The Marked

The Marked

Werewolf - Do you live in the pack house...has your mate told you who she is yet...if ever the rogues come...will you know who she is before then...or will her silence risk destroying everything...

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Full rights to this story line go to Roleplayer shmband. I really liked the concept and want to give it another go with some extras :)



We are those who share our souls with wolves. The world calls us werewolves. They also say we're dangerous, uncontrollable, immortal...but they're wrong. We live in communities, integrated into human society, living and dying, working and raising families, just like them. With a few...complications that arise from our nature.

At some point in the life of a werewolf, the individual "receives their wolf". This is usually around 8-10 years old for boys, 16-21 years old for girls. More details on why this is and what it means below.

From the age of about 15 up to about 20, young wolves live in the "pack house" under the care of the alpha and his mate. They form a microcosm of the wider pack community, and here they receive instruction, mature, discover their identity within the pack and, quite often, discover their own mate.

However, there is a large difference between female wolves and male wolves. Where as male wolves find their wolf at a young age, it is a far more difficult process for a female. They won't hear their wolf until they find their mate. It is their mate's role to coach them through their first change if their mate isn't present... then the stress of the change will kill them. There has only ever been one female wolf who survived the change without their mate, she was severely scarred, though. (see marked if you want to know !)

It is the Alpha's job to protect these young wolves at their weakest stage in life. He must protect them from the Rogues that would jump at the chance to slaughter them to diminish the pack numbers. In the past things have not always run smoothly and wolves have been lost either in death or through their kidnap by Rouges. Will they disrupt the peace again? - See more information for Rogues -

This generation also includes the Alphas Son and Daughter, he is growing old and knows he needs to select a new Alpha to take over when he retires, an Alpha to train, though the current generation staying at the Pack house are not aware of this The Alpha is viewing each of their actions towards potential Alpha Material. Usually, the role falls to the Alpha's children, however, it is not unheard of for the Alpha to choose a more suitable candidate.


For this RP, most of you will play one of the young wolves in the pack house. Males will already have their wolves, females will not (at first).

This RP is based after the events of MARKED(RP). You do not need to have read this to take part in this RP. These events involved the repelling of a dangerous pack of rogues by the alpha of the time, etc.

Character list (names in italics are HUMAN characters):

Alpha: Jason Sutton (NPC) [/b]
Age: 49
Played ByLolKatLove
A warm man with a hearty humor he is someone worth knowing. However, the Alpha does not take pity on those who break the rules. He knows to lead he must lead must example, and that also means no one is immune to breaking the rules.

Alphas Mate: Rachelle Sutton (NPC)[/b]
Age: 43
Played By LolKatLove
A Kind woman with an understanding heart. She often tries to lessen the punishments The Alpha wants to use keeping him in check as she provides an ear and a shoulder for the young wolves. Her guidance has successfully lead many young wolves to their maturation.

Beta: Phoebe Danica
Age: 23
Played ByEmotionless
A strong and fierce woman the Beta of the pack is an extraordinary survivor. Having lost her mate in a tragic accident she lives her life to protect her Alpha hoping to find solitude in her loss and perhaps find another mate to call her own.

Alpha's son: Aziel Sutton
Played ByLolKatLove
Aziel is an incredibly smart man enjoying puzzle solving in his spare time. He is protective of his pack should they ever be threatened, however, he has a very laid back attitude without the ambition nor intention to become the next Alpha. He enjoys skiving off and fixing his motorbikes as a hobby. With a rebellious attitude, he has been known to be quite rude to most members of the pack preferring his own company over others. This is larger due to his past - see the profile.

Alpha's daughter: Evangeline Sutton
Played By Kura Ravendade
The daughter of the Alpha Eve is a spontaneous, quirky and highly intelligent girl. She loves anything to do with animals however her temper can sometimes flare. She loves her family and has strong ambitions to take after her great great grandmother and become the next Alpha of the pack. She fights to prove herself every day as a fiesty and confident young woman.

