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Mysterious viruses begin to attack the matrix. Can a small crew stop them before the viruses find a way into Zion?

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Owner: Sheoul
Game Masters: Sheoul
Tags: action, ai, code, data, fighting, guns, kung-fu, matrix, neo, sentient, string, the, virus (Add Tags »)
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[This roleplay is intended for those familiar with the Matrix storyline, it is set after the Trilogy, in the new version of the Matrix. For those who haven't seen the film: This may include heavy spoilers.]

There has been peace in the real world for 20 years now. The machines do not attack the humans and the humans do not attack them. The human bio-electricity farms are still in operation, and following new guidelines as part of the truce between Zion and the Machine City, those plugged in are always given a choice to be freed and can choose to stay in the Matrix.

All seems well, however trouble is brewing... A rogue group of refugee softwares entered into the Matrix via the 'trainman' program. Since then, it has become apparent that they are a virus cluster. Somehow, fragments of the code used to create the physical projections of the Smith program and the human Neo have come together and formed a sentient group of minds. They are completely unaware of how they came to be, but are extremely dangerous. They can manipulate the Matrix in dangerous ways such as being able to generate items at will, and perform feats that only Agents should be capable of [e.g. dodging bullets, advanced strength, speed and combat knowledge, etc].

A signal was dispatched to Zion directly from the Machine city, it claimed that Zion was the source of the viruses, and that their existence marked a break in the truce. Knowing full well that they are not responsible, the leaders of Zion are furious, the people terrified. A crew has been assembled to go to broadcasting level outside of Zion and enter the Matrix. They would enter via Zion but the leaders are far too cautious to risk any kind of infection spreading. This crew has only a few orders: Find the viruses, convince them to leave or destroy them.

Only one question remains: Can they fix the problem in time to restore peace, and make safe the lives still plugged into the Matrix?

Extra info, etc:

- I will accept only three characters as viruses.

- Agents are NPCs and controlled by the GM.

- Any god modding and you'll get a warning. If you continue to Godmod, I'll kill your characters off and disallow you from further play.

- You cannot kill another person's character without permission.

What you need in your character sheets:

You have a lot of creative room for the look and style of your character. Remember to include information both on how they look inside the Matrix, and out, as the roleplay takes place in both the Matrix, and in the real world.

When making your character sheet you must include your two proficiencies. These are your main skills used in the Matrix. Below is a list of all the proficiencies you can choose from:

- Hand-To-Hand Combat

- Heavy Weapons [Rifles, Machine guns, stuff like that]

- Light Weapons [Pistols, Uzis, etc. You can dual-wield.]

- Melee Weapons

- Vehicles [Picking this means you can drive any car and pilot any helicopter, essentially, if it's transport it's yours to use]

- Concentration [Picking this means you are more able to do difficult tasks such as leaping great heights, moving faster, dodging bullets, etc]

This is an original story line, so original characters only. You cannot play as anyone from the main canon [Matrix Trilogy/Movie/VideoGame Storylines]


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Auroro played by Sheoul
The strong type... And also quite deadly.
Character Portrait: Kaine/Syst53r.exe Exiled Program... With a weird accent.

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