The Midnight Siren

The Midnight Siren

The Midnight Siren is one of most elusive ships left in the pirate fleet. Crewed by some of the most notorious pirates left. How long can they stay free with the royal fleets all gunning for them?(No spot left on the roster but I can add more)

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In 1602, the British naval forces had all but claimed victory over the Pirates. The gallows were used as a way to scare the rest of the surviving fleets away from major ports. Most of the pirates took sail heading towards the tropical waters to the west, The Midnight Siren was one of the most feared ships, her Captain was a former member of the Royal guard. After the death of his wife while he was away for duty, he turned his back on the guard. He brought his daughter Evelyn with him. For thirteen years Captain Blackwell built a name for The Midnight Siren as a ship not to be taken lightly.

Once the British navy started to make a stand against the pirates, Blackwell was asked to meet with an old friend of his who was still a part of the Navy. The meeting was under the falsehood of a white flag and friendship. Against his crew and daughter's pleas he met with the man. As everyone thought and feared; it was just a ploy to get Blackwell away from the safety of his crew. He was one of the first to hang in the gallows.

Evelyn Blackwell became the captain of The Midnight Siren upon the news of her fathers death. She took her ragtag crew into hiding, letting the men that weren't able to fight out of their duty while building up her own crew. With a full crew Evelyn has set her eyes back on British navy.
To some it is considered bad luck for a woman to be on board a ship so I haven't set many roles for female characters. If you want your character to be part of her fathers crew feel free the only one that needs to be in the quartermaster though. We can add make some roles npcs if need be to either side.

Captain= Evelyn Blackwell--Taken by me

First Mate-Matthew Winters--HetaGamer
takes over in the event that the Captain can no longer perform her duties

Sea Artist-Alphonse Carmine-- bawadaboo
An expert at reading the ocean, able to tell shallows and hidden reefs from deep waters and able to determine if storms were coming.

Quartermaster- Kadeem Nikhil-- fonkyomom
the only man who can dole out punishment. Even then, any many instances the crew will take a vote first. The captain could order punishment but only the quartermaster could administer it, which made it the will of at least two before any punishment was given. also he can settle individual quarrels and if need be, act as a witness to any duels, to insure that duels were fair and just. He was her fathers right hand.

Cabin Boy-Etten Davenport-- Vivavictoria

Master Gunner-Jackson Stewart--bugbuster
The person in charge of the guns and cannons

Surgeon-Eliza Kuhn by Skirby
The person in charge of patching everyone up


Captain- Hugh Marlow- usernamesareadrag
The son of Blackwell's killer

First Mate Clayton Shester- Bawadaboo
Is suspicious of the fiance's intentions, and doesn't trust her.

Captain's Fiancé Katarina West- Jynxii
Childhood friend of Evelyn

Cabin Boy Lavinia "Henry" Matheson-- Skinamarinky
Is pretending to be a boy to get on the ship

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This accursed woman, playing dirty tricks just like a pirate would. He stared down the silver blade in her hand. His gun was several feet away lying in the grass, out of reach. He had three more on hand, but he wouldn't take the chance of the male pirate decapitating Katarina. He'd have to play by her rules for now, but he was without a saber.

" Age before beauty."

He held up a hand to slow her down. "Please, Let me hold a blade first." He whistled over a nearby soldier. "Relinquish your sabre soldier" The soldier nodded silently and handed the curved blade over. Clay turned back to the pirate, touching the tip of his blade to hers. They locked eyes for a moment before Clay lunged forward with murderous intent. This was not a battle he could lose.

She stopped him at every thrust, every slice, every single attack he sent would be deflected with ease. He was not one for sword-play. He hated it in fact, but he was trained in it nonetheless. She was much more skilled than he. He had to find a way to get her to drop her guard, she had to have some kind of weakness.

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If I can make that call. That was my plan for him being defeated by the marines

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Lux, drag slapped me with feels too... T_T

And Kirb, it doesn't bother me at all. It's not who Kat really is, and it's just role play xD So... doesn't bother me at all. Great post!