The other young people of the pack house. They are Children from other wolves within the pack currently living at the Pack House as they are maturing. Wolves from outside the pack house (not Alpha family) are termed "Omega's" but this is not a derogatory term, it just means they're not an alpha or a beta! New spaces can be created, boy/girl ratio does not have to be 50/50: If you want a Bio adding to the front page please PM me what you want it to say :D

Russel Talbot
Age: 18
Played By CutUp
A young man struggling to co-operate with his wolf. He suffers from a dark past and has found a home in the Sutton Pack.

Charlie Hart
Age: 20
Played ByTristisNox
Charlie is a shy girl who wants nothing more than to pursue her love for music. She is kind hearted and loves her family.

Silvestra Roberge
Age: 19
Played ByLostsoulbleed
Adopted by the pack Silver has found a family in Eve and the Alpha's. Protective of those she cares for Silver wants to repay them for their kindess.

Peter Green
Age: 22
Played By Kura Ravendade
A carefree young man Peter is a wolf searching for adventure and excitement. With a boisterous personality he has found himself mixed up wth the Sutton pack.


Extra characters: - See OOC Forums for Rogues and NPC'S.

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Example BIO
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    [b]Crush:[/b] (don’t have to put can be decided later)
    [b]Mate:[/b] (can be decided later)
    [b]Appearance:[/b] ( describe)

    [left][img]Another Real life image here if want one [/img][/left]
    [b]Personality: [/b]
    (Decent description, I want literate writers with thought out characters please not five sentences. Check out my characters if want example)
    [b]Pro:[/b] (list them please)     
    [b]Con:[/b] (list them please)
    (again be believable like with strengths and stick to character race/info)

    [b]History:[/b] (something thought out please not nonsense but doesnt have to be too long)
    [b]Other:[/b] (anything else to add?)
[center][img]ADD IMAGE AS A WOLF HERE[/center][/left]

The Packhouse is a large complex because it typically accommodates 8 - 20 people at any one time. It consists of everything a house is expected to have as well as a movie room, tennis court, basketball court, pool, gym and a games room containing all the consoles and every board game under the sun!

Everyone has their own bedroom with a few of their own things depending on their interests, there are a boys washroom and girls washroom (the alphas have their own en suite).


Mates share a bond. At first, it is not apparent but the female will always acknowledge who her mate is first. This is the first realisation that she is "receiving her wolf". The male must wait until his mate tells him who she is. This can frustrate many males because sometimes their mates are shy, scared of being rejected or just plain don't know yet- the greatest fear is not having a mate.

Mate are your other part. In a mushy way, they complete you. In the real sense, they honestly do. They become your best friend, your lover and the other side to your soul. The protection and attraction you feel to your other half are beyond imagining! The day you realise your mate you can't imagine a day when you didn't know.

How it works

A female will gradually develop an awareness of who her mate is. Sometimes it's a "flash of light in the dark", sometimes it's subtle. That is when the bond will begin to grow. They will feel an unearthly pull towards that male and will have an unchallenged love for them no matter whom they may be. You don't get to choose these things they just are as they are.

A male will remain clueless of whom his mate is until she tells him. However the longer the female knows about her mate and the more time they spend near each other the stronger the bond will become ie. the pull will strengthen. Males will feel an unexplainable need to protect a female, they'll tell her things and wonder why on earth they did, they'll naturally bump into her more and more as their wolf naturally seeks her out.

A male's wolf will know who their mate is but the wolf won't utter a single word to him. He'll say things like "She's near" but to a clueless guy "she's near" could mean anything!

When a female comes round to telling the male that she is his mate he will have to claim her (wink wink) to make it completely clear to their wolves and themselves that they are most definitely mates and that the male has accepted the female as his other half! Yay.

Males will then have to help their mates through their first shift. You see the females will not shift until they have a mate.

You and Your Wolves

Males: Become aware of your wolves at age 8-10
As soon as you are aware of your wolf you will shift on the first full moon afterwards.
You'll grow up and you'll have the words of your wolf in your ears from then on helping you through life.

