Kane Enustik

"Okay here's the deal: I give you a kiss, you give me your soul."

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a character in “The Monster Games”, as played by Aurelier


Kane Enustik has the usual look of a kitsune: bright eyes, bushy tails and a body that can have the human girls (and pretty much any other species) chasing after him. Kane stands at a stunning 6'2" that is covered in muscles the entire way. His hair is a wondrous black that makes his blue eyes stand out even more.

In his fox form, he looks wolf-like. He has his five tails, but he seems gruff compared to the silky smooth movements of the usual foxes. His black fur seems to have bluish tips on the ends of each hair. The blue shimmers against any sort of light and makes his movements look liquid just like the water he can usually be found swimming in.


Kane is self-centered. He expects everyone's attention to be on him at all times and if it’s not he’ll do something to make it so it is. He enjoys flaunting what he has as a kitsune and flirting with girls. He doesn’t waste his time on lesser beings such as humans, but if it benefits him he just might sink down to that level.

One thing that separates Kane from the rest of the kitsunes is the way he is attracted to water. He loves swimming despite the usual stereotypes that kitsunes use fire to fight.


Kane has five tails that give him the opportunity to seduce and entrance any being by just looking in their eyes.

He enjoys eating souls and in order to feed on them, he kisses the victim.

Fangs- The usual kitsune has claws in both their human-like form and their fox form, but Kane lacks the length of claws. Where he lacks in claws, he makes up for in teeth in both forms. They have a different shape than a vampire’s fangs and are more canine-like.


Kane was raised by the scum of kitsunes, but don’t get him wrong he loves his parents. They just didn’t have a lot of money and their tails always seemed to droop. He sees this opportunity to be in the games as a chance to finally be on the big screen and bring fame and fortune to his family. He doesn’t know any other kitsunes so when he meets the girl he’s partnered with, it should be interesting.

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Kane Enustik's Story