
Nobility Rank: None
Personality: He is a calm and collected man who fits the description for a bodyguard perfectly. Stoic and powerful, he uses his stern eyes to break the students when he needs information. Think of him like a young Gibbs from NCIS
HistoryIts been about 7 years since Maximus arrived at the Academy. It was a strange day in London when he heard an odd ringing, heading over to a box in an alley he grasp the ringing device within. Being from the poor he hadn’t even heard of phones and the next few moments had him reeling. It was instantly discovered he had no connection to the royal, but still had magic, it was puzzling to the faculty and while he was not officially admitted he became a servant. It was found that he had a knack for the magic and his days on the streets had made him tough. In his third year serving at the school he came into a room to deliver a meal and walked in on a female Demon trying to steal the soul of a senior royal. He killed it and his journey to becoming one of the guards began. He swiftly moved up the ranks to the position of Captain of the Guard... but due to his ability the guard joked he was better than a captain, more of a Major, the name stuck.
Now he guards the students day and night, but most as more annoyed by him then grateful for him. He doesn’t respect their royal status, being blunt that they could be the King of the Second Kingdom himself and he’d lock them in the dungeon for a week in an instant if they endangered the others. Several students have tried to order him around... he usually ignores them, three had assaulted him... note that none of them are still at the school.


Both of the following are characters I've created and will play for now but anyone wishing to play them is free too do so.

Gabriel Selma

Age: (17)
Year: (3)
Noble or Servant: Lieutenant of the Guard
Kingdom: None
Powers: He has a seal drawn by a noble etched into his skin, the seal increases his physical skills to 3 times that of the strongest and fastest unaltered human
Nobility Rank: None
Personality: He is a typical student most of the time, nothing really stands out about him on average, but he is far different in battle. His skill and style in battle make him dangerous and he becomes instantly serious when danger arrives though if he is not fighting seriously he is a sarcastic kind of guy.
History:He came to the school as a servant, but saved a student from being raped by another student and was put in a training program to be a guard be choice. Maximus swiftly made him his assistant and he grew to be a great fighter. The boy has a huge crush on the Major’s other companion Maria.

Maria Arabeth

Age: (17)
Year: (4)
Noble or Servant: Noble who decided to join the Guard
Kingdom: The Seventh Kingdom
Powers:She is granted her great speed and strength like the other guards. Basic magic and the ability to teleport by plane shifting... Only two people know of that.
Nobility Rank: 13%
Personality: Her personality is hard to describe but she is very protective of Maximus and vice versa. She has a thing for Lieutenant Gabriel. She is very quiet but can talk, just doesn’t like to.
History:She was a standard student, learning about magic and boys. She met one at the school and got serious... unfortunately he was stupid and dabbled in summoning. He summoned a demon by accident and was killed. The Demon absorbed his desire for her and had its next target. When it attacked her one Maximus came to her rescue. But the demon was strong, and in trying to destroy it Maximus was injured. Maria attempted to step in, but something went wrong with a spell. She had used a spell from one of her lover’s books and unknowingly she bound the demon. Maximus happened to be attacking the creature as well and the end result was the both woke up in the infirmary two weeks later.

It would take a few weeks until they understood what happened. The demon both died and survived, by fusing with Maria. The creature was unable to influence her spirit, being so weak her soul instantly destroyed its vortex of a spirit, but kept its power, or some of them. What also remained was a strange feeling to protect... to protect someone specific... to protect Maximus at all costs.

But it was not one sided, she lost most other emotions, or rather her ability to express them and gained a glowing seal the covers her back, shoulder, and arm. She also gained a new friend and father figure... Maximus, who also now feels compelled to protect her at all costs. A student once tried to force himself upon her and was reported to Maximus... he hasn’t been seen since.

So begins...

Maximus's Story