Females: You don't have quite the same luxury as the boys.
You will only receive your wolf when you recognise your mate and tell him. (So no voices for you till then)
Your mate must then help you through your first shift which will be on the first full moon by telling him.
If your mate fails at helping you in your first shift. You will die.
Your first shift is dangerous as you are releasing your inner wolf and by that I mean you turn into a wolf for the first time. Scary stuff.

Wolves are like a conscious muttering stuff in your ear. Sometimes it will tell you something it senses, danger, your mate. Other times it'll be giving you its unwanted opinion on something. You can't help acting in a more feral manner when you've got a wolf whispering in your noggin.


Shifting isn't a walk in the park otherwise, why would there be a risk of death?

First shift

On your first shift, you receive your wolf. You won't know what to expect on your first shift and therefore, the pain tends to take you by surprise. You'll be experiencing bones, breaking, changing and dislocating in various places and that'll put the H in your Howl.


When Males first shift anyone around them should try to help, usually, your Alpha can sense when you're approaching your first shift so he'll be lingering close to you by instinct. Older males are called in around about the time young males are due to shift so that there's more help around when the time comes. Males tend to have a good resistance to the pain though it still hurts like something else!
Being at quite a young age you'd think you'd be more vulnerable to death but it seems in your youth you rely on adults more, therefore, you find it easier to take instructions from them and know that they're right without question.
Its even easier due to the fact that 90% of the time your alpha will be present and use his authority that ol' dog can save your life. (also helps with bonding and loyalty when your alpha aids your shift)

Are your wolves any help?

Surprisingly your wolves are of no help when you take your first shift, in fact, in a way they hinder you and make the experience harder to handle. All they want is to be released and they'll be clouting in your ear to let them go regardless of whether you're ready or not. That's why it's so important to have others there to observe and help you, making sure you don't release your wolf before your body is ready. Releasing a wolf too early is like having a premature birth and it can and will kill you.


When females first shift it's all down to their mates to help them through it. It's all a little more traumatic for a female and an almighty rush to the head to all of a sudden have your wolf's voice in your ear and the pain and pressure of shifting and having to trust your life to someone else hands, sometimes someone you hardly know! Their mates need to be strong and sturdy with them to make sure they don't cave into the pain or their wolves inner voice in their ear.
Being older females can struggle to listen or pay attention to their mates, it helps if your mate is older because naturally instincts will suggest more experience but if your mate is the same age or younger even it can have a dramatic effect on whether or not you can accept their instructions when you feel like your spines being ripped out.

Females can easily turn quite selfish when they're going through their first shift. Due to pain and the suddenness their points of view can become one sided not to mention their wolves are very selfish when they first pop into existence- they can't even think what it might be like for their mates having to handle such a life-changing moment where if they fail the female rifling about in their arms, they'll be second in line for responsible of her death, and will lose their only partner after literally only having just met her.

There's no sensing when a female will shift all you know is it will be on the full moon after she reveals herself to her mate, what time exactly on that date remains unknown so'll be on tender hooks a little. Just make sure she doesn't go into the bathroom and lock the door lads otherwise you'll be having a test of strength when you have to break it down.

The smartest, safest thing to do is tell your mate who he is as soon as possible before the next full moon so that you can prepare each other a little. Not always the case though with shy, reluctant females who let the little things worry them like: What if he'd rather have ''___'' as his mate?


For the first time you get weak, there's a blood loss that seems a lot on appearance but it isn't essentially to the body though it will leave you feeling heavy and light.
Guys your girls are going to be like puppies no matter how mature they seem usually there's no avoiding the refresh of being a wolf for the first time. They won't be small and fumbling around your paws like newborns but they'll be smaller than you (so careful), new to the world with heightened senses and well they won't know whats good for them unless you tell them.
Girls your guys are going to be pretty rowdy in their wolf forms, its natural so watch you back (literally)

A first shift always takes place on the full moon. However in future shifting, you may find you can shift slightly early from the full moon if you wanted to but never later than the full moon.

Future Shifts - your wolf form

Future shifts are still painful, but not to worry, being aware of what to expect takes away the stress and fear of the unknown, after a while your body will begin to numb towards the feeling out of being used to it but it will always involve pain- just a fact of life.

Shifting back and forth is voluntary and can be done at any time, but it's not something anyone would do lightly. Doing it for a parlour trick would be equivalent to someone deliberately slamming their shoulder into a wall to dislocate it, just to show people that they know hot to relocate it. You probably wouldn't do it unless there were dire consequences to not doing it or lots of money up for grabs. :]

Full-moon shifts are initiated as the moon emerges. So it will occur anytime during the dusk-hour. For that reason when wolves are gathered, they won't all necessarily shift at exactly the same time. This occasion simply entails the wolf being forced to shift into wolf form, they don't have to remain that way for as long as the moon's out.

Once a wolf has shifted, there's no minimum time they have to remain in wolf form, nor is there any maximum time they can remain shifted. Even if it's a full moon, they can shift back anytime after the initial shift. Remaining in wolf form takes no more energy than remaining in human for! The only limitation is that the act of shifting itself (in either direction) is very exhausting, so at least a few minutes to regather strength might be necessary. (After a first-ever shift, the wolf will be very weak and unsteady on their feet for at least twenty minutes.)

When in wolf form they cannot talk or communicate telepathically. Oftentimes packs develop a system of 'signing' to be able to give rudimentary instructions whilst in wolf form, but these will be very limited and basic, and include things like "you wait here" or "take me to the others" or "is it safe to shift back?".

Injuries sustained whilst in wolf form remain in human form, and vice versa.


Just because a wolf doesn't belong to a pack doesn't necessarily make them a 'rogue'. A rogue is someone who belongs to a 'pack' that operates outside the norms and structures of werewolf society. They usually have an 'alpha' who is generally the strongest or has proven themselves in some way, and they don't observe the normal manners of mating. More to the point they do not trade or cooperate with normal packs; they get what they need by hunting, stealing and usurping.

Toggle Rules

• Write in the third person past-tense. ("Jerry walked into the lounge and turned on the television.")

• This is a medium-high literacy RP. We want a story to emerge that everyone contributes something to. I'm not gonna set a minimum length, but aim for at least 250 words per post unless you're involved in a real quick-fire exchange.

• Contact me if you think you're gonna have trouble carrying on. At least then I can make some sort of arrangement whether it means adopting your character or killing them off. Don't just disappear and leave us all in the lurch!

• DEDICATION! This RP is a sequel to an awesome RP that another writer and I adapted into a novel. This sequel RP itself has been run once before and is even now the 14th longest RP on the site (in terms of words) even having been dead for six months. This was achieved because of dedicated RPers. I'll be looking for people who'll stay, and I may employ a 'roll call' system during the early stages, just to weed out the slackers.

• Standards site rules for language and romance apply. Swearing must be justified by the context. The perceptive among you will notice that sex is kinda written into the formula for discovering mates, but the act itself cannot be portrayed in your posts! Find a creative way of hinting that it's about to happen/has happened...

• There is a plot to this RP. Please don't try to derail it, but by all means throw me a curve ball and contribute your ideas to the story!

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Reluctant Heroes | AmaLee
"Never let your past experiences harm your future. Your past can't be altered, and your future doesn't deserve that punishment."

Before her father had a chance to respond to her pleas, Russell entered the office after a light rap on the door announced his presence. She knew before he had even touched the door that he was outside the room, however, having smelled and sensed him nearby, so she wasn't surprised when he appeared. Looking over her shoulder as much as she could in her current physical state, she met his gaze, a small tangled flurry curling inside of her stomach - one of both nervousness and happiness to see him.

Eve could see his eyes take in her hair color, causing her to look away slightly, unable to return her gaze to his as he took it in. She could feel the uncertainty and worry radiating off of him over the change, and she immediately caught on that he had found out about what had happened - or what had happened without anyone knowing, including herself. Whether or not he realized that even she lacked the information on when and how she had dyed her hair back, she didn't know, but the worry was obvious in the air between them.

"Eve, hey are you ok?"

She tensed a little bit as he put his arm around her shoulders before forcing herself to relax, the pain in her body reacting only slightly to the touch. His question held concern and pity in his voice, the latter something she hated having directed at her with a burning passion. She didn't mind when people worried for her, or were angry - or really any other emotions. Only pity irritated her deep within her soul.

She brushed off the annoyance and turned her gaze to meet his once more.

"Hey what's going on? I heard that you.....aren't doing so well. If there's anything I can do let me know. At least you don't look like a roadie for Evanescence."

"Oops. Was the whole business about you sleep walking supposed to be a secret? My bad. Ah well, but you know what they say, honesty is the best policy."

Allowing a smile to cross her face, Eve shrugged just enough so that it was noticeable, ignoring the sharp pain that shot throughout her in protest, and addressed Eliza with a sickening sweetness.

Kill them with kindness, as her grandmother used to say.

"'Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.' Thomas Jefferson. Perhaps you should take your own advice, and the advice of intellectuals from the past, Eliza," she said sweetly, giving her a bright smile before turning back to Russell. Eliza sputtered, her face growing slightly red in anger, but before she could speak Eve responded to Russell.

"It's nothing that I can't handle, and it's nothing major. And I'll have you know that I like Evanescence, thank you very much," she said with a sassy tone, her finger jabbing lightly against a clear portion of his cheek, but waggled her eyebrows at him to show that she was only joking.

Anyways, Russell came to talk to me, man to man. We've....come to an understanding. I'm willing to be more....merciful for Russell's punishment when we decide what to do with him. But I will be keeping Hank here to guard him. Just to be safe. Russell has agreed. Oh yes. I like him. He'll make a fine son-in-law for you Jason."

Flushing a scarlet red beneath her bandages, Eve turned her attention to Ian and pushed herself to her feet, shakily but in a determined motion, and crossed the small area separating them. When she reached him, her hand moved out and gently took his own, a thin sheen of tears in her pretty eyes.

"Thank you, Ian," she said softly, her lower lip trembling only slightly. "I knew you would make the right decision."

Ian squirmed a bit under her grateful gaze, slowly removing his hand to rub at the back of his head. "It wasn't too large of an issue when he and I spoke. We've made our peace in the decision, and when the time comes, his punishment will be dealt in the way we agreed. It was the least that I could do," he said sheepishly. He turned his attention to Jason. "I'm sure you have much to discuss with the boy, we'll leave you to it, and we'll finish our meeting later." With that, Ian turned and left the room, Eliza smirking a glancing at Eve as she began to follow suit.

"He's a keeper Evie."

And then she was gone, too.

Eve returned to her seat, albeit slowly, and tenderly lowered herself into the cushions. When Russell suddenly took her hand in his, she glanced up at him, an obvious question on her face.

"When you took me in, I didn't tell you the whole story because.....I don't know.....maybe saying it all out loud made it.....too real....maybe I was just being stubborn....I don't know, but here's the full story."

Goosebumps and chills ran across her skin as Russell began speaking, and throughout the entirety of his story, she sat there and listened intently. Tears sprang to her eyes and she squeezed his hand in hers, and when a few tears of his own escaped and trickled down his cheeks, she lifted her free hand to gently brush them away with her thumb.

"Ben...Jack, whatever he wants to be called, I thought he was dead with the rest of my family. So when I caught his scent when we returned, and found him.... Tortured, and imprisoned down stairs....well I wasn't too concerned with the why. That's why I let him out. I didn't know he was gonna kill anyone. I'm sorry for that. But I am not sorry for letting him out. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Because I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to keep the people that I love safe. I don't care what he's done, he is still my family. My responsibility. And I will deal with him when the time comes. ME. Not you. Me. He is still my family, my pack, and I will not allow you, or anyone else to harm him. I will deal with him."

"I appreciate what you, and your family has done for me. If I'm being honest, I wouldn't have taken me in if I was in your position. But I'm not losing more people I love. I will not allow that. I am going to do whatever I need to to keep them safe. No matter what it is. And Jack....Ben is still someone I love, and I will never give up on him. So you do whatever you feel is necessary to protect your pack, your family, and I'm gonna do the same."

"Russell ..." Eve began gently, uncertain where to begin. He cut her off before she could continue, though.

"I'm sorry Eve. I'm sorry that I love deserve a better mate than me. I'm truly sorry that I can't be what you deserve. Now...that you know what I am....will you...please tell me what's remember what I said earlier right? Please....I just....I need to know that you're ok....I need to know if there's something I can do. I just....I can't be powerless....if you don't want anything to do with me, I understand....but I just need to know you're alright."

A few moments of utter silence ticked by, the office holding an air that was mixed with shock and uncertainty.

What Russell had said struck her in areas of her emotions that she had yet to realize that she even had. Her inner wolf roiled within her, craning with fury over what he had been forced to endure. The fact that he had gone through events such as those infuriated her, and she felt her free hand clenching in anger. No one deserved to go through something like that, especially not him, and the fact that he had held what had happened to himself for so long struck a chord deep within her.

Another part of her, however, was slightly guilty. Despite everything that had happened to him, she knew without a doubt that the Rogue that used to belong to his families' pack did not deserve to live and would be nearly impossible to rehabilitate. And the risk of attempting to do so was too high. To bring him back around the Sutton Pack wasn't something anyone would agree to allow.

Including herself.

Looking down at her lap, she gently removed her hand from his before she spoke, starting with the last thing he had said.

"I can't tell you what's wrong ... Because I don't know what it is," she said quietly, clenching her hands in her lap. "Something ... Is very wrong, and when you ask me that question ... I'm not able to answer it, because I don't know what the answer is. And not knowing what's wrong ... Scares me."

Inhaling slowly, Eve raised her gaze to Russell's.

"Can I speak with you alone, please?" she asked, rising to her feet slowly. She made her way to the door, giving him the option to follow, and once she was in the hallway she took his hand and led him down the hall and into the large living area, which held several game tables, a few book shelves, a couple of couches, and a large flat screen television with an array of gaming devices hooked up to it. Stopping at one of the couches, she lowered herself down to it and motioned for him to follow suit.

"Russell ..." she began, fidgeting a bit before composing herself and looking up at him.

"I love you. I really do. And telling my father and myself something like that ... Must have been nearly impossible for you. I'm here for you, and I'm honest to God happy that you trust me enough to tell me what happened. No one deserves to go through what you did, least of all you, and I'm so sorry you had to live through that."

Taking his hands between her own, she lifted them and cradled them near her chest.

"But no matter what your past with this Ben man may be, the fact of the matter is that he chose the path that he's on. He could have done and become a lot of things, and he chose to become a hostile, out of control killer, without any actual motive in mind," she said gently. "He has no plans for what he wants to accomplish. At least after your ordeal, you had a reason. You wanted revenge, and no one can blame you for what you did. With Jack ... Ben ... Whatever he calls himself ... He's simply a mindless killer. I understand that he's your only link back to your family, and I can understand why you want to save him. But you need to keep in mind that maybe ... He isn't able to be saved," she told him quietly.

Lowering his hands to the area between their legs, she squeezed his fingers.

"Russell, you need to be prepared for what might happen. If he can't be rehabilitated, than he'll need to be taken care of - whether or not you do it yourself. He's a killer, and we can't put any other people at risk - wolf or human. As much as it pains me to say this, he isn't worth losing what you've worked so hard to accomplish. You've come so far since my parents accepted you into our pack, and I don't want you to risk what you've achieved."

"You have a family here, Russell, whether you believe that or not. You have friends, family, a room with your own bed and belongings," she paused, looking down at her lap.

"And you have me," she said quietly. When she looked at him again, there were tears gathered in her eyes. "Would you really put everything you have at risk for him? Would you really put everyone's lives at risk for him?" she asked, biting her lower lip.

"Would you really put my life at risk for the small chance of rehabilitating him, after everything he's undoubtedly done and could do?"

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